Edmonton Oilers fans are catching their collective breath after a stunning month of news that included a lottery win in a golden draft, plus the signing of quality GM and coach in quick order. The period between now and July 15 could be insane, with trades, the draft and free agency all ahead. The news is trickling now but will soon be a scream. What’s next? Possibly some closure on a gifted Russian.

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We are here. The Oilers have a motivated player (according to this report) and Slepyshev’s KHL team (who used him more in the playoffs than the regular season) wants him for one more season.


I think most people (myself included) believe Slepyshev is probably ticketed for the AHL and Bakersfield, but it’s also true that Matt Fraser had an uneasy hold on that 3L job at the end of the season. I’ve been speculating about Leon Draisaitl winning that job in the fall, but what about Slepyshev (who is listed as a left-wing)?

  • KHL Boxcars: 58GP, 15-10-25 in regular season
  • Breakdown: 14 goals at even strength, one on the power play
  • SOG: 129 (11.6 shooting percentage, 2.22 shots-per-game)
  • TOI/game: 12:25
  • Points-per-60: 2.08
  • NHLE (Regular season): 82GP, 17-11-28

As a reminder, here’s a draft day bio:

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  • ISS Scouting Report: “Perhaps the best player
    that was most shockingly left off the draft board last year, Slepyshev
    came back strong this year. A talented two-way player with good spirit,
    Slepyshev has great hands and can really make things happen from the
    perimeter with the puck. He shows good work ethic, can play physical and
    also can be a real pest to play against. He shows good power elements
    in his game and can protect the puck well and isn’t afraid to go into
    the dirty areas of the ice. Saw good minutes for Russia at this year’s
    WJC and should be in line to be one of their top weapons for next year’s

  • John Chambers

    Just goes to show how bare our pipeline is on skilled wingers.

    Slepyshev has nothing interesting about him aside from the fact that he’s the best of a lousy bunch.

    At the major-league level however, we’re laughing.

    • Jaxon

      “Nothing interesting about him”? If he wasn’t Russian he may have gone in the 1st round in 2012. Pronman had him ranked #17 in that draft based on his abilities. There are comparables to Tarasenko and Kuznetsov. So yes, signing Slepyshev and getting him over here is a pretty big deal. He could turn into a major piece.

      Possible lineup in 2016:

      Hall – McDavid – Eberle.
      Pouliot – Nugent-Hopkins – Yakupov (LH playing RW).
      Slepyshev (RH playing LW) – Draisaitl – Pakarinen.
      Comeau – Lander – Chase or Platzer


      Pouliot – Nugent-Hopkins – Eberle.
      Hall – McDavid – Pakarinen.
      Slepyshev – Draisaitl – Yakupov.
      Comeau – Lander – Chase or Platzer

      If Slepyshev can bring an all around NHL game with some offence, that’s a pretty damn good and affordable lineup.

    • DieHard

      John You are Priceless.

      Since the turn of the century. 0.20+ GPG in 18 yr season and best NHL season finish for goals.

      Kovalchuck #2

      Semin #7

      Kulemin #27

      Ovechkin #1

      Malkin #2

      Kuznetsov ??

      Tarasenko #5

      Yakupov #28

      Slepyshev ????

      Yakimov ????

      There have been 10 players achieve this in the last 15 year. There have been more fowards achiev 1.40 PPG in there draft year than the group of elite Russian junior goal scores. The last 3 are ours.

      Yup. Slepyshev has nothing to offer. Just like that Taylor Hall guy didn’t.

      Remeber this kid was the Captain of Russia that beat Canada for the bronze in 2014.

  • CDNinATL

    Do you really think Leon would benefit more playing a third line winger role in the NHL next year or 1st line center role in the AHL? Slepyshev needs to play in the A too and get used to the North American game. It’ll also give Chiapete a better idea on what he has in slepyshev. The “throwing the rookies in and see what they got” days are hopefully over

    • John Chambers

      I don’t think you understand the word steal. Cole Cassels at 85 is a steal. Slepyshev at 88 is still yet to be determined.

