We did it! I can’t believe the Oilers won the lottery! McDavid is coming to Edmonton!… probably.

More to come.

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  • BlazingSaitls

    To Serious Gord all similarly-minded commenters. It’s one thing to be a poor loser but something else again to be a terrible winner.

    Adjust your meds.

    • camdog

      Winning the draft lottery doesn’t make you a winner. It makes you a lucky loser.

      Why is everyone walking around like they accomplished somthing? It’s sad. You guys really think they same brain trust that brought you Nikitin, Grebeshkov 2 times, Belov, Norris Jultz, Scrivens and Fasth etc… Is gonna be able to maximize this talent??

      They’ll just be the laughing stock…. Again… When they can’t accomplish anything with McDavid and 3 other first overall picks

  • BlazingSaitls

    With the 1st overall pick the edmonton oilers are proud to select… Jack Eichel. “We need more size upfront and we feel Eichel gives us that” MacT is quoted as saying

    “I know the fans are a little upset with the Eichel selection, but rest assured, I know a thing or 2 about winning” Lowe adds

    I wouldn’t be surprised with these stooges

    • Butters

      I know you half kidding. Eichel may very well be HHOF good, but McDavid is a marquis player. He sells tickets and merchandise.

      There isn’t a player like him in the Western Conference. All marquis players are in the East.

  • camdog

    I haven’t felt this dirty since the days I was single. Actually brings up some really good memories. Hope this “bender “doesn’t come back with a mind numbing “hang over” like the rest did.

    Rather than becoming overly happy about winning the lottery or angry at the people whom put us in a position to be this bad for so long I will wait until mid summer. Mact is now officially on the clock, everything he said at the seasons end press conference means nothing. This is no longer a “development year”.

    He will be judged by the success/failure of the moves he makes.By August we will all know beyond a doubt if Mact is a contender or a pretender.

    • Chris_Cruise

      Agree completely! Hahaha. It does feel a little dirty doesn’t it. 4 first overall picks in only 6 years. Jesus.

      Management (miraculously) just got a new lease on the rebuild.

      I’m over the moon that we will land McDynasty, but we can’t waste another 3+ years on the other “kids” we have.

      There’s a time when things click, players are in their prime and the right pieces are in place to be a respectable team, let alone make a serious run for a cup.

      MacT MUST make some moves that land us a legitimate tendy and a veteran d-man stud who is a calming influence like Pronger was in ’06.

      Anything less than those two major components along with a seasoned coach are REQUIRED for us to avoid a continued waste of young talent.

      Scrivens and Fasth are not the answer. Clearly.

      • BlazingSaitls

        This is exactly true. I’m sure it will be a little easier to convince guys to come now. Can we pls get some new modern jerseys either this year or at least starting in the new building!! Our unis look great in the hhof but it’s time for a modern look! Look good feel good….play good!!

        Ps I am in serious shock still!! Ahahahhahahaha!!

  • camdog

    Welcome Conner I hope you help take this team to the next level I guess that solves the second line centre issue the Nuge will look good there. This is a gift and I am one Oiler fan who is grateful and whether we deserve it or not he will be an Oiler.

  • SSB1963

    I wrote this last week . . . I guess maybe Lowe/Katz may be geniuses (or is it geniusi?)

    I’ll bite. I’ll call you crazy. (not much else happening here today).

    Lowe and MacT have a plan. Build up the cupboards.

    In 06-07 when Katz bought the Oilers they had no minor league team and very little in development. For example I think they had Deslauriers playing in the Montreal system, probably not doing much for his development.

    Tambolini mentioned at some point they were going to create a minor league system, which they did quite a good job of.

    Then with the Heatley and other fiascoes, Oiler’s decided to develop through the draft. Since they had nothing in actual development, this was going to be a slow process. (This is when the first ‘rebuild’ started). Somewhere in here they hit a rash of injuries. I remember Hemsky being one. This is when the decided to start tanking for draft picks.

    Had they done a half decent job of drafting and trading for quality players, their rebuild will have been a lot shorter.

    Present day, they have a number of prospects expected to contribute and many that may.

    Nikitin and I think Aulie were signed to two year contracts. Poor signings but when you’re in tank mode, not a big deal (I get a little barf in my mouth sticking up for them here).

    The other big consideration is that McDavid has been on the radar for 4 or 5 years. It’s not beyond the realm of possibilities that they intended to have an opportunity to draft him this year.

    Now the tanks over. Now they have to pull themselves out and timing is going to work well with the move to the house that Katz built.

    Lowe and Katz were prepared to take the heat to accomplish this. The fan rebellion may even be going much better than they anticipated, because they didn’t realize how much people bleed Oilers around here.

    If nothing else, Edmonton has proven to be a true NHL city by supporting this team as well as it has over the past many years.

    If they had a do-over, I would hope they’d do it differently but things like this happen when you have an inexperienced management crew running the operation.

  • DoubleDIon

    The Oilers suck up another highly talented kid. Hope they don’t turn this one into a 90 foot loser like they did the others. Trade Eberle for a quality pro who can actually play. The Oilers have a bunch of 20-24 year olds with skill and a bunch of vets who are bottom pairing/bottom 6 types. Hardly a good environment to develop players in.

