We did it! I can’t believe the Oilers won the lottery! McDavid is coming to Edmonton!… probably.

More to come.

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  • paul wodehouse

    …NOW! can we get to business?

    What will Taylor Hall bring in a trade to get the goalie that will stop pucks…by himself given his injury track record I would think that by adding Eberle and Scrivens the franchise could secure a goalie.

    …A First Pairing Dman could be acquired by trading the Pitt pick and Marincin? and who else?

    Bold moves need to be made no? …our golden goose needs to be surrounded by good and capable Stanley Cup winning hockey players!!!

    tick tock tick tock!

    • slapshot444

      Bold moves need to be made no? …our golden goose needs to be surrounded by good and capable Stanley Cup winning hockey players!!!

      You know it and we know it BUT you know who doesn’t know that??????
      The there stooges that got Edmonton to all the first round picks.
      EG you could trade down from no1 to no2 and possibly get a pair super players or more but Mac T says the chances of any trade are “less than zero”. Someone has to go or all your games will be 8 to 6 losses.

      Then theres the cap ceiling, look at Chicago with Kane making , what 13 m. You’ve got three to four years to win a cup then you need to change em up again.

  • Oilers-Entourage

    You do realize that the flames have the second worst performance for plaoff success in a quarter century.

    The flames are 1 season with a series win (03-04) in the last 24 years. The 2nd worst in history. They lose to VCR. Worst in history.

    We are not even close to this level of Pathetic!

    • Andy7190


      You have to actually make the playoffs to have even a chance of losing in them.

      How many 7 game series did the Flames lose over the years?

      Often Game 7, OT or Double OT.

      There were a few.

      But you gotta get in the damn playoffs to lose. Or win, flip a coin.

      Oiler fans deserve such ineptitude as the Flames fans have had.

      At least there were a few meaningful games.

  • Retsinnab5

    The best was the look on McDavid’s face when he found out the Coilers won the draw…he looked like he was gonna cry and could barely muster a sentence when Strombo interviewed him, he was clearly rattled/unhappy yet did the best he could to save face and put on a smile while the cameras were rolling

  • Andy7190

    I see the Oilers get to wreck another player. This time it’s McJesus.

    If the Oilers would just fire the damn management, they’d get better. But no… 9 years of suckitude with no end in sight.

    But wait! There’s another option! Katz can step in now and say “NEW PLAN! This opportunity allows us to make wholesale changes in our management group! 23 Leaf guys Fired? HA! I’ve got at least that many!”

    Well, one can hope. This is a great player. He deserves to play for management that has a clue.

  • lucky

    I hope he comes, but if I was his parents, I wouldn’t let him come as long and Lowe and Mac T are running this year. Change the management, no problem coming, but not with those two clowns still around.

      • HockeyYoda

        It’s a card he could play, but there is no way he will. As Bob MacKenzie just reported, McDavid never wants to be “that guy” who demanded this or that.

        • 786

          He could be that guy when the stake is this high. The next team he joins very likely WILL be the last team in his hockey career. Do you want to just hand your career into the hands of a bunch of morons who don’t know what they are doing? He and Bobbi Orr will think about this over and over again and make a decision that’s the best in the long run. If he sticks with Oilers, good for us. If he pulls a Lindros, don’t be surprised either.

  • Zamboni Driver

    I find it very amusing that most fans are excited about McDavid. Rightfully so, he is the coveted “McJesus” that everyone claims. The stats, countless scouting has him stamped as being better than Sydney Crosby. Did you all see the look on his face? The body language was terrible. And the words he said to strombolopolus are extremely concerning. If I were the Edmonton Oilers, I would make damn sure this kid wants to come here to Edmonton. If we draft him and he doesn’t report, it would be a nightmare none of us will be able to wake up from. I mean, can you really blame the kid for souring on the thought of coming to this Franchise? Buffalo was ideal. They have a better team than the oilers. The Winnipeg trade set them light years ahead. Edmonton is not a desirable place to live. The franchise itself is a mess ran by a pathetic front office straight through to the horrific ownership of Katz. The media here is punishing. The fans are worse.
    I don’t mean to put a Negative spin on winning the lottery. But Connor McDavid DID NOT look happy yesterday. McTavish needs to reach out to this kid and talk and get a good read on him. I would hate for the oilers to draft him only to walk away, when another “generational talent” is standing right next to him.

