We did it! I can’t believe the Oilers won the lottery! McDavid is coming to Edmonton!… probably.

More to come.

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  • dow7500

    I’m already thinking about next season.

    Possible lineup:

    Pouliot – Nugey – Ebs

    Hall – MacSaviour – Yak

    Purcell – Lander – Pitlick

    Klink – Boyd – Hendricks

    Fayne – ?

    Kleffbomb – Shultz/Ference

    Marincin – Shultz / Ference

    Musil – Nikiten

    ? – Scrivens

    Next year looks a sh*t load better, and this is the best I’ve felt as an Oiler fan since 2006. MacT should use the Pittsburgh first rounder in a package to trade for a defenceman, and get Niemi as a UFA this summer.

    If he can do those two things, things should be much better for next year. Let MacDavid start on the second line, keep Nurse and Drai in the AHL for the year, and plan for the future.

    This team could be cup contenders in 3-4 years.


  • mr_nihilism

    Buffalo did all it could do in its power to tank in it’s quest for McDavid. This in my view is karma coming back to haunt them.

    PS – Screw you, Buffalo, Phoenix and Toronto !!

    • Darth Oiler

      I think it’s karma from the last game of the season last year Ryan Smyth night we could have gone out and lost and finished behind Florida and would have finished 2nd last and would have won the lottery. But we played like champions gave Smyth the send off he deserved.

  • YeahHeDid

    Pouliot Nuge Eberle

    Hall McDavid Yak

    ? Roy Lander/Drai

    Hendricks Gordon Klink

    If the Oilers can sign a full of use free agent to play on the wing on the 3rd line, that can move up when need be. I can see that core doing good with a good useful 13th- forward.

    The defense and goalie is where the free money should be spent, and/or a future picks trade. Two buyouts, two solid defense sign and/or trade, and a goalie upgrade would make them decent.

    ? Klefbom

    ? Fayne

    Maricin Schultz

    The Oilers were never going to sign a bunch of free agents, ever, to become a competitor. Everyone knows this and history will speak for it self. They had to built for years to the draft, and now the last piece to the draft plan is here.

    The future is bright, and I know MacT and Lowe have the Oilers best interest at heart.

    They have/had a plan that is going to come together as they see fit. They have/had the OK from Katz to do so, regardless of what Flames, Canucks and Leaves fans, MSM, and other bitter GMS and executives say. They all need to get a fork and a knife and eat a d!ck. The Oilers fans need to relax and understand that if you want ball-you got to fall to rise.

    I assume the high traffic of comments on this site with negativity and whining is the use to be Oilers fans that left for what they confused as better hope with the Flames and Canucks.

    In due time the Oilers will be like the Wu-Tang of the 90’s; nothing to #*@$ with!

  • DoubleDIon

    The Oilers suck up another highly talented kid. Hope they don’t turn this one into a 90 foot loser like they did the others. Trade Eberle for a quality pro who can actually play. The Oilers have a bunch of 20-24 year olds with skill and a bunch of vets who are bottom pairing/bottom 6 types. Hardly a good environment to develop players in.

  • dow7500

    I haven’t posted in years and have suffered like all oiler fans. I follow ON and roll my eyes at the snot nose basement dwellers whose only posts are fire Lowe, fire MT, fire everyone. Nobody will ever sign here, blah friggin blah. Piss off all of you. I was 18 when the Oil won their first cup. I scraped Calgary fans outside the collisium. Thats what it was called then you lite weights. Grow up. Cheer for your team. Grow a pair. Ya we have sucked. Thats obvious. But so have most have most of you sniviling, sad sack, squate to pee posters. When this thing turns, and it will, you better stay in your moms basement.

  • 786

    Well that’s great! … now how will McDavid get the puck from the back end. Poor guy will be waiting a long time while the D men play diddly diddly doo with the puck along the boards.

    KId, enjoy your one and out with the Otters, because it will be a loooooooong time before you see that type of play from the Oilers.

    On another note though, better the Oilers winning this than the other 29 teams.

    Its scary to think how Lowe and MACT can screw this up.

    Stand by for Bono Glasses
    and the Curly Brilo kid replay.

  • O.C.

    Wow, Buffalo has tanked for no reason two years in a row! I think now, right now, we can never look back and say the Oilers ever made the wrong pick first overall, cause who knows. Maybe had they taken anyone else those years, the losing would not have continued, and they would not have this. Just wow.

