oilers lottery

One week ago, we were comparing Dylan Strome to Noah Hanifin, talking about small steps next season and trying to figure out the real meaning of 11.5%. This Friday? Absolutely insane.


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It’s still beyond belief, suspect I’ll need to see the young man in training camp before it will register. Oilers fans who had long since given up on the team sent me texts with dozens of emojis (well no, but the words were all in caps) in an amazing mass return to the Oildrop. It was too long away, but the lottery win gave life to young and old, across the universe.//


Bob Nicholson emerged on Monday to tell us he was the de facto head of OEG, responsible for all departments, business and hockey ops. It was a power drive worthy of Bruce Springsteen and the timing (as we’re trying to piece things together) may have had something to do with an event in faraway Boston.


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Chiarelli fell out of favor with the Bruins and came available last week. I thought the Ottawa Senators made the most sense and didn’t think for one minute the Oilers would go that route. Edmonton? Well, Oilers fans were talking McDavid for sure and that had changed, but picking the coach and possible goalies were the normal conversation.


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I spoke to Sarah Connors of Stanley Cup of Chowder and Kirk Luedeke of Red Line Report and New England Hockey Journal this week, and both gave the impression that Peter Chiarelli did a very good job during his time in Boston. The record suggests the same, and he is coming to a team in the Oilers with far more natural talent.

  • Chiarelli: “This team has got a lot of good pieces. The way I manage there’s nothing
    really flashy about it, although in the past I’ve made some trades and
    I’m not afraid to do that, it’s about getting to know the players,
    instilling an attitude and a philosophy about winning, the sacrifices it
    takes to win, sacrifices on … and off the ice, the mentality that we
    all have to embrace.  There’s really nothing magical about it, there’s
    nothing magical about me. It’s about hard work, connecting,
    communicating, and that’s what I plan to do.”

I think we’re going to see some veterans here over the summer. Justin Williams, Brent Seabrook, Antti Niemi, Carl Soderberg, that kind of player. I’m not really one for ‘attitude’ and ‘mentality’ because for me the young group’s dedication has never been the issue. That said, those things wouldn’t necessarily be obvious from afar.

I think roster makeup is the number one culprit, an example being too many young defensemen playing too high on the depth chart. Chiarelli is going to take a machete to that defensive depth chart and buy a veteran goalie. The way is clear.


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!!!!! Incredible.

    • MustardTiger

      15’th if Calgary beats Vancouver, 16’th if Vancouver beats Calgary. Go Lames!

      Edit**My mistake. 16’th unless the Flames reach the conference finals, in which case the Pittsburgh pick jumps to 15 and Calgary falls to 27-30

      • The Soup Fascist

        I think they have to beat the Cansucks AND Anaheim for it to be 15. Truth be told I would rather have a one spot lower draft spot than listen to the Cowpokes drone on.

        But that is just me.

        • M22

          100%, and I don’t think it is just you. I believe if you could give Flames management the option of having 15th pick instead of 16th pick, versus an extra playoff round, it would be a no-brainer. Far more advantages that the extra playoff experience (not to mention gate $$) would give them, as opposed to the pick, which would be a negligible difference at mid-round.

    • MustardTiger

      16th I believe, though I don’t think they make the pick. Likely packaged with marincin for a top 4 defender, hopefully from a cash strapped team whose paying cents on the dollar

  • sportsjunkie007

    Every hockey fan that I know is talking about the Oilers. For good, bad or just plain envious hatred (which I missed so much) everybody is talking about the Oilers this week. I call it The McDavid Effect.

  • ChevygoFast

    Does Chiarelli buy out Nikitin try to find a suitor for ference does he resign roy will be a interesting summer to say the least.

    I think that the oilers just became a legitimate option for Babcok with Mcdavid, chiarelli coming in and bob Nicholson officially running things now.

    What do you guys think
    (my question mark key is broke)

  • Christian Roatis

    I write over at FlamesNation and have to say I’m happy for the Oilers. Here’s to the Battle of Alberta being a spectacle again in the near future.

