The Roundup


Phil Kessel trade destinations, Canucks Markstrom NHL ready, Eddie Lack on the move, who will take Dennis Wideman off Flames hands, learning from Oilers player development, Connor McDavid, Canadian dollars’s impact on salary cap, free agent class of 2015, draft prospect profiles and more in this week’s Roundup.

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In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Top 5 trade destinations for Phil Kessel

Leafs: 10 UFA’s worth looking at

First round targets: Jake Debrusk

Report: Benning offering Eddie Lack for a 2nd round pick

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GM Benning “Markstrom is ready now to play in NHL”

Canucks: Canadian dollar volatility and the salary cap

Charting the development of the Canucks top prospects

I give you a post...WITH A MOOSE! - Imgur

How can the Jets use the return of the manitoba Moose to their advantage?

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Jets 2014-15 season by the numbers: UFA Lee Stempniak

Jets 2014-15 season by the numbers: UFA Michael Frolik

How far did Monahan and Colborne come in their sophomore seasons?

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Flames: A look back at past draft classes

Who can the Flames trade Dennis Wideman to?

The lessons the Oilers should take from Justin Schultz’s development

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5 Things: What should Chiarelli do after drafting McDavid?

A decade of 1st overall picks and Connor

Is UFA Adam McQuaid a good place to spend $2.5M?

Part 2: Interview with Taylor Hall

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More from around the Network…

Top 10 UFA Countdown: #10 Johnny Oduya

2015 NHL Draft prospect: Oiler Kylington

Dangle Video: Conference final recap, Stanley Cup Final preview

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  • Oilers G- Nations Poet Laureate

    “We are the people that keep this whole circus running. We get no love but get to see Wanye freak out about stuff in person which is kind of a trade off.”

    Cheers for you guys who bring us the Nations….

    C’mon Nation…lets show them the love.

    Take my cheers please.

    • The Last Big Bear

      How do you mean?

      Those are all pretty reasonable targets.

      Kessel has hit 30+ goals five times in seven seasons, and broken 36 goals 3 times. He is one of the most productive scorers in the NHL, and still only 27.

      I get that he has a bad rep for being above his coaches, but I also get that he delivers on the ice. He may be one-dimensional, but he brings that dimension in buckets.

      Compare what Leafs fans expect for him against what Oilers fans would expect for the less-productive and less durable Taylor Hall. A player who likewise has a rep for being above his coaches, and is just as defensively hopeless as Kessel, but has never hit 30 goals, and has never played 82 games.

      Kessel has led his NHL teams in scoring for 7 straight seasons. Taylor Hall hasn’t even led the Oilers in goal scoring since his rookie season (when his 22 goals was somehow best on the team).

      Hall is a few years younger, but gets rocked routinely, and has already missed 77 games (20% of his career) to various injuries, while Kessel will probably become the Leaf’s franchise all-time ironman next season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kessel plays more NHL games going forward than Hall does.

      Oiler fans are crowing that Hall looked pretty good at the World Championships. Kessel was named best forward of the 2014 Olympics.

      If anything, I think that article undervalues Kessel.