The Edmonton Oilers have been adding draft picks in 2015 for the draft this summer. Management is telling us those selections could be used to add actual NHL players but the truth is those picks may end up having so much value the club uses them on players they covet. What kind of haul could we see?


Here are possible selections for 2015 based on Edmonton’s current position and the position of acquired selections.

  • No. 2 overall: C Jack Eichel. Absolutely a plug and play for 2015-16, franchise player. Some are saying that a drafted Eichel may mean Hall traded for a blue. Hell boys, let’s see how Eichel—Hall run for a time, that could be golden. 

  • No. 22 overall (PIT selection for David Perron): C Jansen Harkins. A two-way center and regarded as one of the smartest players in the draft this season. Edmonton typically chooses a defenseman this season but this is a terrific value if available. 

  • No. 32 overall: G Mackenzie Blackwood. Highly regarded goaltending prospect, suspect Edmonton will spend two more picks at the position in an effort to overhaul this summer.

  • No. 58 overall (MON selection for Jeff Petry). D Ethan Bear. Trending defenseman who can move the puck smartly. Terrific skater, has a bomb for a shot. 

  • No. 71 overall (OTT selection for Ales Hemsky). G Daniel Vladar. Massive Czech goalie hasn’t allowed too many goals this season. Combined with Blackwood—and the signing of college goalie Matt O’Connor—Oilers should look much better after the draft in terms of stocked prospect goalies. 

  • No. 84 overall (STL selection for Magnus Paajarvi). W Dmytro Timashov. He’s a brilliant offensive player at the junior level, the boxcars should make him more famous than he is currently.

  • No. 122 overall: L Vladimir Tkachev. It’s difficult to suss out where he’ll go but in a deep draft it is possible we’ll see him drop due to lack of size and early injury issues. Expect Oilers could be looking at him as early as third round. 

  • No. 152 overall: R Matt Luff. Another guy who could go much earlier but if he slides (the last few seasons have involved many overagers being taken in middle rounds) Edmonton will grab him. Bigger player with some skill.

  • No. 182 overall: R Fredrik Forsberg. Filip’s brother he’s scoring well but hasn’t shown up on any rankings I’ve seen. When you’re drafting No. 182, Filip Forsberg’s brother is probably a good bet if he’s available.
  • Craig1981

    I have began to except the oil will draft neither eichel or mcdavid. …it’d was only 30% if we were going to be 29th, and phx averaging about 2 points every 10 games……

    ….and Buffalo has a starting goalie that would make our ECHL team.

    Oh, and please no overage players in one of the deepest drafts in history.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      They’re both not having fantastic seasons. Nagelvoort is a good goalie, but a bit of a late bloomer, so we’ll see where he goes. On the other hand, Bouchard looks like a complete and utter waste of a draft pick. Should’ve grabbed Papirny…

  • a lg dubl dubl

    When would we find out if O’Connor signs with a team? Lord knows the Oilers need all the goalie depth they can get( future trades, competition etc).

    Edit: still kinda pissed MacT didn’t get Neurvirth from Buffalo before NYI did.

    • monsterbater

      I think once his team is eliminated because he can’t sign and retain his collegiate eligibility. BU is pretty good this year so it could be after the frozen four

    • Kevwan

      Neuvirth will be a UFA. The Isles probably won’t sign a 3 mil/yr backup goalie.

      Good article Lowetide, but I question a couple things. If the Oilers get O’Connor there is no need to draft 2 goalies in the Oilers first 5 picks.

      Tak was very good last fall. But at 150 lb, overage, only playing 27 games (so far) because of injury, at 1.18ppg in the Q, he should be available at 182 I would think.

      From what I’ve read this draft is particularly deep in DMen. I would hope we get a couple,

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    Hey LT,

    I recall the Oiler rookie game this last fall and last year against the Bears.Tkachev and Bogdan; Nurse and Klefbom last year. Nurse was AWESOME in that contest. He made a couple rushes from behind his own net to the Bears goal that were sublime. He can really fly.

    Anyway I know this is an Oilers centric site and I like that… But the Gold and Green fan in me would love to see something more regular on the CIS National Champion Golden Bears who perennially win Canada Western championships like it’s a bodily function… And have been doing it since Christ was a cowboy. It’s not pro hockey and there’s no fisticuffs (generally) but those boys play their guys out. I’d encourage any family to take the kids out to see these guys play. It’s pretty affordable and almost always worth the price of admission, especially if you can get to a playoff game. Last Saturday’s come from behind victory against UBC in the dying minutes was some of the most exciting hockey I’ve seen.

