Babcock free to talk to other teams…

Mike Babcock2

The Mike Babcock bidding war is officially open.

As expected the Red Wings have granted Mike Babcock permission to talk to other teams.

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Ken Holland said today that the Red Wings have made two different offers to Babcock over the past week, but Babcock wants to explore his options. It was interesting to note that Babcock said last week he has no interest in being in a GM role. “I want to coach, I don’t have the skill set to do Ken’s job.” He would have some say in players, but I don’t think as much as some think. He has worked with Peter Chiarelli and Bob Nicholson before so that does bode well for the Oilers.

Holland told Red Wings beat reporter Helene St. James, “If there is better situation out there for Mike Babcock, he’s earned the right to explore that.”

Coaches have watched NHL players go through the free agent process for years, so it makes sense that Babcock wants to test it for himself. Babcock has said it isn’t strictly about money, but if another team is willing to offer him $1 million more per season, that might be hard to pass up.

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Babcock is heading to the World Championships and you can bet that Chiarelli, Brendan Shanahan, Ron Hextall, Tim Murray and a host of other GMs and Presidents will be making a trip to Prague to talk with him.

The Red Wings have said Babcock is free to talk to other teams up to May 25th. If another team signs him, they owe the Wings a 3rd round pick in either 2015, 2016 or 2017.

Chiarelli is meeting with Todd Nelson this weekend, and I’m sure it is more about whether Nelson would be interested in being an assistant/associate coach if the new coach wanted him on the staff. I like Nelson, and I believe he is a very good coach, but I see Chiarelli hiring an experienced head coach.

The Oilers have a lot to offer Babcock, specifically Connor McDavid, but right now their offer is more about potential than proven commodities. The Oilers will put forth a good offer to Babcock, but will it be enough to lure him away from the familiarity of winning in Detroit?

Let the courting begin.

If I was another head coach, I wouldn’t sign a deal until I see what Babcock signs for. His new contract will re-shape how coaches are paid.

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  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    If Nelson and the Oilers can’t agree on his role going forward we should give Todd the same opportunity to speak with other teams about openings

  • SKOilFan

    I think having to give Detroit a pick, even though Babs will become a FA, is ridiculous. Same goes for Boston getting a pick from us for hiring their former GM, although I’ve heard Boston hasn’t and doesn’t plan to ask for the pick (correct me please if I’m wrong). There’s only one scenario where giving a pick should be warranted, and that would be if head coaches or GM’s were allowed to actively seek new employment while under contract (without the teams permission), which isn’t allowed, unless like I say, the team gives permission. Get you head out of your butt NHL.

    • SKOilFan

      That article, and the size of balls one must have to post it, blew my mind. Although it doesn’t surprise me that some people are just naturally that dumb and entitled.

    • Wax Man Riley

      OMG that is the worst argument I have ever heard. This Blair guy is a tool.

      On the list of teams that The NHL wanted McD to go to, I’ll admit, Edmonton was probably the last (ya, well, suck it NHL), but I can tell you that Toronto was the next team on the list. They need help marketing like Coca-Cola needs help.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      I don’t think this is the right place for politics, but I will say that thinking about Babcock and the Oilers helps ease the anxiety I feel when I think about the next couple years, economy-wise.

      But, back to the Oilers.

      I read that, after the third ping pong ball dropped in the lottery, the Leafs had a roughly 35% chance to get first pick, the Oilers had 9%. Could it possibly have worked out any better?

      • 5 Cups

        Not sure what the odds were but here is the entire list of number combinations. I havent had a real long chance to look, but it would seem PHI, TOR, CAR, FLA, BUF and EDM all had a 12.5% chance when that last ball came up and ARZ had a 25% chance. I could very easily be totally wrong, so if there is a stats guy that wants to cruch the numbers, by all means.

        • pkam

          From what I know there were 14 Balls in play. After 3 balls were drawn that left 11 in the machine. Out of those 11 only 1 ball would give the Oilers the win. Toronto had the best chance because in the remaining 11 balls, 4 of them would of given Toronto 1st overall.

          That my friends is a thing of beauty! 🙂

          • Estevan

            After the first three balls came up, there were eleven balls remaining. The oilers had two balls (1&10). The Leafs had four balls (2,7,8,13). Buffalo had three balls (3,11&12). Colorado and Carolina each had one. Ping Pong Ball #1 floated on up and Toronto was the big loser!

            174. 6,5,14 1 Edmonton –
            394. 6,5,14 2 Toronto –
            559. 6,5,14 3 Buffalo –
            679. 6,5,14 4 Carolina –
            798. 6,5,14 7 Toronto –
            804. 6,5,14 8 Toronto –
            809. 6,5,14 9 Colorado –
            813. 6,5,14 10 Edmonton –
            816. 6,5,14 11 Buffalo –
            818. 6,5,14 12 Buffalo –
            828. 6,5,14 13 Toronto

          • Estevan

            Ahh I had heard they only had 1 of the 11 after the 3 were drawn. It’ll be intresting to look back 10 years from now and see what the luck of 11 floating ping pong balls changed things. Hopefully Chiarelli has the chops to make the right moves with all these pieces moving forward.

