The Edmonton Oilers are in the running for another puck-moving college
defender and it appears they have a chance. Again! I’m not quite sure
what the Oilers (may) have here, so let’s check it out.

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  • Kirk Luedeke, Pre-Draft 2011: Mike Reilly, D Shattuck St. Mary’s (HIGH- MN)
    Undersized defender has good skill and smarts, but has a long road
    ahead of him. Short and slight, there isn’t much room to grow on that
    5-11 frame of his, which is the primary concern we get when asking
    scouts about him. He sees the ice well, is a strong skater and can
    advance the puck effectively. He’s going to need to spend a lot of time
    working on his strength, but should be a good player at the NCAA level.
    Whether he has the talent and upside to overcome his lack of
    size/strength remains to be seen, and he’s a risky guy. Could get a look
    in the later rounds, but it will be interesting to see how Reilly
    performs during the physical testing portion. Source

Columbus Blue Jackets selected him in the draft, No. 98 overall in the
fourth round. Scott Howson was the GM, Oilers fans were still swearing
at the Oil for passing on Boone Jenner (Howson’s Jackets took him in the
second round). The fourth round in 2011 is turning into a productive
one: J-G Pageau was taken by Ottawa, Johnny Gaudreau went to Calgary and
those scouts Edmonton was so mad at selected Tobias Rieder.

Go figure.

Reilly is a lefty and he becomes a free agent June 16. Edmonton has a chance.


schultz reilly nhle

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Well, Luedeke said he had a long road ahead of him and credit the young
man he found another gear or two. The Oilers are still a building team
and the price is an entry-level deal—there’s no draft picks involved.
What’s the worst that could happen? He’s so good someone loses their

  • OilCanFan1

    Like a couple posters said above, he is now listed at 6’1″ so he isn’t too undersized. He hits, shoots with a slap shot and appears to have some pretty good hands, what is the harm in trying to acquire that? An asset is an asset.

    Also, does anyone think (hope) that maybe Justin Schultz was also affected by Mr. Ego-Eakins? He was dynamite in the AHL and can skate so there is still hope for him with a new coach. They other AHL prospect who was lighting it up was Hunt and he didn’t turn out too well but he doesn’t skate like Schultz and is much smaller so I say wait and see on Schultz, every team in the NHL saw the same thing in him.

  • Bob Cobb

    We missed out on Matt O’Connor, thank God, the guy cant stop a dump in from center and hopefully we miss out on this guy to cause we really need another undersized defensemen who doesn’t hit, didn’t someone just trade that exact thing to Montreal?…… Who was that?….. Leave him alone.

    We need top pairing guys not more 3 through 6 d-men, hopefully someone told Nikitin that he better show up in shape at training camp or he’s the 7th defensemen, put down the Vodka, eat some Borscht, and pick up a weight Nikitin.

  • Randaman

    Sign Reilly if at all possible.

    Trade Jultz for what you can. We can always use more draft picks.

    Reilly looks really good. The key difference I see is the SHOT!! Vision and skating may be a little better than Jultz.

    There are not nine teams trying to sign this guy because he sucks.

  • Joe Mamma

    I’m as tired of jultz’s act as anyone, but I say if he can’t be traded as part of a package for a dman, I wouldn’t mind seeing if McLellan can make a player out of him. Get him on a 15% reduction and see what he can do. Either that or let him walk if a Franson type can be signed.

    As far as Reilly goes, if the deal is reasonable, why not.

  • Joe Mamma

    I kind of have to wonder why? We have a bunch of these guys already in the system. Left handed, undersized, ect ect. One was a Holby Baker finalist, the other seems to be effective in the AHL, but awful in the NHL. Both are undersized left shot puck movers. Why waste a roster spot on another kid like this?

    • Kevwan

      I assume you’re talking about Schultz and Hunt. Signing Reilly allows the Oilers to move on from one or both of them. Absolutely, sign this kid if they can.

      EDIT- You probably mean LaLeggia. He can replace Hunt and Reilly can replace Schultz.

  • Joe Mamma

    Let’s see;
    6’1, 182 lbs. Led the Golden Gophers in scoring (first time in 20 years a d-man did that). A two-time All-American. A Hobey Baker finalist. Played for the U.S. in the Worlds.

    No, the Oilers couldn’t use someone like that.

  • Joe Mamma

    It should be pointed out he is originally from Chicago, and the Hawks were his favorite team. Also, his father is apparently a minority owner with the Wild. But the Oilers have some pretty good young players he could grow with. I suppose there is a chance.

  • Oilcounty88

    Wow we are hard on Schultz. I remember watching his first 20 games with the Oilers and being blown away by his skating ability and the way he was able to see the ice. I know that player is still in there and the right coach can bring that out of him again. He’s never going to be a shut down dman but he can be a great third pairing guy who can quarterback a PP. Pretty similar to a Mike Green scenario and he’s managed to have a solid career. What we need to do is make that big trade for a Buff or Seabrook who can transform a defence over night.

    • ubermiguel

      Your seeing a different player then the rest of us. He’s a good skater, no Erik Karlson. He is average moving the puck. He is an opportunist, can read the play and jump in. He has good powerplay instincts, but his contributions are minimized by the fact he is easy to defend,and he can’t or doesn’t shoot. I watched him in OKC and the Kreuger year alot. He was a rover, and his game has not translated to the NHL yet. He is now reaching the point at 26-27 he needs to show something, or he will never.

      If he cleans up his own end, he can be a top four defender. I think his points will come from playing with good players and not the other way around. His play doesn’t translate to possession, and his only strength so far is capitalizing on open ice in the neutral and offensive zone. He doesn’t produce much 5×5 which speaks to two things. He doesn’t make a great first pass, and he is in his own end alot.

      I’m fully confident this player can be replaced in time by better players.

    • TKB2677

      Man the Oilers had arguably the worst blueline in the last 20 years. I was watching Major League last night suckling on a bottle Canadian and the part when the coach tells Dorn. “Why didnt you dive in front of that one? Don’t give me this Ole’ Horse Manure!”. Yeah thats basically the Oilers defense in a nutshell the past 10 years. The heart and sack went out the window when Jason Smith got traded to Philly. God what I would give to have another Gator.

  • Zarny

    The comments about Schultz and “US college D” are comical.

    Jacob Trouba is a college D. So is Justin Faulk. So is Shattenkirk. Paul Martin. Duncan Keith? Yep spent over a year at a US college. Ryan McDonagh? Went to U. of Wisconsin. Ryan Suter? Also played at the U. of Wisconsin.

    The problem is with Justin Schultz not “US college D”.

  • TKB2677

    The Oilers are in need of an upgrade on defense. They need to explore all avenues. The big thing for me is his compete level. If it is similar to Schultz, then pass. You don’t have to be a guy that beats the crap out of everyone or puts guys through the boards but you need to play with a level of passion and give a crap which Schultz seems to lack. Plus you can’t play scared. Schultz seems almost scared to be on the ice because he will go out of his way to avoid contact at all cost.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    I just read that Reilly’s father is a minority owner in the Wild’s ownership group. He ain’t comin’ to E-town folks. Sorry to bust someone’s bubble. Their might be a 5% chance he comes here at best. Let’s just move on.