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After a long and disappointing 81 games, we have finally arrived at the final contest of the Edmonton Oilers’ 2014-15 campaign. Saturday’s road game against the Vancouver Canucks is irrelevant to the larger story for the Oilers, which has long since been written, and may be irrelevant to the Canucks as well if Calgary loses its afternoon contest.

It’s likely to be notable only as the end of the line.

Final Showings

Viktor Fasth is expected to get the start for Edmonton, and this will almost certainly be his final appearance as a member of the Oilers. Injuries and disappointing play have limited the fiery Swede to just 33 games with the club. This is an awfully important contest for the player, who may have trouble finding an NHL job next season; he turns 33 over the summer, he’s undersized, he’s been hurt a lot and he hasn’t really been all that effective since a 25-game rookie season with Anaheim.

There are others potentially in their final Oilers games, too, though we won’t know the full list until next season. Derek Roy, Matt Fraser, Keith Aulie, Martin Marincin, and potentially Curtis Hamilton (if he plays) are the guys who would seem to be the most at risk of not returning next season.

Products of Environment


Robin Brownlee put a strong piece together on Friday, one I found myself nodding along with as I read it, a piece highlighting both some of the nicer stories and the ugliness that was the Oilers’ effort in their final home game of the season. If you haven’t read it already, I recommend it.

I’d like to go a little further than he did on the subject of passengers. Watching that game against the Sharks, Justin Schultz stood out in a negative way but for me the most culpable players were on the top forward line for the Oilers.

The trio of Benoit Pouliot, Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle is of vital importance to Edmonton. All three are excellent hockey players, and despite my criticism here all three are guys who could play for my hockey team any day of the week. But in a game where the Oilers needed their veterans to carry the load against a veteran opponent, the three (and the latter two in particular) looked checked out mentally.

Pouliot made critical mistakes and was invisible offensively. Hall flew the defensive zone at the first opportunity and backchecked sporadically and halfheartedly, looking more like a 16-year-old winger trying to pad his point totals in a junior game rather than an NHL’er handling the defensive responsibilities that come with playing centre. Eberle’s game reminded me of a scouting report by Michael Remmerde back before he was drafted; Remmerde described him as a “casual player” and if I remember correctly (I can’t seem to find the report online now) suggested he wasn’t so much scared of going into battles as he was at times disinterested in doing so.

I don’t often critique effort level because I think there’s often a tendency to confuse a lack of effort with other things (style, injuries, matchups, fatigue, simply playing in situations a player isn’t capable of handling) but this was one of the rare cases where I strongly felt effort was the problem (and given the coach’s comments, he agreed). Maybe it’s forgivable that at the end of a long, brutal season and in a meaningless game these players gave less than their best. It would be easy to understand, too, if all the losing and long stretches of irrelevance at the team level have made it easy for bad habits to creep in. 

To me, though, these are tent-pole guys, and on any team those guys have to be consummate professionals, players who go out every shift and get their hands dirty.

Todd Nelson14

That’s going to be something that Todd Nelson (or his replacement, if it comes to that) needs to find a way to address out of training camp next season. I think it’s doable. Watching Hall backcheck and Eberle go into the corners back at the start of the year convinced me that these are players who care about winning, players who are willing to do the hard work to win games. My guess – and it’s only a guess, because I’m not in the room – is that mentally it’s much easier to do the hard things when there seems to be a point to it and that right now it’s hard for some players to see the point (which I would guess is also why AHL’ers fighting for their careers tend to look better at this point in Edmonton’s season than the guys who don’t have to worry about their futures).

Nelson made an interesting comment last year on how players respond to coaching. It seems relevant now:

They may [execute the system], but how badly do they want to do it when it’s May 20, it’s been a long year, the sun is nice, the girl you’re staying with says it’d be nice to get back home? You do it, but I call it ‘discretionary effort.’ Are you willing to go through the wall, or are you just doing it to do it?

A lot of times, that “discretionary effort” has not been in evidence in Edmonton. The players tend to get pilloried for it – and to a degree rightly – but to me it’s one of those things that tends to be there early in the season and that drops off as the losses pile up and the games stop mattering. I don’t really think there’s anything fundamentally unfixable about the players; I just think that this is the kind of thing that happens to young men who have only ever played for a lousy team.