      And what’s dirty about slepyshev and yakimov? I’ll be amazed if one of them plays over 50 NHL games

      • Jordan88

        There isn’t a adult outside Vancouver who believes Cole Cassels will ever score more than 10 points in an NHL season without 1st unit powerplay time. Seeing as he only broke out in Junior(against younger players) when he got a ton of PP time(which he’ll never get in the NHL) he’s much much closer to an AHL 2nd liner than an NHL 4th liner.

        Slepyshev on the other hand started to put up numbers as a depth player playing against grown men in the KHL. He doesn’t need kid gloves like Cassels will in order to succeed. As such, objectively, Cassels was probably a reach as a 3rd rounder, perhaps better suited to a 5-6th round pick. Slepyshev was a steal as a 3rd rounder, and noted as so by the pundits at the time, and appears to be full value for the title so far.

        I’d advise you to see how your prospects play against adults before calling them steals from here on out, but hey, feel free to make your own(misguided) assumptions.

      • YakCity1039

        Nobody even knew about Cole Cassels up until the playoffs this year. Looking at rankings for the ’13 draft, Cole was considered a 4th-5th rounder, like one of the posters stated. Slepyshev was considered 1st-2nd round talent in 2012, went undrafted, and then slipped to the 3rd round in 2013 where we grabbed him, so yeah, your case is futile. As for you’re comment about you being amazed if Yakimov and Slepyshev play over 50 games, a 6’5-232 lb Center with 2-way ability and a 6’2-190 lb winger who can score goals are valuable commodities in the game today.

        Have a good day sir…

  • BlazingSaitls

    At least Slepyshev wants to come play for the Oilers unlike Roman Horak. Im not certain there is even a roster spot for Horak if he wanted to come to Oilers but he has impressed me over the past couple of years.

    2013-14 Oklahoma City Barons
    53gp 21g 27a 48p

    2014-15 Chekhov Vityaz
    53gp 18g 13a 31p

    So in closing…What about Horak?

  • Armchair_Gm

    I don’t think slepyshev would accept being assigned to the Ahl, and I really don’t think he’s that good.

    Yakimov on the otherhand…..could be a great bottom six player

  • Jordan88

    Pick up Tkachev at the draft, bring Shepelshev over from Russia to play LW in Bakersfield.

    Shepelshev, Yakimov, Katchev will absolutely own in the AHL. Then Draisiatl can be top line C with maybe Chase and, oh I don’t know, Miller I guess?

    The Oilers are depleted a little bit for wing prospects, especially if Pitlick does not return, but given how the NHL team is pretty much set, it’s not the worst problem to have.

    I will dream of this all Russian line. I think it would go a long way to helping all three prospects greatly improve to the point of being ready for an NHL promotion, or upping their trade value.

  • Jordan88

    Slepyshev is basically a bigger stronger version of Eberle remember this kid was top 10 in european skaters in his draft year and no one grabbed him.

    Slepyshev is raw talent and with a good coach and development which I believe Bob will put in place he will grow into possibly on the high end of things Tomas Tatar, on the low end he could potentially be Tommy Wingels.

    Edmonton does not have enough of that in its system.

    Slepyshev is MONEY

  • Joy S. Lee

    If nothing else, this guy can snipe, that much and great hand-eye is clear from that video. It also appears that he is competitive. I like what I am seeing. Sign him, or give him the year (if KHL agrees 1st line minutes) over there, but get him into the system by the following year at latest. That’s my take.

  • DieHard

    Get him in the “A” as soon as possible. He’ll need to stay all year long with possible call-ups. But he needs the experience that The AHL will give him.

  • DieHard

    If you are thinking of him being on the 50 man roster, and want him here in Canada/USA, then bring him here this summer to check out his shape, and training habits.

    Seems to me many of these Russian and Eruo[ Marincin ] guys spend to much time at the
    Perogie Palace in the summer time.[excluding Jagr fromt he list ].

