Monday Mailbag – April 27th


Another week has passed, and what a week it was! From Connor McDavid to a new management regime, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Oilers history. It feels as though the sun is permanently shining in OilersNation and it feels good. Spirits are high, and hope is in abundance – when was the last time we could say that? As always, the mailbag depends on you. If you have a question you can email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enjoy.

1) Christopher L. asks – If the rumours are true and Peter Chiarelli is interviewing for the POHO job how much of an upgrade would he be over Kevin Lowe? ***BM NOTE: This question was submitted to the writers on Wednesday and Chiarelli was obviously announced on Friday***


It’s actually an upgrade over Craig MacTavish, and that should help MacT succeed. That’s how it looks from here, anyway.

Jonathan Willis:

I’d like the record to reflect that my answer will probably be out of date by the time this runs. With that out of the way: I think people consistently and greatly overrate Kevin Lowe’s contribution to the mess that is the Oilers. He’s the guy whose name is still on the organizational roll call, so he catches the flak, but there were significant stylistic shifts in how the Oilers were run from Lowe to Steve Tambellini and again from Tambellini to Craig MacTavish. I don’t think Lowe is god’s gift to hockey, but I also don’t think firing him is going to do much because I’m extremely skeptical as to how much sway he actually has.


I mean obviously only time will tell, but let’s just look at them on paper:

On one side you have Peter Chiarelli who led the Bruins to seven straight playoff births, four seasons of 100+ points, a Presidents Trophy, two Stanley Cup finals, and a cup win. And during his tenure the Bruins were behind only the Kings and Blackhawks in terms of winning percentage. I mean we all know they’ve been one of the leagues premier teams for a decade. 

On the other side you have Kevin Lowe who, aside from catching lightning in a bottle in 06, has run the absolute worst team in the league over that same decade, which has included back to back 30th place finishes and THREE first overall draft picks in a row. And, as we all know painfully well, the team hasn’t improved an iota, and, in fact, has arguably gotten worse over time.  

So, basically like night and day?

Jason Gregor:

He has a very good track record and he has many years of experience as a scout, assistant GM and GM. I believe his biggest strength in Boston was building his blueline. He signed Chara as a UFA. He acquired Dennis Seidenberg and Matt Bartowski in the same trade and gave up Byron Bitz and Craig Weller. He also traded for Johnny Boychuk, Andrew Ference, Adam McQuaid.

Robin Brownlee:

If the Oilers are to be believed that Lowe was at arm’s length in the decision-making process as POHO with Tambellini and MacTavish as GMs, then you can’t compare. Chiarelli won’t come here to be in the background or simply be a sounding board on day-to-day decisions. That aside, how do you address an upgrade before he even starts? Results will tell the story.

Matt Henderson:

Turns out they were very true! The Oilers while Lowe was the POHO were the worst team in the NHL by far. He hired two brutal GMs in Tambellini and MacT and the vision of the team lacked clarity. They would be bad, but for how long? What step was next? When would they turn the corner? Above all, winning was no longer a goal even as Hall enters his 6th season in the Fall. Chiarelli ought to be a huge upgrade just by being semi-competent.


The biggest difference between the era of Chiarelli and the previous regime has to be experience, right? Peter Chiarelli has more experience as a GM than our previous two GMs combined. For me, that means something. The Oilers have been guided by men fighting above their weight class for too long, and it’s nice to have someone with some seasoning in there for once. 


2) Chad Z. asks – Other markets are praying that McDavid will “Lindros” the Oilers. Do you think there is any chance he decides to do that?


Every indication we’ve heard has this young man accepting the NHL’s draft rules and entering the draft. You’re never 100% sure until he’s drafted and signed, but the days of Lindros were a different time and this young man’s parents appear to be reasonable folks. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, most times.

Jonathan Willis:

No, I don’t. The Lindros thing was a perfect storm of several factors, including the way that playing in the French-language Quebec City market would impact his ability to collect endorsements and the like. Those factors aren’t in play here.


