Tuesday Musings: McLellan, Hall and more

The World Championships concluded on Sunday with Canada winning Gold for the first time since 2007. Canada dominated the tournament outscoring their opponents 66-15 on their way to a perfect 10-0 record.

Jason Spezza led the tournament with 14 points and was named an all-star. Jordan Eberle was second in scoring with 13 points, while Taylor Hall finished third with 12 points and was named an all-star. Hall’s seven goals were third most in the tourney, Tyler Seguin (9) and Filip Forsberg (8) had more, but all of Hall’s goals came at even strength. Seguin had five PP goals and Forsberg had two.

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For the Oilers and their fans, the 2015 off-season just continues to get better.

Todd McLellan also won gold, and he will be announced as the 13th head coach (Todd Nelson was interim, so I didn’t include him) in Oilers history later today. He made a very good first impression with Hall and Eberle by playing them with Sidney Crosby for much of the tournament, and they performed well.

Did McLellan know he’d be the next head coach of the Oilers prior to the start of the tournament? We will never know for sure, but playing two of his best forwards with the best player in the world was a very smart move if he wanted those two to learn a few things from Mr. Crosby that could help them and him in Edmonton.

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The Oilers have many holes to fill, but adding McLellan along with general manager Peter Chiarelli last month gives the Oilers significantly more experience at key positions within the organization. Now it will be up to Chiarelli, with some input from McLellan I’m sure, to inject some more experience into the roster.


What will winning the WC mean for Hall and Eberle? It won’t guarantee them success in the NHL, but it will make their summer a lot shorter and much more enjoyable. “It was nice to be around a winning atmosphere again,” said Hall. “You almost forget how fun and addictive it is to win. I learned a lot.”

It was the fourth championship of Hall’s career. He won gold at the U18 in 2008, and at the Memorial Cup in 2009 and 2010, but for the past five seasons he and Eberle have endured more losing than any players in the NHL. Both of them were extremely jubilant after Sunday’s victory over Russia.


  • Jay Woodcroft will be one of Todd McLellan’s assistants. He and McLellan joined the Red Wings staff together in 2005/2006, and three years later McLellan brought Woodcroft with him to San Jose. They’ve coached together for ten years, and one of Woodcroft’s main responsibilities has been running the powerplay. Woodcroft has had some excellent players at his disposal in San Jose, but he is still the one who designs their plays, and Patrick Marleau told me last December, “Jay has a great offensive mind, and he knows how to attack different PK units. He makes us look really good.”
  • The Sharks’ PP has been in the top-ten (6th, 7th, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 10th) every year under Woodcroft, except last season when they were 20th. He ran the PP for Canada at the WC and Eberle raved about his schemes.
  • There has been a lot of talk on Oilersnation about the Oilers trying to pry Brent Burns out of San Jose. Burns has a restricted NMC. He’ll submit a list of only three teams the Sharks could trade him to on June 30th. No chance the Oilers were one of those three last June, but a source told me last night that if the Oilers made an offer to the Sharks he’d strongly consider it because he loves playing for McLellan. The Oilers would have to give up a lot to get him. It would take more than the #16 pick and Martin Marincin, which seems to be the package most present as a starting point.
  • Speaking of Marincin, he was scratched for game six of the OKC/Utica series last night. Marincin has NHL skill, but his competitiveness is the issue. My biggest concern with Marincin has been his attitude more than his play. After being drafted he never took the off-season training serious enough. He never gained any significant strength or weight until last summer when he added 15 pounds. He was drafted in 2010, but it wasn’t until 2014 that he put in the work necessary to gain muscle and strength. I’m sorry, but you can’t coach commitment. His has been lacking off and on the ice, and it is up to him to change it.
  • I’m not saying he can’t. We’ve seen many examples of players who finally clue in. Guys with high-end skill will always get second, third and even fifth chances. Dan Cleary is a prime example. He was a first round pick, but he almost partied himself out of the NHL. Cleary admitted he finally matured when he was 28 and the only team to give him a chance was the Detroit Red Wings, who offered him a tryout for training camp, not even a real contract. If Marincin becomes a regular in the NHL he will have to commit physically and mentally, both on and off the ice. He has the skill, but only he knows if he has the desire to be a regular NHLer. It is a difficult league to play in — you can’t get by on skill alone.
  • Derek Roy is not better than RNH or Connor McDavid in a top-six role, and he isn’t better than Anton Lander or Boyd Gordon in a defensive role. If they want a veteran fifth centre, which would be wise, then I’d look at him later in the summer. No way I’d add him before free agency or looking at other trades.