I’m a total outsider here. I watch all the games, I listen to the interviews, I talk to some people who are more closely connected and I live and breathe this stuff but I don’t know these players personally or see them day-in and day-out so all of this comes with a big “for what it’s worth” caveat. 

For what it’s worth: My belief is that whoever is coaching next season needs to come in and convince these players that there is something to play for in 2015-16. He needs to convince these players to give an honest effort from the get-go, and then the team needs to have some success. We just might be surprised how much better Hall, Eberle, Schultz and the rest look if they don’t spend half the season playing meaningless games.


Our best guess at the lineups courtesy of 

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.23.12 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.23.24 PM

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 12.23.36 PM

What They’re Saying


What a season it has been! When it all began, most of us thought the Canucks would be finding themselves or working their way back to credibility by the end of the season; boy were we way off! There still is one more key game left though, the Edmonton Spoilers are in town tonight. Spoilers…get it? they beat the Kings? Okay, you got it.

Edmonton will probably look to lose this game to try and lock in as good a chance as they can get to snag McDavid or Eichel. That’s fine with the Canucks. Vancity could use the win to solidify home ice to start the playoffs against the Flames. Not a ton of storylines in this one….OH YA, RYAN MILLER STARTS!!!! 

The tingly feeling of the playoffs is among us, let’s just keep this one professional today. Canucks go for the season sweep of the Oilers. Not surprising, but still important. #moralvictory



Game day prediction: 4-1 Vancouver.

Obvious game day prediction: Edmonton’s insanely inexperienced defence corps struggles to handle the Canucks, and the tough minutes pairing of Martin Marincin and David Musil isn’t a match for the Sedin twins.

Not-so-obvious game day prediction: Luke Gazdic has an excellent game. He’s physical, engaged and even chips in an assist.


  • BlazingSaitls

    The worst part of last game is when Schultz caused the first goal, he didn’t even go over the brossoit and apologize or take responsibility… He just goes to the bench…. I would pay anything to see watch one of Schultz’s film sessions.

  • BlazingSaitls

    For all of the stunned Oilers fans that question Taylor Halls attitude,and say we should trade him. Take a minute to look at guys like Seguin or Kadri to name a few. How many times has Hall been sat for missing practise or a meeting? Or pull a Kane and wear inappropriate clothing? None. This kid conducts himself just fine,and maybe Oilers fans are the ones with the bad attitude?

    • hagar


      Hall yaps at referees incessantly. He broke his stick over his knee when he missed a scoring chance. Earlier this year he started an overtime shift with a 90 SECOND SHIFT (ending with a goal against, I believe). He passed on the WHC last year, wanted to enjoy another really long summer I guess. (He might repair some of the damage from that by going this year).

      I have no idea whether he is good in the dressing room, neither do you. From what little I have seen I am not too impressed. I don’t think he would be a good captain.

      I am NOT suggesting that they trade him. He has too much potential and he is a player the Oilers desperately need. But Hall is at crossroads, IMHO. He needs to decide whether he wants to be the best player on a bad team (like Oli Jokinen when he played for Florida, or Stephen Weiss when he played for Florida). Alternatively, Hall could commit to be being a key part of a winning TEAM.

      For a long time, people have described Hall as a “monster” and a “superstar”. They cite the fact that last year and the year before he was top ten in league scoring. This year Jiri Hudler has 76 points for the Flames and he will finish the year in the top ten in scoring. He is no “superstar”. He is a good player on a really good TEAM. That should be Hall’s goal going forward.

    • PutzStew

      Given the lack of accountability that players are held to due to on ice issues I would highly doubt these young millionaire are held accountable for their actions off the ice.

    • BubbaZanetti

      Howdy, I’m one of the “stunned” fans you’re talking about. For starters this organization doesn’t condone the “sitting” of its young stars, so it’s not because Tay Tay is a sweetie. As far as the inappropriate clothing, holy crap, talk about nonsense. Really that is one of your arguments for defending Hall ? Tell ya what, win some frickin hockey games and I myself couldn’t give a rats behind what they wear ! Keep Hall and we’ll continue this conversation same time next year and year after and year after so forth. LOL! I love coming on here, so much hilarity…….Go Taylor Go !