Zero chance. Just like Mr. McDavid told Connor when he was drafted by the Otters and was debating whether or not to pull a no-show, no one wants to be known as “That Guy”. Eric Lindros was one of my favourite players growing up but I also distinctly remember always hearing about this “character issues” throughout his entire career. And IF McDavid did decide to say thanks but no thanks to the Oilers, how does that look to other teams? He’s a once in a lifetime talent, for sure, but I would have to question signing a guy who only wants to play if specific conditions are met for him. How long would it take for the bloom to fall off the rose with this different club, and he demands a trade to yet another team? These guys have worked their asses of their entire (short) lives to make it to the NHL. I have a hard time believing any of them, even the best of the best, would turn down the opportunity to play for any NHL team, even one as disappointing and directionless as these current Oilers. 

And as an aside I love that “Lindrossing” is being tossed around as a burn directed at the Oilers. If I remember correctly the Avalanche ended up winning two cups not long after that trade, and Philly, umm, well they got to watch Lindros’ soul leave his body thanks to Scott Stevens, so…

Jason Gregor:

None. Lindros did that in junior as well, shunning Sault Ste.Marie and eventually going to Oshawa. McDavid won’t do it. It is a major insult to him for people to even suggest it.

Robin Brownlee:

No. None. Zero. That’s already been made clear, McDavid isn’t THAT guy.

Matt Henderson:

None. Zero. Zilch. His parents, coach, team owner, and agent have all said he would report to Edmonton happily. Other markets are just Jealous.


Jealousy is an ugly trait, no? He’s coming – don’t worry about it.


3) Clutch asks – So now that the Oil have struck gold, diamonds and titanium with Connor McDavid, who do you think they will draft with the pick they got from Pittsburgh?


If they make the pick, I hope Timo Meier is there, or Oliver Kylington. BPA baby, there’s 20+ great names in this draft!

Jonathan Willis:

I think they’ll trade it. If Oilers fans are lucky, the trade will be for a defenceman.


I don’t know enough about the draft outside of the top five to make any kind of legitimate suggestion, but if this was NHL ’15 I’d look at packaging that pick with a later pick and/or a prospect (Chase or Pitlick maybe?) and see if you can somehow ply a guy like Oduya or Adam McQuaid out of a cap strapped team like Chicago or Boston.

Jason Gregor:

The pick will either be #15 or #16, and it is impossible to predict who will be available at that pick, or if they even use it. Many assume it will be a Dman, but only if he is best player on the board at that time. If Thomas Chabot is available I could see them looking at him, or big, skilled wingers like Mikko Rantanen or Paul Bittner.

Robin Brownlee:

My best guess is they’ll put that pick in play leading into and at the draft. After that, it all depends on what offers they get coming back.

Matt Henderson:

Nobody. I think the Rangers will pick someone pretty good at that spot though.


I hope they trade it for some help in net/the backend. If this draft is as deep as people say than the value of said pick would go up, no? Either that or redraft Connor McDavid. This kid is so good that I don’t think it’s unreasonable to draft him at 1st and again at 16th. Ballsy!


4) David G asks – The Oilers defied the odds and managed to win the McJesus sweepstakes. Who is the best option to coach this team with this player moving forward? Do we reward Nelson for not completely embarrassing us down the stretch? Do we target ex-Shark McLennan because his record is like Ardbeg creme brulee? Does Bylsma’s history with developing Crosby mean anything? Someone else?


Great questions! I don’t know the answer, but would say Todd Nelson did some nice things. I’d also suggest Todd McLellan’s power play would be a nice add and until Mike Babcock has signed elsewhere Edmonton should keep their options open.

Jonathan Willis:

McLellan is a good coach, Bylsma is a good coach and Nelson is a good coach. For that matter, Craig MacTavish is a good coach in the event that Peter Chiarelli is in town to talk about taking over the general manager job. Realistically, McLellan as head coach with Nelson as associate coach is probably the best plausible outcome for the Oilers.


For me the dream scenario is having Todd McLellan come on as head coach and Todd Nelson agreeing to stay on as an associate. I do think Nelson deserves a full season, but when a guy with the resume of Todd McLellan becomes available you have to pursue him as a legitimate option. Unfortunately for Nelson he just doesn’t have the NHL experience and track record McLellan has.

Jason Gregor:

McClellan will be at the top of the list. I wouldn’t say Bylsma developed Crosby considering he got the job in March of 2009, Crosby’s fouth year, and the Penguins had been to the Cup final the previous year. Babcock, if he doesn’t re-sign withDetroit would be a strong candidate of course, but do you wait and see if he becomes available and possibly lose out on Mclellan? That will be Nicholson’s biggest decision. The advantage the Oilers have is that Nicholson has worked with many of the top coaches — Babcock, Hitchcock, Julien, etc — with team Canada so he knows them well and which one would be the best fit here.

