Peter Chiarelli took over as Boston Bruins GM on May 26, 2006. 36 days later, Zdeno Chara arrived via free agency and the battle was joined. On April 24, the Oilers hired Chiarelli to be their GM, but 36 days later there is no Chara in Edmonton. There are options available, and one of them plays for the Boston Bruins.

  • Elliotte Friedman: With Dougie Hamilton as Boston’s number-one priority and a tight cap
    situation, a couple sources said this week the Bruins informed UFA-to-be
    Carl Soderberg that he was unlikely to be re-signed.

The Bruins have some legit cap issues and new GM Don Sweeney has some contracts that are going to be difficult to trade. David Krejci ($7.25M), Tuukka Rask ($7M), Zdeno Chara ($6.917M), Patrice Bergeron ($6.875M), Milan Lucic ($6M) represent $34 million—or about 48% of the reported $71 million cap for 2015-16 tied up with five major pieces of the cluster.

That leaves a window of opportunity for teams to pounce on unrestricted free agents like Soderberg, and possibly on RFA’s like the extremely talented Dougie Hamilton. Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe built a very strong case for an offer sheet, even outlining a possible ‘line in the sand’ where an offer might be too painful for the Bruins to match:

  • Shinzawa: To sign a player for $7,305,316 to
    $9,131,645 annually, a team would have to give up two firsts, one
    second-, and one third-round pick. As highly as the Bruins think of
    Hamilton, this would be a steep price to pay. Source

If the Oilers offered Dougie Hamilton a massive contract via offer sheet, the Bruins would do their damndest to match. If you look at the aging depth chart in Boston, Hamilton is vital to success over the next several years. My guess is that new GM Sweeney, Cam Neely and the Bruins would move heaven and earth to deny Chiarelli the opportunity.

Which brings us to the Phil Kessel trade. Chiarelli was on the other side of that deal, receiving impact picks that turned into Tyler Seguin and Hamilton as partial payment for Kessel. Is it worth Chiarelli’s time to go through the front door and pursue a trade, as Brian Burke did with the Leafs for the Kessel deal?

It would be expensive, the payment would level Edmonton’s 2016 draft and could include components on the Oilers roster and bubbling under.

Edmonton needs a top-pairing defenseman and that player needs to be young enough to grow with the group and good enough to make things happen opening night.


hamilton vollman

Tough part of the graph (tough opposition, reasonably tough ZS) and a lovely blue bubble. He’s going to cost the moon. Thoughts?

  • Mabell

    Ha so three trash its and no comments to back them. Is there a better leader out there than Seabrook? Name one who is still young enough to grow with the group here in Edmonton and help them win a cup? This group is light years away from contending for a cup and you guys want to trash my comment for suggesting we go after a three time cup champ ( yep the Hawks will win again this year)who is only thirty and reputed to be the heart and soul of the Hawks core group?

    • Oilers4ever

      I happen to agree with regardless of what the naysayers are flapping their lips about. Quite simply if Don Cherry says he’s the best dman in the league what else do you need for proof. The guy coached Bobby Orr…. Arguably the best dman to ever play. He is heads and tails better than anyone else who could be available.

      I also think they should should try and get either Burns from SJ or Bufgulyen out of the Peg. Include Ebs in one deal and Yak in another. Wingers grow on trees more than dmen. This team has proved in the last 5 years that no matter how good your offence could be, a porous defence racks up the losses.

      And sign Nieemi and see how the cards fall. Can’t get any worse than last 5 years.

  • Zarny

    So, given that Dougie’s appetizing sledgehammer confirms what the eye sees what does Bos think they’ll sign him for? Maybe Pietrangelo’s 7 yr $45.5M deal?

    Are they really going to walk away for an extra $1M/yr?

    Not to mention, if you offer a massive deal you have to pay it. If you structure it to be difficult for Bos it will be difficult for Edm.

  • oilersfan497

    Everyone is so mad about trying to do an offer sheet. Personally I think it’s a great idea. I’d offer 7.3 million for 10 years. If they don’t match we would have a quality defensman for the next decade that all we paid for was a first, second, and third. If they match then their cap situation is made even worse meaning it would be easier to try to trade for someone on their team. It’s win win situation so I hope they try.


      What planet are you on right now? The most you can offer him is a 7 year contract and you would have to give up two first-rounders, one second, and one third. Oilers fans are so smrt at hokey.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    When I first read the title of this article I was super excited; I thought it was going to be an article about Andrew Ference and his support of the Edmonton pride parade. Only to be disappointed with this article on offer sheeting Hamilton.

    Too bad. Maybe next time…


  • Morgo_82

    WTF….after all the mess and hardache with Pancake Penner do we really want to start this up again? after we cleared that mess out? You know its hilarious how bagged just thinks we do this with no problem there is a reason its not done.

  • Cowbell_Feva

    Seabrook isn’t going anywhere as it has been astutely pointed out on ON for weeks. Dead lead.

    Dougie Hamilton is interesting, but the offer sheet idea is one heck of a steep price to pay. Salary wise, and even worse pick wise. Let’s face it. The Oilers (even with Hamilton) could be in the running for next year’s lottery as well. (Given the current roster that is!)

    To me, guys like Seth Jones or Roman Josi or OEL or Olli Maata (not sure of his career status via injury) are more attainable and especially with Josi and Jones come at a cheaper cap hit. All young studs. All would make a difference. Maybe it’s just me, but I would hate to give Hamilton the moon and miss out on resigning one of the kids that we have put through the ringer and called it development.