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In our continuing effort to bring you entertaining content in the time period that shall forever be known as “is it McDavid yet?” it is our pleasure to bring you another edition of War Games. In this episode, I play Glen Sather of the New York Rangers (similar in age) and Jonathan Willis takes on the role of Peter Chiarelli (both smart dressed men who have been photographed in Edmonton restaurants). Last episode went in all kinds of directions, let’s see how this one turns out.


Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers:Hi
Peter, I wanted to drop a line and say congrats on the Oilers job! I
enjoyed my time there very much, sure you will too. I’ve been thinking
about how I could
help you. I might be able to send you a defenseman—Dan Boyle or Dan
Girardi—depending on how things work out here in the playoffs. I won’t
be asking for much, that Lander kid and maybe a third rounder, that kind
of thing. If that works for you, call it in because
I’m probably heading out fishing depending on what happens in G7. PS, The Coliseum down the street makes a great steak for lunch.

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: It’s
so nice to know that the spirit of giving isn’t totally dead among NHL
managers, and you know I think I’m going to take you up on your offer.
Dan Boyle’s the kind of guy we could use and you guys seem awfully tight
to the
cap so why don’t I cut you a deal. We’ll take Boyle’s contract off your
hands, and all we ask in exchange is that you take Nikita Nikitin in
trade – we’ll even retain $1.5 million. You get the bigger, younger,
cheaper defenceman and we get a guy who can mentor
our kids. What do you think?

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers: I don’t know who wrote this, but can you please pass my email on to Peter Chiarelli? thanks.

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: I’m
sorry, I read ‘nothing much, that Lander kid’ and assumed we were
trading funny jokes, not hockey players. Let’s try again: Outside of the
$4.5 million it’s going to take off your books, what would you like for
one year of
Dan Boyle?

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers: My
scouts tell me the Martin Marincin is good but he’s soft as Charmin.
I’m trying to do you a favor for Christ sakes! Is Mansion going to bolt
or is he signable?

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: Oh,
I see the confusion. I have a rule: the team taking on the soon to be
39-year-old defenceman is the one granting the favour. Tell you what,
just because I’m feeling generous – and honestly, I don’t even know why
I’m doing
this – I’ll give you the No. 86 overall for Boyle. If that’s not
somewhere close to the range I don’t know that we’re going to be able to
make a trade involving him.

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers:  Done. Now let’s talk about Cam Talbot.

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: What
would you say to the No. 57 pick there? I recognize that he’s a good
young goalie but there really aren’t that many teams out there looking
for help in net and I can’t imagine you get more than a second-round
pick in exchange. 

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers: No.
57 is interesting, but I’m looking at adding some more immediate help. I
haven’t mentioned him before, but this Anton Lander fellow is

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: He
certainly is. 24 years old, kills penalties, screens the net on the
power play, scored at a 40-point pace this season and is better
defensively than offensively. All that and signed for a bargain basement
six-figure contract
for each of the next two seasons. Given the extreme value on that
contract, I rate him north of that second round pick I just offered you,
and given his position I think he has more value than Cam Talbot in a
1-for-1 trade.
that said, I’m open to the possibility; it’s just that if we do it
we’ll need to back off the value of the pick for Boyle to equalize the

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers:
God, this is taking longer than courting my wife! Okay, let’s get this done so I can go light my cigar! Rangers trade Dan Boyle and Cam Talbot to the Edmonton Oilers for Anton Lander and No. 117 overall. The next email better be ‘done’ Chiarelli!

Hypothetical Peter Chiarelli, Edmonton: Almost!
I’m just in enough of a bind that I have to balance contracts in with
contracts out; I’m awfully close to the limit on my 50-man list as it
is. You take Travis Ewanyk off my hands in the same trade and we’ve got a

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers: Do you get paid by the email, Chiarelli? FINE! We need defensemen for Hartford, anyway. Call it in, I’m off to the game!

Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers:Hypothetical Glen Sather, NY Rangers

  • The Last Big Bear

    I’m just going to put this down in writing, to make sure I have it straight in my own head…

    The President’s Trophy winning team is going to call up the Oilers, wanting to trade away the 31 year old defenceman that just led their team in ice time.

