We did it! I can’t believe the Oilers won the lottery! McDavid is coming to Edmonton!… probably.

More to come.

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  • Dolby

    Did McDavid ever look disappointed. Can’t blame him going to the ultimate loser organization in pro-sports that has destroyed previous top talent…I hope he does not report and forces a trade…..Bad day for hockey and horrible day for the kid and his family….nightmare!!

  • Serious Gord

    Um… Swap picks with Buffalo for Bogosian? Anyone?

    Or make the leafs take three quarters of Phanuef’s Salary and give up Bernier? And Swap Picks?

    Or I suppose just draft the kid? I would still see if Roy wants to sign for another year.

    Nuge, Roy, McDavid, Gordon, Lander, Drai. Yep.

      • Butters


        It’s going to be a dream come true and it’s a great situation to be in,” McDavid said. “[Edmonton has had] fan support even through a little bit of a tough slide they have gone through for a few years. The fan support they still receive is amazing, and the group of guys they have there is pretty special. If it happens to be me that is selected there, it would be a tremendous honor to step in with a group of talent like that.”

    • Joy S. Lee

      We’re not cheering out of accomplishment, we’re just happy to have some hope. If that makes us all losers – as opposed to you presumably being some kind of winner – then we will have to make the logical assumption that you are a winner with no hope, and I’m not really sure which is worse. By the way, you’ve got a great name, for a winner…

  • Spydyr


    hard to believe, certainly not deserved

    the other teams must be shaking their collective heads

    can you say fix? (not sayin just sayin)

    will the oilers still lose perennially?

  • Ever the Optimist

    Absolutely embarrassing that the Oilers are picking 1st overall again, rewarding the inept and most poorly ran organization in pro sports. Oilers brass and fans shouldn’t be cheering, any professional organization with a winning mentality would be ashamed

  • Zamboni Driver

    My favourite is the everyone saying that all the ‘core pieces’ are even more untouchable.

    you’re going to need to give your heads a collective shake, fanboys. There is zero chance that your 3 C are McDavid, RNH and Drai. None. Who is going to check anyone? McDavid won’t be asked to…RNH weighs 140 lbs, think the german is going to want to be a checker??! C’mon.

    This team still goes nowhere with this D core and goal-tending.

    You think other GMs are going to be GENEROUS now in moving pieces to the Oilers (who have done absolutely nothing to deserve…anything)?! No chance.

    The chances of the holy trinity + Yak being on this team next year are…or actually should be zero.

    • Zarny

      This is what teams who rebuild through the draft do. They have a few years of top end talent.

      Pens: Malkin, Fluery, Letang, Crosby, Staal.

      Chicago: Toews, Kane, Buflygn, Crawford, Saad, Seasbrook, Keith.

      It won’t be tough to keep Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Yak, Drai, and McDavid together for the next 3 years. That collective cap hit is just slightly over 20 mill.

      So go suck on some lemons somewhere else.

    • nuge2drai

      Earlier today I suggested if the Oil got MacD, then LD could be moved to fill some holes. It was thoroughly trashed. Still think this makes a lot of sense.

      • Zamboni Driver

        People have watched the Oilers (and probably counted a bunch of nonsense) way too much.

        They really need to watch the playoffs.

        Not only is this Oilers group (including the holy 3) third last in the league, they would get completely obliterated 8-0 in a four game sweep in any playoff series. And the ‘young talent, sick hands’™ would all be in the hospital…

        well, not Eberle, because…well you know – ‘tough areas’.

        We also think people are going to take the Oilers garbage and give us Drew Doughty.

    • Retsinnab5

      You remind of a woman in a poor abusive relationship.

      If you are so wronged-why are you still here?

      Help yourself and leave, you can do it!

      Don’t think of yourself as you think of your abuser, you’re better than that. Right?

      You don’t appear to be beating a dead horse in hopes. Do you?

      Are all the kettles black? Or do you have bright pot?

      • Zamboni Driver

        As opposed to those women in the ‘good’ abusive relationships, I guess?

        Not sure how one would ‘beat a dead horse in hopes’. But I’m going to suggest….no. That doesn’t sound like me either.

        I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you’re 11 years old and we’re still working on our big boy words.

        you’re doing fine. Keep it up.

    • nuge2drai

      Oilers could trade the pens pick, montreals second, montreals third and the St.louis third for a decent top 4 Defenseman.

      Again we have the cap space. Like to see Anderson or Lehner get traded to the Oil. The Sens will be unloading one of those Goalies for cheap.

    • Zarny

      You want so badly to see Oilers’ management publicly shamed. It’s not healthy.

      It doesn’t matter what happened with Lindros or Messier or Larmer or anyone. Holdouts are individual situations based on specific circumstances. All that matters is what McDavid will do.

      McDavid has stated on several occasions he’ll go wherever he’s drafted. He said the best advice his father gave him was not to be “that guy” when there were rumors he wouldn’t go to Erie.

      McDavid isn’t Lindros. In fact, he’s conscious of specifically not being Lindros. He’s not going to hold-out.

    • BlazingSaitls

      Only you would find a way to take a dump in the middle of a room of happy people who just won the lottery.

      Your distain for positivity is unhealthy man. Can’t you just party for 1 night? The Oilers just won Connor McDavid.

    • Do you want McDavid to hold out?

      Everyone here knows that oil mgt is inept(to say the least). Everyone here knows that it sucks for McDavid.

      But any true oiler fan would be ecstatic REGARDLESS.

      You mad bro?

  • BlazingSaitls

    With the 1st overall pick the edmonton oilers are proud to select… Jack Eichel. “We need more size upfront and we feel Eichel gives us that” MacT is quoted as saying

    “I know the fans are a little upset with the Eichel selection, but rest assured, I know a thing or 2 about winning” Lowe adds

    I wouldn’t be surprised with these stooges

    • Butters

      I know you half kidding. Eichel may very well be HHOF good, but McDavid is a marquis player. He sells tickets and merchandise.

      There isn’t a player like him in the Western Conference. All marquis players are in the East.

    • Serious Gord

      Only an idiot Oiler fan, who just lucked out after a decade of ineptitude, thinks that this is the moment that he can stick it to the Flames.

      You must be so proud.

      Btw – “hi” from the playoffs!

      • Lowe But Now High Expectations

        From a fan of a team who its unanimously agreed across the hockey world was lucky not once but hundreds of times this year all over the ice to even be in the playoffs. Its a pretty sorry mark against you as a person that you would try to crap on someone else’s good fortune when your team has been so fortunate itself.

        Find some class like some of the other Calgary fans and just look forward to having a relevant Battle of Alberta.

        • Butters

          So you view a comment on this blog such as the one you responded to as a reflection of somebody’s class (lol) and believe everybody else does as well?

          Newsflash: some people see this blog as entertainment and bitter rivals flinging garbage at each other in no way impacts their “class”. Some of us define our character in real and meaningful ways, in important decisions and difficult actions, made in life and impacting other lives. Obviously you haven’t experienced that in your life but you should really broaden your horizons before you chastise others on a subject you seem to have a very shallow understanding about.

          And while I am certainly sympathetic to IQ-deficiencies, there really is no excuse for the misuse of the word “unanimously”. I suggest you look up the definition for its correct usage.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    congrats. You get to ruin another prospect, and have your team still be bad enough to win the lottery next year. Too bad players that actually have a choice where they want to play will still never go to Edmonton.

    Enough cheering, 4 times in what 6 years really something you want to be proud of?

    Well at least you have Ference to keep cheering about.