  • Leni

    Full interview with Google Translate

    P.S. Alex Galchenyuk is a one of Yaks’ best friend. I heard rumors in some Russian forums, that Habs dissapointed in Alex. And want trade him for someone from Oil

    • Joy S. Lee

      Well, if that rumor is true, I’ll take Galchenyuk in a heartbeat. However, I’m not even going to give this the energy of figuring out what the return should be, because I don’t really believe it.

  • ooj


    Seems many of these CHL Canadian boys are too entitled to Succeed!

    Look how many so lack character they are not even drafted from the CHL!

    The russians that are brought in seem to have better success.

    • Joy S. Lee

      You got lots of trashes for that, but I think people were missing your overall point, there Ricki. Discrimination isn’t really fair whenever or wherever it’s used in the decision-making process… but that also doesn’t mean it won’t be, and there’s not a thing anyone can do about it. Besides, it hurts the fools that can’t see past their assumptions more than anyone else, because they miss guys like Tarasenko in the entry draft, etc. It balances out. But I think I get what you were saying.

  • like most fans in North America, I don’t know much about the players in the KHL unless they come from scouting reports.The video of Slepyshev looks very promising. He has a good pass, knows how to make a play, seems to be able to find time and space on the ice to get some shots on goal for himself.

    It would be interesting to have him in the AHL on Bakersfield’s team playing alongside Yakimov to see what he can do.

    One thing is for sure, we need some more depth on the wing and Slepyshev will provide us just that. It won’t hurt to give him a try on the farm club.

  • Leni

    I like this player,

    #1 overall KHL pick

    Captained Team Russia at the WJC

    Played pro hockey at 18 years old

    Can skate and forecheck

    Get him over here this year.

    Have Leon, Pakarinen and Slepshev play on a line in Bakerfield until they dominate or Christmas and then bring then up to play 7-10 minutes a night.

    • CDNinATL

      Eh men brother!!

      I was worried when you were naming the line then I saw Bakersfield in there…

      By the way….thanks OKC for all the support of the Barons! Truly classy fans and I’m proud to wear an Oilers jersey beside you guys!

  • YakCity1039

    Slepyshev should sign another year in the kHL. He won’t crack our star-studded line-up anyway???

    Get more experience.

    If and when he becomes into a ready NHL player then we sign em up.


    Chiarelli you’re up. Better realize the potential soon here pal.

    • Cowbell_Feva

      Yakupov has been given the opportunity to play on all 4 lines over his NHL career. I am one who thinks his rope has been too long. His overall game has slightly improved, but to say that he hasn’t had anyone to play with is rediculous.

      I think he’s a one trick pony. Great one timer….somewhat mediocre in all the other disiplines. Defensively brutal. Not sure where all the love comes from. Maybe because it looks like he is skating fast with his wide stride and has flash and dash, but not much real results given his first overall status. Time will tell. Hope he can turn the corner with McLellan ….if hes around this winter!!

  • oilredemption

    I think the only reason they want slepy is so fetisov can get a deal done and lock him in khl for a few years if he takes that 1 year deal. Fetisov wants to keep all his young stars and not let them go to NA. The oilers should act quickly.

  • Harry2

    heres a crazy thought. Why not have Slepychev flank LD IN THE BLOODY MINORS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

    Enough using the NHL as a developmental phase of a players career.

  • nuge2drai

    Oiler Domination To Follow

    Pouliot Hopkins Eberle

    Hall McDavid Purcell

    Slepyshev Galchenyuk Yakupov

    Hendricks Gordon Klinkhammer

    Wonder what it would take to grab Alex from the Canadians and reunite the best friends. Should spark Yak and make for an exciting duo.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    To me, Slepyshev is like a Christmass present under the tree that you didn’t know was there, or forgot about. Now your not sure what it is or what your gonna get, but your pretty sure your gonna like it.. Haha lets hope it’s an early Christmass in Bakersfield.