  • BlazingSaitls

    “Edmonton will probably look to lose this game to try and lock in as good a chance as they can get to snag McDavid or Eichel.”

    Canucks Army, you fail on soooo many levels.

    • chickenStew

      By expecting Canuck fans to know anything that is happening outside of Vancouver is raising the bar way to high. It’s like saying jultz has Norris potential.

  • hagar

    Isn’t the only real question about the Oilers is if MacTavish is fired Monday morning?
    Unless that happens, how can anyone feel any good about next season?
    Important that total incompetent is relieved of the GM job before next Saturday. If the Oilers don’t get MacDavid then they need to seriously consider trading that pick for real NHL playes that play next year.
    No one can expect Hall and Eberle to care if the idiots running this team only think in terms of endless rebuild.
    Remember most prospects fail.
    But nothing else matters except MacTavish’s dismissal.

    • chickenStew

      Oh No!
      It’s one thing when professional athletes who enjoy fame and fortune decide to slack off, but Serious Gord is now mentally exhausted??
      Should we hold a vigil? Start a crowd funding campaign? Fold Oilersnation?

      I mean, how does a thing like this happen? After all, someone SO important in our Oiler’s community deserves special treatment, no?

      It makes perfect sense to worry about the state of mind of someone who does not support the team, the city, the fans.. Someone who stirs the pot just to hear the sound of his own voice, facts be damned. Our hero!

      Here’s what’s mentally exhausting:
      Listening to the same speech everyday, like it makes a difference. bor-ing.

    • camdog

      “Maybe it’s forgivable that at the end of a long, brutal season and in a meaningless game these players gave less than their best. It would be easy to understand, too, if all the losing and long stretches of irrelevance at the team level have made it easy for bad habits to creep in.”

      Problem it’s not just this one game, it happens often throughout the season and contributes to the losing culture. Eakins did have a really good quote about these problems earlier in the season. Something to the effect that you can get certain players to play hard aka go to the net, play defensively good hockey for a few games here and there, but if it’s not in their DNA to “compete” like that every night they will go back to their old ways. I didn’t like Eakins the coach, but if we really listen to what he said, it just isn’t that much different than what Nelson was saying the other day. As Gregor would say they aren’t all bad players, it’s just the make up of the team needs to change.

  • BubbaZanetti

    Mac T and Lowe are in a dingy looking happy………this picture would have been more appropriate if they were bailing water…….lot’s of it!

    It will be interesting to see what these two clowns do to improve the team in the off-season?

    Must be nice to have jobs for life!

  • tileguy

    Edmonton wins and makes it 3 years in a row ending with a victory over the canucks. It’s a small pick me up over the summer as I read oilersnation about possible draft picks or free agents that could come to the Oil and see that victory posted on the side column under last game.

  • Oilfaninvan

    I have a $20 a game bet with a vancouver buddy. I was drunk last night and now it’s double or nothing… I have a feeling that I’m not going to be able to afford to get drunk for awhile.

  • camdog

    And for that reason Hall should not be considered the player we build around nor anyone deserving of being called Captain. He’s a selfish and pouty little boy at times and it’s utterly revolting considering his talent and paycheque. He’s a helluva player no doubt… But a leader not.
    Nuge on the other hand get’s it. Call it upbringing or personality it makes no difference. Attitude is everything and Nugey has it in spades. He is our future leader and the best player we have without question.

    • PutzStew

      Comment of the year. Bravo. I was thinking the same thing. Aren’t these clowns suppose to be the leaders?

      A LA king was asked last week about the amount of hockey they had played in the past 4 Seasons. He commented something that this was not an excuse and the fact of the matter is that they just were not good enough this season.

      An Edmonton Oilers player (or management or media member) would have have just answered “Yeh”

      That is why Edmonton is losers again.

  • dougtheslug

    Personally I’m hoping for a Winnipeg-Ottawa Stanley Cup final. For no other reason than to pee off Gary Bettman.

    LA- NY in the final was his wildest dream come true. I’d just like to follow it up with Carolina-Edmonton redux.