Robin Brownlee:

The Oilers have already approached McLellan. If he wants the job I’d hope the Oilers at least sit down with him and discuss Nelson as an option for associate coach.

Matt Henderson:

It’s between two coaches and if not them then Nelson is the backup, IMO. The next coach will either be McLellan or Babcock. The Oilers are proving to the hockey world that they aren’t pissing around anymore. McDavid changed everything. Chiarelli makes the job even more alluring. I’m guessing Babcock ultimately stays in Detroit so I guess it’s McLellan.


I feel bad for Todd Nelson in the sense that he’s been flapping in the wind since being hired as the interim coach. With the additions of McDavid and Chiarelli you’d have to think he now knows that he has no chance at that job, right? I would hope whoever the new coach may be would consider keeping him on as an associate coach. I think keeping him on (if he’s even interested in that) would also help the transition of yet ANOTHER new coach.


5) Clyde R. asks – With the addition of Conor McDavid should the Oilers really be able to treating next season as a “developmental” year? Isn’t there added pressure on management to improve?


God yes. The Oilers need to turn north! However, I am not in favour of sending away multiple draft picks to get it done. I’d prefer a trade involving one pick for a defenseman and signing a free-agent goalie. Turn north, but remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

Jonathan Willis:

There certainly should be, though within reason. I do think 2015-16 is primarily going to be a development year, but there’s no excuse for MacTavish to twiddle his thumbs and draft young kids. If he can’t actively improve the blue line and goaltending in the summer he shouldn’t be working for the Oilers.


Before this Chiarelli news dropped my gut reaction was that this golden ticket was going to buy Kiki and MacT at least two more years of benefit of the doubt from the man with all the flu shots. And I can still see that being a possibility, but with Bob Nicholson looking to have wheels actually in motion for once, and if this Chiarelli thing doesn’t end up with MacT out of the GMs seat, I think this gives him one more year MAX to prove the Oilers have taken a step forward and are actively trying to build a legit support crew around McDavid And The Firsts. They’ve already wasted enough years spinning the wheels while Hall, Nuge, Yak and Ebs learned to grow moustaches, they can’t afford to waste many more while McDavid’s talent is squandered.

Jason Gregor:

Does McDavid suddenly make Schultz, Klefbom and Marincin more experienced? He is a great talent, but he can’t magically instill experience across the Oilers lineup and make them all better. This team is still two years away from being a real contender, and McDavid’s arrival will give the entire organization a shot in the arm, but no one should expect him to be a miracle worker. Crosby’s Penguins didn’t make the playoffs his first year. The Flyers didn’t in Lindros’ first two, and the Penguins didn’t make the postseason until Lemieux’s fifth season. The NHL is a team-oriented league more than an individual league, and McDavid is a great piece to have, but the Oilers roster at the end of last season, needs at least seven or eight new players to be a contender, not just one 18-year-old phenom.

Robin Brownlee:

Of course there’s pressure to improve. That pressure should exist every year. McDavid by himself won’t make a huge difference as an 18-year-old rookie. MacTavish still has a lot of work to do to ensure the team moves up in the standings. If MacTavish doesn’t address needs in goal and on the blue line, the Oilers will be a bottom five team again.

Matt Henderson:

No I don’t think they can and I think that misguided vision is part of what lead Nicholson to replace Hockey Ops. I don’t think anyone knew how much pressure this group was under. It feels like Nicholson gave them all enough rope to hang themselves with.


I think McDavid changes a lot of that. The Oilers can’t burn through his ELC without making some progress in the standings. That being said, they have to improve in so many areas that I just can’t see them making the playoffs next year without Chiarelli doing a massive overhaul to the backend. 

  • RomZ

    The kid is a scoring chance machine!

    I walked away from the TV to get the pizza I ordered, and he scored his second goal of the game.

    Haven’t been this optimistic about the team since we drafted Taylor Hall.

    • Johnnydapunk

      I don’t think he meant to trade the pick for Oduya or McQuaid as they are both UFA, but trying to pry them from Chicago and Boston respectively by offering them a contract.

      It would be strange if they did offer their 16th pick for either one as they can be had for free come July 1st.

      I think Oduya would be a good solid signing if they can swing it as long as the money isn’t crazy.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Calgary is seeing the fruits of hard work, discipline, fighting through adversity, and a winning attitude.

