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This week the Oklahoma City Barons drew their last breath as a franchise and now pass into hockey’s history with only our memories of five fascinating seasons and dozens of young hockey players trying to make their way to the NHL. Brand Hunt and Richard Bachman (in photo by Rob Ferguson, all rights reserved) did their best but could not get past Utica in the team’s final opportunity to win an AHL championship.


  1. LD Brad Hunt 10GP, 3-7-10
  2. R Matt Ford 10GP, 2-7-9
  3. R Andrew Miller 10GP, 3-3-6
  4. L Ryan Hamilton 10GP, 5-0-5
  5. C Jason Williams 10GP, 0-5-5
  6. C Jujhar Khaira 8GP, 3-1-4
  7. L Josh Winquist 10GP, 2-2-4
  8. LD Jordan Oesterle 10GP, 1-3-4
  9. LD Darnell Nurse 4GP, 0-4-4
  10. C Connor Jones 10GP, 3-0-3
  11. F Kellen Jones 10GP, 2-1-3
  12. L Curtis Hamilton 10GP, 1-1-2
  13. LD Brandon Davidson 10GP, 1-1-2
  14. D Martin Marincin 8GP, 0-2-2
  15. C CJ Stretch 9GP, 0-2-2
  16. R Greg Chase 4GP, 0-1-1
  17. L Mitchell Moroz 6GP, 0-1-1
  18. G Richard Bachman 9GP, 1.55 .953
  19. G Laurent Brossoit 2GP, 3.46 .909

A big part of Edmonton’s future played deep into the spring in OKC. Darnell Nurse played a major role in the final series of the year against Utica, and veterans like Brad Hunt, Matt Ford and Richard Bachman played their hearts out. Many of these names will see action in Bakersfield next year, while others will likely catch on with new NHL clubs or in Europe.

It was a tremendous run in Oklahoma City, and I’d like to thank everyone we talked and followed on blogs and on air over the last five seasons. I’ll forget someone, but did want to specifically thank Todd Nelson, Jim Byers, Neal Livingston, Eric Rodgers, Patricia Teter and of course Rob Ferguson. 


  1. C Marc-Olivier Roy 2GP, 0-3-3
  2. C Leon Draisaitl 1GP, 1-0-1

Draisaitl’s game was eventful (goal and a misconduct) and Roy has played (once again) well in a two-way role, but Edmonton has not signed him. At this late date, if they haven’t signed Roy there’s a chance we’ll see him traded or back in the draft for a final time.

The decision about WJ’s may or may not be a huge item, depending on your point of view. My belief is that LD was playing for the Oilers leading up to the tournament (his final NHL game was Dec. 31) and Edmonton was well within their rights to keep him on the big club. I don’t think he should have been on the team, but that’s another conversation.

This is the final weekly update of the season, I’ll have a ‘prospect review’ article out in the next week or so detailing seasons great and small for Edmonton’s hopefuls. 

    • Joy S. Lee

      Hard to say. The top 5 are all vets. But 9 of the next 14 are Oiler draft picks, I think, and they’ll add several more draft stock to the farm on next year’s team, including guys like Slepyshev (apparently), maybe Draisaitl, and they’ve got a lot of picks in the upcoming draft, too. My guess is the Oiler’s farm team is about to take on a more youthful, developmental look – which I personally prefer – now that the system is beginning to fill in.

    • Alsker

      It’s not good. It is understandable. The Oilers promoted or traded away their best prospects. Lander, Kleifbom and Marincin promoted.

      MPS and Tobias Reider traded.

      • Joy S. Lee

        Speaking of which… does anyone else think Magnus Paajarvi would fit nicely on our 3rd or 4th line, and might even slot nicely beside Hall-McDavid on a speed line that could almost not be comprehended in terms of trying to keep up… ?

        I’m just sayin’, always was a fan of MPS’ skating ability, and he would come relatively cheap. Others thoughts on this?

        Cheers for bring him to camp, trash for don’t… ?

  • camdog

    i’m glad MacT and KLowe are done, brutal decision to keep LD out of the WJ’s. classless. show’s poorly on the organization, whether or not it was their decision to make, they made the wrong one.

    • Zapcity

      Your point of view but Leon had a fine season in Kelowna & he had a tremendous year winning the WHL title, not to mention being at the Memorial Cup. It was the right decision in my mind. The Oilers made the decision & couldn’t risk the chance of injury at the WJ! It’s not like he was going to play for Team Canada. Solid hockey decision!

  • fran huckzky

    What would be the point of sending Leon to WJC to play for Germany and to continue losing? He is far better off playing in Mem Cup and learning what it feels like to win.

