Chiarelli to Oilers.. Update…Move moves

Peter Chiarelli

Peter Chiarelli has been in Edmonton for the past few days talking with Bob Nicholson, and a source told me it looks like the Oilers will announce Chiarelli is joining the organization, possibly as early as tomorrow.

What does this mean for the existing management group?

I’ve said and written for many years that Kevin Lowe has not been involved in hockey operations nearly as much as people think, but he has been involved in business aspects for the Oilers Entertainment Group, which includes their other pro teams and the Oil Kings. I could see Lowe moving into another role within the organization that would be more business focused, or possibly not being involved at all.

That doesn’t mean he is free of criticism of course. He did hire both Steve Tambellini and Craig MacTavish and neither was able to improve the Oilers, but he was not the puppet master people claimed him to be, which is why Chiarelli’s arrival will impact MacTavish more than Lowe. MacTavish was calling the shots, wile Lowe was more of a consultant.

Craig MacTavish’s role and future is the most intriguing to me.

Peter Chiarelli will want to be a main decision maker. I’m not sure he is ready to be like Brian Burke in Calgary, and be more of a mentor and consultant to Brad Treliving. Burke is involved, but it is more of a partnership.

Could MacTavish and Chiarelli work like that here? It is a good question.

I could not confirm the title that Chiarelli would have, but I’m assuming he will be the final decision maker in Hockey Operations. MacTavish has essentially been that guy the past few years in Edmonton. Will they work together, and will MacTavish be okay with less autonomy?

We will find the answers soon enough, but it is clear that Nicholson is changing the personnel within hockey Ops. I heard a few weeks ago we should expect many changes in departments from management to scouting, and it looks like we will see exactly that in the coming days, weeks or months. I’m also hearing the changes will impact the business side of the organization as well. This could be a major shake up of the entire organization.

Aaron Ward just reported that the Oilers personnel will get a staffing update tomorrow morning. I should also point out that MacTavish is in Edmonton. He arrived back in town this week.

With Chiarelli about to enter the organization, and Connor McDavid a few months away, the Oilers are very much in a transition phase for the franchise and it is has renewed the faith of many Oilers fans.


The changes will also impact the business side. I can confirm that President and COO of the Oilers Entertainment Group, Patrick Laforge will be moving on. No word on how his replacement will be.

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  • Chris_Cruise

    I’m praying that Chiarelli is already looking for a new GM. Lots of good assistant GMs avaliable. Paul Fenton(Nashville assistant GM and GM of a Milwaukee team that made 12 straight AHL post season appearances) is the guy I want. I’d also be happy with Sean Burke. Mactavish is a mediocre GM at best. This team needs new direction. New scouts should also be brought in. Fire everyone and promote Bob Green to head amateur scout. A new goaltending coach would be great aswell. At the end of the day MacT, Lowe, Howson, Macgregor, and Schwartz should be gone.

  • O.C.

    ummm sorry but just have to ask…

    …cuz well… You know… We’ve seen this movie a few times…

    And, Chiarelli was… Er… “Allowed to move on to new ventures”,

    (Yah, that’s it… “A new opportunity given to Chiarelli by the Bruins!”)

    So ummm,… Er… Back to my question…. Umm… Is this guy like umm you know… Good?

    *staring at floor*



    Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to yell. I guess I’ll leave now…. Er. “Bye”

  • Anton CP

    Can you feel it? This stupid situation is going to end! We all know that Chierelli’s (better learn to spell that huh?) last condition was “those 2 idiots are out”. I can stomache Lowe sticking around in an exiled from the team sort of role, but Howson and MacTavish cant stick around neutered and whimpering in the sidelines. This move could ne bigger than the lottery win!

    • PEBOisONit

      He traded Seguin because it was better for the team. The team would lose focus on their goals because of his partying(*cough Evander Kane). Also Seguin wouldn’t have matured if he was still in Boston. I’ve heard that the Benn brothers were the biggest influences on Seguin’s change. He traded Boychuk because he was a pending UFA and Boston was in cap trouble. He also got a 2nd and 3rd(in the deepest draft since 2003), and a 2nd in the 2016 draft. That was a pretty good trade considering how low his value was before his breakout

      • Serious Gord

        It’s also worth noting that Loui Eriksson was widely considered one of the most underrated first line forwards in the league before the trade. He had three straight 70 point seasons.