    Our reward? A trip to the second round of the playoffs.


    The Oilers are seeing the fruits of undeveloped high end talent, incompetent management, internal conflicts and disenfranchised fan base.

    Their reward? A generational talent in Connor McDavid.


    • 5 Cups

      Calgary barely won against an aging decreped team. It would sure be fun to be in the PO, but next round the Cinderalla story ends.

      As for the Oilers, I am not sure you heard: The old ragime is out and a new road is ahead. Have fun watching you 90’s Oilers team er I mean Flames. The roller coaster of being good, but not good enough continues while we can look ahead to a future that includes Connor McDavid. You can enjoy watching him 6 times a year starting next season.

      We understand more than anyone our team was garbage for a long time. Things change.

          • Morgo_82

            It’s not just from Calgary, it’s the whole league. It’s not so much jealousy, as it is resentment.

            Winning four of the last six draft lottery’s, not to mention the third and seventh overall picks. It’s like listening to a spoiled rich kid bragging over his new Lamborghini, when he has a Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren in the garage.

            You can’t help but want to rain on the parade.

            But some of my good friends and family are Oilers fans, and I even like them when they play the Canucks.

            But don’t be surprised if the rest of the league hates, they did it to Pittsburgh and Chicago too.

        • The GREAT Walter White

          We also have:




          The Oilers first D pairing is not even as good as our third pairing……having said that : I think they are both UFA next year so you could buy them…..


    • CMG30

      Reality check: The plan coming out of Calgary before the season began was for some bottom place finishes to acquire talent like McDavid.

      Unfortunately, (fortunately for the fans) the Flames hit the perfect storm of hot goaltending and a number of players over preforming… Kind of like Colorado last year. These performance blips happen, it’s just to bad for the Flames organization that it happened this year of all years.

      Still, I’m happy for the Calgary fans. Hard times are coming to Calgary and it’s nice that they can have this little run before before the cold reality of their situation sinks in.

      • El Pindo

        It’s great having a team that over performs.

        It sucks having a bunch of high end talent that doesn’t do anything.

        It’s going to be great watching the Oilers fighting over the puck next year.

    • paul wodehouse

      Your reward is a handful of games in spring 2015 + 10 years of mediocrity. Not saying it’s bad… you can be the Ottawa of the west. Make the playoffs, perpetually on the bubble, praying for miracle wins in the playoffs, always the bridesmaid to the Habs.

      Much like the Flames in the 80s. Good team, but never win and nobody cares or remembers because the Oilers were all that mattered and certainly all that anyone in the world remembers 25 years later.

      I admit right now that scraping into the playoffs and beating a crappy Vancouver team sounds good after our last 9 years. But meh. If you think logically, I’d trade 100 meaningless playoff wins over Vancouver for 1 chance at a player to dominate the league for a decade. I’d prefer to have a powerhouse team with a legit chance at winning for many years like I think most rational non emotional people see coming for Edmonton.

      End of the day I don’t get why Calgary feels the need to bash and cry and poke Edmonton. If you think you are so awesome and so much better of a city act like it. You don’t have an insecure people from NY or LA bashing Edmonton as a team or city.

      Mostly, you can just suck it. A happy McDavid day to you.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    If i was playing NHL 15 i would trade that 1st rounder from the penguins + Schultz + 3 other draft picks for Duncan Keith.

    Too bad this is real life.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    The anger of these Flames fans is further rejuvenating my love and optimism for the Oilers. Spread it on, Flamers.

    McDavid, Hall, Nuge, Ebs, Yak, Drai, Nurse VS Monahan, Bennett, Gaudreau, Ferland, Brodie. The BoAs of the next decade are shaping up to be barn-burners.

    Can’t wait to watch McDavid and Hall blow past Brodie like it’s his first day on skates.

    • CMG30

      Flames fans really don’t care, we’re having a good time in the playoffs right now.

      I agree, the BoA’s will be awesome in the next few years, or better then they have been for sure. They used to call Alberta ‘death valley’ because we so tough to play against.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Just wanted to quote devout Flames fan Gary from the last thread, in case anyone missed it:

    “No way would I want a franchise player on my team, no way. franchise players hurt teams, they always have.

    Gretzky was an exception, without the WHL expansion Edmonton’s team then would have never happened. Parity is the name of the game now. Think salary cap.