    • 786

      I agree with everything you write except the part “fans are worse”. Oilers’ fans are the best hands down. Can you really ask for more when we still support this team after past 9 years? If McDavid is not happy about the draft results, it’s definitely not because of the fans.

      • CMG30

        That’s debatable. Some would say the fans are the reason why Katz thinks it’s ok to lose because no matter what garbage product he puts on the ice, ridiculous concession prices, fans will still show up blindly and support the team. Yes we are the very best fans but at the same time our passion holds this team at the bottom of the barrel because changes need not be made to put $$$ in Katz’s pocket. And in the end, that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?


      1)Was Connor supposed to jump in the air,”Woo-hoo, I’m going to Edmonton baby!” lol Besides, Strombo absolutely SUCKS as a host and interviewer. I have seen Connor shy/nervous in lots of interviews.
      2)”Buffalo was ideal”, have you seen Buffalo? Did they not just trade half their team to tank for Mcdavid? Hmmmm, better is not the term I would use. City wise two words,Rogers Place. Besides a lot of good players are in one of the worst cities in the U.S. Detroit so city is irrelevant.
      Been cheering for the Oilers since inception and have been through the good times and the bad. It’s called LIFE, you can’t learn anything from never making mistakes.

      • YeahHeDid

        Strombo sucks as an interviewer? Who has said that ever? The comments on him is always that he’s a great interviewer who makes his guests feel comfortable. Nice try though.

        The look on McDavid’s face and the words he said made it clear he was not happy with the fact the Oilers won the draft.

        As for Rogers Place having any bearing on a player’s opinion on playing in Edmonton…. very little. A new arean is great, but a cold, remote, small market city is not ideal. It’s why Edmonton has trouble attracting free agents as it is.

        • Rob...

          Home this interview… would you still backup your statements?

          Connors words…

          “It would be a dream come true. It would be a great situation to be in. They’ve had a couple tough years but the support they receive is amazing and I think that speaks volumes to the fans support they have in Edmonton. And obviously the group of guys they have there is pretty special. If it happens to be me they select with the pick, it would be a tremendous honour to step in with a group of talent like that [mentioning Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins and Nail Yakupov]. If I’m selected there it would be amazing. It would be an absolute honour.”

          And this…

          “Why would there be any disappointment. Edmonton won and it would be an absolute honour. I guess if it is Edmonton I’ll be getting a coat!”

        • Rob...

          “As for Rogers Place having any bearing on a player’s opinion on playing in Edmonton…. very little. A new arean is great, but a cold, remote, small market city is not ideal. It’s why Edmonton has trouble attracting free agents as it is.”

          It’s not as cold as you let on compared to other Canadian cities, unless you’re comparing us against Vancouver. We could just as easily talk about the hail capital of North America 3 hours to the south, if you’d like.

          It’s not as small market as you let on. The stagnation of Ontario and massive influx of people to Alberta has changed things drastically since the Oilers first came to Edmonton. In the last two years alone, Edmonton gained 60k people. Geeze, people are proposing that the NHL move a team to Quebec City, that has half of Edmonton’s population and a very limited appeal to non-francophone players when it comes to acquiring talent.

      • my intent was not to offend anyone. Just reading into what I saw and heard on the television. As an Oilers fan you can’t be so blind. The management team needs to be certain this kid wants to be here or risk having him walk and get nothing out of all this. Not being a negative, just being a realist. Your sensitivity suggest you don’t like hearing the truth. I don’t blame you, this is all we look forward to now as fans of the oilers. Agree with me or not, you can’t deny that it isn’t a possibility he opts not to report after being drafted. It’s happened before and it’ll happen again. More recently.. The Jultz fiasco with Anaheim.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    AhhhhhHH!!!!! This is amazing!!!