    • Cain

      Damn, Doug… Didn’t you just bid us all farewell in a dramatic, heartfelt soliloquy just 36 hours ago? You remember…your Dad, your son, goodbye,it’s been fun, and all that?

      Welcome back, Tiger.

  • vetinari

    This season, like the last few, was really over in November. It feels like we are at the same place we were in back in 2009/10. Can’t wait to see MacT’s post season presser and find out who the next defence man in the organization has Norris potential.

  • BlazingSaitls

    Usually, after yet another dismal season ends, I think “It can’t possibly be this bad next year. They have to be better.”

    But this year, I have no such thoughts.

    Finally, I’ve wised up. The koolaid has run dry.

    They could easily be just as bad next year, partly because they traded our best defensemen for beans and this defense has shown it’s completely inadequate.

    How are they supposed to magically improve all of a sudden?

    • dougtheslug

      Totally agree, why are the press not asking this huge question. Mac T casually says we need to fills a few holes. Those holes being a #1 and #2 d man and a #1 goalie. He also says he wont trade a core player. Perhaps someone needs to ask, how exactly do we get these 3 players then?
      Also feel we have a very week center group, Look at L.A and Anaheim, look who their 2 top centers are and then look at the Oilers, we are in a different league. As Eberle said himself, it really is the men against the boys. This team needs a lot less toe dragging and a lot more heart.

      • hagar

        Klowe and Mact don’t understand asset management.

        I said it before, and I will say it again.. I think MacT is telling the truth when he says things like that.

        We know it isn’t actually going to happen, but in his mind, he thinks it is.

        He doesn’t have the balls nor intelligence to make the trades that need to be done. If the oilers ever hired a competent president, who then hired a competent GM, there is ZERO chance we would have Hall, Nuge, Yak, and Ebs on the roster.

        edit: wouldn’t have ALL of those names on the same roster

  • Cain

    The Oilers put out a 4 minute propaganda video.The boys done south are loving it immensely.We are the subject of much ridicule.It looks like this team will set the record for playoff futility.God I pray we dont,but we know there is a 99.9 percent chance this will happen.
    Can this fan base endure another season of terrible management and bad scouting?The business side of the Oilers is fine.Hopefully the addition of Bob Greene will get the scouting on track.
    This fan base has been through way to much.Daryl has to wake up from his hibernation.The crap and promises have to stop. We want results,playoffs or bust.Hey Dubie,you may be hoisting the cup.

  • BlazingSaitls

    From what I’ve seen on TV Flames,Sens,Canucks, and Jets fans are having the time of their lives and celebrating outside while we’re just staying in our homes on our couch. Do you see large crowds of people in downtown celebrating and having fun? Nope. My gosh what am I doing with my life?

  • BlazingSaitls

    Jets, Flames, ‘Nucks & Sens are in!!!. Five Canadian teams in the play-offs. Definitely something worth celebrating. Rebuilding on the fly. Impressive season for these four teams. Oilers & Leafs are only a few players away from being in the play-offs next year. Count on it!

  • dougtheslug

    Let’s not kid ourselves: This is a preseason game:

    With Calgary’s loss, both Vancouver and Edmonton are locked in the standings now.

    Vancouver’s main goal will be to get their depth limbered out for the playoffs, and Edmonton’s should be to close the season with at least a bit of dignity.

    • vetinari

      Edmonton’s been in pre-season mode since November. Hall made an interesting comment mentioning games were irrelevant after November or something like that. this attitude needs to end.

      Ya, November was brutal and it would be very hard to make the playoffs at that point, but until the team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs I expect these guys to give it all every night until they are truly out of the playoffs.

      This attitude concerns me. If Hall truly felt this way I’m sure other players did as well. If that’s the case I should have stopped caring and watching these guys back in November.

      Scrivens has to go. No good.

      • Harry2

        I remember that very same attitude that Hall has coming from the owner of the entire organization.

        I believe it was in his second letter to the fans when Katz said something like

        “…..another season where we are all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs”.

        That comment alone cements the notion that theres a loser mentality in the Oilers organization. How the hell can the owner of the entire Oilers organization publicly write in a letter to the fans that they know that theyre going to miss the post season?