    Edmonton fans are too deluded.”

    Toews? Doughty? Crosby? Chara?

    • Morgo_82

      Let’s not forget Lemieux, Yzerman, Sakic, Lidstrom, Beliveau, Orr… shall I continue?

      PS that’s 23 cups between the 6 of them, franchise players are clearly detrimental to a team’s success.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Double post, but I will use this space to say that I hope Calgary makes it to SCF game 7, then loses in triple OT. Now THAT would be funny.

  • El Pindo

    Since we won the draft lottery my thirst for any info oilers related is insatiable. Bring on the Kool aid and more volume of columns here on oilersnation. How fast can we drink the Kool aid from the cup? Over or under 3 1/2 years (McDavid entry level contract is up)

  • Hemmercules

    I hate the Flames. I hope they lose in 4 games to the Ducks.

    That said, to say that Calgary is going to be garbage next year because they are playing over their heads and Edmonton I magically going to be awesome is way too premature IMO. The Oilers got a new GM and McDavid so far, still tons of work to do.

  • Derian Hatcher

    It takes someone of impeccable character and integrity to sit behind a computer screen and troll an organization that have provided its loyal fans an absolute mess for 9 years. Many of these fans have viewed the challenges that the organization faced more accurately than those managing the team.

    Finally, through random luck or whatever you want to call it the organization lands a generation player, and FINALLY ushers out the incompetent individuals who created the mess in the first place. For the first time in a long, long time, there is hope for the organization and the fans and now people like WW sit behind a computer and dis the city etc -unbelievable.

    Do us all a favor and leave your Mom’s basement and go eat the grilled cheese she made for you – she cut off the crusts just how like.

  • The Soup Fascist

    Nelson did a great job in half a season coaching the worst team in hockey, but I really hate the ‘associate coach’ position. It just leaves the head coach looking over his shoulder after every loss.

  • Ar_C

    The Calgary whining is hilarious and it isn’t just starting since McDavid.

    I lived in Calgary from 2008-2013 and listened to Fan 960 quite often. There is a host on there called boomer (nice name) and all he does is chirp Edmonton. Its literally the main part of his content. He has nothing of value to say so he takes cheap shots all day long. Best part is the guy is from Winnipeg haha!

    Now contrast that with the Team 1260 content. I honestly cant remember the last time Calgary was even spoken about outside of announcing their scores. None of the hosts go out of their way to run down the Flames even though its so easy. Its just not important up here.

    Its a severe inferiority complex and it is comical.

  • paul wodehouse

    Jonnythepink wrote:

    I could be putting my self in the pooper making a comment like this, but from what I have read and known about religious things, I don’t think it is offensive in the slightest and doesn’t make a fan base look “lame” at all.

    The U.S. And Everton Goalkeeper Tim Howard was referred to by many as “Jesus” based on his saving ability and as he is pretty hardcore religious, he had never expressed any offence to the term. There are even articles in Christian websites referring to his nickname and there was no mention of offend or annoyance.

    Also out of curiousity I did my own little straw man poll and asked the most religious person I knew (she lives in Italy) if a term like McJesus is offensive, and she found it humorous once she understood the connotation.

    Personally I find with anything that offends or upsets me, I just ignore it. I never feel a need to suggest to other people to change their ways to accommodate me. If there is a term that bothers me, I just refrain from using it and it doesn’t phase me.

    Apologies if my response is well off the topic of the Oil.

    >>>I’m saying I can’t ignore the complete misspelling of the young man’s name …his family name needs to be spelled correctly…the name on the back of his game jersey while playing for the Edmonton Oilers will be spelled McDavid…period

    • Johnnydapunk

      Not sure why you are responding to me about the spelling of his name as I don’t think I spelt it incorrectly, and if I have in the past, it’s most likely more to do with the “Mc” or “Mac” prefix as that’s a pretty common error. They are actually the same in the sense that Mc is an abbreviated form of Mac and has origins in Scotland because last names were a relatively new thing (new as in historical times new) The Mac and Mc meant “the son of xxxx” similar to Icelandic last names actually.

      So the mistake people make with it is not as much of a mistake as you may think.

      Anyways however people spell his name isn’t much to be fussed about as I’m still blown away by the fact the Oil are finally doing something to be excited about.

