According to Jason Gregor the Edmonton Oilers will be holding a press conference as early as tomorrow to announce the hiring of Peter Chiarelli. At this point, his title is not yet known but he will surely add a new voice in the Oilers management team.

More to come…

  • Zarny

    Saul good man.

    Title will be interesting. Odds seem to favor POHO. Not many GMs survive a regime change.

    I’m sure someone will lament no “exhaustive search” was conducted. I’m curious, who is better? Chiarelli, Shero and Feaster are the only unemployed GMs from the last 10 Cup winners. Just think of it as he was able to learn on Jacobs’ dime.

    • Joe Mamma

      Precisely. Feaster? Ummm no thanks. Shero? The same Shero that failed repeatedly to find some decent wingers to play with his generational center? Pass.

      I remember only a few months back watching an interview with Chiarelli and thinking “See, if only we could have someone like this guy running our organization, maybe we could finally turn this thing around.” Well, will wonders never cease…. looks like my wish is coming true. I for one am thrilled with this news.

      This has been far and away the best week for oiler fans since 2006. In fact it’s made me realize just how much these past nine years have weighed on me. Feels mighty fine boys.

    • PEBOisONit

      Nah more like Gord is the guy who would win the national home lottery and bitch about the property taxes he’d have to pay. There’s very limited positivity in Gord.

      I’m looking forward to this announcement – I may have to change my handle!!


  • ChevygoFast

    If im the oilers isee the need to add some skilled grit into the top 6 to be able to compete with these heavy western teams. Lucic would definitely checks all boxes but I would have to think of a)what I would need to give up to get him when he only has one year left on his deal anD b)how much will it cost to resign him, I don’t see him taking much of a pay cut if any, there will always be many teams willing to overpay for a asset like Lucic even if he is on the decline.(see Clarkson) so where will that leave the oilers 2 years down the road when they have to sign guys like Yakupov and Draisaitl I think they should be more concerned about bringing in a top pairing defender and a legit goalie. I like Seabrook on D and with Chi town so strapped cap wise you could probably get him for draft picks plus a fringe prospect and I think if they can sign a guy like Niemi for not to steep of price this summer thisteam could be battling for a playoff spot next year. I Also like cam ward if they could get Carolina to retain a bit of salary and keep him around while while Brossoit and hopefully O connor develop

    • CDNinATL

      Cap casualty. Boston was over the cap at the time and had to make a move. Boychuck was the move. We’ll be in the same spot 4-6 years from now but it can’t helped if you want to win the cup.

      • Millet Bob

        Lame excuse
        A good GM could have realized that,at 36, he had
        a rapidly declining asset in Chara 2 yr ago. Would have got a ton for him. Perfect for a team who was really close and just needed that little extra to get them over the top.Have a little chit-chat with Chara about winning another cup. Done. Voila – one Boychuck+.

          • Millet Bob

            So I’m a moron
            What the hell are you going to get for Chara now, smart guy? Does the term sweet f*** all ring a bell? Would you rather have Chara or Boychuck right now? Chara’s done. Everybody said that Cgy should have traded Iggy long before they did. How does this differ? Have the Bruins really been contenders the last 2 years???. Are they going to be real contenders in the next few years? No. They are so slow that they have trouble beating the Leafs for crying out loud. Even the Oilers were over .500 against the east. I see many more missed playoffs. As I noted they could have gotten plenty and kept Boychuck as well.
            Show me I’m wrong smart guy, rather than resorting to name calling.

          • Joe Mamma

            Two years ago, Chara was TAKING THE BRUINS TO THE FINAL. Ya, they should have totally traded him instead. Last year the Bruins finished 1st in the NHL. I know my first thought when my team is winning the President’s Trophy is “we should trade our #1 dman.”

            Yes, that is in the top ten of most moronic things I’ve heard on this site. Which is saying something.

            This is how it works in a cap system. Sometimes you have to go all-in to win. Yep, the gamble cost them Boychuk. Crappy, but would they trade that for a SCF appearance and a Presidents Trophy? Doubt it.

            And P.S. Why don’t you calm the eff down there Captain Furious. Gonna give yourself an aneurysm.

          • Millet Bob

            After they lost to Chicago,it was obvious that the Bruins couldn’t beat a good skating team. President’s Trophy and a cup of coffee gets you into the playoffs. So does finishing 8th. They’ve won 1 (one) playoff round the last 2 seasons. At some point one has to realize that you don’t have enough to win the cup. I saw it and I’m a just a moron. Why couldn’t Chia?

