WWYDW: Drafting After McJesus


Can you believe it’s time to start talking about the draft again? Soon enough, we’ll all be gathering at the Pint to watch the Oilers make a decision on which 18-year old will be the next saviour of the team. Will the team get it right? If they draft in the top two I’m willing to bet that the Oilers can get it right, but what happens if they don’t? 

All year long we’ve heard how the top two spots in this year’s draft are all but assured to Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel. What happens after those two are selected is when things will get really interesting. If the draft is as deep as some experts are saying, maybe this year we’ll see more teams drafting for need instead of automatically taking the best player available? 

As much as we don’t want to admit it, drafting someone other than McEichel is a very real possibility for the Oilers. In my opinion, we’ll see a sky full of flying pigs before the Oilers catch Buffalo, and the Coyotes are on a torrid pace into hell that the Oilers may not be able to match. This year, we’re seeing a tank game that is unprecedented. So many teams have a chance at landing the #1 pick that expecting it is only setting yourself up for disappointment. 

I know, friends, I’m scared too.



Personally, I’m going into the draft assuming that the powers of Tambellini can be re-channeled and the Oilers will be walking away with the first overall pick. That being said, I’m a delusional person and we may need to come up with a contingency plan – that’s where you come in. 

The thing I want to know is what you guys would do if the Oilers end up drafting third or later? I want to know who you’d pick at the 3/4/5 slot and why? Maybe you’d package that pick up in a trade for a proven player? Let’s pretend, for a second, that you’re Craig MacTavish and you’re in control. Which route are you going to take at one of the most important drafts in Oilers history? Prolong the rebuild or start working on the present – you decide. 

Leave your draft day strategy in the comments and I’ll pick a random Nation citizen to win a NationGear tee.


Last month, we made a trip down to Moose Jaw to cover the Ryan Smyth retirement ceremony with the Warriors. Since we loved the Jaw so much, Jeanshorts made a video of our trip and you need to take a minute to watch it. Personally, I had never been to Moose Jaw before and what I found was it was a great place to visit. Moose Jaw is a city that has all the amenities that you’d want, but also sports a small town vibe that makes any prairie kid feel at home.  As someone that comes from a very small town, the vibe that Moose Jaw is putting out was a pleasant surprise and well worth a visit.

  • Not sure I’d have strome ahead of hanifin or marner. He’s 1.61 ppg w/o mcjesus which is slightly below Draisaitl’s 1.64 draft year. Great, but not near McDavid and Marner. Top competition always out against McDavid, so how good are the players Stroke faces w/o McDavid?

    Marner has been helped by Domi and Dvorak on 18% and 29% of his points, but that doesn’t seem like all that much to me. He’s against top comp every game.

    He’s a winger and he’s small, so the oil really don’t need him, but I’d take him ahead of a slower less offensive strome. Apparently someone on Stauffer’s show said Marner comes from a tall family with late growth spurts and he(like his older brother before him) could easily end up being 6’1″-6’2″.

    I like
    1. McJesus
    Then a big drop to nbr 5.

  • shanetrain

    The Crouse arguments are hilarious. I haven’t seen any indication that our management is intending to use a 3rd or 4th overall pick on the guy.

    He’s a good player.

    He might be great, but the numbers suggest he isn’t.

    He’s a legitimate first round pick, a bit of a reach in the latter half of the top 10, perfectly reasonable bet around 15, and we’d be pretty fortunate to get him with the Pittsburgh pick.

    No one is taking him 3rd. We can all relax.

    • Darth Oiler

      Maybe we should have someone break crosby and malkin’s leg tonight Bobby Clark style. The last game of the season is Pittsburgh v. Buffalo how stoked would oil country be if Buffalo won to knock the pens out of the playoffs and pass us to get to 29th place in the same game. Lets Go Buffalo!

  • shanetrain

    I apologize if this has been said, but if we drop out of the top 2, there has to be a trade for a real live NHL player.

    I would prefer a consensus 1-2 Dman and would dangle the Pitt pick as well to make it happen.

    It is abundantly clear where the Oilers are lacking and they are not in a position to draft and develop. They need a NHL roster – now.

    In a perfect world we could give our 2nd 1st rounder for Babcock or Hitchcock and give him the keys to the organization.

  • Phuryous George

    You package that pick up with a player and another pick ( next year) and you go to a team like Tampa who has extra centers and a good d corp, and you get Killorn(C) and Hedman(D). We don’t need another prospect that is not #1 or #2 this year.

  • Darth Oiler

    When Crouse was on Sam Bennett ‘s line he has averaged 2 points a game. Bennett was just put on his line before that Bennett was on another line.

    With some of your logic Strome and Marner are not good because Domi and Mcdavid play with them.

  • tdese

    For the love all hockey gods just don’t pick Strome! Does anybody remember what happened when we picked the guy that played with Crosby?(Marc-Antoine Pouliot). Take a the best Dman available if we pick third or trade it to someone who is willing to pay for that spot. Seems simple enough to me.

  • Aitch

    I would be very inclined to ask MacT who he thinks has talent……..and then pick someone else.

    Find someone who has a combination of skill, determination, and a never quit attitude. Make sure they are North American if you are drafting in the first round and for godsakes, make sure they have the size needed now.

    Once again, keep the three stooges as far away from the draft table as possible!

  • HardBoiledOil 1.0

    i wonder if people realize there isn’t a big difference in goal or point totals between Strome and Marner? if the Oilers were to somehow pick #4 and had a choice between those two, there is no question the Oilers should take the bigger center in Strome! the Oilers need to continue to be able to compete against the bigger Western Conference teams….the exact teams that they haven’t been able to beat much all season long, and for the last several years!

    • tdese

      if Marner and Strome are close in points why would you pick the guy who plays with McD?? Compare Strome’s point production to when McD was in the line up and when he wasn’t. His points dropped substantially. In Nov. he was 10gp with 13p.

      I agree don’t pick another small winger cause clearly that isnt working out for us, so maybe management should put their thinking caps on and come up with some innovative options.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        ^um, no they didn’t ! and hockey experts touched on this fact that without McD in the lineup, Strome’s points continued to roll in. he’s not ranked in the top 5 because he’s riding on someone else’s coat tails. scouts just aren’t that stupid!

        • tdese

          ^UM NO read a stat once in a while and dont rely on “experts” like Craig Button to tell you who is good. In the time that McD was gone Strome played 18 games and scored 20 points so you tell me if he kept up his pace