GDB 66:0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Hurricanes

When McDavid’s at the top, Ma. Tank it like it’s haaaawt. Tank it like it’s haaaawt. Final Score: 7-4 Hurricanes.

There was a lot of empty seats in Carolina today. I mean, who couldn’t get fired up about an afternoon game between the Oilers and the Hurricanes!? I guess they’re just not suckers for punishment like we are up here. In a way, I admire the fact that Carolina “fans” would use their Sunday afternoon to do pretty much anything other than watch a Hurricanes game. The team sucks, so why go? It makes sense, I guess. Unfortunately, I love the Oilers, and have invested so much time in watching them be awful, that I may as well ride it out at this point. 

Despite what amounted to being a really awful hockey game, there were some good things to talk about for the Oilers. Nugey ended his scoring drought by popping a hat trick, and both he and Jordan Eberle finished the game with four and three points respectively. I also thought that the Purcell-Roy-Yak line was effective all night. From there, the wheels fell off completely for the Oilers. After jumping out to a 3-0 lead, the Oilers kept finding new and creative ways to let the Hurricanes get back in it. This is in fact the same team that played against Chicago the other night, yes? Just making sure.

At this point, I’m thinking that neither Jekyll nor Hyde would be able to comprehend what’s going on with the Oilers. How a team can look so different from night to night is simply astounding. Only the Oilers could make a 3-0 lead look like the worst thing to possibly happen to a hockey game. The Hurricanes were able to score six goals in under 20 minutes of play! And to think that MacT is “comfortable” with most of these “players” going forward? *whistles* 

We wrap.



  • Afternoon games give us all an excuse to day drink! Much praise to the schedule god!
  • Nuge scored his 17th goal of the year on a great play by Jordan Eberle on the boards. Eberle took a hit to make the play, and Nuge took care of the finish. Nuge added his 18th and 19th goal of the year, to finish off the hat trick, and prove that he is in fact a warlord in training. Nuge’s hat trick was the second of his career, and first Oiler hat trick on the season.
  • Jordan Eberle’s 16th goal of the year showcased his ability to read plays. He watched the power play develop and had the puck come right to him as if he knew it would be there. Eberle had a solid night.
  • The Purcell-Roy-Yakupov line was good again tonight. They were forechecking hard, and creating chances from turnovers all night long. It’s amazing to watch the turnaround in Nail Yakupov’s game this season.
  • Richard Bachman wasn’t quite able to take care of business (you know I had to) but it’s not like he had much help. From the second period onward, defence seemed to be more of a concept than something that’s actually supposed to happen. 



  • Keith Aulie and Andrew Ference is an actual pairing on the 2014-15 Oilers.
  • I don’t understand why people always seem to link Cam Ward to the Edmonton Oilers. Yes, I get that Cam Ward is from Sherwood Park and beat the Oilers in the Stanley Cup, but so what? 
  • Justin Schultz got completed outmanned on the Alex Semin goal in the second period. He got knocked off the puck as if he’s not 6’2. From there, Semin somehow put the puck in the net from his stomach in what will surely be a HON candidate. Speaking of Semin, the Oilers ended his goal scoring drought – surprised?

  • I’m not sure where the Oilers defensive coverage went in the second and third periods, but they kept finding ways to make the Hurricanes look like offensive juggernauts. It seems like every mistake the Oilers made wound up in the back of the net. It was an absolute yard sale out there.
  • The Oilers had a three goal lead with half of the game left to play. Unreal.
  • After producing 47 shots against the Blackhawks on Friday, the Oilers could only muster 20 against the Hurricanes. Amazing, right?



Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 3.39.06 PM


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  • AJ88

    Bagged milk,
    The only 2 guys that I would call “effective” today would be Hopkins and Eberle, considering they did not have a real winger to play with. I am not sure what the love fest is with Yakupov these days, but I would not have called him effective today. If there is not an offensive opportunity for him he is basically lazy.

  • camdog

    0-6 without Petry in the line up, outscored 24-10. The saddest part about the Oilers tank is that it’s an accident, both Buffalo and Arizona are actually trying to tank and yet they both have more wins than the Oilers…

  • AJ88

    Fans should simply stop going, not for a game but the rest of the season, only go back if they can string a series of wins together next season. I’d like to say 6 or 7 but 3 is a stretch for these guys. If you see them downtown walk by, don’t nod or say hi, let them earn the adoration of the fans, they certainly have rubbed the collective nose in dog $%^ with the pathetic efforts.

