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As I’m sure many of you know Constable Daniel Woodall was shot and killed while executing a search warrant here in Edmonton last night. Today the city tries to pick up the pieces, and I want to take a few minutes where we forget about hockey and focus on something much more important. 

On June 8th, 2015, Constable Daniel Woodall woke up ready to do his job – a difficult job. He went to work, as he did every day, to protect us, our laws, and make sure that we all have a safe place to live and raise our families. While the rest of us go about our lives, brave men and women like Constable Woodall put themselves in harms way to make sure we have a safe place to call home. Constable Woodall didn’t get to make it home last night. He should have made it home last night, and the fact that he did not is a waste of a beautiful life. 

He is survived by his wife Claire and two young children.

I’m not here to tell his story. Others can do that much better than I ever could. I don’t have the words or the ability to accurately portray how brave a human being we’re talking about here. Instead, I’m here to use the platform that I have to try and make a difference to those left behind in this senseless tragedy. Unfortunately, as the headlines fade the hole in the Woodall’s hearts and home will not. With that in mind, we felt an overwhelming urge to do something – anything – to help a family in need, and we can really use your help.



Our friends at Print Machine have designed this commemorative #EPSstrong t-shirt which is on sale now – just click this link. All money raised from the sale of these shirts will be donated directly to the family of Constable Woodall to try and remove a burden from their minds if only temporarily. In no way, shape, or form will this money bring back a father, a husband, and a hero but it’s a small gesture that we’re able to put into motion now.

If you can’t purchase a shirt, or are unable to, we ask that you still share the link to this story. Our goal is to raise as much money as possible for Constable Woodall’s family and every click and share helps us towards that goal. This tragedy should never have happened but it did and there’s no taking it back. All we can do is band together as people in an effort to help those in need, and there is a family that desperately could use some help right now.

 Thank you for taking the time to read and share this article. Take care of each other out there.

  • Do what Weight did?

    As a First Responder, you guys are really going above and beyond. I know the City appreciates this gesture. To all you at the Nation, a cudos to you.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    This happened less than 5 blocks away from me. It’s amazing to think something terrible like this could literally be so close to home. RIP to Constable Woodall. Thank you for keeping us safe and thank you to the rest of the EPS. Also, thanks for the link ON. I was actually wishing that there was a way to donate to his family. Thank you for sharing!

    • 24% body fat

      I hope whoever trashed this it was an accident.

      Dear God, this is one subject i would think all of the users on all the nations sites could agree on.

  • Gerald R. Ford

    I live in the area, too. An unmarked police car pulled up to me when I was watering my lawn, and the constable told me to get inside and lock the doors, because two police officers had been shot. I don’t think I actually processed what he said. I just sort of blinked and said: “OK. Well… you be careful.”, or something equally insufficient.

    Living here won’t ever be the same, but that’s nothing compared to what that poor family has to face now. I don’t think you can understand the “serve and protect” thing until they’re actually protecting YOU.

    I hope the bank puts a little park, or something, on top of that pile of rubble. It shouldn’t look like nothing ever happened there.

    A shirt is a good start. Done.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    As per always, you nation-types continue to impress me with your forward-thinking and your humanity. This is a great idea and I will wear mine with pride. Thank you to all first responders! EPSstrong!

      • Rob...

        There will soon be an announcement released to the public that a Trust Fund is being set up for the Woodall children at RBC where people can donate money.Keep looking for it if you don’t want to buy a Tshirt

        • paul wodehouse


          …I would buy the shirt if it could be BLACK

          …It appears not to be available in BLACK
          …I will opt then to make my donation at RBC.

          I will wait for the announcement and hopefully be able to make my donation here in Ontario.

          God Bless the Woodall family in their time of grief.

          Paul Wodehouse

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Normally I don’t like to say that my profession is a Police Officer. Most of us that serve the amazing people and country of Canada don’t. It’s our nature to not be forward or boisterous about things like that. When we win gold as a country we have to be reminded that it’s ok to be super proud. It just the Canadian way. This was an excellent piece!

    I for one am so proud to wear the uniform and serve this country. I am so proud to stand beside the men and women that wear the same uniform. And mostly I’m so proud that at the end of the day I can come here and chat about a team and a game we all love. We truly live in the best country and have the best citizens this world will ever see!

    Constable Woodall thank you for your service! Thank you for being who you ARE and doing what you. To you post ……. Dismissed.

    From the horsemen thank you Oilernation for this!

    • Quicksilver ballet

      I’ve never gotten into those popularity buttons since they were put on here, but it could just be a voice from the silent majority.

      Nearly a thousand mothers and fathers, sons and daughters pass away every week in Edmonton area health facilities. Life wasn’t fair for many who weren’t allowed to live the more traditional 78 year version of life.

      Who decides who deserves to receive the very public/pedestal treatment Mr. Woodall is currently receiving. Though it may be well deserved. The Work Force worker who perished a couple weeks ago when the trench he was working in collapsed in on him. Whose to say he wasn’t equally as deserving of this much attention. Both men enjoyed their life one decision at a time. Many have suffered the loss of loved ones and suffer in silence, not in public. I sure hope it’s not because some are perceived to be more important than others.