    • M22

      pelham grenville wrote:

      “I’m saying I can’t ignore the complete misspelling of the young man’s name …his family name needs to be spelled correctly…the name on the back of his game jersey while playing for the Edmonton Oilers will be spelled McDavid…period”

      While I agree that names should be referred to correctly spelled, I find your stance very disingenuous. I have never seen you take up the cause with any other names we see mangled and mocked here at the ON on a daily basis. And there have been many. Why not?

      You say it has nothing to do with the religious aspect, but rather out of respect for the family name. Bunk. That is indeed completely pious. Either defend all people who have their names intentionally misspelled, or none. Or, just come out and admit that it’s the “Jesus” part that gets you riled, despite your pious claims.

      • paul wodehouse

        M22 here’s the challenge …LIST the names “… we see mangled and mocked here at the ON on a daily basis. And there have been many…”

        “…While I agree that names should be referred to correctly spelled,…”

        THAT’s the start of a good argument, go ahead.

        that list please…

        • M22

          Fair enough. Here’s a few:

          Variations on Lowe and MacTavish:
          Klown, Klowne, Kblow, Kim Jong-Lowe, MacTurd, MacIdiot, MacTank

          McSavior, Katzy, Nugey, Col. Klink, Jultz, Garbagekov, Horcrap, Sievens (Brownlee tagged him with that one in a recent article)

          Now, if you have taken people to task frequently over the butchering of the above, then I will apologize. But other than McJesus, I have never seen it from you. Show me some examples – that’s my challenge to you.

          Obviously, I’ve left out nicknames like Hallsy, Ebs, Nuge, Hendy, MacT, etc., because they are used by their own teammates, coaches and management. I assume you have no issues with these.

  • paul wodehouse

    …just so we’re clear … the prefix issue turned history lesson you’ve introduced is not what I am standing against … nice try!

    I, like you, am also in a bit of a surreal place knowing this franchise have an opportunity to become something other than the laughing stock of a pro sports league…it’s about respect that will be garnered through a young player who’s name is being misspelled and misused in a way that takes away that potential respect…not even the worst trolls of this team everywhere aren’t misspelling his name and I for one am only voicing my concern that this foolishness needs to stop.
    …it is my right to point out the correct spelling of this future superstar Hall of Famer’s name… at the same time it should be the obligation of an overzealous fan base to carry out this simple task…

  • paul wodehouse

    @ Mr. Willis

    I think people consistently and greatly overrate Kevin Lowe’s contribution to the mess that is the Oilers. He’s the guy whose name is still on the organizational roll call, so he catches the flak, but there were significant stylistic shifts in how the Oilers were run from Lowe to Steve Tambellini and again from Tambellini to Craig.


    I have to disagree with this. Neither Craig nor Tambo would have been so bad if it wasn’t for K. lowe’s arrogance. It is on him alone as to how a once-decent blue line got decimated–all while getting nothing in return. The way the Pronger trade was handled, getting a broken Ryan Whitney, the banishment of Souray, and so much more Is Lowe’s cross to bare alone.

    I agree that many other decisions made were “approved” by Lowe as well, and this is where your point might have some merit. However, the way Lowe was able to treat personnel (and fans) has alienated both groups from the team. This should have been a fire able offence years ago, as the Oilers wouldn’t be in this–albeit beautiful–mess in the first place.

    Connor changes EVERYTHING, so I’m still okay with all of Kevin’s warts; however, the Oiler Blueline (or lack thereof) is can be blamed squarely Lowe.

  • paul wodehouse

    Sorry if this is already on here, but I saw Oduya’s name come up as a trade target. He’s an impending UFA, all it will cost to get him is money, yet his name never comes up in discussions for adding a defenceman.

    He is exactly what the Oilers need, he moves the puck well, is almost always buried in zone starts yet emerges with strong possession stats, and with the changing of the guard in Edmonton, they might actually recognize that.

    Sign Oduya, sign him ASAP.

  • paul wodehouse

    …I made a long comment back but it seems to have vanished into cyber space … not unlike some comments I make here

    wondering if I hit the edit button enuf and then update maybe I can get it in…I never wanted an apology from you…the ‘butchering’of the names isn’t something I do …I always called those two Kevin and MacT…I’m like you, when someone calls me a name like disingenuous I say …have it your way but if that’s your sophomoric take on what I’m doing so be it…we CAN agree to disagree

    …we’re all good though M22

    cheers and have a great day