  • Roy cannot be the only player who makes Nail Yakupov productive. Yakupov needs to be productive regardless of who he plays with, otherwise he is not a bonafide top-six forward.
  • If he isn’t already, Tyler Johnson could be the next Marty St. Louis. He continues to write one of the best underdog stories in NHL history. What a terrific player.
  • Don’t expect Nelson to stay on as an assistant in Edmonton. He has been passed over for the head coaching job three times now, and will look for another opportunity in an other organization. I believe he will eventually get an NHL head coaching gig.
  • If the Ducks can have Sami Vatanen, Cam Fowler and Hampus Lindholm on their blueline, why can’t the Oilers have Oscar Klefbom and Darnell Nurse on the roster next year? If Nurse proves he is good enough to play in Edmonton, then he should stick, regardless of his age.
  • The finalists for our 3rd annual Karaoke contest will be announced later today on my show. The audition videos were outstanding. There will be some great talent on stage this Friday night. The winner takes home $1,000. (Donated by On The Rocks.) You can buy tickets to this fun-filled charity event here. 100% of the proceeds goes to charity.

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    • The GREAT Walter White

      McLellan will do everything in his power to retain Nelson as one of his assistants!!!

      He will need a fall-guy in December (see the previous 10 years of Oilers…) and the last thing he will want to do is fire one of his buddies…


      • S cottV

        At some point, the Oilers are not going to be able to keep all of their first rounder guys.

        To make it all fit – in the end, they need the right mix and right type of players, that fit the vision – which PC advises is a bigger and harder team to play against.

        Trades have to be made, ufa’s have to be attracted and it all has to fit into the cap system.

        Eberle and Yak are two guys that don’t really fit the bigger and harder to play against mode.

        Eberle’s stock is pretty high right now, given his excellent performance at the worlds. Without taking anything at all away from that – remember it was on big ice, where there is a lot more time and space, with less need for physicality.

        If you thought that eventually some young first rounders must go, this may be the best chance to get a strong return for Eberle.

        As for Yak, his stock value isn’t nearly as high – but geez, if there was a team or teams that really believed that he will pan out one day and were prepared to give back something of reasonable value to round out our roster – then trade him.

        Contrary to what a lot of people think, Yak is not a physical hard to play against player. Hard to play against players – are two way guys that produce offence, drive forward zone play, limit turnovers, win battles, play smart, sacrifice where necessary -etc,etc, and have comparatively strong plus minus stats. The real beasts that fit this mode on other teams, would consider Yak to be a picnic.

    • Smuckers

      Would this get it done?

      1st(2016)+3rd(2015)+Shultz+Marinson+Khaira for

      Also I guy I hope the oilers sign is Chris Wiedmen out of the senators system. He seems to deserve a shot, could be our #7. Puck moving D that put up huge numbers in ahl, down side is he is small. But with those two coming in(Burns/Irwin) our D would be much bigger anyway.

    • Paq Twinn

      Next, we wait for Nelson, and hopefully Eakins too, to get another job so the Oilers can ask for compensation. Everyone else is, or do we have fire Nelson before we can expect compensation?!! What a ef you sea kay eye in gee joke!

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Sweet baby Jesus, this is all really happening, isn’t it? At the draft, I hope we complete the image of a professional team and only have Chiarelli and McLellan on stage.

        • Chongler

          No way, I want his kid being every much a part of this team as possible. For all we know Katz Jr. was the one who went into his dads office and demanded that he stop hiring his buddies to make all these key decisions! His son on stage is synonymous with the Oilers picking some great players.
          Stop this nonsense.

        • Smuckers

          Let’s focus on the bigger picture here. McDavid putting on an Oiler’s jersey is what I’ll be tuning in to watch. Katz could bring his whole family up on stage if he wants.

        • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

          Yeah, I’d be okay with Nicholson and Katz as well. I was kind of trying to imply I don’t want Katz’ kid on stage again without coming out and saying it. I don’t think it’s right how people dump on the kid, but this is the Connor McDavid draft, and we finally look like a professional organization. Don’t bring Hall or Nuge or Draisatl, leave Katz jr at the table. This day is about McDavid, no one else.

          EDIT: for the the Oilers, that is.

          • Canadian Hockey Fan

            I wouldn’t worry about Katz Jr. taking any of the spotlight from McDavid.
            If I owned the team and my son wanted to be on stage, it would happen.
            It is a perk associated with being a billionaire.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        This. I like this.

        Not sure if the 33rd is enough of a sweetener in that deal, but Franson and Burns would go a long way towards plugging the holes on the blue line. Skidding Schultz and Nikitin frees a lot of cap as well. Then I’d like to see the Wookie put Ferland through the end boards, just so Flames fans will finally shut up about him.

      • YFC Prez

        I rarely offer imput to trade suggestions because usually theyre completely out to lunch.

        This could work though, the price for Burns is close, I don’t know if San Jose would jump, there are however factors that could help this deal in becoming a reality. Remember Burns had a disastrous year in San Jose this season and that only helps the oil, also the Mclellan factor should change the players view of the oilers as Gregor already stated.

        We really need a player like Franson.

        The only tweak I would offer is keeping Schultz over Ference. They both have major issues in their game but Ferrence’s are due to age and that cannot be helped. Schultz still has the potential to be a solid 3rd line pairing d man with major upside offensively.

        Schultz bothers me more than any other D-man in the system but if he figures it out there will be a player there. Ference cant turn back the clock, unfortunately.

    • Kevwan

      A nice read with my morning coffee. Good job Gregor.

      I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the OKC-Utica playoff series but Nurse looks outstanding. After 3 games he looks to be the Barons #1 D. He has to continue the strong play and improve in camp but at this point, I’d be surprised if he wasn’t with the Oilers to start the season.

      Something doesn’t add up with Marincin. He finished the 13/14 season playing well, finally added some muscle last summer, then struggled this past season. If the dedication started last off season why did his play decline afterward? Anyway I think he has more trade value than most on ON give him credit for. A 23 yr old D who is about a 30 pt/yr pace , has played 85 NHL games, at a low salary and has potential for improvement. Marincin and the #16 should get a very good d.

      I’m assuming the reason to wait on Roy is money. Why not just offer him 1- 1.25 mil on a 1 yr deal now. I’ve read that the Oilers want to start McDavid on the wing which would probably mean Lander as his C. Even if McDavid does move to C, are his wings Yak and Hall? Those 2 have never really played together. I see Lander and Hall with McDavid. If Drai’s not quite ready then we need another C. If there’s someone Chiarelli thinks he can get that’s better than Roy it’s OK but if not, why wait.

      • Jason Gregor

        I see him more as a #7 right now and I’d rather he played every game in the AHL than sit most nights in an NHL pressbox.

        I agree he is close, and won’t be surprised to see him play some games next year when injuries arise.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        True that. That kid is a willing wielder of composite/body contact on any incoming winger. Good size and decent foot speed combined with a mean streak. If he doesn’t find work here in Edmonton, I;m sure there are a few other teams who recognize this in Brandon as well. Maybe he even moves up a few rungs on the depth chart under this new regime here now. A potentially affordable decent second pairing guy ( a 4 or 5) as early as next season in my books. The Oilers will be needing bargains in the middle part of the roster and he could be one of those whose contributions exceed his contract. A good plug and play player who could be ready now. He could easily surpass the usefulness of a Jeff Petry or Marty Marincin.

        Good point John.

    • pkam

      Agree wholeheartedly with your questioning why the Oilers can’t run Klefbom and Nurse on D this coming season.

      Both of these players appear to have superior skill sets and are motivated to succeed. Just because they are young does not mean they cannot succeed.

      If they both earn positions at TC, then start them.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      There are only so many head coaching jobs in the NHL.Obviously.30 teams.30 Jobs.

      Todd nelson has done an excellent job. We all know it. Todd Mclelland knows it. Winning takes more than just a head coach.