      • Rob...

        The only problem I have with what you posted is that it’s not a silent backlash; it’s a gutless lazy backlash. This isn’t the same thing as trashing a troll post, or a ridiculous trade proposition. Trashing these posts is thumbing your nose at someone else’s expression of pain, empathy and/or compassion. Shame on them.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Well done. Even as someone that no longer lives in Edmonton, I appreciate and enjoy the fact that OilersNation is not just about Oilers but also about supporting the Edmonton community.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    I have never posted on ON before, but I am a long time reader… like the Horseman above, I too am a Police Officer, and have been for almost 8 years…I wear blue for our proud city. I wear my uniform proudly every day, and every day I kiss my wife and kids goodbye, knowing it might be the last time, and pray that it won’t be.

    I was there… across the street. I watched nearly everything unfold, partnered with a member I had never met, but knowing we would do everything we could to keep you, ourselves, and each other safe. My heart is breaking for Dan’s family. We are all his brothers, and last night we lost one. I can’t tell you what we are going through, or how hard it is to be helplessly watching and desperate to do something for a fallen brother – it’s in the fabric of who we are as people, get up, go, help, deal with the aftermath later, do it again and again and again. You won’t see the tears that are cried behind our doors, but know that there are many. We love what we do, we are proud of what we do. Our faces are grim, our hearts are heavy, but we are out there, yesterday, tonight, and tomorrow too.

    To those that read this, and to ON for doing something for us, thank you. To those that tweet, call, e-mail, pray, leave flowers or coffee, whatever it is you do… thank you…it does not go unnoticed.

    Last, to the elderly couple that let us into your home to watch the front door – you probably won’t read this, but thank you. You let us come into your home, you let us see the one place that nobody else had yet seen because it wasn’t safe. Because of you we could tell everyone else how to get in and get out…

    Dan – Your watch is over. You are in our hearts, and we will not forget you. Ezio will show you the way.

    • Mike Modano's Dog

      That is beautiful – thank you! You are all appreciated so much in this city every day for everything that you do, most of it unseen, never published nor publicly acknowledged. It is at times like this that it is most important to tell you – all the E.P.S. members and police officers everywhere, how much you mean to us for keeping us safe every day!

    • O.C.

      Perfectly stated.

      I too have a son who is an EPS member. Standing with our members is what we do; to walk in their shoes is not for the faint of heart.

      Thanks to all here for their expressions of support.


    even though I never been to Edmonton nor Canada, I can still feel the grief of this tragic event. I usually read your articles without having an account, But I signed up today to ask you if the epsstrong shirt can be shipped outside of Canada cz last time I checked they didn’t have the option. thanks oilersnation!

  • number99

    For all the folks who are trashing comments, please either reply to the comment and explain what it is you are disagreeing with, or better yet, don’t trash at all. It appears as if you are trashing the content of the article and that is something I truly hope is untrue. We all get pissed off when we get a ticket for speeding or busted using our phones, but for f$@% sakes, this is someone’s son, father and husband who died doing his job. Please show some respect to him, his family and the Nation for honouring him.

    • WHH

      This a thousand times over. As well, everyone including these clowns trashing the comments are more than thankful, appreciative and relieved to be able to phone the police when they have a tragedy happening, or a life threatening incident or a problem they feel is serious and know that someone will come and help you out. Regardless of the threat posed. Imagine if no one came.

  • El Pindo

    I too grew up in that exact neighborhood and I now live mere minutes from there, I had a slo pitch game and found out on the way home and the roads were closed

    I’m not going to lie I am usually very apathetic towards the world and the things going on, but as I followed the story unfold my heart was in my throat and I could hardly control my rage at such senseless violence against those that put their lives at risk for us on a daily basis

    Thank you all first responders #EPSSTRONG

  • A-Mc

    My better half went to school to be a police officer, did all the training to be a police officer, and dream(s) of being a police officer, but her inability to work night shifts kept her away.

    Anything EPS has her full attention, even the things we wish didn’t happen.

    Getting some shirts for our family is a small thing, but if it can help this young lady and her children in anyway then it’s money well spent. I have a 5yo son and i can’t imagine what it would be like for him to lose one of his parents.

  • A-Mc

    One of my best friends is a constable with the Calgary force. Was thinking about him yesterday.

    Thank you Constable Daniel Woodall for your sacrifice and service.

    Thank you EPS for your service each and every day.

    Edmonton Strong!!!

  • Rob...

    To the trashers, man up and state your opinions!?!

    To Quicksilver Ballet, because EPS go out everyday to protect our a$$es from ourselves. I don’t run out of the door every morning thinking I’m going to get shot sitting at my desk on the computer. EPS and their families have to confront this reality everyday.

    I feel the same about our armed forces who put themselves in harms way to protect our rights and freedoms.

    RIP Constable.

  • Tickle


    great initiative guys most people with a heart want to do anything they can in a situation like this but are unsure what they can do. Every bit helps and this is a great start. 18,000 people at rexal wearing these on opening night would be special.

