Evgeny Svechnikov is a big, strong and skilled forward eligible for the 2015 draft. He is ranked No. 15 on the latest Craig Button list and he’s rising in many quarters. The young Russian is absolutely a quality prospect.

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We have lots of time before the draft (and Bob McKenzie’s final list) but I believe Svechnikov is a player who will surprise many with his final number.

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  • Elite Prospects: Incredibly skilled offensive winger. Has a remarkably accurate shot to
    go along with some magic hands. Could be better defensively, but his
    game is based around his acute sense of what is happening on the ice in
    the offensive zone. All-in-all, a deadly player who possesses good size,
    elite-level skill, and smooth skating.Source
  • NHL Equivalency: 82GP, 13-20-33
  • Mike Morreale, The power forward has good hockey sense and a big shot. At 6-2 and 199
    pounds, Svechnikov considers his game similar to that of Pittsburgh
    Penguins forward Evgeni Malkin. He is second on Cape Breton in scoring
    in his first season in North America. Source
  • Adam Kimelman, The 6-2, 199-pound forward showcased
    top-end offensive skills in his first North American season and shows
    promise for more. A strong skater and creative with the puck. Source
  • Coach Marc-Andre Dumont: “His offensive hockey sense is outstanding, as well as his shot. Both are equal assets. He’s got an amazing wrist shot and
    one-timer, but he’s also able to distribute the puck tremendously well.”


There are a few factors when it comes to discussing Evgeny Svechnikov. He’s Russian and that will impact his draft number (the total for Russians drafted has been trending down since the rise of the KHL) unless NHL teams believe signing these young prospects will be easier from now on.

Second, he’s big, strong and has good speed. That’s a very good resume, and adding good boxcar numbers from the QMJHL (a very good league full of quality prospects) can only help.

He scored 32 goals in 55 games and because of an an early birth date (October 1996) there may be teams who believe Svechnikov (like fellow QMJHLer Timo Meier) may be closer to NHL-ready than most of his draft class.

Button has Svechinkov inside the top 15 now, McKenzie had him No. 21 mid-season. That’s probably a reasonable range of expectation for draft day, although some teams may like him more because of the items mentioned above.


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    • Nuge&Connorvs.Sam&Sean

      @Lowetide. Great article. I was wondering what you think about Musil so far. It seems to me, that the Oilers can fill the 4-6 spots on defense from inside the org. Wonder how much that influenced the Petry decision. What u think?

      • Lowetide

        I’ve been impressed. He’s very physical and early days doesn’t seem to be out of position. When he played for the Oil Kings, Musil was a very good defenseman in his own zone and the worry was speed.

        I haven’t noticed it as a major issue to be honest. It’s encouraging and as a fan it’s great to see.

        For me, Brandon Davidson is a similar story. NO idea if they’ll succeed but these fellows are not close to being as wobbly in their NHL debuts as some of the Oilers prospects of recent years.

      • Rob...

        I couldn’t agree more. To think we’ll have 2 more 1st round picks, one in the top 5, to add to a prospect stable that is just getting ready to deliver a bunch of 2nd and later round picks to the NHL (ALA Musil/Lander/Pitlick/etc), PLUS top end talent like Darnell Nurse and Draisatl. I don’t think MacT could screw this up if he wanted to.

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      Just a few thoughts about Bachman 1. He doesn’t give up bad goals early like Scrivens 2. He is a much better handler of the puck when he has to not like Scrivens who handles it like a grenade 3.His Goals against is much better then Scrivens 4. The players play much harder for him then Scrivens who seems to have attitude .

      I am thinking we have a better back up in Bachman then in Scrivens

    • Lowetide

      In a deliberate attempt to highjack this thread, I though Hall looked really engaged at centre last night. I agree he needs more awareness on the defensive side of the puck but when given more space he can really fly. It seems to me he hasn’t been using his speed effectively down the boards this year (while on wing) and his options for beating a defenseman were limited (wide or toe drag). However, at centre, it opens his game up considerably. There is work to do there but I would love to see this for a few more games. Hall and Nuge down the middle with Ebs, Pou, Yak and Drais on the wings – that looks pretty good from here (i.e. my couch).

    • Numenius

      As far as big skilled PFs go, Svechnikov might be the one available at the Pitt pick.

      Rantanen would be my dream, and Crouse would be my second choice, but Svechnikov would be a nice consolation knowing that those guys will likely be gone.

    • 916oiler

      Ya so he’s of no importance to us at his current ranking.

      That is, unless MacT doesn’t trade the PIT 1st rounder, which, he better trade it (and more) to get a top quality defenseman!!

    • toprightcorner

      Nice piece on the prospect.

      I guess there are a lot of Coilers fans posting here. I feel bad for you guys but your organization is a nightmare. Absolute nightmare. Maybe one day it’ll turn around but I am sure it won’t be soon.

      It’d great to see a Canadian team win the Cup – well, any team other than the Laffs. Hate them. Hate.

      • RedMan

        it seems so weird to talk about draft related stuff when the season is full tilt and we are 1 win away from a playoff berth.

        Lets finish the season – there is so much to play for now!

        • Rob...

          There should be some sort of warning banner when an article is posted on multiple sites. I assumed this was just on Oilers Nation since Lowetide is an Edmonton based blogger, radio host and the draft is the only thing an Oiler fan has to look forward to, yet again.

          • Rob...

            Yep, Lowetide’s prospect articles are also pasted onto the Flames site….This prospect would be a good choice for the Flames as they pick ahead of the Oilers second pick….However, Flames will be gunning for the best available defenceman when it is their turn…at least I would hope so!

    • toprightcorner

      Shocked to see Button rank Hanifin outside the top 10. Did something happen that made him drop so much? I was not a fan of an NCAA dman for a 3rd pick but surprised he dropped on Buttons list so much. He also has Crouse ranked 10th which is much more realistic compared to some of the others ranking him in the top 5.

      • Rob...

        Button does this every year..not sure why. He did the same thing with Cam Fowler (who did end up getting picked closer to his rankings then everyone elses but has been top five from that class since) whatever Button says I take with a grain of salt.
        He’s entertaining on the radio though thats for sure..