The Nation Wins a Yeggie!

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Over the weekend, the Nation rolled into the Yeggies with the hopes of walking away with the Best in Sports award for the third straight year. For some reason, you guys actually voted for us and we won! What happens now? It looks like we’ll have to get back to work and make sure that we actually deserve to be called the ‘best’ at anything.



What are the Yeggies? Well, for those of you living in the analog world, the Yeggies are the New Media Awards for our fine city. What I’m saying is that the Yeggies are like the Oscars without the boring foreign films.  To put it another way, these awards are like riding a bear with a beer helmet strapped on – awesome, practical, and local.  This year, we sent our very own JoAnne into the lion’s den in pursuit of the Best in Sports title. We wanted to win despite doing absolutely no campaigning apart from voting for ourselves.

This year we were up against some great local sports sites – Avry’s Sports Show, the Oilers Rig, our own Lowetide, The11 and @MattGutsh – so the odds at a threepeat were slim.  Frankly, with all this talent in our fair city it’s almost surprising that anyone is left to read our little Oilers fan site. Despite the stiff competition, the Nation won the award and for that we’re very thankful. Now that we’ve won the ‘Best in Sports’ category for three years in a row, we pledge to continue doing what we do in the hopes that you guys will keep reading it – the pressure is on. 



On behalf of all the writers at OilersNation, and everyone pulling strings behind the scenes, I want to say thank you to everyone that voted for us and reads the site in spite the general suckery of our hockey team.  We’re undeserving of your praise, but we’ll accept it humbly and vow to get better. Over the past ten years, there hasn’t been much to cheer for in terms of performance and yet you guys continue to read the Nation and we’re forever grateful for it.

Luckily, this summer has brought about the kinds of change that could propel our favourite hockey squadron back to greatness. Is this the year where we can actually go into the season with some legitimate hope for progress and improvement? Is this the year that you guys will finally come to a website that isn’t centered around whether or not the Oilers should lose or win to improve their lottery odds? I like to think so. Of course there would be no website without you guys, and I tip my cap to all of you for the undying support.

We appreciate the love, and will keep pushing forward to earn it. Thank you, Nation!