      Example. Sather/Muckler/Green.

      Just saying that winning trumps a lot of other things in sports. Todd Nelson is not stupid.If Todd McLelland asked me to stay on I’d seriously look at the offer as one that may be better for me long term than taking another job elsewhere.

      Hall and Eberle were top drawer during the WHC. They had Crosby drooling.

      I see where Malkin woke up. Albeit against lesser lights.If I am Pitt he is out the door this summer.

      been an Oilers fan 37 odd years. Can’t recall being this hopeful and confident in a very long time. The talent is there. The coach will there after today. I look forward to less losing and more winning.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Can’t wait for Ferland to take a hooking penalty on McDavid as he tries to keep up with him, only to have Ebs walk in from the half wall and roof it on Hiller ten seconds into the powerplay.

      Off a filthy no-look dish from the Magic Man, of course.

    • Quicksilver ballet

      Look at that hairline Todd is rockin in that photo. No receeding at all there happ’nin. Only thing I would do different would be to go with a #2 on the sides and back of the head (the WWII special) for a more aerodynamic look.

      Must be a tough day for the Gregor types on this day. Sympathies Jason.

    • Smuckers

      Finally we have some professionalism in this organization. Why it took so long, who knows but the timing is perfect!

      Meanwhile, somewhere out there, MacT is waxing Dallas Eakins bikini zone…

        • Smuckers

          Winning only matters when you go all the way and win a Stanley Cup. Making The playoffs for 9 yrs does not equal 1 cup. Ill take Mcdavid over pretending to win because nobody remembers who came in 2nd place. We got Mcdavid…your team didn’t so…..Be afraid-Be very afraid!

            • hagar

              I guess we will see how the rest of the team makes out.

              Not sure if you remember, but the oilers were one of the worst teams in the league this year. They are covered in holes that need to be cleaned out and filled.

              My point was that if your only goal is to win a cup, the biggest chance the oilers have, is to move assets.

              I care about a lot more than just winning a cup. Having a solid team to cheer for year after year is most important to me.

        • Smuckers

          So you don’t want McDavid? Well I can’t debate that the past 9 years has been brutal but here we are. Can’t change the past. Be thankful we have a qualified GM and coach for the first time in a long time.

    • Canadian Hockey Fan

      Sami Vatanen (62 games) and Hampus Lindholm (42 games) both spent time in the AHL before starting in the NHL.

      Let Nurse dominate in the AHL before bringing him up. Pre-season is too short to tell if a player is really ready.

      • Jason Gregor

        Lindholm played in AHL at 18, special rule for European players. Nurse couldn’t have played there at 18.

        Lindholm was in the NHL last season when he was 19 and now this year at 20.

        Nurse will play his 10th AHL game in game 7 vs. Utica. I’m not sure he automatically needs 34 more games to be the same as Lindholm.

    • Devolution

      Roughly six weeks ago I wrote on this site that I see no reason to believe the Oiler’s will be any better next year.

      What a difference a month makes!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      The accelerator sure has been punched. This new regime, along with Connor McDavid will quickly supress the painful memories of the last 9 years.

      The Oiler pride has been restored. I’m expecting Peter and Todd to add a couple key contributors to the roster (a Talbot and Seabrook or OEL types) in the next couple months. Start out their time here with a bang.

    • RCN

      J, do you get any sense as to who else will be on McLellan’s staff? I expect Acton out, but any chance Ramsay & Thompson stay on. Obv McLellan’s call, but those two would give some sense of continuity having been here for a yr. Could see Ramsay fulfilling Larry Robinson’s role on McLellan’s SJ staff. Thoughts?

      • Jason Gregor

        Acton will be out for sure. Thompson is tough one for me. Players were very high on how he broke down film and what he showed them. He is a bright guy, and I could see McLellan speaking with him, but I don’t know if he has a coach who he trusts with video.

        Ramsay could stick, but again, it is up to McLellan. He will have free reign to pick who he wants, and I’m assuming that even means the goaltending coach.

    • Please Gregor, don’t stoke the expectations on Nurse being in the NHL. The fangirls are already hyperventilating enough over that.

