We did it! I can’t believe the Oilers won the lottery! McDavid is coming to Edmonton!… probably.

More to come.

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    • Andy7190

      Most likes for a flames fan ever? ^ ^
      Seems those flamers with Kevin Lowe signs at Northlands a couple weeks back incited the hockey gods. Morons.
      But seriously.
      Get him fired Chuckers.
      Bring back the valley of death.
      Canucks shouldn’t get a point out of this province ever again. Ever.
      Grats on McJesus.
      Holy Eff!

    • Andy7190

      Yeah! That is exactly what should happen. That would immediately brighten the whole picture.

      McDavid is awesome. But he’s not going to make a difference without better management.

      The worst thing that can happen now is MacT and Lowe somehow survive another 6 years because McDavid is good enough to bump them up a bit showing “improvement” “trending in the right direction”.

      Come on Katz! Fire Lowe and all BeLowe!

  • vetinari

    Centre with Nuge, Draisatl, McDavid and Lander may become a strength for this team. Management, go get us a starting goalie and a couple of defence men and don’t blow Rebuild 3.0, okay?

    • Spydyr

      I cracked a beer to ease the pain of my raw throat from screaming so loud…….this is a sign the wander the desert is over. Lowe walks away this summer,pretty please hockey gods.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Timing is everything. Our wildest dreams have come true Zarny.

      Sudden life for the non playoff Oilers. Christmas has come early for Oiler fans everywhere.

      A new rebuild will begin with a new heart. Think Lowe and MacT can pull it off?

        • Quicksilver ballet

          Think Katz seizes this opportunity to put a nail in the coffin for the darkest era of Oilers hockey by cleaning house and making a play for a stronger managerial group?

          Hopefully Connor is the new driver that helps make those around him better.

          • Zarny

            You have to think the opportunity to build a franchise around McDavid, Hall, Nuge, Yak etc would attract a lot of interest from a lot of very good coaches and GMs.

            And from a PR perspective the franchise is in dire need of a reset.

          • Serious Gord

            As I have posited more than once, I think Katz is pathlogically disturbed in regards to the old boys he partied with when they – and he – weren’t old. His dream ever since the glory days has been to create another glory era with these old boys in management getting his name and theirs engraved on the cup several more times (i think quote a few fans shared that dream about seven or more years ago).

            McDavid will only reignite that psychotic dream.

            MAct And Klowe are going nowhere.

            And don’t be surprised if you see messier and possibly other old boys getting promoted or hired.

      • paul wodehouse

        Q…Kevin and Craig have the team for one more year…if it doesn’t make the playoffs they are gone no? …with this kid healthy and scoring a hundred plus points this team may go deep in the playoffs the year they move into the new KatzKastle…WITH Kevin and Craig!

        • Quicksilver ballet

          I’m not so sure Paul. Katz may kick in the door with this opportunity. Who wouldn’t want to govern a bench with these kids at their disposal?

          Could this put the Oilers on the map for Babcock? Coach and GM, or a version thereof? 50/50 Katz cleans house sooner rather than later with this fresh start opportunity.

          What a way to bury the darkest days for the Oilers.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            As much as i would like to think this is possible. I just don’t see any indication Katz is willing to hold these guys accountable. Its too bad because as much as there is a wealth of talent on this team. It’s the tough GM’ing ahead of filling in the correct missing pieces to create a team that competes. And MacT has shown no aptitude for this task. Specifically he is horrendous at assessing defenseman and damn if thats not exactly what this team needs right now.

    • oobespoons

      YOU filthy LIAR!!!!!

      You have been posting about the absolute stupidity of the Oilers winning has been for the last two months! You are kicked off the bandwagon friendo.

      • Zarny

        What are you talking about?

        Having the best odds to win the lottery has been my priority since December.

        In a season of sh*t and p*ss; this is actually a positive.

          • Quicksilver ballet

            Like it or not, coming to camp with only 2 centers, along with the other holes on that roster….paid off big time. Planned or not.

            This was the year they needed to tank. Timing was everything with this draft class. The best player in 10 yrs is about to become an Oiler.

          • Romanus

            First off, I’d still much rather be in the Flames situation in the playoffs, and with a team that plays to win every night.

            But since we did so bad, I agree that it is amazing we won the lottery.

            Where I flat out disagree, is with Zarny’s two month boo campaign every single time the Oilers won down the stretch.

            “Meaningless points”, “We should improve our chances for Eichle”, “Draft drops off at number 2”, ect ect ect. I don’t think he thought we could tank down to worst overall, but he definitely advocated to lose more than Arizona, and look where that would have landed us.

            Point being, as both Arizona and Buffalo learned hard tonight, tanking is never a guarantee, so why do it, if you can win instead?

  • Serious Gord

    My favourite part of this thread is all the bitter posters from other teams, and professional losers like Serious Gord, spewing venom. I am enjoying your impotent rage almost as much as I am celebrating the Oilers’ ridiculous luck. Oiler fans deserve this. Oiler management does not. Get over it losers.

  • paul wodehouse

    ….Question from Bob McKenzie TSN: is Connor McDavid part of the settlement in the Edmonton Oiler law suit against the Erie Otters that owner Sherry Bassin is at the middle of there … The club just filed for Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) due to Bassin’s inability to pay back 4.5million to Daryl Katz

    • Zamboni Driver


      Sherry Bassin is the 75 year old owner of the Erie Otters. Katz has sued Mr. Bassin for $4.5 M and is trying to take away his hockey team. Connor McDavid has worked for Mr. Bassin for three years.

