GDB 68.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Penguins

That was some fine ELPH, boys. Some fine work indeed. Final Score: 6-4 Penguins.

When the Oilers started this road trip against Chicago I had planned on calling this the “Tour of Death: March 2015” but I didn’t go through with it because of how well they played against the Blackhawks. A few days later, the Oilers dropped the turd of all turds as the Hurricanes came roaring back from a three goal deficit with six goals in just over 20 minutes. You never know what you’re going to get with this team! The Oilers are like a box of chocolates where 3/4 of them are filled with hippo shit.

As the game went on I was more entertained by the idea of how many people got home from work, turned on the TV, and swore audibly once they realized the score than I was about the game. Frankly, the first half of this game would have been better had I been listening to it on the radio rather than watching it because it would have only been a violation of one of my senses. There were times during this game when watching and listening to this one was too much… just too much. 

Luckily for Oilers fans, when Marc-Andre Fleury is net you just never know what will happen. Unbelievably, the Oilers were able to tie the game up on four straight goals. To me, the Penguins looked like they took their foot off the gas, but that’s a minor detail at the end of the night. I watch hockey for the excitement, and for a little while this game was exciting!  If you had told me, in the first intermission, that the Oilers were somehow going to turn a 4-0 deficit into some ELPH I would have laughed in your face. 

In the end, the Penguins were able to secure the win and those of us buying McJesus Scratch Tickets® go to bed happy. Having the Oilers lose in regulation leaves them only three points ahead of the Sabres with one game in hand (by “in hand” I actually mean the opposite – the Oilers have played one more game. Remember, this is a race for last). And don’t start with me that I shouldn’t be cheering for losses, because I’ve had enough of that. Sure, there’s “pride” on the line but that little ding to the ego won’t matter when McDavid is putting up 110 points in 3 years.

We wrap.



  • What a comeback! That game was way more exciting than I ever expected it would be.
  • I like getting losses out of the way early. Now I can catch up on Workaholics and It’s Always Sunny!
  • It’s been a while since the Oilers gave up a shorthanded goal so it was kind of like catching up with an old friend. A little bit nostalgic, ya know? 
  • I was happy to see Anton Lander score (his fifth) and continue producing some offence in the NHL. The big knock on him was that he can’t produce offence, so just maybe the Oilers might have a player there.
  • Eberle and Nuge continue to produce chances and offence. Eberle scored his 17th goal of the year by chasing a loose puck in the crease. It’s weird how good things happen when you go to the net.
  • Speaking of Nuge (he had two assists tonight), he just keeps getting better. Not only was he putting points up, he was also mixing things up physically. I almost thought Nuge was going to scrap with Letang there for a minute! Most impressively, Nuge is still showing that he cares even though the losses are piling and that’s more than you can say for some of the other players on this team. 
  • Derek Roy was a mini monster out there tonight. He was all over the ice, and the puck seemed to follow him. First, Benoit Pouliot scored (his 14th) on a seeing eye pass from Roy on the power play. Then Derek Roy gets the tying goal by having the puck bounce in off his leg. When things are going your way, they really go your way. 



  • I don’t think the Oilers could have started this game any worse. The Penguins had two goals before the Oilers even had two shots on net. 
  • When tonight’s game started, Sidney Crosby was only five points back of the league lead. For a minute, I thought he just might pull it off. He finished the night with a goal and two assists.
  • Brendan Sutter had so much time on his breakaway the rest of the Penguins were able to have a cheese fondue. Did I mention that it was a shorthanded breakaway? Not to mention Jultz completely mailing it in on the back check. 
  • I really don’t know how Jultz’s agent is going to justify giving him a raise in the offseason. I’d love to see him say he deserves it with a straight face. Schultz gets caught mailing it in way too often, and it’s really disheartening considering how much MacTavish seems to love him. He needs to figure it out, or someone needs to figure it out for him. 
  • Was anyone really surprised when David Perron scored? No, of course not. *sigh*
  • Scrivens got pulled in the second period but I can’t tell if it was because of his play or simply a mercy pull to change things up. Frankly, the Oilers started this game so poorly that I’m not sure how many of those four goals can be blamed on Scrivens. Bachman played well in relief, finishing with 19 saves and a .905 save%.



Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 7.35.30 PM


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If you don’t have any plans for Friday and Saturday, you do now. Crashed Ice is coming to the city and the finals, for the season, are coming up on Friday and Saturday. If you haven’t driven past the course (at the Shaw Conference Centre) yet, take a few minutes to check it out. The course is pretty gnarly and will surely cause some mayhem for the contestants. As a spectator, I fully expect to see some hilarious crashes and some fully grown men regretting every choice they made that led them to this point. Did I mention that it’s free to check everything out? I’ll let that soak in for a minute.

  • Serious Gord

    Funny tweet brownlee.

    Sometime in the future – ten years? – we will look back and laugh at how mact thought Shultz was a top flight defenseman.

    Shultz will be long gone by then – mact I’m not so sure.

    • vetinari

      The funniest thing about Brownlee’s quote to me is about Schultz’s back checking. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen him check, let alone back check.

    • tealyn

      This is really too hilarious because it is so true……. actually, its not really that funny at all. I think this may have just ruined my day… I’m going to drink now.

  • WTF2

    18 wins and 50 losses.

    I shudder to think what MacT’s “another great Oiler decade” quote means?

    10 more years old drafting 1st overall every F’ing year??????

  • Thankfully Nikitin will be ready to go tomorrow against his old team! Should round out the D-core nicely. How can the Blue Jacket management not snicker at that contract, omg, “And they gave us a 5th rounder to negotiate that”. hahaha, oh stop it my side hurts, haha we got a couple other healthy scratches if you guys want to wheel and deal some more. Come on in Mr MacTavish, have some peanuts and some beer. That’s a nice suit, what can do ya for? Wow you musta went to college.

  • dougtheslug

    This is how embarrassing this year has become:

    Two months ago I was self righteously posting about how dishonourable it was for the Oilers to be going into full tank mode yet again. I called it disgraceful.

    Tonight, after the game ends, I catch myself thinking, shamelessly, “That was just about a perfect result.” This is what you have done to me, KLowe and MacT.

    I hate myself.

  • dougtheslug

    No credible information. But I think the plan goes something like this:

    Step one: Be Bold in the off season.Sign a Russian defenceman or two and promote them as potential top-pairing D. Publicly extoll your coach as a magician who will coax playoff calibre performances out of rookies and career AHLers. Ignore public calls to shore up the centre and goalie positions.

    Step two: Act surprised when every move you make backfires spectacularly. Trade off malcontents for draft picks and watch them succeed on other teams, especially when they play you. Sell your assets at the trade deadline for more draft picks.

    Step three: Step up to the mike and say, “The Edmonton Oilers are pleased to select, first overall in this year’s draft,…..”

    Step four: Rinse. Repeat

        • Wasn’t it Patrick LaForge who was in charge of Economic Development Edmonton that saw the Shaw Conference Center balloon from 80mil to 240 mil?
          I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Katz come back to council hat in hand. If so I hope Iveson tells him to get stuffed. In fact he should request a refund. Perhaps your Buddy Stephen who has a high paying job that he is not qualified for could help you out.

  • Burnward

    Remmember the Oiler – City Arena negotiations?

    Did not the Katz Group promise the Oilers would put Edmonton on the Map?

    Some city funds will end up with the Oilers to be Edmonton Ambassadors. Advertising for Edmonton.

    When the Arena opens the extra funds begin.

    Thankyou Oilers and the K Group for being wonder

    Goodwill Ambassadors. When you lose, the other City LOVES it!