    “If ever there was a concern about winning” (actually yes there truly is Dire and Grave concern”… Perhaps someone from Kingsway out to take a soujourn over to Mr. Herbers office and who knows. They might learn a thing or two. Crazier things have happened.

    • monsterbater

      Bears hockey is exciting, but don’t compare it to pro hockey and developing.

      The Bears have major advantage in recruiting and have for years. They get to choose from best CHL grads who aren’t good enough to play pro.

      This is not how pro hockey works. I love the Bears, but comparing their program to pro is ridiculously wrong.

      • m@s f@s

        Hey Nick,

        I don’t disagree with you on the development front. It’s apples to oranges and a different kettle of fish altogether. Wasn’t really what I was alluding to.
        What I was ham fistedly insinuating was that there might be some lessons to be garnered from what might arguably be the winningest hockey organization in history on building a “culture” of winning.
        If one were to gaze over the results and bylines of the last 9 years, it’s pretty clear the only culture the Oilers organization has down pat is one of unmitigated losing… And then more losing…and then some more.

    • ubermiguel

      U of A is my alma mater and I love the green and gold but this really is an Oilers website. Although last night was a very cool night with all four Oil Country teams going and the Golden Bears in a huge game. CIS hockey is great fun, but at a totally different level than pro or junior hockey..

  • monsterbater

    Hey LT, just for curiosity, if the oilers got the Eichel pick and the coyotes offered up OEL, Henrik Samuelsson & Brendan Perlini for it would you do it?

  • monsterbater

    Is there any chance that we finish in a position to draft Eichel or McDavid with Nelson at the helm?

    I say not a chance in hell with Buffalo and Arizona tanking like there is no tomorrow.

    Our best chance at either CM or JE left with Eakins………props if you agree. If we end up drafting third ( like I suspect) Mitch Marner is ranked there……….how fitting we will be drafting another small, skilled winger because we do not have enough of those allready!

  • My mock draft, we decide were gonna pretend to be an NHL team next year, trade our top pick for defence, trade our other picks for a goalie, and we stop emberassing the city of edmonton by icing a junior team

        • DoubleDIon

          A comment on the Lawson Crouse debate:

          I reject the premise that the argument over the merits of this prospect is between the “objective” camp, the one that favor quantifiable evidence, and the “saw him good/physical fetish/size” camp. Instead the debate is over what kind of evidence we should value. On one hand, we have data that people have used for decades, points. On the other, we have data that is not available to us via public offerings, but scouts universally across the industry have noted in their evaluation. The elite two-way play, the very significant scoring chance differentials in the OHL, and in several International showings especially relative to his age and usage.

          Lawson Crouse is not the “big and dream on him prospect.” This is a fundamentally different type of debate than others some may have been familiar with over the years with other big yet low upside prospects.

  • Impressive. That’s pretty much your life there, hey Mitchell? Spend a bit of time with the family and then sports sports sports and listen to some music.
    Nice little life there. Not too meaningful really, but nice. I kid.

    If the Oilers used their picks well, they sure could have a lot of nice prospects. But alas, we like ex-Oilers kids and big guys with no skill. Oh well.

    Tkachev would make a heck of a 6th round pick. Really nice.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    My mock draft has the Oilers heading into next season with Connor McDavid down the middle. Oilers also get help from the Blackhawks taking Seabrook off their books/cap. Chicago wants little salary back and are satisfied with that Oilers/Pens first rounder along with Marincin and the Oilers earliest second round selection.

    They also gamble on the Jones kid from Los Angeles. These 3 acquisitions get our Oilers out of the bottom third of the league next season. On top of that progress , the Oil win one of the top 3 selections in next summers draft.

    Book it!

  • I’m expecting big things this draft. I wanna see that bold impatient guy Mac told us he was 2 years ago. There will be so many options at the draft, we need to stop dreaming about this fantasy decade of dominance and put a team together that atleast has a chance to not emberass themselves. Top line defenceman, and a real life done it before #1 goalie. We don’t need another 18 year old unless its McDavid. We need to give the kids we already have a chance! They’re becoming losers and that makes me worried

  • The oilers are like a doomsday prepper. Spending all their time stocking the basement shelves with decades worth of food, water and ammo and forgetting to live while they’re still alive. They’re gonna die before the apocalypse ever hits!

