The NationDrafts Winner Is…

You picked your team. You watched the playoffs. You hoped to score prizes and Internet glory. Today, we make a dream come true as we announce the winner of the 2015 NationDrafts Playoff Pool.


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If I had a drum, and the ability to use it, I would be doing a drum roll right now. There is nothing more exciting than finding out your brain power propelled you to victory. No longer will anyone be able to see that our winners don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to hockey. Prizes are awesome, but bragging rights for life are priceless.

Congratulations Cape Breton Ice Hogs! You are our glorious Champion of the NationDrafts 2015 Playoff Pool and the Grand Prize winner of a $1500 prepaid VISA! A slightly less impressive but still very big congrats also goes to Joker’s On You who finished in second place, winning a $500 prepaid VISA; and Hall’s Baby Momma who finished in third, earning a $200 prepaid VISA.

Luckily for the ol’ Cape Breton Ice Hogs that the final ended up being low scoring. After building up a 7 point lead in the semi-finals, CBID was able to hold on to first place by a margin of only 3 points, despite only having 7 players left. I imagine that the tension was running high in the house of the Hog as he realized he might actually be able to win this thing.



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This year’s Stanley Cup Final will likely be remembered for Tampa Bay’s inability to score. After solving Carey Price and Henrik Lundqvist, it was almost surprising that Corey Crawford was able to stifle Tampa Bay’s juggernaut offence. For a guy with endless doubters Crawford shut the door, stood on his head, and let the Lightning frustrated. It’s always funny to see people hating on a guy with two Stanley Cups and it will be interesting to see if the doubt subsides – we shall see.

Regardless, you can’t deny Chicago’s brilliance. This is the first time a team has won three cups in six years since Detroit won in ’97, ’98, and 2002. The best part of Blackhawks fans is that the team has a young core they can continue winning with. The real challenge this offseason will be signing their long list of Free Agents. Although, you have to expect they’ll be able to get some players at a dynasty’s discount.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to alleged gypsy ImTopher who managed to stay in the top 10 throughout the entire draft. Every time we looked at the leaderboard this hero was there. You may not have won but I will be contacting you for lottery numbers. Obviously, I wouldn’t win but I may get a minor prize and that’s good enough for me. Excellent picking, sir! May you have better luck in our upcoming regular season pool featuring CONNOR “OMG” MCDAVID. (9 days till draft day btw)

Big congrats to all of our Top 20 winners! We will be contacting you shortly with your prize details.

See you in this year’s regular season pool!

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