GDB 69.0 Wrap Up: Oilers @ Blue Jackets

 These Bettman points are killing me! Final Score: 5-4 Blue Jackets in the shootout.

All I hoped for tonight’s game was that it would be half as exciting as the comeback from last night. I don’t know which side of the ELPH fence you’re on, but that was some good watching for those of us hanging out at Camp McDavid. Tonight’s game didn’t have the same sex appeal as playing the Penguins (though it started the same), but the goal remained the same – find a way to lose, and keep it exciting. When the Oilers let the Jackets score 43 seconds into the game, I thought we might be in business.

Early on, the Oilers looked like a team that played last night but they were able to hang around and stay in it. Even though the Jackets controlled the play early on, and jumped out to an early lead, they allowed the Oilers to battle their way back into the game. The Oil kept chipping away and were once again able to climb out of an early deficit to tie things up in the 2nd period. No, I didn’t just copy and paste that from last night’s Wrap Up. The Oilers had apparently found a way to recreate last night’s game in Pittsburgh. If only they were able to get a decent start, now and then, and maybe these comebacks could start out as a lead instead? Dare to dream, right?

One thing this road trip has taught me is that no lead is safe for either team when the Oilers are playing. The Oilers have had leads and blown them, and have found ways to dig themselves out of graves that they’ve dug themselves. I’m still not sure how this game made it to a shoot out. The way this game started, I would have guessed that the Oilers were going to be mailing it in for the last 40 minutes of the game but it didn’t happen. I’m not sure we could have said that earlier in the year. That being said, we still got a point in the standings which puts the Oilers 4 points up on the Sabres. This McJesus lotto is going to come down to the wire.

We wrap.



  • I am literally leaving for Crashed Ice right now. 
  • Jordan Eberle scored his 18th goal on the power play with sensational wrister from the left circle. When Eberle is rolling, his hands are like how you felt when you first tasted cheese. That’s good. That’s really good.
  • Nuge and Eberle have been fantastic since Taylor Hall went down. It will be interesting to see how/if their play changes when Hall comes back. Eberle and Nuge both finished with 2 points each tonight.
  • Derek Roy has scored 2 amazingly ugly goals in the last two nights. He scored tonight (his 9th) on a weird bounce off the back boards that popped out right onto his stick. From there, all he had to do was tap it in.
  • Nail Yakupov scored his 11th goal of the season on an absolute rocket from the point. I like seeing Todd Nelson using Yak in a position where he can shoot from. It’s amazing how putting a player in a position to succeed seems to work. Can’t help but notice that the Yak haters seem to have quieted down to a whisper.
  • The Oilers power play chipped in 3 goals and was a big reason that the Oilers were able to climb out of that early lead. 
  • The Oilers are now 4 points up on Buffalo having played 2 more games than the Sabres. The McJesus lottery is going to come right down to the wire here, people. 
  • Check out the game day predictions by Gregor… The guy is some kind of gypsy. 
    Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.02.37 PM



  • The Blue Jackets scored 43 seconds into the game. In case you’re playing along at home, that is the fastest goal that Columbus has scored all year.
  • The Oilers looked completely disjointed early in the game. They definitely looked like a team that played last night for those first 20 minutes. There was some sloppy plays and a lot of giveaways. They’re lucky they only got down 2 early. 
  • The Blue Jackets have a cannon in their arena… I assume it’s in case of pirates.
  • Rough night for Ben Scrivens early. He gave up a goal on the 1st shot of the game, but did improve as the game went on (obviously, right?). Scrivens finished the night with 27 saves and an .871 save%.
  • On the other end, Bobrovsky didn’t seem to want the Oilers to get a chance at McEichel. He let them get back into this game and register a point in the standings. For shame, Bobrovsky… For shame.  
  • Columbus was on a 5 game losing streak heading into tonight’s game. Slumpbusters, amirite?



Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.38.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 7.47.07 PM


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If you don’t have any plans for tonight and tomorrow, you do now. Immediately after posting this Wrap Up I’ll be heading down to check out the opening night and all the festivities surrounding it. If you haven’t driven past the course (at the Shaw Conference Centre) yet, take a few minutes to check it out. The course is pretty gnarly and will surely (hopefully) cause some amazing crashes. As a spectator, I fully expect to see some fully grown men regretting every choice they made that led them to this point. Did I mention that it’s free to check everything out AND there’s a beer garden? I’ll let that soak in for a minute.

  • vetinari

    I think I’ve seen this game from the Oilers at least 6 or 7 times since Nelson took over… before Nelson, we’d give up 2 goals and then just phone it in until we lost in regulation… now, they do just enough to give you hope that they finally turned the corner before snuffing out your soul.


  • freelancer

    2 points out of 10 is not even par for the Oilers on this road trip. Next, the fabulous Leafs visit.
    The Oilers and Leafs should join and form one team.
    Pick the top dozen from each team, share draft picks and reduce management from each team by 50%.

    If an Alberta Provincial Candidate can represent 3 groups — .

    Toronto and Edmonton together can maybe get One Team to represent both cities?

    • Chainsawz

      The new team could amalgamate Edmonton and Toronto in the name.How about E. T? Extra Terrestrial possible describes their play now and well into the future? E T.

  • BlazingSaitls

    Crashed Ice: Pushing, sliding and sprinting are all on the agenda as the athletes race down the course, but the rules are very simple: first to the bottom wins.

    “but the rules are very simple: first to the bottom wins”…

    By the simple rule definition I’d say ‘crashed ice’ has been happening in Edmonton since the NHL season began. Nay, since 2006/07′

  • Marc-BigNasty

    Haven’t really watched the last 10 games but I see the boys are keeping the draft dreams alive. Nice job boys. It’s gonna be a looooong season next year too.

  • SanDiegoOilerFan

    Here’s a conspiracy theory. Because our power play is getting better. The Ref’s will be giving the oiler a lot of power play opportunities the remainder of the season, decreasing the Oilers chances of winning the lotto.

      • Chainsawz

        I think the handling of Yak may be one of the more interesting challenges for the hopefully new GM this summer. MacT gifted RNH the $6m by 6 contract after an excellent rookie season and a poor 2nd season. Yak had an excellent rookie season comparable to RNH in many ways, followed by a year and a half in the wilderness and 1/2 year of improved results. What should Yak be asking for? I’d be surprised if Larianov’s starting position isn’t based on RNH comparable.

        • sesame_oil

          I am a big yak fan and he is my favourite oiler but there is no way he can get a similar deal of 6 years for 6 mIll. I still dont believe rnh, ebs and hall get that rich of contract. Hall has earned it more than the others except for this bad season. they were not proven enough at that time, we could use the extra money this summer to sign rfa and ufa.

          It would be stupid for mct to repeat the same mistake just because there is a precedence. I would bridge yak like schultz for a year or two so he can prove himself over a longer term And still keep the hunger.

          I dont follow the flames but i dont think they are discussing any monohan and gudreau contracts of 6 mill for 6 years.

        • sesame_oil

          I am a big yak fan and he is my favourite oiler but there is no way he can get a similar deal of 6 years for 6 mIll. I still dont believe rnh, ebs and hall get that rich of contract. Hall has earned it more than the others except for this bad season. they were not proven enough at that time, we could use the extra money this summer to sign rfa and ufa.

          It would be stupid for mct to repeat the same mistake just because there is a precedence. I would bridge yak like schultz for a year or two so he can prove himself over a longer term And still keep the hunger.

          I dont follow the flames but i dont think they are discussing any monohan and gudreau contracts of 6 mill for 6 years.

          • MorningOwl

            I’m not saying I think Yak deserves a contract starting with 6. But I think his agent can make an argument for it based on what MacT did for RNH. Could lead to an interesting situation.