    Now, for a team nautorious for wrecking careers. They need to get a quality veteran centre for this team.

    Priority #1. Joe Thornton.

    or: Brad Richards, Jagr, Doan, Eric Stall

    Don’t screw this one up!! Still, it’d be nice to see a clean slate of management. Toss Lowe & MacT, grab Babcock (who wants to be a GM) and get Paul McLean to coach. Nielsen can be an assistant.

    Happiest day as an Oiler since game 6 of the 2006 SCF.

  • Spydyr

    # 1 Get Chiarelli
    # 2 Get Babcock, Nelson assistant
    # 3 Trade for #1 D
    # 4 Get # 1 Goalie

    Everyone on the table except, Nurse, Kelfbom, Fayne, Mcdavid, Nugent-Hopkins, Draisaitl, Yakupov.

    • RJSOILER69

      I will take that bet and Raise you $100….. I think you are one of the only people that could make that bet and hold it….

      But I think you are wrong…. You were the only guy that knew about the Gretzky Pic in Bubbles coming out of the shower…..

      I own print #3 because my best friend knew the Photographer and we promised not to cross the line that he promised….


      MacDavid will sign… $200 on the line! you still in?

      • paul wodehouse

        …read back …I was quoting the screen name…”Oilers”…who said…100 says that McD won’t come to work for MacT…

        so I didn’t make the bet…McDavid WILL sign we both know that and that doesn’t make me right either friend …”oilers”? nosomuch

        actually Gretzky was outta the whirlpool not the shower…enjoy!

  • dow7500

    Everyone is just Peanut Butter and Jelous!

    Hall – McDavid – Eberle

    Puliot – Nuge – Yakupov

    I wonder what’s gonna happen to Dr. Drai.

    I would rather trade Nuge when Draisaitl is ready

    • Wax Man Riley

      Those aren’t eve good lines. This is what I would be looking at

      Pouliot – RNH – Ebs
      Hall – McDavid – Purcell
      Draisaitl – Roy – Yak

      Funny, now we have too many centers. Then we have Lander ready as soon as someone is injured.

  • FlamesRule

    Well that’s great! … now how will McDavid get the puck from the back end. Poor guy will be waiting a long time while the D men play diddly diddly doo with the puck along the boards.

    KId, enjoy your one and out with the Otters, because it will be a loooooooong time before you see that type of play from the Oilers.

    On another note though, better the Oilers winning this than the other 29 teams.

    Its scary to think how Lowe and MACT can screw this up.

    Stand by for Bono Glasses
    and the Curly Brilo kid replay.

  • Congo Powerarm

    Well that’s great! … now how will McDavid get the puck from the back end. Poor guy will be waiting a long time while the D men play diddly diddly doo with the puck along the boards.

    KId, enjoy your one and out with the Otters, because it will be a loooooooong time before you see that type of play from the Oilers.

    On another note though, better the Oilers winning this than the other 29 teams.

    Its scary to think how Lowe and MACT can screw this up.

    Stand by for Bono Glasses
    and the Curly Brilo kid replay.

          • Zarny

            McDavid is on record many times saying he will go wherever he is drafted. He said his father advised him to never be “that guy” when there were rumors he wouldn’t go to Erie.

            That doesn’t mean Edm was top of McDavid’s list and ultimately he has to pull the jersey on and report; but the only indication he has ever given is that he’ll play for whoever drafts him.

          • 50 in 39

            McDavid had given no indication that he will have any reservations coming to our city. The only No.1 who balked was Lindros and he made it very clear from the time the Nords finished last that he would not go to Quebec.

            I am sure that from now until the day McD signs a contract there will be rumors about this. Most of them being generated from the COTU in some faint hope that today’s result will somehow be changed. And I’m sure Gord will be right there cheering them on.

          • Serious Gord

            Not true.

            Beliveau wouldn’t sign with the canadiens – so they bought the entire league he was playing in to get his rights

            Orr got eagleson as an agent – a first – and entered into very tough negotiations before finally signing with the bruins for a record amount.