    Because they want to land a 24 year old depth centre who has 8 career goals.

    Have I got this right so far?

    And the Oilers are going to laugh it off, because it’s such a bad trade for them ?

    I just want to make sure I’m clear on this.

    That a contending team is going to dangle 20+ minute defencemen, in an attempt to poach a guy who has been in the NHL on-and-off since 2011 and has been a legit NHL player for about 2 months. But the Oilers are going to brush that offer aside, and take an up-and-coming .932sv% goalie instead.

    Because this is actually the silliest thing I’ve ever seen written on Oilers Nation.

    • The Last Big Bear

      Actually, the hypothetical trade was for the NYR to trade Boyle and Talbot for Lander, Ewanyk and a pick.

      It should be noted Boyle starts the season with Nurse, and between McLellan’s coaching and Boyle’s mentoring, Nurse and McDavid astonishingly tie for the Calder. With Talbot exceeding all projections, he is nominated for the Vezina, and the Oilers make the playoffs.

      The only real question in this hypothetical situation is whether the Oilers make the conference or Cup finals. Could be a poll question.

      I suppose when you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Like winning the lottery. But to expect NYR to give up a potential starter and a top-4 d-man for that haul seems like wishing. Buffalo would offer more than this.

      • Zarny

        I suppose when you wish upon a star, dreams do come true. Like winning the lottery. But to expect NYR to give up a potential starter and a top-4 d-man for that haul seems like wishing. Buffalo would offer more than this.

        And what exactly do you think Buf will give up for a 39 y/o who got 20 pts last year against softer competition than Jultz and a back-up G.

        A common line from the trolls around here is negative value. Well that’s Boyle right now. almost a million more expensive than Schultz for fewer points with the same sheltered OZ starts against slightly softer competition on the President’s trophy winning team.

        Not to mention I’m sure his 39 y/o legs will be fresh as daisies after leading NYR in ice-time in the playoffs if he doesn’t opt for retirement in lieu of playing in Edm or Buf.

        No one is giving up anything of value to do Slats a favor and take Boyle off his hands. And Talbot alone isn’t worth more than a 2nd rnd pick.

        • camdog

          Boyle’s best seasons were under McLellan in San Jose. He also has a ring, and has played 1,000+ games. He is definitely past his prime at 38, but he is still good enough to play a lot of minutes for the Rangers during the playoffs. You don’t think that Jultz, Marincin, Nurse and others would get value playing with that type of experience? is he the dream d-man? No. But he would be a top-4 dman on this team.

          As for Buffalo, I think it should be clear to everyone that they were tanking to either draft McDavid or Eichel. now that they’re guaranteed Eichel, they will be playing to win, and adding a goalie like Talbot is a smart bet. In addition to draft picks they also have a deep pool of prospects.

          You don’t think that multiple teams will kick the tires on Talbot?

          • Zarny

            Boyle certainly has some pros and yes I think the young D would benefit from playing with him. The Oilers are certainly better with Boyle versus nothing.

            My objection is player usage. With NYR, McDonagh, Girardi, Staal and to a lesser extent Klein get the tough minutes. Boyle faced the lowest QoC of NYR top 6 D with a 61.8% OZ start push. Boyle got the same treatment his final 2 years in SJ. Easiest competition and lots of OZ starts.

            The Oilers already have a D they need to shelter like that with Schultz who at least will be around after next year. In Edm, Boyle would have to play tougher minutes against better competition. He hasn’t been able to do that for 4 years.

            Boyle won’t look any better playing above his head than Ference. And since the Oilers only have enough cap space to add 1 D I wouldn’t go with a player whose strengths and weaknesses are the exact opposite of what Edm needs.

            As for Talbot, I’m sure a few teams will inquire. He’s one of the G I’d go after this year. But unless you are sold that he is the next Schneider he’s worth no more than a 2nd round pick. And if it was my choice I’d simply leave Boyle out of the deal.

    • What article did you read?

      Boyle is 39 and has zero value.
      This is a Talbot for Lander, 117 pick, Ewanyk, and taking Boyle off the Rangers’ hands.

      It’s a pretty even deal, but it might force Draisaitl to play centre in the NHL sooner rather than later.

  • hagar

    Did anyone else not win the lottery tonight? Wtf is this sh’t?

