I usually write this once a year but people email many times over a 12-month period mad as hell about the scouts and forgetting the injuries. When I do bring this subject to the fore, the reaction is often ‘apologist’ or ‘you love Stu’ or ‘get over your Pouliot fixation!’ and that’s all fair. Fair…


Buying Out Nikitin

View image | gettyimages.com Later tonight the window for NHL buyouts opens up. That window opens 48 hours after the Stanley Cup is awarded and will close before free agency so any club who needs to buy out a player will be on the clock soon.


Oilers: Emotional vs. Rational

The most difficult part of every day life is knowing when to trust our emotional, impulsive side and when to rely on our rational thoughts. I’ve yet to master it, and likely never will, but with age I find I’m able to control my emotional side much more than when I was younger. Being an…


The NationDrafts Winner Is…

You picked your team. You watched the playoffs. You hoped to score prizes and Internet glory. Today, we make a dream come true as we announce the winner of the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff Pool.


WWYDW: Internal Defence Options

There has been a lot of discussion already this summer about upgrading the Edmonton Oilers’ blue line, with the majority of the focus spent on acquiring players through trade or free agency. We’ve spent less time looking at what should be done with the team’s in-house options. In this week’s edition of What Would You…



The Edmonton Oilers have already started the procurement portion of the offseason, adding Finnish goalie Eetu Laurikainen, signing Russian flyer Anton Slepyshev and winning the draft lottery. New GM Peter Chiarelli and new coach Todd McLellan have miles and miles of miles and miles to go before the fall roster is ready, and that process…