    • Petrolero

      This was the plan all along. Legend has it, the night of the game 7 loss in Carolina, as Kevin Lowe’s tears streamed down to his face and poured into his Stanley cup rings, a bright light appeared forth, and from it the voice of a tier 1 fan thundered, foretelling of the coming of a savior on the 2015th year of the Lord.

      The following day he flew to Mexico city to the National History museum, and after going through the ancient mayan codexes, he found an inscription speaking of a man who knew a thing or two about winning, who would guide this savior to a land of snow and Oil.

      Ever since, Kevin Lowe has done everything in his power to bring us MCJesus. Tonight he’s been redeemed. Can I get a LET’S GO OILERS!!!

  • nuge2drai

    I know it’s a bit early but here goes…

    Pouliot Hopkins Eberle

    Hall McDavid Draisaitl

    Purcell Roy Yakupov

    Hendricks Gordon Klinkhammer

    Spend the cap on DEFENSE. Trade the pens pick for DEFENSE. Oilers have a ton of cap space and pretty much a full forward roster.

  • Jaxon

    I think this would be reasonable lineup for the fall and would clear some cap space by getting rid of Gordon, Hendricks, Purcell and Nikitin (trade for draft picks, prospects or buy them out just to get rid of the contracts and replace the forwards with cheaper options (Comeau, Goc & Upshall could save about 4.5M) and spend it on D. I don’t think I’d blow it all on Niemi but you could if you dump some contracts. I think Greiss has been fairly dependable and should come at a decent value contract. I would hold onto all the young core and support Draisaitl with some German teammates. I think Draisaitl as a 3C or maybe even 1L or 2L could prove to be super valuable in the future. If they grab Franson, maybe Schultz becomes expendable and he might fetch more in a trade than he is worth. In a trade I might try to get a young RD like Pysyk from Buffalo or Petrovic from Florida. I think acquiring free agents just got a bit easier.

    LW / C / RW


    HALL / MCDAVID / YAKUPOV – Scoring 2


    LANDER / GOC / UPSHALL – Toughs, D Zone Starts


    LD / RD

    EHRHOFF / FRANSON – 1st Pair and O Zone Starts

    KLEFBOM / FAYNE – 2nd Pair and D Zone Starts

    MARINCIN / SCHULTZ – 3rd Pair

    FERENCE / PETROVIC or PYSYK – 7th D / AHL Callups

    NURSE – AHL Callup or Mid Season regular


    SCRIVENS – 1A – Counting on a bounce Back Season – this does make me nervous

    GREISS – 1B – Dependable backup could steal some starts

    O’CONNOR – AHL Callup that hopefully turns into future starter.

    BROSSOIT – AHL competition for O’Connor or vice versa.

  • 786

    On the positive side, can Oilers use this to lure some good defensemen and a good goalie to Edmonton this summer?

    Never mind, they don’t have any cap space, ouch!

  • slapshot444

    Flames fan here, glad he’s in the west, we can watch him now. Your rebuild is re started now. Don’t blow it, Time to trade someone for a top goalie. Just a comment, don’t know how to read it but Mc David wasn’t too excited. Not sure if he just realized he going to a bottom team or didn’t want to play in the west away from home???

    • MonsterPod

      Flames fan here too. I’m happy for McDavid that he didn’t land in Arizona. At least in Edmonton he will be adored and more than 1% of the population will know who he is, and care. And we will get to see him play regularly.

      I want the Flames and Oilers to both rebuild to former glory, to make Alberta hell for traveling teams again. Then we can rebuild our rivalry properly, in the playoffs, like the Flames and Nucks are doing now.

      A begrudging congratulations, Oil. Now stop picking 1st and get back in the race.

  • 786

    Buffalo GM was a crying kid! Jesus! He took a risk trading half his team away and lost. Tough pal, no one was guaranteed 1st pick.

    Buffalo still gets mcdavid, edmonton will probably pick Tchachev anyways.

  • Poke Check

    Holy MacJesus! And we didn’t even tank. Even the Oilers can’t screw this up. WE have enough kids now. Times to use those other picks to acquire a golaie and some experienced D man. Suddenly, Edmonton will look a Hell of a lot better to free agents.