  • bazmagoo

    Amazing day guys, I’m happier today than I was when we won the McDavid lottery! No more time for incompetence, let’s put a good competitive team together. I’m thinking Justin Schultz is the most likely young player to be traded, can’t have $3.675 M tied up in a player with no compete level.

    • toprightcorner

      I think Chairelli will act as if Schultz is not on the team and add the dmen he can. If he can add dmen that are better than Schultz and can’t trade him, then maybe Chairelli just walks away. If he can’t then hopefully he added enough to push Schultz to 3rd pairing. Either way, Schultz is the exaact opposite of who Chairelli wants so his time in Oilers silks will not be long. Same goes for Purcell

      • ChevygoFast

        whether you like it or not Shultz can be a big asset for this team and does have huge untapped potential so if you think for one second that it would be a good move to let a guy like this walk for nothing then you need to get your head examined because there is a very good chance that you might be a genuine F*****G retard!!!

        And I absolutely do support a Justin Shultz trade if the return is right

        • toprightcorner

          How about you read the comment properly so you reply on what was said, I said only if Chairelli can add dmen that are better than him that pushes him out because he has no trade value and the $3.6 mill could be used elsewhere. Schultz is soft, no compete level and avoids the corners, that is the exact opposite of what Chairelli wants this team to be. If he can bring in guys to replace him in the top 4 and QB the PP and can’t trade him, then don’t be surprised if he lets Schultz walk to use his salary elsewhere.

          Chairelli will do what he can to rid the team of soft, non-competitive, hard on the puck players as soon as he can and it is about time the Oilers did that.

          Also, how about commenting on hockey and not make personal attacks it just shows everyone they type of person you really are. Makes you look bad dude.

          • 916oiler

            You are right on both counts. Personal attacks are not necessary and JS is soft. He is has all the tools to be a top D man except one – no compete. Frankly, that is the most important. I think there is trading value in that his next team will pay a bit in the hopes that they can get more compete from him. Every time he steps on the ice, though, he shows his inability to commit to the team and the longer he does that the less value he has. He is gone – see ya.

          • ChevygoFast

            slow down boy you can save all that hot air to blow up your next date. Lets get a few things straight here, I agree 110 percent with everything you said Shultz does badly. its all true. I still believe Shultz can be an im pact player if hes put in a position to succeed he is not a no. 1 or 2 d man not even close but if we can get a number one guy and Shultz doesn’t have to play 20 plus minutes a night and plays more of a 3 or 4 guy role with soft zone starts pp time you will see a huge improvement. second what do you think the chances are that chiarelli can add four defencemen who are all better and more cost effective than Shultz it will never happen in one summer. Ever. not even close and last time I checked Shultz is a RFA why in gods green earth would you walk away from that after all you have invested in that player. I do believe Shultz wont be in oil silks for much longer but there is also a right way and a wrong way of handling that and if you think just letting a guy walk for nothing when you have all the power is the way to go then you might want to go ahead and get your brain checked. lastly if you are such a cry baby whiner maybe you should steer clear of public forums! But I am very sorry I went and hurt your feelings I hope the cut wasn’t to deep

          • tealyn

            I don’t know but when an overrated player like Schultz basically singlehandedly loses half a dozen games a year, and doesnt contribute to another 70 games, well that leaves him contributing to half a dozen games in a year. He is fodder, might as well quit now as everything you invest in him is a complete waste and actually hurts the organization more than it helps. Our Norris candidate is not NHL ready and may never be. Oh and I guess I will just skip the insults, sorry but left that behind in grade school.

