GDB 80.0 Wrap Up: Kings @ Oilers

Who wanted McEichel anyway? Final Score: 4-2 Oilers

When the Oilers and Kings played on Thursday night I was at Marilyn Manson getting soaked in the sweat of thousands of skids and dudes with various degrees of chest hair – it was a good time. Jeanshorts and I got absolutely buckled, had a great night, and were able to forget about the Oilers entirely… until we got back to the Pint. It’s not often that getting covered in the sweat of strangers is infinitely more fun than watching a hockey game, but that’s where we’re at as a fan base these days.

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Rather than find another group of stinking skids to throw elbows at I made my way down to Rexall to watch what I was assuming would be another shellacking. Instead, what we got was an LA team that came out flat and couldn’t put the puck in past Richard Bachman (from inside the red line that is). For being such a huge game for LA they certainly didn’t look like a team that had a must win game ahead of them. Frankly, the Kings should have rolled over the Barons team that the Oilers iced tonight but that’s not what happened. For once the Oilers were able to play spoiler and actually knocked someone out of playoff contention. I’m not sure how to feel right now – what do I do with my hands?

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the dude that I tried to talk to about his Nation hoodie. I went up to him thinking that complimenting him on the fine garment he was wearing would be some kind of manly ice breaker seeing as I was also wearing my Nation hoodie. That is the complete opposite of how things went. Instead, I got blown off in a way that hasn’t happened to me since I pulled out of the dating pool. How did I get blown off, you might be asking yourself? What did this mystery man say? “I don’t know you. Later.” Classic. So much for making new friends, right?

We wrap.



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  • There are literally two games left. We’ve almost made it to the Oilers playoff time which is, of course, the draft lottery. 
  • Benoit Pouliot’s breakaway goal (his 18th) was an absolutely snipe. He’s continuing to add to his career high in goals and has been one of the few bright spots on the season.
  • Tonight was a multi goal performance from Matt Fraser (his second was an empty netter) and you could tell he felt a sense of relief at being able to contribute. It will be interesting to see what the Oilers do with him this season as he’s an RFA at the end of the year.
  • I was happy to see Tyler Pitlick score his second goal of the year. The guy has gone through endless bad luck and injuries and you can’t help but pull for him. There’s a player there, but I wonder if his health will ever let us see it. I’m pulling for him. 
  • Both Calgary and Vancouver fans were cheering for the Oilers tonight. That’s hilarious… and very sad. 
  • The Oilers are now stuck in 28th place which means we’re actually allowed to cheer for wins for the last two games! Yay?
  • Shout out to the guy in the chicken costume that was sitting right behind the net. He also had a sign that said Drew Doughty could watch the playoffs from his place but I’m not sure if that got on TV or not.
  • At least the guys at the Royal Half can stop rubbing their playoff appearances/Cups in our face? Maybe?



  • I didn’t get to see Nugey play one last time this year. I did see him accept the Molson Cup award for March though so that’s something, right? RIGHT!?
  • Maybe it was just me but the refs were not calling anything tonight. There were calls that should have went both ways but the whistles seemed to be put away for big chunks of the night. At least they were consistent?
  • That Drew Doughty goal from centre ice was hilariously bad. When that went in I thought we were in for another patented third period collapse. Bachman played very well tonight, but that was a face palming moment if ever there was one. 
  • Can anyone confirm if Taylor Hall knows how to backcheck or not? He was out there in the last five minutes of the game and on a few occasions was the last one into the Oilers zone – Kings included. 
  • The Oilers are now locked into 28th place and will be picking 3rd if the draft order goes the way of the standings. I mean really… there are two supposed generational talents at the top of the draft and the Oilers couldn’t even tank right. I know they can still win the lottery, but I’d bet that the Oilers get bumped down to 4th before they end up picking 1st – the odds are not in our favour. 
  • The Penguins are doing their best to give us another scratch ticket in the McDavid lotto but they’re going to have to cut out these OT points. It won’t help us achieve our goal, and they need to be better at helping us out. Tank you. 



Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 10.50.40 PM

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The NHL playoffs are back, baby! That means we can stop arguing about Corsi and start arguing about which squadron (Oilers excluded as always) will be walking away with Lord Stanley’s Cup come June! Since you know who is going to win, we wanted to give you a chance to flex that mighty hockey IQ. You DO know about hockey, right? You wouldn’t just make that up, would you? Well, the coming playoffs also mean a brand new edition of the NationDrafts playoff pool! Sign up today at for your shot at prizes, glory, and to help us raise money for Earth Group.

  • Time Travelling Sean

    I agree, Hall looked lazy out there. Not one stop/start, just large curls and upright skating back into his own end.

    The guy in the nation hoodie must have felt awesome- probably the same guy who has ” you know what to do” as his voice mail greeting.

  • Ar_C

    Fraser is actually looking like a good move on MacT’s part,he and Klinkhammmer have been good additions . I like that they can throw hits . all in all we’re rounded out pretty well with our entire forward group. We might still be on the smallish side on our top six but, all are pretty much keepers . I think we can lose Purcell though, too much of a perimeter player

  • Colonel Klinkhammer

    I went to The Pint in Calgary during the Baseball playoffs. Every TV was on the Flames game. The place was mostly empty. I asked if I could have one tiny TV in an empty corner for the Giants game, I was refused.
    They told me it was policy that on Flames game nights all TV’s were to remain dedicated to the Flames.

    Hogwash, I’ll never return to The Pint, screw The Pint.

  • Cain

    Speaking of the pint, the Oilers game was only on a few TV’s last night, and I had to request the sound be turned on for the second period. The rest of the fans were cheering for the winnipeg and Sens game. And to be honest, rightfully so. But, that’s how bad it has got. No sound, no lights, no fan fare, just a couple of guys watching the Sens stay in the hunt. It was even crazier considering at the time I requested sound, the Oilers were beating the Kings, which does not happen very often. Anyway, sad night all around for Oiler fans given the fact they killed a giant an no one seemed to want to care.

    On another note, this sets up a pretty interesting situation schedule wise for the Flames which should make for some good hockey. The Flames play the Kings on Thursday, then their final game is against the Jets on Sunday. Both the Jets, and the Flames, just need one more win, but the Flames have to get that win against the Kings, and then the Jets.

    So, my hope is Jets lose against Colorado, and FLames lose against LA, that way the Jets Flames game Saturday sets up a situation where one of those two teams is going home, and the other is going to the playoffs. Or they both go if the Kings lose on Saturday.

  • Colonel Klinkhammer

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