      The oilers, their fans and select Edmonton media always talk a big game about patience and proper development and then proceed to lose their heads and rush the latest blue chipper into the line up.

      The prudent thing is to plan for him to develop in the A even if he absolutely kills it in camp. If he immediately dominates in the AHL and earns an early call up ahead of schedule, then that is a pleasant bonus.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        if Nurse kills it at training camp, then you don’t send him to the AHL, that’s ridiculous! and if he immediately dominates the AHL and earns an early call up, then the Oilers would have wasted his time putting him down there.

        if he’s ready to play this season, he plays, simple as that! Ekblad and Jones were both ready at 18 and played reasonably well their first seasons, there’s no reason why Nurse can’t at 19 if he’s ready.

          • HardBoiledOil 1.0

            the obvious difference was a) Leon wasn’t ready, and we all knew it, and b) MacT is a horrible judge of talent!

            Craig should have dealt with trading Leon to another junior team much sooner than he did if going back to his old team was out of the question, but no, he dilly dallied and kept Leon on the NHL roster when the fans could see he needed to go back to junior.

            and comparing Leon’s personal development to Nurse or any other player’s development is ridiculous! they each develop at their own pace!

            • S cottV

              The environment surrounding LD breaking into the NHL last year, was about as bad as you can get for a rookie centreman trying to find his way.

              The stronger the goaltending, the d corps and supporting wingers, the easier the transition.

              LD is a better player than met the eye, as an Oiler this past year.

              If you could have surrounded him with the right complimentary players, he gets through the season gaining valuable experience.

              Assuming that he and Nurse look good in camp, I wouldn’t screw with them, even if you have to play LD partly in the middle and partly on the wing – depending on who is going and injuries.

      • Jason Gregor

        I never said he had to make the team, I said you don’t cut him just because he is 20. If he is one of your best six defenders then he can play.

        Lindholm played at 19. Fowler played at 18 and the Ducks have had success, because those kids were better than keeping less talented D-men on the roster.

        I’d expect Chiarelli to bring in a few solid D-men, and let them compete with Nurse for a roster spot. Don’t gift wrap him a spot like MacT did with Draisaitl, but if Nurse proves he is worthy of a spot you keep him.

        You don’t put him in the minors if he is better than players in Edmonton. If he can help them win more than Nikitin then he should be here. Let him show prove it, rather than automatically say he has to play in AHL.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      As per Staples, Nurse is the only guy from the top 10 of the 2013 draft not an NHL regular at this point.

      With the extra development in junior, Nurse will become the best D man of his draft year. Book it.

      Full disclosure: I’ve got a raging mancrush on Nurse, so maybe take that with a grain of salt.

      Nurse was out there in the final minute of the elimination game against Utica while they were “Nursing” a one goal lead. Just an FYI.

    • rayrayj

      Wow,wow wow,first Bob Nicholson as CEO,then the hiring of Peter Chair and the lucky socks that got us number 1 draft pick and now Todd Mclellan as a coach,man I’m loving being a oilers fan because its been yrs since we had something to cheer about,thank you Darrel Katz for hiring Bob nick as CEO because this hiring of Todd mclellan has Bob Nicholson wrote all over it,I believe there’s gonna be lots more to come,now we might see niemi if mclellan thinks he’s worth it or not?We have the best CEO,GM and now coach in the NHL!!Mclellan is the next Babcock in the making, I still can’t believe what has happened in 2 months..Welcome to Edmonton Todd Mclellan..

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      Nurse’s size and skating are ready for war, if his hockey sense is anywhere near that level, he’ll earn a spot in camp and probably stay there for the next ten years.

    • TKB2677

      No disrespect intended to Derek Roy but I am hoping the Oilers can do a little better than adding a 32 yr old, 5’9 center who isn’t that great on faceoffs and really isn’t suited to play in your lower lines. Even before McDavid, I was hoping the Oilers would try to improve on Roy but have him as a bit of a last resort.