            Marcel dionne Po’ed montreal with his demands and went number 2 because pollock found lafleur was an easier signing.

            Gretzky being allowed by the league to be on the oilers was only allowed after a deal regarding the draft was made (its on wiki i think)

            Lemieux did resist being signed by the pens – that is well documented.

          • Doctor Smashy

            Gord, your transformation into a troll was so gradual. I seem to remember you posting things that were reasoned…opinions, but thoughtful ones. The Oilers won the draft lottery. I am happy because I am an oiler fan. It doesn’t mean I like Mact or Lowe or that I think the oilers are awesome. People who don’t like the oilers are mad and disappointed. I don’t know what your deal is but try to make sense in your posts or use the Internet to learn about space or bees or something.

          • Ever the Optimist

            You are making look like a seer.

            But for the record:

            All the players you mention above signed with the teams that had their NHL rights (Beliveau and Orr were before the draft in those days) or with the team that drafted them.

            There was never a question if Beliveau would play for another NHL team, just that he had a good gig going in Quebec. Modern equivalent might be McD saying he would rather play in the KHL.

            Dionne vs Lafleur was very much like McD vs Eichel, i.e Doinne very good but not as good as Lafluer and there was never a doubt the Habs were not going to take a Quebec folk hero in the making.

            Lemieux now owns the team, so I think despite his initial disappointment it worked out okay.

          • Serious Gord

            you said “..The only No.1 who balked was Lindros.”

            Factually that is not true in the case of lemieux.

            my other examples were all generational players who draft era or pre-draft era – putative number ones if not actually number ones – all balked at signing for the team that was in line to sign them.

          • Zamboni Driver

            When the #*@$ did a fanbase earn anything for a team? Where in history has a fanbase done anything in such matter?

            I am having troubles comprehending your thought process, help me out.

            I’m really interested in who the #*@$ are you? Who are you to have such power to help an NHL by only being a fan? Better yet, who the #*@=$ are you to feel guilt and be ashamed with something you had no doing and/or possible impact in?

          • Fans have “earned” a lot by putting up with this garbage fire as long as they have.

            The Oilers’ management, however, has earned absolutely nothing. They are an embarassment that should be guilty and ashamed of themselves. They are not the fans fault. The fans should celebrate. Celebrate even more when they burn the management of the team with fire.

            FIRE THEM ALL.

          • Wax Man Riley

            So the only example above of a player that didn’t actually at for the team is Dionne? And that’s not even true sine MTL didn’t draft him anyway so the story is po’ed.

  • Oilers-Entourage

    We are cup bound if history has anything to say about getting generational players. Just do not trade him for a bunch of beans Craig and we will all be celebrating …. 3 cups in the next 10, tough to be a Calgarian today.. the decade starts NOW….

    • hitchikerforajax

      The Oilers may have McDavid, BUT the team also have a “management” team, who have destroyed this team, over the last 7-8 yrs. MacTavish trades Devon Dubnyk, for nothing & he takes Min., to the playoffs. Calgary has a good team, with a good management team & they’re in the playoffs. I’d much better be in Calgary’s position, than of the Oilers. Lowe has a way off making terrible trades & this team has been in the basement for 2 of the last 4 yrs.!

  • paul wodehouse

    good morning Etown how’s the hangover?

    …Buffalo, Arizona for dismantling your teams and tanking as you did…karma’s a bitch!

    To wake up knowing that even bad management can’t REALLY stop the likes of God given talent and allow the Oilers to have the chance to be respectable again is just enough at this point…as McDavid leaves Erie Pennsylvania behind and departs from a franchise that is doomed now with bankruptcy OHL bottom dwelling is a shame. A ruined and disgraced owner Otters Sherry Bassin will be a footnote in the history of how Connor McDavid came to be an Edmonton Oiler but that fact in of itself MUST be connected to the owner of the Edmonton OIlers and how he ALONE made all this exciting youthful exhuberance ring hallow in the end…

    Daryl Katz…he is what he is…