    I jumped on the excitement train, and bought a ticket for my first time, and I didn’t even get one of those million dollar sh’ty wins?

    Super lame.

    I thought I would have had a mcdavid chance for sure!!

  • BillHK

    I love the banter—seems real except there would be more swearing!!… I think that is more than generous for the Oilers–BUT- I don’t see giving up on Anton Lander-a quality person and a quality team mate who is just coming into his prime. Don’t get me wrong I know that you have to give up something to get something. I would not do this deal for the OIL.

    We can’t afford to have Talbot when we need an established goaltender to settle down the team. Boyle would be wonderful but at 39 he will not be around when Lander is hitting his stride. At best this is a sideways move for the Oil.

  • There is nothing l like about the above trade proposal. Oilers get a over aged player and a unproven goalie for Lander a pick and a prospect. No way, l do this. Lander is going to be the next Gordon with more offense. Maybe talbot turns into a good goalie in the future but l am not taking the risk, oilers need an experienced goalie.
    I think it is funny how writers on sites like this come up with these stupid ideas as good trades. If a blogger said this, Lowetide would be criticizing the proposal in a heart beat….. Thanks but not thanks

  • The Last Big Bear

    The article starts with Slather offering Boyle or Girardi for Lander and a 3rd.

    It ends up being bargained into Boyle and Talbot for Lander and a 4th.

    I like Lander as a player, but this whole is thing laughably one-sided for the Oilers from start to finish.

    • Oilers give up an unproven center with great promise, a pick, and a depth prospect. They get an unproven goalie and a next to useless 39 yr old d man with negative value.

      The deal is fair, and I’m not convinced it isn’t in favor of NY.

    • Zarny

      No, it’s really not one-sided.

      NYR are the team up against the cap; not Edm. See Boychuk and Leddy for reference. Boyle will be 39 next year; not 31. He managed all of 20 pts this year and was so effective the Rangers acquired Yanfle at the deadline to replace him.

      And Boyle leads NYR in minutes the same way Jultz leads the Oilers. A steady dose of OZ starts and soft competition.

  • YakCity1039

    This was interesting and something that could happen. Might have to have a conditional in there if talbot signs. I think we should do more though.
    Girardi and talbot for yakupov, musil, and a third. Possible? If you have to throw a conditional three if he signs then do it.

    • pkam

      The problem with the scenario you suggested is that it will end immediately. What else can Chia say than ‘Done’ to continue the conversation? Perhaps Chia can persuade Poile to take back some salary? I mean Nikitin.

  • Zarny

    How about they just keep Boyle and we keep Lander. And we’ll do a third round pick for talbot since there’s only about 3-4 teams looking for a goalie…

  • paul wodehouse

    I agree with Hockey viking, a sideways move. Looking ahead a few years from now the oil will be up against the cap. If the oil are going to go after a true #1 Dman they are going to need to dangle Eberle to get one. Nashville needs scoring and he could be the piece they need. The return- Josi or Weber ( obviously more pieces involved for Weber ). We dont need an older vet with 1 year left on his retirement contract to come in and mentor our young dman, we need a guy with term left to stick around as Nurse and Klefbom will need a few years to come into there own. Trust me I am a huge Eberle Fan but a bigger Oiler fan. Trading a guy like Eberle means Nikitan , Ference, and Purcell will be traded and/or bought out and full rebuild will take place. To many holes to fill in one off season. My guess – Ference and Purcell will be traded, one 5/6 dman added like McQuaid and a top four like Sekera or Meszaros. What if Todd M. can get jultz and nikitan to play better on the back end. Ride out Nikitans last year and see what Justin can do playing better minutes under a new system. Patience is needed again but change is here now.

    • camdog

      Talbot is 27 years old who has played 21 NHL games. He was really good in these 21 games but this is a extremely small body of work. His AHL record in 3 years of work was solid (about .915 SP, 2.7ish GAA)but not spectacular. I don’t think it is a given, or maybe even likely, that Talbot gets the Rangers’s a roster player. A “sure fire” goalie like Schneider was worth No. 9 pick, so I’m thinking Talbot might be a 2nd round pick. Any roster player for Talbot is a good return for the Rangers. If the Rangers think Lander can be a roster player for them, they would be interested.