        • YFC Prez

          We can talk all day on here about our ideas of what a good GM does. No boss is going to please every fan of his team. Good or bad trades, signings missed oppourtunities, there’s always going to be something done some fans won’t agree with. What matters is the overall product. Boston was a competitive team for years and they won the cup with a roster built by Chiarelli. A good GM can make a few good trades, A great GM wins the Stanley cup.

          I’m glad we got the latter on our mgmt team now.

  • bazmagoo

    Woohoo…..First Bob, then McJesus, now Chia. I hope the ball keeps rolling and MacT is next to go. He has done some good, but we can’t have amateurs learning on the job anymore. What this team needs is to be looked at with new eyes. Every single player, coach and scout needs to be looked at objectively and MacT has proved in words and actions that he is loyal and is very reluctant to do this (i.e. Schultz, Eakins). From now on everyone in the organization is on notice that either they prove themselves capable or else they might miss the upcoming McDavid era.

    @serious gord….I agree process is important and ideally you should interview every candidate and come to a decision, but if you happen to come across a rare commodity on sale, sometimes the right decision is to buy immediately or else you risk losing it forever. Competent, proven, cup-winning GMs do not shake free every day and Toronto is also looking and they can throw a lot of money around. Chia has been a scout, head scout, and was thought of very highly in Ottawa as an assistant GM before going to Boston and turning that team into a championship team. There are no other foreseeable candidates who could become available with more of a proven record than him. We are incredibly lucky to have this opportunity….it is almost as lucky as getting McDavid.

    Don’t worry, be McHappy! Try it, you might like it 🙂

  • oilerjed

    I just peed in my pants a little when it occurred to me that it may be Chiarelli that gets to sign off on Jultz’ contract. I cant wait to see how that plays out!


  • Millet Bob

    Re: Team Canada
    Is it really that difficult to pick the Canadian All Star team?? Think about it. We all know who the 4 best goalies,10 best defensemen & 20 best fwds are. So pick 2,7, and 13 out of that. How many of these are “gimmes” ie Price Crosby Weber et al. No matter who u pick after the gimmes you’re going to have a great team.
    Just sayin.

  • bazmagoo

    The Oilers old boys club refers to the connection of management as players who used to play for the team, nothing else. Serious Gord, enjoy the ride man it will be fun. There is no “Nicholson” old boys club, the guy ran Hockey Canada dumbass. He gets the best of the best hockey minds on his team and has strict criteria when it comes to RESULTS. You could say Nicholson has the best credentials of any manager available in hockey right now, with the last two Olympic wins on his resume. Time to land Babcock boys!

  • bazmagoo

    This is not to related to this thread, but worth a mention.

    When I was 10 years old in 1978 my mom’s friend from Toronto came to Edmonton to visit, and brought along her boyfriend, who was a sports reporter from Toronto named Dick Beddoes, I met Dick and told him I was really excited that the Oilers were joining the NHL and that Wayne Gretzky was going to be great. He told me, a 10 year old kid, that the Oilers had no business in the NHL and that Gretzky was going to be a monumental flop because he was too small and couldn’t handle the NHL.

    I always remember this, and when I hear BS blowing from T.O.

    It’s funny how despite our 10 year period of suck, we still have more stanley cups then 26/30 teams in the NHL, and considering how long we have been in the league, this stat is even more impressive.

    God speed to Bobsonit, and the Oil will rise again.

  • Sofa King Bad

    I would understand the need to interview numerous candidates if this was a situation where you were hiring from a group of people with whom you are unfamiliar. I’m pretty sure every manager in the hockey community is very familiar with ever other manager, and every decision they have ever made. Nicholson has worked with Chiarelli before (along with many others). What is he going to get out of an interview that he doesn’t already know? Make sure his handshake is still firm?

    As far as recognizing Chara as a declining asset and trading him early– I guess we can criticize Ken Holland for not getting anything for Lidstrom before he was done. What a crappy GM.

  • Millet Bob

    Lindstrom’s play didn’t deteriorate as he went into his forties did it? He could have kept playing had he had the desire to do so. The Wings haven’t missed the playoffs since he retired either. Detroit’s D looks pretty good doesn’t it?
    How does the Bruin’s D look with a done Chara and no Boychuck?? IMO weak.
    It just shows the gap between Holland and Chiarelli.
    By the way, the main reason the Bruins won the cup – no penalties in Game 7 vs TB. Also that mid-season is when the NHL ended the “new” NHL and went back to calling no penalties.
    When was the last time the Bruins had a power play?

  • charlie manson

    I finally feel the organization is doing the right things….I miss having the Oilers in the playoffs, and my gut tells me the Oilers upper management is finally doing something about it….happy McDavid day!!!