  • Butters

    This is a game changer. Now getting Babcock as a coach, or someone of his ilk, doesn’t look like a pipe dream anymore

    Maybe Matt O’Connor is thinking more seriously about the Oilers. Maybe other UFAs as well.

      • Lofty

        You would think so but all the hate coming to the Oil now for winning the lottery doesn’t matter, just like the hate they will receive when they start winning games with the core they have assembled. People are going to look down on their achievement because of the way it came together, but it doesn’t matter. We now have the best prospect in a generation that makes our other first overalls look like slouches in comparison. I would say we’re one solid goalie for a playoff team now.

        Now we can actually have three scoring lines I see a lot of people making us a two line heavy team but MacT has stated he wants three scoring lines. The way is see the lineup as being similar to this maybe not next year but soon.

        Pouliot(complimentary player)-Nuge-Eberle
        Hall-McDavid-complimentary player
        complimentary player-Draisaitl-Yak

        This way the Oil have a pick your poison mentaility since only one line will have to go up against the other team’s best defensive players, the other two get weaker competition and still have dynamic scoring forwards.

        All this talk about trading Hall is ridiculous as well one of the most difficult things with McDavid is finding a player to match his speed and his ability to go North-South. We have arguably one of if not the best LW in the game at doing that. Trading Hall instead of playing him with McDavid would be one of the worst things Oil management could do IMO.

  • dow7500

    Good article in the Journal this week talking with Sutter and what happened with the Kings down the stretch. Interesting to note that he always talked about ‘the team’.

    He never mentioned ‘the core’ even once.

    If you have to ask the question……………….

  • dow7500

    I haven’t posted in years and have suffered like all oiler fans. I follow ON and roll my eyes at the snot nose basement dwellers whose only posts are fire Lowe, fire MT, fire everyone. Nobody will ever sign here, blah friggin blah. Piss off all of you. I was 18 when the Oil won their first cup. I scraped Calgary fans outside the collisium. Thats what it was called then you lite weights. Grow up. Cheer for your team. Grow a pair. Ya we have sucked. Thats obvious. But so have most have most of you sniviling, sad sack, squate to pee posters. When this thing turns, and it will, you better stay in your moms basement.

  • Serious Gord

    Everyone seems to see things differently. Some fans thank collectively their lucky bingo balls for McDavid. Others see an excuse to be the most insufferably negative people in the world.

    Mact sees the possibility of keeping his job for even a short while. Lowe sees the fans distracted from his pitiful lack of leadership.

    Katz sees dollar signs. Your dollar signs. Ticket prices may more than double for the 2016 season. Any bets they try it?

    Ever hear the warning about ‘looking a gift horse in the mouth’ ? Think about it.
    I do feel filthy for the fact the Leafs didn’t even come close and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. For that, mea culpa.

    • Yup.

      I dare say that if the whole management team was fired tomorrow….. other fan bases would be happy that these clowns weren’t rewarded for their complete inability to run a hockey team.

      • OtOil

        Outside of making the playoffs the team has managed its self better than another non playoff team.

        Four #1 o/a picks. For a team that’s all the way out in the middle of nowhere North America. That’s honestly about as good of talent as you can hope to see on the fringes of the entertainment world stage.

        • CaptainLander

          Fringes of entertainment world stage? It is easier than ever to watch NHL hockey on anything.

          Also, In Pollstar’s Mid-Year Ranking for 2014, Rexall Place was ranked as the second busiest arena in Canada, fifth busiest in North America, and 23rd busiest arena. Seem to get a lot of big, world class acts coming out to this “fringe”.

          I get the criticism of the Oilers and their awful management, but all of this Edmonton hating is getting tiresome.

          • Serious Gord

            Arena bookings mean nothing. The saddledome because of its design can’t handle many of the big shows (shania twain is an upcoming example) and as a result rexall has one of the biggest population monopolies on the continent. And one of the youngest with lots of cash to spend.

            The internet helps somewhat but not much. Just look at the coverage of Robert cano in Seattle compared to when he was in New York.

            There is no doubt the league was hoping for philly or the Devils or Bruins or to a lesser extent LA to win the draw.

  • dow7500

    Everyone is just Peanut Butter and Jelous!

    Hall – McDavid – Eberle

    Puliot – Nuge – Yakupov

    I wonder what’s gonna happen to Dr. Drai.

    I would rather trade Nuge when Draisaitl is ready

    • Wax Man Riley

      Those aren’t eve good lines. This is what I would be looking at

      Pouliot – RNH – Ebs
      Hall – McDavid – Purcell
      Draisaitl – Roy – Yak

      Funny, now we have too many centers. Then we have Lander ready as soon as someone is injured.

  • I want Lowe to fail horribly. He just doesn’t deserve this. He’s nosedived the team for 9 years. And yet, I want the Oilers to win.

    The past two years had me convinced he’d step down… but now? kill me. i’m so excited though.

  • dow7500

    I’m already thinking about next season.