        They also got Reilly Smith, who had a down year this year, but has otherwise been a mainstay with Bergeron and Marchand. That’s not that bad a valuation when you look at the situation at the time. When the trade happened, I thought it would definitely be a win for Boston, short term and long term, especially if there actually were personality issues with Seguin.

    • Zarny


      Chiarelli was GM of the Bruins for the last NINE seasons. The team made the playoffs seven times, won 10 playoff series, made it to the SC finals twice and won the SC once.

      In the last NINE seasons the Oilers have made the playoffs zero times, won zero playoff series, made it to the SC finals zero times and won the SC zero times.

      PS: Peter Chiarelli never had THREE first overall picks or EIGHT top ten draft picks to work with.

  • oilredemption

    I think k-lowe is done. Chiarelli will rule and he will give macT 1 year to make the playoffs with a combined agreement on the future coach (possibly McLellan)

  • Zamboni Driver

    You’re allowed to be against this idea.

    But if you are, and you’re whining about it, you are not allowed to b!tch about SixCups and MacTavish ever again.

      • Joe Mamma

        No Gord, wrong again. The issue is RESULTS. If Chiarelli blows it, you feel free to come back then with a truckload of I-told-you-so. But as a guy that has been pounding the drum incessantly for 10+ years for changes in the front office beyond the boys on the bus, kindly do us a favor and shut your ever-flapping complaint hole now.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Lol. Not a bad point. Gord and DSF have been whining for change for years, but now it happens and it still isn’t good enough. It just illustrates they complain for the sake of it.

          Nicholson is in charge. An undoubtedly good hockey and very good business mind that is respected and has worked with almost every executive in professional hockey. Very good hire.

          He hires an undoubtedly proven hockey mind from an outside organization that has built a cup winner and playoff contender in Chiarelli. This is a guy that would probably be without a job for about 45 more seconds, and could have his choice of available executive positions in the NHL.

          Somehow they find a way to conplain. This is all very good news for Edmonton hockey.

          • hagar

            Please for the love of all things holy let Chiarelli not be appointed GM.

            If he is here to be GM, and Klowe stays as POS POHO, I wouldn’t hold my breath for changes.

          • Joe Mamma

            Run in circles all you want, bottom line is they are hiring the best available candidate in the market place. Period. And here you are snivelling that they didn’t wait around for someone else to snap him up. Even your beloved eastern media wags are applauding the hiring.

            Once again, the only person that seems to be complaining is you. Go figure.

          • Rob...

            So, this guy is out for a walk when a storm catches him by surprise. At the front of the storm is a tornado that picks him up and spins him around for a while. In that time he sees the tornado somehow manage to miss everybody’s houses, instead it tears up a bit of sod. He sees nobody get injured. He sees the tornado start to lose power, somehow miraculously it sets him gently down in a park. The guy looks down and realizes that where he was set down placed his foot right in a dog turd. For the rest of the day the guy is angry at the world, muttering about his bad luck. He’s even angrier at the number of smiling people he sees who are counting themselves lucky.

            If asked about the guy, people talk about how he’s always trying to bring people down, and the stench that lingers after his passing.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Nicholson – CEO/POHO

    Chiarelli – GM

    Mclellan – Head Coach

    Nelson – Associate Coach

    This is a respectable front office.

  • Ohhelloder

    You know what’s funny? No, ok I will tell you all. you have people on here like Gord who sits in his parents basement in his piss stained underwear with a one litre bottle of coke and a half eaten donair looking for things to complain about. It does not matter what changes this team makes as it will never be good enough. I have been waiting for days like these for many many years, I wake up and can’t wait to listen to the radio or read all the articles of all the thinks going on with our hockey team. I can understand Katz not wanting to make the changes himself so he hires inbobwetrust to get the blood all over his hands which is weak but nessesary.

    The press conference a couple days ago of him being promoted put a smile to my face like when I seen my son being born. I am even more happy now that Klowe is on his way out the door. By the time the new stadium is built we will have gone through a full makeover and will be primed to hit the ground running.

    Can’t wait

  • Wax Man Riley

    Interesting you went with the Chiarelli photo with the dunkin donuts background. Was that an artistic representation of the fact that the days of Dallas Eakins are firmly behind us?

  • Chiarelli set out to build a championship team, and that’s exactly what he did. His fingerprints are all over the cup winning Bruins. But hey, maybe most of you are happy with the current management team on Kingsway.