    • J.R.

      Good call. Playing for Germany is the same as playing for the Oilers last year. Hard to build confidence for Draisaitl in either spot.

      Kelowna Rockets was the best spot for him after the Oilers blew it and tried to keep him in the NHL too long.

      • ubermiguel

        I dunno, maybe he feels pride playing for his country regardless of their chances and (prior) Oilers management prevented him from his last chance to do so as a junior.

        Everything MacT did with Drai was the opposite of what a normal GM would do (i.e.: not burn a year of ELC, allow him to play in the WJC).

        • fran huckzky

          Uber, you say you don’t know and maybe Leon wanted to play for Germany yet you were quick to crap on Oiler mgmt. decisions. You are right about one thing, YOU DONT KNOW.

      • Do what Weight did?

        Should have sent him down sooner and let the kid play for his country. He may have lost with Germany but that is his home country and he would have been getting lots of ice time. If they had worked out a trade sooner to kelowna that would have given him the winning environment earlier on and been even more beneficial. We would be screaming if nurse was put in the same situation playing for Canada.

    • Alsker

      WJC not WHC…WJC was late last fall, he still would have been able to go Kelowna after that. Sad to think we needed a junior centerman to attempt to cover up for MacTs blunder and not give him the opportunity to shine for his home team 1 last time.

      • Alsker

        Actually WJC start on December 26th and run into the new year. It’s one of the best reasons to be Canadian at Christmas time. I thought every Canadian who comments on a hockey blog sight would now this.

        • Alsker

          Well being an Oiler fan our season started the first day Nelson coached solo, so Dec would be late fall. And yes no sh{t WJC is @ christmas even a German like me knows that.

    • Alsker

      Completely disagree, yes the Germans are bad but drai has stated several times he wants to expand the interest in the sport in Germany. What better way then to play for your country.

    • Alsker

      Alan you have given us much needed and valued information about the “baby oilers to be”. Thanks for focusing on them–in this regard LOWETIDE HAS HIT AN HIGHWATER MARK!

      Look forward to your Draft previews and discussions heading to training camp and beyond.

      Cheers! and keep that EXPO momentum going!

  • Zapcity

    Mact did everything right to land Mcdavid. It was planned and only a boy on the bus would sacrifice reputation to better the oilers long term. Mact new he had a 2 year window and would be replaced 1 season before the new rink opens.

    It was a great development year for a young centre.

    Kevin Lowe had to go.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    many forget that the reason Leon stayed for 39 games was because the Oilers felt that he’d have better progress in the NHL even if the Oilers were losing. If they had sent him back to junior before the WJC, he’d go back to the Prince Albert Raiders which would’ve been a losing team at that point. Only when his rights were traded to Kelowna did it make sense to send him back.

    In short, the Oilers kept him past 9 games because it was the best environment for him being surrounded by men(even though they were losing) rather than sinking all the way to the bottom with the rest of the Raiders.

  • Canadian Hockey Fan

    I have enjoyed watching the Memorial Cup. As for the NHL playoffs, a Lightning-Ducks final would probably be the worst final in history. Right up there with the 96 finals.

  • Alsker

    Drysaddle made around 500k playing for the Oilers. He made another 50k staying with The Oiler over Christmas. He played for Germany twice before in the WJC. What makes you bleeding hearts so sure it wasn’t his idea not to play.

    • Serious Gord

      Well draisailtl has said so publically for starters. And the oilers have not contradicted him.

      Are you calling him a liar and the oilers being complicit in that lie?

  • camdog

    Bob Nicholson and Darryl Katz fired Mactavish because of mind numbing decisions like the Draisaitl decision. People can try and defend Mact’s odd decisions all they want, but a very loyal owner fired Mact after only 2 seasons at the helm because of moves like this…

    • Joy S. Lee

      Remember, MacT turned MPS and a 2nd into Klinkhammer (Perron) and the 16th pick in an extremely deep draft year. One example of competence, showing he wasn’t completely lost at sea, though he did employ some odd strategies and choices.

      I actually think he slots in perfectly as Chiarelli’s right-hand man, because he is astute, shrewd, enthusiastic, and a thinking man; he is merely inexperienced, whereas PC is not. A real good fit, I’m glad the team has kept him aboard, actually, but I’m also happy PC is in charge.

  • Joy S. Lee

    As for the OKC Barons… it was a pleasure to see this organization develop some hockey players for a change. What was it, a decade or two between where we actually developed a few players in our system? Yeesh.

    And Todd Nelson and his staff get a lot of points for translating playoff success out of a disorganized organization (from the parent team). Lots of kudos to the guys who have been running the show down there almost since day one.