  • Burnward

    ohh bagged milk I thought you were sick before but now that we all know you enjoy workaholics….hmmm come to think of it is it more sad that I’m ashamed to say I cheer for the oil or that I would shag alice or the dumpy one from said sick show? keep keepin it real bagged blake. go oil tank

  • Burnward


    Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

    If we follow this, MacT has no master plan, he’s just incompetent. Not sure which is worse.

    • geeker99

      I seem to defend Mac T quite a bit and here i go again. Sick and tired of Howson getting off just cause he never shows his nerdy face. I’m pretty sure he had input in the Nikitin deal as he saw him play more than anyone. The Purcell pick up scared me as he played a lot with Stamkos and I think his stats show that. Would be like trading for Kunitz? You hope they take the next step but usually they don’t.

      Picks are the only thing the oil have of true value and we don’t need to get younger. We take Conner or we get some seasoned vets to help the young talent we have. If there are no trades at the Draft then I back your “no master plan” Lowe must go

  • Burnward

    With all these great #tank sayings …. and well just plain old tanking going on should the Oilers consider buying the rights to “Panthers” name and with Leon on the way the name really fits

    Or do we just go with “Edmonton Panzers”

  • geeker99

    Oilers Nation do not worry when the team loses.

    The way I see it they are training like the Kid in Karate Kid, Wax in and Wax out. Each game Oilers are training a different scenarios:

    1) They take the lead then loses it, lose the game after, case in point Carolina game.

    2) Tonight game fall behind then come back to tie it, lose the game after.

    3)Against Detroit, it’s a close game, they lose 3-2 (with 2 empty net goals late in game for 5-2 score).

    4) Chicago game, they could have won that game also, 1-0 lead. Hawks tie it late and win in shootout.

    Most of the games were close, what’s the point winning games now and hand Buffalo and Arizona top 2 picks. Are you with me? This season is gone thanks to Eakins, he can’t coach. MacT is trying to save face saying it’s the new players he traded for are making the team more competive. Really? Derek Roy is 5’9, all 29 teams passed on him on waiver. Klinkhammer and Fraser (really?), they are 3rd and 4th line players.

    It’s Todd Nelson, MacT get it right you stupid GM (I like you as a player and a coach but now you are getting arrogant). Todd has this team playing at higher level, using the players he has, a third of the team are AHL players. Nelson has Lander, Klefbom and Yakupov playing better. The team is competitive even without Taylor Hall.

    Since Jan 1st til now, Oilers only had 4 bad games, that’s right 4. Road games in Toronto (lost 5-1) and Ottawa (lost 7-2), then Wild game (lost 4-0, but won in their building 2-1) and LA Kings game (lost 5-2).

    Wait til the draft, maybe a few trades, next season will be different.

    With Todd Nelson this team will compete for a playoff spot next season. Just like the Flames, they are winning with what they have. Flames haters out there, I rather have Canadian teams in playoffs than a US team.

    Buffalo and Arizona better win some games soon, they are tanking for real. Oilers must not pass them in standing.

    The last 5 games, Oilers will determine which team make playoffs or not. 2 games vs LA Kings, Canucks, Flames and SJ Sharks.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Justin wrote…”The last 5 games, Oilers will determine which team make playoffs or not. 2 games vs LA Kings, Canucks, Flames and SJ Sharks”

    Sweet redemption or at last some self-respect would see the Oilers bounce the defending Stanley Cup Champions out of the play-offs

    That would be quite a bright light for me, would also help our Canadian teams a lot

  • BobbyCanuck

    I would say my suggestion of Perron for Sutter + Beans (maybe the 2nd round pick we lost for him, who knows his value may have been that good) last summer would still look like a good move (pats self on back*)

  • @ Baggedmilk…tsk tsk…missed the Biggest “Bright Side” point.

    Matt Hendricks brought the “Give A Crap” Level up and started a scrap to kickstart the bench. This was the trigger to the exciting comeback victory (err attempt).

    * – walks away dragging neanderthal knuckles across the ground *