        Its pathetic and your damn right to say they should strive to win at any cost for all 82 games. Makes me want to puke

      • Cain

        What exactly was Hall’s comment, and where exactly did you here it…”or something like that”…sounds like you read it on a bathroom wall.

        Do you know what you are talking about or not?

  • BlazingSaitls

    @ Rick Stroppel
    Using the whole Hall not going to the WHC Is such a joke. So many players that are revered in the league never go to it. I’m guessing your a flames fan ?? How Many times did Jarome Iginla go ?? Not once has he gone but I’m guessing he gets a pass right ?? You other point about him breaking his stick……say it ain’t soooo. Players intentionally break their sticks all the time who cares. They are pissed off. If my teams arse was being whopped I would feel like smashing something too. Enjoy your playoffs. I hope Johnny hockey aka Hanna Montana gets his lights knocked out

    • dougtheslug


      Jarome Iginla played 16 season in Calgary. The Flames made it past the first round of the playoffs ONCE. Then he went to Boston, accomplished nothing. Then he went to Pittsburgh, accomplished nothing. Then he went to Colorado, didn’t even make the playoffs.

      Jarome Iginla always has great individual stats. His team, literally, doesn’t accomplish anything 95% of the time. No, I don’ think Iginla is a good example of leadership. And I think his failure to show up at the WHC is a symptom of that.

      I have no idea where you got the idea that I am a Flames fan. I have a lot of friends and family in Calgary. Believe me, Iginla is not particularly “revered” in Calgary, not anymore.

      I sure hope that Taylor Hall has a more SIGNIFICANT career than Jarome Iginla. As I said in my original post, being the best player on a lousy team is not much of an accomplishment.

      • He’s scored 30 goals in 11 consecutive seasons and 50 goals twice. He’s won the Art Ross and Rocket Richard trophies and been awarded the Mark Messier Leadership Award, as well as being a past Hart and King Clancy Award nominee. He captained the Flames to a Stanley Cup Finals appearance and he’s widely respected for his character and community work.

        He’s had a pretty significant career. He is very respected around the league, and well-loved in Calgary.

      • camdog


        Hall has gone to the WC`s before, don`t know how much he will play though…

        Bruce McCurdy _ May 2013

        It wasn’t a red letter day for Taylor Hall on Sunday as the young Edmonton Oilers star found himself nailed to the bench even as his Team Canada teammates struggled to generate offence. After struggling with turnovers in intermittent shifts, Hall found himself on the outside looking in when Lindy Ruff shortened the bench in the third period. The view from there wasn’t pretty either, as Canada was largely outplayed by Switzerland before eventually falling in a lengthy shootout. Officially the final was 3-2 for the Swiss.

        “Hall was a victim of circumstances in the first half of the second period, never seeing the ice in the first ten minutes as a pair of his shifts got circumvented by Canadian powerplays. For whatever reason, Ruff has already gonged Hall — a top 10 NHL scorer — from his powerplay units even as the guys he employed struggled mightily to generate even a half-decent chance against the determined Swiss. It’s an odd choice by Ruff given Hall has scored more powerplay goals over the last three NHL seasons than any teammate other than Steven Stamkos.”

        “In truth, though, Hall had a miserable time of it when he was out there, making soft plays on the puck that by my count resulted in four turnovers, an embarrassing fail on a toe drag, and zero shots on goal. Lousy puck management was a big problem for Canada throughout this game, with many, many culprits involved. Ruff seemingly chose Hall to make an example of as Matt Read, normally a right-winger, took his shifts on the left side with Matt Duchene and Jordan Eberle down the stretch. By game’s end Hall had played just 8:33, by far the least of any Canadian. Similarly his 20:19 through two games ranks 21st and last on the entire Canadian roster.”

        • hagar


          So Hall played like a hot dog two years ago and had his ice time severely limited. He may appreciate a chance to prove that he has grown up. I don’t think Ruff will be coaching this year. I think all these players have something to prove, and a lot to learn. It never did Ryan Smyth any harm.

          Hall, Eberle and RNH could play as a line (if RNH is healthy).

          The WHC don’t start until May 1, 18 days from now. Plenty of time to rest up and heal.