The St. Patrick’s Day Photoshop Contest


Fire up that photoshop machine because it’s time for another photoshop contest! Since last month’s contest was so hilarious, the powers at bed decided that we should probably fire up the Internets to get another one going. After all, the Oilers pulled themselves into a tie with the Arizona Coyotes for 28th place (we have fewer wins give us the tie breaker) and camp McDavid could probably use a laugh.

As far as I’m concerned, photoshop contests might be the only highlight of this season if the Oilers keep playing their way out of the McJesus lottery. Frankly, the thought of losing our next saviour because the Arizona Coyotes can’t do anything right makes me need a drink.  Unfortunately, alcohol can not possibly cure all of our Oilers related sadness. To do that, we’ll need some management to make smart decisions and a little bit of look to turn this train wreck around. 

No, a photoshop contest isn’t going to give us the kind of luck we’ll need to pull the Oilers out of the league basement, but at least we can have a good laugh about how miserably things have been going. Frankly, aside from hoping for another lottery win what else is there to do but laugh at our situation with a few examples of photoshop wizardry. What kind of photoshops will we be creating this time around? To win this photoshop contest you’ll need a little bit of Irish luck. 


As always, the rules for the contest are simple… I’m going to give you guys until the March 27th to come up with some designs that fit within the theme of the contest and email them to me at What is the theme? The theme of this month’s photoshop contest is to tell us what is at the end of the Oilers’ rainbow. Normally, we’d see a pot of gold and a friendly leprechaun waiting to greet us, but this is the Oilers we’re talking about – who knows what kind of heartbreak is at the end of THAT rainbow. That’s where you come in.


image1 (3)

As always, we can’t have a contest without prizes but rather than raiding Wanye’s desk I decided to reach out to a few sponsors to ask for help. I want to thank High Stick Vodka and the Pint for stepping up and providing some great prizes to help me pull this off on short notice. 

The prizes:

  • 1st place – High Stick Vodka jersey, Nation Hoodie, Nation tee, a Pint GC, and a sticker package.
  • 2nd place – Two Nation tees, a Pint GC, and sticker package
  • 3rd place – A Nation tee, a Pint GC, and sticker package
  • I’ll also pick 5 random entrants to win either an iTunes card or an Oodle Noodle GC.  

Now go forth, fire up your photoshop machine, and kill as much company time as you possibly can before the deadline rolls around.  There are no limits to the number of entries you can submit, so the more you submit the better chance you’ll have at sending a winner.  Good luck, Nation. Go out and make me proud.  

May the force be with you, but mostly with me.