Craig MacTavish has gotten the results back from the Oilers internal audit. The results?


  • So yeah I cracked lasted 2 days without a Crass or sarcastic comment ,Big Whoop Im human I made a mistake ,Hey It could be worse We cold be Leafs Nation ,Look how much fun their having out there kids ,Yeeeeeeaaaah

  • Seems legit.

    Question, who is the best GM in the NHL? I think a lot of Oil fans would say Slats. But, I mean he GM’s an original 6 team in one of the most prominent cities in the world. But, the NYR haven’t won since 94. So why does he get so much praise.

    Or maybe it’s Chiairelli? But, they only won the cup in 2011, and since then have had a slowly deteriorating team. No Boychuck, no cap room, no Seguin, Erickson not doing great, couldn’t get Iginla under contract, ect.

    So, with Mac T being currently terrible, which other GM would you rather have here in Edmonton?

    • Hemmercules


      Who would I rather have as GM of the Edmonton Oiler?

      1. Dean Lombardi.

      2. Stan Bowman.

      3. Bob Murray.

      4. David Poile.

      5. Ken Holland.

      6. Marc Bergevin.

      7. Kevin Cheveldayoff.

      8. Brian Burke.

      9 to 29. Any other GM EXCEPT Craig MacTavish.

      MacTavish is objectively the worst GM in the NHL.

      • MGD

        I don’t disagree, but want to play devil’s advocate a little bit in order to see if indeed he is objectively the worst, or just subjectively.

        – The team has not improved their record from when he inherited them after 2 and a half years.

        – He is either unable or unwilling to ice the best team possible, instead choosing inexperienced players for key positions.

        – Eakins was his hire

        – Some contracts under his watch have been poor in hindsight, but maybe not at the time of signing: Ference, Nikitin, Gagner.

        – Other times he was unable to resign key players to extensions, instead loosing them for more picks, thus continuing the never ending cycle.

        In my opinion, those are the factual knocks against the guy.


        – He turned Pijaarvi and a second round into a first round pick.

        – He got rid of the Horcoff contract.

        – Gordon, Fayne, Scrivens, Hendricks, Perron, can all be argued to be good moves and in a time span of two and a half years.

        – He was a big reason Schultz came here, which at the time was the biggest free agent available.

        Possible reasons for being bad:

        – He inherited a terrible team.

        – He has to attract free agents to a bad team in an ‘undesirable city’

        – Kevin Lowe

        My point here is that I would look at other GM’s who inherited great teams and slowly eroded them away with poor signings (Carolina – Vancouver). I think he is a bad GM, but I worry that even the best GM in the universe would not be able to come in and turn this team around in the same amount of time. Moreover, his biggest blunder – whatever you think that is – does not compare to a contract like Phaneuf’s or Semin’s, or the Luongo situation, or that time Feaster almost gave Colorado 2 first round picks only so they could lose O’Reily on re-entry waivers. But, I might be wrong.

    • Hemmercules

      I don’t think anyone thinks Slats is a top GM. maybe: Stan Bowman, Dean Lombardi, Ray Shero, Doug Armstrong…
      I personally think anyone would be better. I think the problem goes even higher. Daryl Katz is the problem. But, as long as he is the owner Lowe, MacT (who I liked as a player and coach) are not going anywhere

    • Chainsawz

      The second Garth Snow offered all his draft picks in one draft to move up two spots to draft Murray in the Yakupov draft he forever cemented his position as the best GM in the NHL.

      Or maybe it is due to his money quote after drafting Ho-Sang?

      Or maybe it is because he was on the roster as a goalie for the Islanders the day before he was their GM?

      The guy is a beauty and is the best GM in the NHL.

  • WTF2

    In reality I am thinking Nicholson will explain to MacT that the GM is a part of the problem and the first step in the solution is for him to delete himself from the org chart.

  • Hemmercules

    Lets storm the gates, oust current management and replace them with the writers from ON. Surely they can do better.

    Better yet, just hire a few of us commenters. Being an “integral part in drafting 3 consecutive first overall picks” can’t be all that hard, can it?.

  • MGD

    I just watched the Deadline Day interview with Bergevin, he’s one smart dude! Makes our GM sound like a bafoon. Bergie almost giggled out loud when talking about what he paid for Petry.

  • MGD

    HA! I had to laugh b/c the rotating add at the bottom of the page was for “Quality Internal Audits” and was the cheapest looking banner ad you could make. Must looks like the Oilers IA team is hiring themselves out, now!

  • MGD

    I think the concept of this internal audit is that upper management doesn’t know how to stop losing and so they’ve asked an outsider to tell them how to clean up this mess. Since Nicholson isn’t going to point at Lowe or MacT as the problem (they are probably not within the scope of the audit anyway), he will probably spread the blame at pro scouting, amateur scouting, head coaches (before Nelson), assistant coaches, personnel directors, and assistant GM’s. The problem is that when everyone is at fault, then no one individual is at fault, and nothing will change.

    Whatever processes management used in deciding to sign Nikitin, Ference and Grebeshkov and Belov should be used as a first step in firing somebody. I suspect that Howson had a lot of input on Nikitin and that they have a pro scout specializing in defencemen… both should be fired.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    At some point after the regular season, it would be great to see a JSBM cartoon of #6Rings, MacT and Katz having a meeting before (as MacT termed it) the ‘bingo ball’ lottery for McDavid.

  • Torgerson

    The Oilers’ Internal Audit will be about as meaningful as Kim Jong Il’s Internal Review of the Dear Leader’s Great Reign of Prosperity and Good Fortune.