  • Petrolero

    I can’t bring myself to care about Oilers games at this point. I just come here to be entertained by the comments.

    Daryl Klutz, Craig MacTanking and Kevin Blowe, that is all.

  • Petrolero

    “It seems like every mistake the Oilers made wound up in the back of the net.”

    The oilers first mistake today was lacing up the skates. What a god awful game. Absolutely disgusting. Games like this embarrass my passion for the logo on front of the jersey. Nuge had a hattrick but he needs to be way more consistent before he becomes a “warlord”.

    I’m nervous about next season and can almost guarantee that the same results will happen next year with this current group. Sad time to be an oilers fan. Hopefully one day they will look like a legitimate NHL club.

  • D-Unit

    Here’s to 16 more games of complete and utter incompetence, it is so visually awful words can’t describe it. Well done Mac T, you have given 29 other NHL GM’s a chance to show there owners how much worse they could have done at their exit meetings.

  • D-Unit

    I heard a quote from a post game interview that Carolina really got rolling after the Semin goal. What a joke comment. Carolina was dominating them right from the start. You could tell within the first two minutes of the game how this was gonna go. Nelson should bag skate the s%%* out of these guys. I mean real hard, make them puke.

  • The defensive zone play waws somewhere between peewee and beer league. What friggin circus.

    Finally score more than one goal in the game and find a way to perhaps the worst worst game of the year.

    Expect, honestly look at the roster. There is perhaps 6 real NHL players on the ice today.
    What you expect.. what you saw was real.

    This was MacT’s team , wonder if he was proud of what he saw.

  • Which slogan should we use?

    Tanking with honour for Connor.

    A kick in the sack while tanking for Jack.

    Getting bent over looking for a draft 4 leaf clover.

    Anyways keep it up Nugey. You’re one of the few bright lights from this season of darkness.

  • 99CupsofCoffey

    I am not sure where the whole Schultz is good offensively comes from. His numbers are really terrible, considering he plays with top line 5 on 5, and on our 1st power play unit. 5 Goals, really? I bet Mark Fayne would have more then that, if he was put in Schultz’s position. 19 assists is pretty bad too, considering where and who Schultz plays with. I think I could get 19 assists, if they stuck me on the 1st power play unit for the whole year, and I didn’t even play junior.

    Add on to that his weak defensive numbers… if I was running the team, he would be in OKC.

    This guy is the perfect example of someone given a position without earning it. The results are quite evident. He is terrible.

    The only reason his plus/minus is not completely terrible is because he gets to play with our first line.

    I blame MacT. Norris??? I don’t think he belongs in the NHL player.

    • Serious Gord

      0 Trashes on my post here.

      MacT and Schultz must have gone to bed early tonight.

      Tuckered out from the afternoon events, I guess.

      Hey MacT, when you get back to Edmonton give me a call, and I will teach Schultz how to do take a slap shot. Once he has that figured out, I will try to show him the “One-Timer”.

    • Serious Gord

      I was among the many who were excited, happy and validated (for cheering for this sh!t show of a team) when Shultz chose the Oil. Since then he has dazzled in the AHL, and shown some initial early promise, but overall has enormously disappointed. Not only has he been a train wreck defensively, but he has failed epicly as an “offensive” defenseman.

      This is almost entirely because of his powerplay tendencies, which are 87 percent of the time to pass, and 12 percent of the time to unleash a limp wrister. (1 percent is whatever the goddam#$ fu#@ he calls his “slap shot”). If I as a “fan” have figured this out, what do you think NHL teams have done in this regard? Nobody respects him on the point, and he is therefore useless on the 2-4 minutes per night he gets on the PP as a result.

      But hey lets keep trying him there because that’s not the definition of insanity…. If more evidence was needed that MacT and/or Lowe is directing coaching decisions I’m not sure what that would look like. Nelly is too smart for this BS.

  • MacT does not deserve to run this team after this season is over. Any less and no point watching a NHL team crap the bed with players who really don’t want to be in Edmonton except for a select few. The bright side in today’s game was Nuge getting a hat trick. Either than that watching the third period was the same as watching a nuclear bomb go off.

    • Serious Gord

      He didn’t deserve to run the team before the season either so I wouldn’t hold your breathe.
      In some ways it’s fitting, there not really a hockey team, so him not being a GM is apt.

    • Serious Gord

      He didn’t deserve to run the team before the season either so I wouldn’t hold your breathe.
      In some ways it’s fitting, there not really a hockey team, so him not being a GM is apt.