      However, I hope the Oil have no interest in an unproven goalie, they need a proven starter. I still like the idea of getting Anderson out of Ottawa.

      • camdog

        Talbot played in 36 games this year alone with a .926 save %. Lander has two months of 40 point pace in the last 6 years and that occurred in mop up time last year for a 28th place team

        • camdog

          My mistake I didn’t take into account both of Talbot’s years in NY. His total is 57 NHL games, about 1/2 of Schneider’s 110 when he was trades with similar SP and GAA. He is one year older than Schneider and will be a UFA next year if unsigned. Maybe a late 1st rounder can be got for this. Would a Landner type player be good enough for the Ranger’s?? Depends what the market offers. The Rangers have to do something with him before he reaches UFA as King Hendrick isn’t going anywhere.

          • nuge2drai

            That’s true. Lander is being over valued a great deal though. He could just as easily be on waivers At Xmas. He only has a short burst of ok hockey at the NHL level. I don’t think a Dan Boyle would be s bad addition but since you are providing cap relief, a third rounder may be a little high. It’s going to be an interesting couple of months for a lot of teams. Should be great for us fans.

  • paul wodehouse

    …gotta keep Lander IMO …Dan Boyle is a veteran presence to be sure but he’s got problems with being concussed too too many times …he’s probably still putting his slippers in the fridge since that last time he got clocked in this years series opener against the Bolts …how the guy can see straight is a testament to his guts and grit…just too old and battle damaged.

    …as well LT hope you don’t waddle like Slats does now ? jus sayin’

  • camdog

    Gotta love Oilernation, everybody always wants the other teams good players but doesn’t want to pay the price. And stay away from Slats, we aren’t getting anybody good off of the Rangers without getting fleeced.

    • YFC Prez

      Cam Talbot might be a great goalie one day. But right now no one knows what they’re getting in the player. Small sample sizes are incredibly unreliable when it comes to goalie evaluations.

      Boyle was born in 76.

      I wouldn’t be giving up too much for either of these players.

      If I were making the call I would forget about Boyle all together and offer a second rounder for Talbot. Good chance it’s an overpayment unless Talbot turns out to be the real deal, then it’s a steal.

      I would not trade lander straight up for Talbot though. I think he’s shown that he’s a NHL center with a very good defensive mindset. And we will need him after next year when Gordon’s gone.

  • BigMcD

    On another note … I can’t wait to see McDavid at full speed cutting through Calgary’s D with a sweet dish with Hall or Eberle going top shelf on Hillier!!

  • camdog

    Dan Boyle for Lander? hahaha! This has got to go on the list of the stupidest idea on oilernation. So glad the majority of you are not steering the ship. Great idea’s -Trade another kid for and old broken down defenseman. Some people like the draft more then they like watching hockey that actually mean’s something. Thank’s for the laugh though….Feels like i’m on Leafnation today with all the stupidity.

      • Lander showed he is alot better then he was when he cleared waiver’s or was i the only one watching Oiler games? He was playing like the player he was suppose to be when we drafted him. And 6 month’s ago Boyle was 39. Spend more money on player coach’s? Wasted enough money on Ference who really didn’t help at all. Ference is one of the reason’s we got Mcdavid. He doesn’t score or really do anything since we got him other then give puck’s away when he’s got all the time in the world. can’t see him being the captain next year. He hasn’t earned it and if we weren’t so weak on defense he would probably be playing in Europe somewhere. Far from a decent trade.

  • MillHoodsHockey4Life

    Anyone else look at Button’s projected draft prospects and get excited at who could join McDavid as a 2015 Oiler draftee? Potential for loading up the system and finally bring the kids up right and not relying on lotteries.

    Say no to Boyle.

  • I enjoy these blog post but all I see here is shuffling of deck chairs. All Oilers are doing with these hypothetical trades is helping other teams out of cap trouble without making meaningful improvement to the team. This is a runaway win for NYR despite the trade appearing to be “fair value”.

    Is the price/years we paid developing Lander really worth 1 year of an aging defence man at 4.5M and an unproven Goalie prospect? Absolutely not. This greatly helps NYR while just changing scenery in Edmonton. Foolish!