  • Armchair_Gm

    I think they should take harkens as well, seems like the type of player who could wear different hats for this team. And if he wasn’t available I’d take Daniel Sprong. Seems like he could he a legit goal scorer

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    may i suggest that if the Oilers were to draft 5’9″ 190 Timashov or 5′ 10″ 175 Anthony Beauvillier before Tkachev that they won’t draft Tkachev? not against still drafting the odd small player….they still have a place in the Oilers future as long as the Oilers continue to get bigger and more physical.

    also not against taking goalie Vladar if still there in the 3rd round, he’d be a good gamble and we’d still have another 3rd to pick. looks like a pretty deep goalie pool this year so i wouldn’t be against taking just one more to add to the prospect pool.

    and also i would take a late draft flyer on Forsberg. good numbers with SuperElit in Sweden this year.

    and CSS has d-man Ethan Bear at #133 just for North American players so if still there in the 3rd or 4th round, i’m all in!

  • R U Kidding Me!

    There is some early concern over the draft. A few days ago a method for the Oilers to draft should be duplicated. The ‘Look in the Mirror Method’ was disclosed by our top politician. The Oiler Management can buy a few mirrors. Study the light angles created in light. Draft and then Blame the fans for creating too much pressure. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall who is the best Draft Pick of all?

  • DoubleDIon

    I highly doubt you’re getting Bear late 2nd. He’ll go early 2nd. If you want him you better use the 32nd pick to take him. No way he gets through the Flames 2nd rounders.

    Tkachev and Luff will be late 2nd/early 3rd types. Much as it’s nice to get late round steals you don’t get them with as much chatter as those two have generated.

    Eichel and Harkins would be nice picks for the Oilers in the 1st round. Does anyone else think McDavid will score more, but Eichel will help you win more?

    Just curious. To me Eichel looks like a Toews, not a top 3 scorer every year, but top 20 with great extras.

  • DoubleDIon

    Picking Fredrik Forsberg because he’s Filip’s brother is like picking Gretzky brother because of the Last Name. That’s not a good idea folks.

    Well, the way Nelson coaching the team, Oilers will pass Arizona (they are not winning) in standing for sure. So Sabres will be last and then Arizona and then Oilers 28th spot.

    How come Arizona is not even trying to win, when Oilers fans are so vocal when the team is losing? 1st and 2nd pick are looking bleak, unless Oilers win the lotto pick.

  • DoubleDIon

    Honestly tho, how retarded are the oilers old boys? On a scale of ‘cant tie my shoes to remind me when to breathe’?! Personally, I think they’re closer to ‘remind me when to breathe’ but that’s only because I assume they wear shoes with no laces.

    So the question is… Who does Katz pay to remind these retards to breathe? And how do I apply for such a job? F’n old boys! They’re turnin me into a flames fan! 7 years ago I would’ve cut off my D!ck off just for saying that

  • Chainsawz

    More on the Crouse debate:

    Last time I made a serious comment on Crouse, it was a reply to someone saying if Bennett was healthy, Crouse would be a serious consideration at 3.

    Bennett – 5 games, 8 points

    Crouse in those same 5 games – 3 points

    Just stay away.

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    LT, you mention that you foresee the Oilers spending a couple of picks on goalies. One guy they might wish to investigate is Denis Kostin at Avangard Omsk in the KHL. He’s 19, and seems to have stolen the starting job (in the playoffs, no less) from the extremely experienced and talented Konstantin Barulin.

    Kostin was thrown in at the deep end last season with Avangard, and did not prosper (.850 sv% in 374 KHL mins). He actually ended up back in the equivalent of Junior ‘A’ getting his confidence back, and then played very well in the Major Junior playoffs.

    This year – complete turnaround, possibly helped by the fact that he seems to have gained about 30 pounds (he’s 6’1″, 190). Kostin played 1000 regulard season minutes in the KHL, and had a sv% of .923. He’s been great in the playoffs – .932 plus a shutout in 4 games so far.

    Small sample sizes, of course, and goalies are weird and unpredictable, but I think he’s worth a look!