          • ChevygoFast

            do you not realize that I agree with everything you are saying about the guy. he has bin nothing short of awful. all im saying is move the guy down the depth chart by signing one hopefully 2 guys and if PC doesn’t see him as part of the solution moving forward(which I don’t believe he is) then you make a deal for him. I don’t think Shultz is the worst player in the world hes just playing way way over his head he would look good in a 3 or 4 guy role. this goes back to dingle nuts saying PC should just walk away from jultz for nothing. He is a RFA which means the oilers hold the rights to the player. it would be like buying an investment property thinking you will double your money and when it doesn’t work out that way, just giving that property away for absolutley nothing. all im saying is that doesn’t make much sence. even if negotiations go poorly do you not think it would be better to trade the rights (that you own) for something even a fifth round pick is better than nothing.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Oh Darryl, you do care. Your silence all this time had me doubting and I even started to build some resentment. But you do care. Thank you.

    Seriously though, props to Katz. The guys is not a talker but gets it done when needed. Yes it took a while to get rid of the good Ole boys but when it was time to do it, it was done swiftly. I guess this is why he has more money than any of us. Total opposite of MacT and six rings. No talk, all action.

    And stop all this bs about his kid. I saw a petition online trying to get the kid off the stage for the draft. Douche bags douche bags douche bags.

    • ChevygoFast

      I think atthis point the most unlikely scenario is that tod nelson is back as H.C this team is going to swing for the fences this year they now have a very small window for success. its all in at this point

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    After digesting all this news (truthfully, I’m still chewing on the McDavid win!!), I really like it. Nothing is a sure thing, but Chiarelli is a SOLID hire. Probably the best candidate. Possibly a dream candidate.

    He’s a smart, level-headed guy that has the balls to make a bold move. That’s scary, but hey… we can’t get any worse.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    I absolutely don’t even care who wins the Stanley Cup this year, as long as it’s not the Nucks. I hope they not only lose but get terrible influenza.

    Chiarelli is an excellent GM. Repeat SC finalist and he engineered the team that was severely under-gunned against the Canucks, and won.

    TSN is pretty excited for the Oil:

    Can’t wait til next season!!!!

  • Petrolero

    It’s is so mind numbing how a single event can change so much in an instant for so many people. This is a domino effect. By the end of summer the Oilers could go from the depths of the NHL to serious contenders with the changes already made plus the possible addition of Mike Babcock, Milan Lucic, Brent Seabrook, Antii Niemi and who knows what else.

    I’m still trying to process all of this. I believe Nicholson already had an idea about what he wanted to do but he was going to take it slow and let men like MacT either sink under their own weight or learn to swim. Then the lottery happen and it was the catalyst that started the cascade of changes.

    The MacD effect: I’M LOVIN’ IT!

  • gus1000

    I think the free agent market is much better for us now with Pete on it and the savior coming. Maybe a Beauchemin to eat minutes and pair with a youngster. Franson and Green are also options.

    I think Babcock is truly an option as coach, and that Detroit is going to want to deal Howard for a pick to get rid of the salary. Mrazek is clearly the guy going forward.

    There are still cap teams that may need to move players to get under the cap as well, I’m looking at the Blackhawks in particular. A veteran defender will probably be available there for a pick or two as well.

    I don’t think we need to gut the core to improve, now that we have a management change and a star like McDavid. This will be a great summer of changes.

  • The poster formerly known as Koolaid drinker #33

    Hopefully this gives us a leg up on signing Soderberg. I like his game a lot. Him and Lander can be a good tandem.

  • Paq Twinn

    That last tweet you shared…..I am almost amazed beyond comprehension, except when you think about it, we have always hired inexperience. The list is too long to even start, and its kind of a negative turn so screw it, cause McDavid. This kids like berry pomegranate mio cause he changed EVERYTHING.

  • Anton CP

    If Chiarelli is looking to build a speedy scoring type of team which was he wants back in Boston, then Oilers would be the perfect choice to operate on.

    Chiarelli’s approach will be trying to get some solid defenseman and goalie during off season but any deal involved with cores will only likely happened during the season. He may want to examine how McDavid fit in and how rest of the players respond to McDavid to make the final decision on who to keep and who to let go.