  • MattyFranchise

    Ryan van Asten – the new fitness/conditioning coach of the Flames after coming over from success with L.A. Kings in 2012 and 2014 ! Flames give praise to him for their remarkable success this year . Daily conditioning of Flame members . Maybe this is the major reason for Flames success over the likes of our Oilers, etc.?

    • MattyFranchise

      Well, there might be something to that, outplaying their opponents in the third period with regularity and their outstanding record in the second half of back to back games (I think it’s like 6-1-1 or something), so obviously conditioning plays a huge part in their success.

      The fact that the Kings played pretty much every possible game in their playoff runs with this guy in charge of their fitness is probably playing a part in the Flames success as well.

      Either way, I hope that the Oilers can some day find some hidden gem like this so that Alberta can be renamed Death Valley again, just like in the late 80s where hockey teams came to lose against 2 of the top 5 teams of that era.

  • WTF2

    I’m glad to see that Yak is finally starting to put up some points but I wish he wasn’t such a train wreck without the puck. He is now #847 overall (last place) in the entire league at minus 34. I don’t expect him to be great without the puck but the absolute worst in the entire league? His 11 goals is not nearly enough to offset that.

  • bazmagoo

    #ELPH Trading Petry away is looking like pure tank genius by the king of the tank job – old KLowe. 5 years in a row, heck why not. Have no idea how MacT can fix that defence in the offseason. If we plan on going into next season with Ference, Fayne, Schultz, Klefbom, Nikitin and Marincin we are screwed! I’m guessing the Oilers are relying on Marincin, Klefbom, Nurse or Schultz becoming a #1 d-man next season. No playoffs then next year eh? Sound judgement as always Lowe/MacT/Howson! #tankjob

  • toprightcorner

    Bright Side: Marincin officially has a winning FO% of 100%

    Face Palmers: This was the 6th time the Oiler gave up a goal on the first shot of the game.

  • toprightcorner

    If the Oiler could have eliminated every goal they have given up in the first or last minute of a period, their goal differential would be around -25 not -78. Those goals kill you in the long run.

  • bazmagoo

    Really hoping the Oilers keep Yakupov playing with Purcell and Roy next season. Especially if they are able to land Roy on a 1 year deal. Both Purcell and Roy would be UFA next season, and highly motivated. I think that could provide a boost to Yak’s career. Stability in line mates/ability and motivation, who would want to be around that as a 21 year old?

    Would be exciting to see Lander and Hall play with a high intensity winger like Steve Downie. Could be a decent 2nd line potentially. Seems like you need to spread the scoring over 3 lines in the NHL to make the playoffs imo, with a 1st line clicking and a 2nd/3rd line putting up points as well. 4th line for energy.

  • bazmagoo

    I know the Oilers’ defense are horrible but I also think that Scrivens is not that good too. I just hope the management team can fix it. Oh wait a minute that has been nine years now and we’re still having the same problems. Kevin Lowe, just please resign and take Howson and MacFail with you!

  • Chainsawz

    I didn’t watch the game nor had any interest to in the slightest.

    This post is here purely because I’m surprised the comment section hasn’t reached two pages yet and I want to do my part.

    Going to be honest, I’m more jacked for Crashed Ice tomorrow than I’ve been for an Oiler game in three, maybe four seasons.

  • camdog

    “Did I mention that it’s free to check everything out AND there’s a beer garden?”

    I was there, there was no beer garden… I guess it opens tomorrow night, just like the Oilers more false advertising….

  • Chainsawz

    Nelson finally found a way to utilize YakCity’s rocket. Unlike the Eakins way to bench Yak for scratching his nuts the wrong way. I wanna see Roy on a 2 year deal. Gives the Oilers time to properly handle and develop Draisaitl. I dont think the Oilers have any chance of landing McDavid. He’ll either go to the desert or Toronto.

  • Chainsawz

    Re:Walter White

    This guy is a troll trash!

    Yes he comes from the Flames site, but he’s no better over there.