    • The Soup Fascist

      Depends. Can she fix the power play?

      Don’t know much about this Rachel person – other than she really seems to know a lot about playing left wing.

        • The Soup Fascist

          To be honest I would feel more comfortable if Babcock was offered dual roles in Edmonton:

          Oilers Head Coach / Premier of the Province of Alberta

          • Rob...

            I’m betting that the same people who bitch and complain here about the Oilers administration not practising due diligence are the same ones who didn’t bother to read through each of the 5 party platforms to scrutinize the differences and identify the similarities necessary to make an informed decision as a voter.

            Democracies are not made stronger and more effective by being a blind faith fan of one of the teams (parties). It is not a sport.

          • The Soup Fascist

            Actually Rob, I read the NDPs 24 page manifesto, sorry …. “Platform” before and after the election. It scared the ship out of me both times.

            But sincerely I apologize. This is a hockey forum and there is no reason to bring up politics here and my half joking comment (ok less that half joking) should have been kept to myself.

  • rayrayjj

    As a oiler fan I say give up on Babcock and put all your effort into signing mclellan, Mclellan is a good coach just look @Ebs and Hall with Crosby, this year that Crosby is a kid named mcdavid!!!!! Mclellan knows how to coach young good player’s and give him 2 to 2.5 million to seal the deal,Peter has to pull up his shorts and quit playing around and sign mclellan, Babcock wants to much control and peter won’t have that because he already has a #2 in Mac.t,to many chiefs and not enough Indian’s…

  • Question for those states guys out there.

    How many more wins does a Babcock or an experience head coach bring you?

    You have to think an experience coach wouldn’t have run Schultz and NN out there repeatedly into bad situations costing the team wins.

    How many one goal games did the Oilers lose? Does a experience head coach get them over that?

    Interesting times for sure, lots of positives.

  • The Soup Fascist

    The Edmonton Flyers used to be farm the club of Red wings , so it makes sense Babcock would come back and build us up here in Edmonton with our new McHowe .

  • Ever the Optimist

    “When you don’t make people accountable, it leads to a superstar mentality where not everyone on the team is important.” — Babcock

    “Motivation, in my mind, is ‘what’s in it for me’ Now, how do you get 23 people to find what’s in it for them and be on a team? You give up some individual rights for team rights, but the reality is, they all still want to be important. That’s what I do; I manage people.” Babcock

    “No part of me is glad to lose,” Babcock

    “Keep attacking. The whole key is look after the puck and keep attacking. I don’t think you adjust your personnel. You adjust your mindset.” — Mike Babcock

    “We need to reestablish our work ethic and get back the fire we need to win games. As far as I’m concerned, the playoff race starts Oct. 8 in Dallas. You can’t make the playoffs in the first 20 games, but you can be out of it after 20 games. So for me, it’s all about establishing that work ethic again in a hurry. I just keep telling the guys that, too — so much that they think the record is stuck.” — Mike Babcock

    After taking a look around and doing some reading these quotes summed up past the stats why he would be so good for Edmonton. Offer him a blank cheque.

  • pkam

    If we get Babcock there are two things that could happen and be very benificial. For starters Babcock could bring in some cheap players he liked from the Detroit organization. Secondly if an olympian wants a trade or tests free agency(I doubt both would happen though) we would probably be on the top of their list. This could be the summer we’ve waited 9 years for

  • Kevwan

    If you look at Det vs Edm purely from a coaching perspective i think its an easy choice. It’s more grinding and cutting edge creativity to find a way to make the playoffs vs pure upside and the ability to mold a young team to your vision. Babcock has said himself its been a battle to keep the wings competitive without top notch prospects. Obviously the family aspect is a clear priority for him, but in terms of a straight up hockey decision, it’s hard to beat the program waiting in Edmonton.

  • R U Kidding Me!

    I like Babcock but personally think Maclellan would be better suited to coach this team. That is just a gut feeling not who is necessarily the better coach.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Ok, how about hiring both Babcock and McClellan. Coach 1A and coach 1B, it’ll be a reunion of two great coaches since they won a cup together in DET.
    There’s no cap on coaches and TOR would lose their sh!t.
    If we’re going to dream, let’s dream big.

  • MontanaMan

    An important factor people are missing: Katz. No doubt it is well known that the Oiler owner is a meddler, a tool and holds tight to the OIlers of the 80’s. Yes he has added some good pieces but his “boys” remain hanging around (Lowe et al) and Katz reputation precedes him. I’m guessing a classy guy like Babcock would be very wary of getting into bed with Katz after working for a first class owner in Detroit. It all factors in.

  • MontanaMan

    My comment wasn’t trolling. Want to see trolling? Come over to FN and listen to 10 year old Oiler fans in the middle of a playoff want to talk about how great McDavid is and how the Oilers will will the Cup next year. That’s trolling. My comment is legit – Katz has a bad reputation and coaches are hesitant to work for bad owners.