      In late January, we had an interesting debate here about that transaction. Matt Henderson said it was “just business”. I said it was a stupid move by Katz. I pointed out that Katz was a billionaire, and the bad will he was sowing in the OHL and elsewhere was not worth it. Matt Henderson, do you still think that was a smart move by Katz? Remember that aggressive letter Katz sent to Mr. Bassin, bragging about all his powerful friends in hockey?

      You may not think there is any connection, but Bob McKenzie (who knows more than any of us) connected the dots IMMEDIATELY.

      Connor MacDavid did not look happy. They had a brief shot of Bettman in the “counting room” and when Edmonton’s number came up, he looked like he bit into a lemon.

      Katz is a greedy jackass. This may not end well.

      • Romanus

        You can hate him for other reasons, but pretty sure if you loaned someone 45000 and they refused to pay it back would likely go after them. Does that make you greedy?


          Did you see McDavid’s reaction yesterday? Did he look happy? SERIOUSLY, DO YOU THINK THAT IS A CONCIDENCE?

          Sherry Bassin is a VETERAN GM who is EXTREMELY well regarded in the OHL. Katz has literally driven the Erie Otters franchise into bankruptcy. WHAT DO YOU THINK CONNOR MCDAVID THINKS ABOUT KATZ?

          We are going to have to rely on eastern media for more on this story. That is because the local sports media is, for the most part, a bunch of passive butt-kissers.

          • 786

            No, it’s definitely not Katz’s fault. Actually he’s proven again and again he’s an extremely smart guy. Bad thing is he doesn’t care about if Oilers win or not. In this case Sherry Bassin was just stupid taking the money knowing he couldn’t pay back.

          • Butters

            Seriously? The kid’s fate was decided by ping pong balls. Without any time to let that sink in, he has microphones in his face. How is he supposed to react?

          • CMG30

            Are you kidding me? How long have we known about Connor McDavid? This kid has had cameras and microphones in and around his zit face since the first time he held a hockey stick. I have a good feeling that doesn’t really bother him. The look on his face is not a coincidence. This is a kid who’s gotten everything he wanted up to this point. Unfortunately, the horrors of his non-compliance and refusal to report is VERY real.
            I understand all the excitement from Oilers fans, but you all need to understand that coming to this team is not very enticing. Put yourself in his shoes. WOULD YOU WANT TO BE DRAFTED By this team? I know I wouldn’t.and I’ve lived here all my life. The Edmonton Oilers franchise is a joke created by Katz and his high school buddies.

  • I want Lowe to fail horribly. He just doesn’t deserve this. He’s nosedived the team for 9 years. And yet, I want the Oilers to win.

    The past two years had me convinced he’d step down… but now? kill me. i’m so excited though.

  • O.C.

    Wow, Buffalo has tanked for no reason two years in a row! I think now, right now, we can never look back and say the Oilers ever made the wrong pick first overall, cause who knows. Maybe had they taken anyone else those years, the losing would not have continued, and they would not have this. Just wow.

    • Petrolero

      This was the plan all along. Legend has it, the night of the game 7 loss in Carolina, as Kevin Lowe’s tears streamed down to his face and poured into his Stanley cup rings, a bright light appeared forth, and from it the voice of a tier 1 fan thundered, foretelling of the coming of a savior on the 2015th year of the Lord.

      The following day he flew to Mexico city to the National History museum, and after going through the ancient mayan codexes, he found an inscription speaking of a man who knew a thing or two about winning, who would guide this savior to a land of snow and Oil.

      Ever since, Kevin Lowe has done everything in his power to bring us MCJesus. Tonight he’s been redeemed. Can I get a LET’S GO OILERS!!!

  • paul wodehouse

    TSN TV crew message – Edmonton do not screw this up ! Obvious that Edmonton management is held in low esteem.

    I bet that Sportsnet hires a new broadcast crew. I think too that the Oilers go after Babcock now.

    Both Sportsnet and TSN seemed to be very disappointed that TO did not win.

  • BlazingSaitls

    To Serious Gord all similarly-minded commenters. It’s one thing to be a poor loser but something else again to be a terrible winner.

    Adjust your meds.

    • camdog

      Winning the draft lottery doesn’t make you a winner. It makes you a lucky loser.

      Why is everyone walking around like they accomplished somthing? It’s sad. You guys really think they same brain trust that brought you Nikitin, Grebeshkov 2 times, Belov, Norris Jultz, Scrivens and Fasth etc… Is gonna be able to maximize this talent??

      They’ll just be the laughing stock…. Again… When they can’t accomplish anything with McDavid and 3 other first overall picks

  • Lowe But Now High Expectations

    They should have played oompa loompa music when the Oilers landed the golden ticket. I was sitting in the recliner and let out a devilish laugh thinking “you gotta be frickin kidding me”.

    • Serious Gord

      LOL. I laughed in a similar manner. Love the chocolate factory reference.

      There was no other team that could have pissed off more people than the oilers winning the sweepstakes…

  • Wow…

    To think I was fine with Strome..

    Feels a little dirty but who wouldn’t take this??

    Buffalo is acting like this wasn’t a lottery and actually got screwed!!

    Meanwhile, ARZ actually got screwed!!

    Those poor desert bastards!! They really can’t catch a break…