    Possible lineup:

    Pouliot – Nugey – Ebs

    Hall – MacSaviour – Yak

    Purcell – Lander – Pitlick

    Klink – Boyd – Hendricks

    Fayne – ?

    Kleffbomb – Shultz/Ference

    Marincin – Shultz / Ference

    Musil – Nikiten

    ? – Scrivens

    Next year looks a sh*t load better, and this is the best I’ve felt as an Oiler fan since 2006. MacT should use the Pittsburgh first rounder in a package to trade for a defenceman, and get Niemi as a UFA this summer.

    If he can do those two things, things should be much better for next year. Let MacDavid start on the second line, keep Nurse and Drai in the AHL for the year, and plan for the future.

    This team could be cup contenders in 3-4 years.


  • Luckiest moments in Oiler history:

    * Peter Pocklington beats Nelson Skalbania in a game of backgammon, and the Great One becomes an Oiler

    * Mr.Messier meets Mrs.Messier

    * The Human Rake looks to the Great White North

    * Oil win 2015 Draft Lottery

      • Lofty

        It’s actually been statistically proven (both advanced “fancy stats” and through win/loss record) that the team plays much worse without Hall. As for the spotlight part, I don’t think that’s an issue at all, especially given how much crap Hall has had to put up with since he was drafted.

        • SLAM

          Who cares really? Everything will work itself out in due time. Why do you even care what Hall will think? In the here and now, everyone on the team is excited they are getting a generational player for nothing. Even Hall tweeted McDavid to say how excited he was to have him on the team. Do you really even think this thought has crossed hall’s mind?

          Everyone should be excited and positive but all you are is negative all the time. Why can’t you just let fans have their moment? It’s like if someone gave you a million dollars and all you worry about are the taxes that you’d have to pay on it instead of taking in the moment. Be better.

          Everyone who is negative this morning is either jealous, hate the Oilers as a team anyways, or just have such awful lives personally that they feel they need to troll sites like this for reactions.I look forward to seeing how McDavid transforms this franchise and seeing what he can do in an Oilers jersey. Everything else will work itself out.

  • paul wodehouse

    good morning Etown how’s the hangover?

    …Buffalo, Arizona for dismantling your teams and tanking as you did…karma’s a bitch!

    To wake up knowing that even bad management can’t REALLY stop the likes of God given talent and allow the Oilers to have the chance to be respectable again is just enough at this point…as McDavid leaves Erie Pennsylvania behind and departs from a franchise that is doomed now with bankruptcy OHL bottom dwelling is a shame. A ruined and disgraced owner Otters Sherry Bassin will be a footnote in the history of how Connor McDavid came to be an Edmonton Oiler but that fact in of itself MUST be connected to the owner of the Edmonton OIlers and how he ALONE made all this exciting youthful exhuberance ring hallow in the end…

    Daryl Katz…he is what he is…

  • Oil Vice

    What a bunch of complainers!
    When the Oilers finally become contenders will real Oilers fans actually care how we got there?
    Screw all the haters!
    League domination to follow!

    • paul wodehouse

      …I’d take my first vote and make you the Daryl Katz fan club president…I’m no hater I just know the truth … the owner of this team is a hater…the whole Erie sale and move for the money was for leverage to move THIS TEAM!

      grab a brain and finish your sugar cereal kid!

      • Oil Vice

        Haha sure bud! Name me as Katz’s fan club president. I’ll even fuel your conspiracy theory fire just a bit here. I went to the same high school as him. Thats besides the point. All I know is Katz is filthy rich. He has many business fronts. One of them is the EDMONTON OILERS. A state of the art facility is on the horizon and Connor McJESUS is riding over the hill towards us. Behind him is the growing rumble of others following him….DOMINATION TO FOLLOW!!!

        Grab a brain and put down the bottle….

  • jag-041

    Maybe all along… Lowe and MacT WERE the smartest guys in the room?

    ……………………….. I feel stupider just having said that…

  • knee deep in it

    watching the pens / rangers game last night, I was sure impressed with Martin. The Pens have around 7 mill to sign 5 guys including replacing nartin and erhoff.

    If we threw 6-7 mill at martin, it would go a long way to solving our problems.

  • paul wodehouse

    …NOW! can we get to business?

    What will Taylor Hall bring in a trade to get the goalie that will stop pucks…by himself given his injury track record I would think that by adding Eberle and Scrivens the franchise could secure a goalie.

    …A First Pairing Dman could be acquired by trading the Pitt pick and Marincin? and who else?

    Bold moves need to be made no? …our golden goose needs to be surrounded by good and capable Stanley Cup winning hockey players!!!

    tick tock tick tock!

    • slapshot444

      Bold moves need to be made no? …our golden goose needs to be surrounded by good and capable Stanley Cup winning hockey players!!!

      You know it and we know it BUT you know who doesn’t know that??????
      The there stooges that got Edmonton to all the first round picks.
      EG you could trade down from no1 to no2 and possibly get a pair super players or more but Mac T says the chances of any trade are “less than zero”. Someone has to go or all your games will be 8 to 6 losses.

      Then theres the cap ceiling, look at Chicago with Kane making , what 13 m. You’ve got three to four years to win a cup then you need to change em up again.