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This week has been rife with highs and lows for Nail Yakupov. He scored Saturday in the season’s final game, signed a two-year deal with the Oilers and was on his way to the Worlds to play for Russia. Now this.

  • The link continues: Oilers Head Team Physician, Dr. Dhiren Naidu says “Nail has been
    suffering from bilateral hip injuries this season and after further
    examination and MRI imaging, he requires additional treatment and

Yakupov has been quite durable during his first three NHL seasons, missing a couple games in January 2014 due to a head injury and the last 14 games of 2013-14 with an ankle injury. He also had a groin issue in February of this year and missed one game. He was also famously scratched by Dallas Eakins at the beginning of their time together, fall 2013. 

Yakupov’s injury has some wondering about timing more than anything.

    • oilerjed

      OK good I thought I was the only one wondering how this is news? Jones is a part of the SUN news network though and conspiracys are a staple with SUN Media.
      OK unless KLowe had Nail in his basement under a swinging light yelling at him
      “Your Number is 64! Now what is your number?”

      That would be news, this not so much.

      Get well soon Nail.

      • I think he’s hinting at some sort of managerial meddling or something, which isn’t completely far fetched, but a lot less believable when there are like 5 other Oilers going to compete for their respective countries.

        • oilerjed

          I agree, but I’m also wonder why a “reporter” is hinting at anything? You either have news to report or you dont, anything else is Jerry Springer during sweeps week.

  • BobbyCanuck

    Not Nail, if it was Hall or anyone of the untouchable golden children..I would believe they begged off the world’s to party

    Man, I am starting to hate this team…Craig says another year of suckage, and Oil fans just collectively sigh and say ‘Better get me some season tix, so I don’t miss out on the 3 yrs of suckage in the new arena’

    $4M in cap space should be just enough to sign our future Norris winner…which leaves exactly $0 to go get a UFA, not that that matters anyways, because no UFA worth his salt would even consider coming here.

    There, I feel better already! Thanks for listening to me cry

      • BobbyCanuck

        Yeah, I know, just think of it as a patriotic Canadian, cause thats was my intent

        I have cheered for the Canucks in the past though, mainly there two most recent runs to the Cup finals.

        Cunucks may never win a cup ever…

        Is it better to have loved and lost (5 cups)
        Or to never have loved (insert the many teams that have never won a cup)

        I have watched more Flames games this year than Oiler games.

        This season was the first time in my life I watched Flames hockey game which did not include the Oilers…all I can say is I wish we had what the Flames have.

        You see they have this thing in thier chest called a heart, they have this thing in thier head called a brain, remember that thing, the brain? That is the thing that tells your body to start back-checking, the same thing that tells you to hustle your a$$ back to the bench after a line change

        Very enjoyable game the Flames play, no quit in them boys

    • oilerjed

      Spotrac.com lists the Oilers with ~$53 mil in cap hit for next year. That should be about $17 million in space.

      Jultz will get $3.5 million or more. That leaves about $13 million in space. That should be enough space to acquire a goalie and a defenseman. eg. Seabrook and Crawford $12.8 million combined.

    • Wax Man Riley

      I believe the Oil have about $4.9M cap space for THIS year. Next year you have to think that Roy’s $1M comes off, Fasth’s $3.4M, …….


      Not that I want any of the NATION OVERLORDS to see this and update it….

  • Prongers Promises

    I don’t really think Yak is one for the party. I mean, he doesn’t even drink. So if the timing seems ‘fishy’ it would be the Oilers denying him the ability to play in the worlds, not Yak telling his country he doesn’t want to go. That kid flat our loves hockey, especially in a country that lets him play his style of game.

    • pkam

      So Terry Jones is not buying a medical doctor’s diagnosis?

      I wonder if he will say the same if in his next annual check up his medical doctor tells him that he is having cancer and need a surgery?

    • sportsjunkie007

      He’s also a member of the good old boys MSM, afraid to ask MacT the questions that need to be asked. God forbid he actually challenge the bone-head who’s building this mess.

  • Alsker

    This will probably really piss Yak off seeing he wasn’t invited to the Russian Oly team. If he does have a hip(not hipster) issue than I’d rather he not go, though the experience, camaraderie, positive self feelings would only help him. Wonder why our medical staff didn’t sit him earlier if it was an issue.

  • S cottV

    A lot of old (like me)and not so old hockey guys, didn’t pay enough attention to hip pain and now have or are in need of – artificial hip(s).

    It is often something you can play through, but you run the risk of it getting to point where it cuts short a career, creates a lot of discomfort and eventually requires a painful and often problematic replacement.

    Hockey is not easy on the hips and isn’t something to fool around with, if any kind of problem starts to arise.

    Sounds like Yak better nip it in the bud.

  • WTF2

    So the Yakman and Nugey won’t be skating at the world hockey championships.

    Too bad, but better to have them both healed up before next season.

    That being said, if the teams medical and rehab staff are as competent as the Oil management this may be the start of a long layoff.

  • Tikkanese

    Hold it. This doesn’t ring right. All of a sudden Nail Yakupov not going to Worls because of hip injury? Not buying.

    — Terry Jones (@sunterryjones) April 15, 2015

    What doesn’t “ring right” is that contains a lot of grammatical errors for a supposed HOF writer.

  • Tikkanese

    3 things that will always happen:
    We’ll shamefully re-elect the PCs
    We’ll buy every Oilers ticket for the next decade of suck too.
    We’ll get sucked in by what the Sun says.

  • sportsjunkie007

    A hip injury? What team does Yak think he plays for? The Oilers are all about the shoulder injury. If Yak can’t get on board with that, we’re going to have to re-think that new contract.

  • Oilinmyblood

    What sad man Terry ‘No Bones’ Jones is. Why would he say something without backing it up?

    Is there one good, credible media person in this city of Edmonton? They’re like the Oilers of print/press.

  • bazmagoo

    Good call by Yak. He’s had a full year of playing a physical 200 foot game whe carrying the Oil. Plus, apparently the Russian coach demands his players play an all round game.

  • DonEnrico

    To bad for Yak, even more sad is that he most certainly will get the chance to play with Russia next year anyways…

    But it will be fun watching Lander and Klefbom suiting up for Sweden!