    Can you add a multiple purchase option on the print machine website, I only had the option to buy 1. #epsstrong

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    I am not one of those who have trashed the positive comments about the fallen officer and I can only guess why those people chose to do it, but I do think Quicksilver Ballet has a point, which connects to something about the Oilers.

    I am not anti-police in any way, and this particular officer seems to have been a very nice guy with a wife and kids, well liked by everyone, much like Ezio Faraone in 1990. Horrible as his death certainly was, what explains the massive disparity between the expression of grief over his death and that of the Work Force Worker who perished on the job when the trench he was working in collapsed or the construction worker who fell off a roof to his death in January, or the four city sewer workers who drowned on the job years ago, etc.?

    All these people are also doing important jobs, which include a significant level of risk, yet we all just shrug and move on when one of them dies on the job. In the history of this city twice as many cab drivers have been murdered on the job as police officers, yet apart from their fellow cabbies there is no public fuss over it. Do police officers matter more than cab drivers and construction workers?

    The Oilers connection is that as a season ticket holder, I would estimate that fans were asked at about half the games last year to give a standing ovation to a soldier. We were never asked to give a standing ovation to an exceptional teacher, nurse, doctor, fireman or social worker however. Are soldiers more important than prize-winning teachers? I don’t think so. Why not recognize people from all walks of life who make exceptional contributions to our society? Believe me, if the fallen officer’s wife and kids are introduced at a game next year I will certainly applaud them, as they have my deep sympathy, but if the widow of a murdered cab driver is introduced I will applaud them with just as much feeling.

    • Rob...

      There are jobs that society expects to be performed, where you are ‘expected’ to put your life in harms way for the protection of others. Training, equipment and luck will factor into it, but every shift can potentially be your last.

      When these police, fire, military, or similar members die, in the line of duty, they and their families are honored. They are honored because they know the risks, and their families accept those risks as part of their lives. They are honored because while an electrician or a trucker can refuse to move if the situation seems unsafe, they don’t have that option. They are honored because unlike the guy in the squirrel suit, or the cowboy jumping on the back of that bronco for a rodeo, they know that if they don’t do the job, someone else will have to take their place.

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      Because sadly people love to make political hay out of the deaths of law enforcement and military personnel.

      Cheers to Oilersnation for doing something tangible for the family instead of offering empty platitudes.

  • Rob...

    I am an EPS member. I also knew Dan, though not really well. Though it is a sad time, I really am shocked at the outpouring of sympathy, love and support. I came to this website to check out a hockey article and found this. I can’t express oilersnation how much this is appreciated.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    @Quicksilver Ballet @Pouzar

    Senseless accidents can happen in any work environment, and when they do, such events are also tragedies of course. No one is diminishing them by any means.

    For one huge reason there is a difference in the case of Constable Woodall please see commnet 35 from Rob above. He put it perfectly.

    Another difference: In the case of Constable Woodall, he was gunned down in a very deliberate fashion by a citizen whom under different circumstances he might have assisted or saved from a dangerous situation.

    Have you ever called for fire, ems or police and been told: no? They even have gone so far as to create a tactical ems team who works in conjunction with police to extract people in need from extremely dangerous situations.

    They don’t do it for the money. They don’t do it for the glory. They certainly don’t do it in hopes of having a park named after them or their names added to the national monument to fallen officers in Ottawa (if you’ve never been I highly recommend). They do it because they answer to a higher calling to keep this the best and safest place in the world to live for their families, themselves and for all of us.

    Its that sacrifice which we honor.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    All EPS officers and all police offices everywhere are TRUE HEROES who daily put their personal safety aside to protect us! Thank you! Very saddened by this awful tragedy!

  • Tickle

    Long time reader first time posting. I have to say to all the trash comments is that you really need to get a grip on life. These people are honored for the life and the job that a lot of us would never do. It is a thankless job but a very rewarding one for the people that do it. To all of the men and women that are there in our time of need I SALUTE YOU. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. To the family my thoughts are with you. R.I.P Constable Woodall

    • paul wodehouse

      There were no ”trash comments” posted by anyone. It appears that there were a few posters who ‘trashed’ many of the comments by others who praised the police. Perhaps that’s what you meant. I don’t agree with the people who trashed those comments and I don’t want to be lumped in with them. I merely said that I appreciate the work teachers, nurses and yes, cab drivers, do as much as police officers and soldiers do. Not everyone agrees and that is fine. But it would be totally wrong to interpret my comment as trashing police officers.

  • paul wodehouse

    Heart goes out to that family. Tragic. Would just add that the not undeserved extra attention given to first responders likely results in extra donation support for loved ones left behind in the event of their death on the job. I experienced the Moncton shootings last year and was quite amazed at all the different organizations who set up events etc to raise funds for the families of the 3 mounties. A week after, was in line at the Liquor store (all government run) and they had buttons on the cash register assigned to RCMP donations and the cashier would ask for a donation. Anyway, I think it’s great ON is involved.