    As for rushing to hire:
    Who is available that’s better? Noone.
    Lou, Ken… Guys of this ilk aren’t going anywhere. The fact that Chiarelli shook loose was lucky enough. If you wait too long the best opportunity will pass you by.

    As for bad trades/signings:

    The Seguin trade was something that the entire Bruins organization(players included) felt was necessary, hardly Chiarelli’s fault. But I bet he definitely learned something from that. The Boychuk trade was unfortunate, so I guess he isn’t perfect… … Despite the cup.

  • vetinari


    I hear they are still looking for volunteers for the Mars Mission. Unfortunately the technology is such that it is a one-way trip, they will have to stay on Mars.

    MacTavish and Lowe could take their inflatable girlfriends with them for company.

  • oilredemption

    If the oilers really hire chiarelli do they owe a draft pick in compensation to the Bruins? If so where in the draft? Wouldn’t the Bruins already have granted permission? Wouldn’t that have been a lack of due diligence not to ask?

  • Serious Gord

    Regardless of whether Dumb and Really Dumb are employed this time tomorrow or not I think these two guy’s hockey careers have ended in an ignominious fashion. What a shameful resume. Even their accomplishment as players are ruined. Their legacy is one of unbelievable arrogance and gross incompetence. I have zero sympathy for them due to the mess they have made. Even the best GM in hockey could take years to undo the damage to the Oiler brand and the faithful fans.

    I will do a funky happy dance to end all happy dances if they get axed. Why should anyone feel sorry for them. They have got really fat and sassy with their snouts deep in the Rexall trough. What have fans received?

  • Wax Man Riley

    Serious Gord, your either commenting on here or calling in on the Stauffer show. So stop talking like you are some big shot, working for a large corporation. On the other hand, party time tomorrow outside Kingsway.

  • ubermiguel

    Hopefully this mean some management are out the door. This team’s been adding management layers and moving guys around without cutting anyone loose (e.g.: Nicholson’s new role, POHO, Buchberger, Acton, Howson, etc etc). IT’s starting to look like a gov’t org chart with all those managers.

  • hagar

    I am sitting here reading all the back and forth without anyone even knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow.

    This is the oilers we are talking about here.. I will sit here with my fingers crossed that Lowe is getting fired. However, I still have a bad feeling that he will still be poho tomorrow, and that won’t go away on sure hope alone.

    Once the axe has fallen, I will begin the cart wheels, and finally feel hope again.

    Go Oilers!! Fire Lowe!!

  • Rubble

    Like I said on Twitter:
    I’m thinking (hoping) that we will see KLowe be “Repositioned” to let Chiarelli become POHO & get this Train back on the tracks!!

  • My god, the threads since the McDavid lottery here and on Lowetide have been hijacked by two guys: Serious Gord and DashingSilverFox (aka DSF).

    These guys have been plagueing the boards. It’s not fun reading this stuff right now. They feed on disapproval and hostility.

    • Joe Mamma

      Yep, everyone finally has a reason for real optimism and positivity, and these two killjoys are doing their level best to ruin it for everyone.

      I personally pity them and their miserable existences. No one actually likes being hated, unless they hate themselves, in which case it provides validation for their self-loathing. Either way, they’re sad characters.

      Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love it if they’d just go away. They certainly reduce my enjoyment of thsee boards.

  • McChickenpi

    What a week. I can’t believe that we get McDavid and now a respected and experienced POHO. Beyond my wildest dreams already. We can only hope that this keeps rolling and there will be a new GM and coach put in place as well. I do hope Nelson stays to co-coach – its important to keep some continuity and he has the most hands-on experience with our young core.

    Many true professional (coaches, players) would not willingly come here under the Lowe/MacT amateur hour. Now that we are bringing in true professionals and have a young skilled core, I’m sure we’ll see an uptick in free agency and trade opportunities (as players waive their NTC to come here and be part of the McDavid era).

    Getting Chia is almost as lucky as getting McDavid. Its like winning two lotteries in a row. Thank God for BN’s connections…and he still has a full rolodex for Chai to utilize in bringing in a GM/Coach/scouts/etc

    Serious Gord. I actually feel sorry for you. If this week doesn’t make you happy then there is no hope for you. Jjust go away and be miserable by yourself in the corner.