    At Flames Nation, we find it’s just best to ignore him.

    8 year olds love attention. Don’t give him any.

    Btw, Todd Nelson is a very good coach! If you guys can get KLowe and MacT out of there, i think the future will be much brighter!

    Hire Jay Feaster, he worked miracles in Calgary with a very short tenure. I don’t trust Burke’s abilities at all. Firing Feaster was his first big mistake! We go back to drafting truculence. Sigh!

  • Rdubb

    IF you are cheering for the Oilers to have a high draft position then one should thank their lucky stars that the Oilers goalies cannot seem to find that little black puck and make the easy to average saves that most goalies around the NHL seem to make look easy…because, if the Oil did manage to have a tender who could make average save look easy on most occasions then the Oilers would most definitely not be in a position to draft in the top 6-8 I’m guessing as they’d easily have another 6 plus wins on the season…
    So, here’s hopping the MacT can manage to trade for a goalie this coming off season; my hope is that he can manage to wrangle Jones away from LA, or either of the two back-ups in CHI, or even Hammond or Anderson from OTT.
    Who do think the Oilers should go after this off season?

    • Rdubb

      I’m thinking Craig Anderson might be the best fit when the Oil go goalie shopping this summer. Anderson is basically splitting starts in Ottawa and the Sens are always looking to save a buck might be amenable to a deal. You know what you are getting with Anderson and not hoping a promising back up can step up to a starter. That certainly didn’t work this year.

      • Rdubb


        Why would the Senators trade Anderson? His winning %, GAA, and save % are all SUBSTANTIALLY better than Lehner’s. Do you think they they are ready to commit to Hammond because he has looked good in about a ten game sample? Only the Oilers do things like that. Everyone (except the Oilers) understands that one of the foundations for a rebuilding team is a sound veteran goalie.

          • Rdubb


            The Senators currently have about $14.1M in cap space and the Oilers only have $5.3M. The Senators are third in the league in cap space, the Oilers are 17th. Any change in the value of the Canadian dollar will affect both teams equally.

          • Rdubb

            The Sens are a budget team not a cap team. One thing that can be said about Katz is that is totally willing to pay to the cap, even for crap teams. The Sens do not. The Sens have a budget they work to so the cap is of little meaning to them. If the C$ goes down, then presumably their budget allotment for salaries in $US must go down. If Katz is willing to pay near or to the cap in $US the shrinking C$ doesn’t matter.

          • Rdubb


            Anderson is signed for the next three seasons at $4.2M per year. That is a bargain for a proven starting goalie. It would be pure foolishness for the Senators to trade him.

        • Rdubb


          Anderson was injured from January 21 to March 8, during which time Ottawa played 17 games. So Anderson was not really “splitting starts”, he is clearly Ottawa’s best goalie.

          • Rdubb

            And during this period the Sens have gotten themselves at least close to playoff contention (5 points out of a wild card this morning). They have done this without Anderson for the most part???

          • Rdubb


            Last year Scrivens looked quite good over a stretch of 10-15 games. He was signed to a contract extension before the end of the season, after he had played a total of 21 games for the Oilers. It is obvious from their actions that MacTavish and Lowe thought that they had SOLVED the goalie situation. The Oilers management team is LITERALLY the only one in the league that would make such an important decision on such a small sample.

          • Rdubb

            You probably have a better chance prying Lehner out of them than Anderson. For a team that does operate on their own budget, signing Anderson to that long term deal at a discount says he isn’t going anywhere any time soon. The Cdn $$$will be offset in the cap dropping to probably 69mill & Cdn teams will receive equalization payments from the Revenue pool. That in mind, each owner has their own way/means of hedging for the US $.

  • SweetBabyNuge

    Been saying for years, Nuge and Ebs shouldn’t be with Hall. Their game is puck control and Hall’s… not so much. Also was wanting to see our mini ovechkin play with Ebs on the PP, which is a nice passing and shooting combo. Man, I’m like NewAgeSys up in this.