      The whole Yakupov thing bothers me in that a player with his skill set, talent and who was as highly touted as he was, he should be a better player than he is regardless of the coach or who he plays with. Eakins definitely hurt his development but when you are a #1 overall pick, just on ability and talent alone you should be able to rise above some things at least a little. #1 overall players are supposed to be good enough that they make everyone else around them at least a little better and develop themselves to a degree. Yakupov did the exact opposite. He didn’t develop at all and made players around him worse. It’s at least 50% his fault and that is inexcusable. The fact that his play was impacted so much by others tells me he is a complimentary player and for me, you don’t draft a player #1 overall to be complimentary.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      I’ve got visions of Hall and McDavid tear-assing through the neutral zone with Nurse joining the rush. I think Cogs MIGHT be able to chase them down, but I doubt it. Anyone else remember that epic drag race between Hall and Cogs two years ago? He could’ve reached out and grabbed Hall’s jersey, but just didn’t have the extra gear to overtake, and Hall managed a shot. Probably one of my favorite moments of the last two years, in which ‘favorite moments’ were a pretty alien concept.

        • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

          I actually forgot about that. From Google, “It can be inferred that the maximum speed that a NHL player can reach is greater than 45 kph but less than 50 kph.” Hockeydb has Drai at 210 lbs. Any math-types able to calculate the force of 210 lbs hitting you at 45 KPH?

          I missed that skills comp, did Hall blow a tire going around the net like he does every year?

          • pkam

            I didn’t watch the competition myself. I just looked up the result at the end of the day and was shcoked.

            Drisatle finished 80ms ahead of Hall at 14.537s. I think he may be a bit slow to pick up but he has a higher full speed. Like one of those V10 pickup, once it reaches its maximum speed, you just can’t keep up with it.

            Since a lap is about 500 ft long, so he can finish 2000 ft (about 1.2km) in a minutes. It works out to be about 70KPH, not 45. Imagine a truck coming at you in Yellowhead trail.

            • ubermiguel

              At the skills comp I remember thinking Drai is deceptively fast. Granted it’s not in traffic, so it’s straight ahead speed but once he gets going he can keep up. I also remember thinking Hall looks like he’s skating hard, but the results aren’t necessarily there, which reminds me of how he carries the puck into zone sometimes.

          • Never to give up a good challenge,

            If Drai hits Crosby while skating 45km/hr and eats a healthy breakfast putting him at his peak 220 lbs then,

            if E=1/2 m v^2 this equates to about 7800 J of Energy

            then if this impact is exerted over a 50 cm distance at mid-ice then the equivalent force nears 15kN or about 3x the required force to knock Sydney out and potentially break his jaw again.

            Alas, the same impact will probably knock Drai out too, and only at that point will the two centers have equivalent skill.

      • HardBoiledOil 1.0

        i have never been much of a fan of Marincin and could never figure out why everyone else is? yes, we can all see he’s got God given talent, but he’s so far away from being a top d-man for the Oilers that it’s no wonder he’s constantly mentioned as trade bait.

        we just don’t have forever to wait for this guy, and as far as i am concerned, only Klefbom and perhaps Nurse if he’s ready are the only 2 inexperienced d-men i am willing to put in the lineup right now.

        • Why does he need to be a “top d-man” to be worthwhile?

          This is what drives me crazy about the bulk of this fanbase. Why do people want to get rid of everyone who isn’t either an all star or ignoring the puck while running around hitting people?

          • HardBoiledOil 1.0

            ^because we don’t have a top d-man, and Marincin plays a soft game defensively and is also soft physically. if he can’t score points, what good is he? never understood the bulk of this fanbase crying like crazy that we have to “rebuild ” the ‘D’ here so we can win now, but they want to go into this season with inexperienced Klefbom, Marincin and possibly Nurse.

            • So we throw away everyone who is not a “top d-man”? Teams need to ice six defensemen every game.

              If you want to say you’d like to trade him for someone more experienced I have time for your argument. If argument is “he’s not a top d-man so we need to get rid of him” you are wrong. I don’t know of any teams with 6 all star defenders currently.

            • HardBoiledOil 1.0

              Nurse and Klefbom are the kids likely to play here next year surrounded by hopefully 4 *good*, experienced NHL caliber d-men. so to me and other fans, Marincin is the odd man out, as we probably can’t go into this coming season with 3 inexperienced d-men and hope to win now, which is what the fanbase is saying they want. hope that clears things up?