Ottawa Senators trying to unload a contract in their goalie deal

Robin Lehner

It’s well-known that the Edmonton Oilers are looking to bring aboard at least one goalie this summer, and it’s equally well-known that the Ottawa Senators will need to trade one of the three they have. So reports of conversations between the two teams are unsurprising.

What is interesting is that it appears the Sens are looking to unload a contract in a deal involving a goalie.

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TSN’s Ian Mendes reported on Thursday that Ottawa wants to include a veteran like Colin Greening or David Legwand in any deal for a goalie. Or, as Bryan Murray put it:

Well that’s what I’m trying to do. To make sure that when we talk to teams about the goaltending that we are adding another piece to it and it is because of contract. We might take something a little less because of that, but we think that a couple of the guys that we are trying to move can play on other teams as well. We just happen to have a group of young guys now that have taken their spots.

For those who have been following these trade rumours, this is a shift from what was previously out there. A little over a week ago, the Ottawa Sun reported that the Senators were looking for “a good, solid, young player in return and a pick in the top two rounds.” The price seems to have come down. 

Does it make sense for Edmonton to take on a Greening or Legwand if it lands them Robin Lehner?

David Legwand

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David Legwand is a familiar player and would have made more sense for the Oilers last year. He turns 35 in August and is coming off a 27-point season. He does have defensive value and he does kill penalties but at a $3.0 million cap hit he’s pretty dear; he probably has less value than Boyd Gordon at present. If the Oilers decide not to really push this year they could add him but if they’re anxious to get better in a hurry he’d eat up a lot of space.


Colin Greening is a big (6’3”, 210 pounds), physical (85 hits in 26 games last year) winger who has experience killing penalties and had a pretty competent run as a scoring-line winger from 2010-13. He’s 29 years old and if he rebounds he could be a steal. The problem is that he has a $2.65 million cap hit for the next two seasons and he’s coming off a year where he had just one point in 26 games.

Legwand’s deal isn’t that ugly; Greening’s would be palatable if the Senators retained 40 percent of the dollars or thereabouts. If a team is honestly convinced that Lehner’s 2014-15 season was an aberration and that he’s going to be a quality starter for the next five years, those contracts shouldn’t be major impediments.

That’s what it all ultimately comes back to. A year ago, Lehner looked like a can’t-miss option; he’s been solid over 48 NHL games over the past two seasons and was coming off a 0.938 save percentage performance in the AHL. Now he’s coming off a year where he had injuries and performance issues and he’s still getting paid like he’s a can’t-miss guy. There might be exceptional value there, but there’s no question it’s a roll of the dice in a way that even someone like Cam Talbot or Eddie Lack is not.


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  • Concur

    Lehner is on a good contract. To me the concussion issue is not as dire because goalies SHOULDN’T be getting hit. Taking on the other contract is the bad part. Ottawa wants to trade these because their owner has an internal cap and the salary is over their cap hit. Greening could turn it around but two years at 2.65 is a hell of a gamble. Legwand looks to be on his last contract and would probably be as the 13th forward with regular rotation in the line up on the last two lines. Either one of these would be ok IF Ottowa retained salary or accepted Purcell or Nikitin back. I would prefer Greening over Legwand. The Oilers have some cap room but they also need to bring in one legit top pairing defenseman.

  • Concur

    I wouyld rather do Lehner and Cowen as well. Cowen should be reclaimable.
    It does sound like Murray understands, if someone trades for Lehner ++, Ottawa will have to accept less coming there way.

  • Smytysmullett

    Try and sign one of the ufa goalies. Use the 16th and Yak+ a prospect to get Burns. Also try to get Chara for a couple years. Would be a tougher d to play against. Ease the pressure on Scriv/Ramo? Would rather have two 1b goalies than blowing a tonne on one. Rangers in cap trouble with ‘the king’. Love goalies like him and Price. But the cap hit is to much. Forget about Ottawa. Murray will not get what he is asking.

    • Concur

      Well I certainly agree with some of your points. But IMO trading Yakupov,the 16th which could be svechnikov and the 33rd is way too high of a price,for a 30yr old Brent Burns. 3 years from now,people will be calling it one of theorist trades in Oilers history. That said,Burns is a stud,and put up 60pts this year. But how many of those came as a forward? I worry about why he plays forward also? Is he a poor skater? Is his play in his own zone terrible? He was also a -9 to go along with those 60pts,sooo…

      I think the Oilers should chill this year. By winning the lottery,and getting McDavid,the fans have put their torches and pick forks away for a year or two. If a player such as Yakupov has a coming out party next year,then he may be able to be traded for a Dman on his own,instead of being part of a crazy package,to get players on the decline.

      As for a goalie,I wouldn’t pay the price any of these teams are asking,for any of the goalies available. I’d probably try and take a flyer on a Neuvirth. He was after all traded by Tim Murray,because his play was interfering with the Sabres tank job. If we trade a pick for a goalie,the comparison will be whatever player is drafted by the said team vs the performance of the goalie with our crappy D. Seems like a longshot.

      Keep the picks,or use them for D help,and find a stop gap in net via free agency. I doubt Talbot will ever win us a cup,so why waste valuable assets,when the same goalie could be had July 1st. I can’t see any goalie trades being made at the draft,with this years picks. I believe the goalie action will start July 1st,and trades will be made using next years picks. But that’s just my 2centz.

  • Smytysmullett

    “What is interesting is that it appears the Sens are looking to unload a contract in a deal involving a goalie.”

    I bet they are! Why wouldnt you like to kill 2 birds with 1 stone? A definitely can miss goalie in Lehner with injury issues plus a crap contract. Chiarelli would move down a notch in status if he ever did this deal.

    I mmmmmaybe would offer 57th for Lehner straight up. But he is not a very good bet for fixing the Goalie issues in Edmonton.

  • toprightcorner

    Lehner has no value and if Ottawa can get a 2nd rounder for him they should consider themselves lucky. Ottawa would have to trade Anderson to get rid of a contract in a package. Oilers should not be considering any goalie from Ottawa. Anderson would cost too much and the others won’t be a better starter then Scrivens.

  • crackerjack14

    I’d prefer Anderson and Cowen for Marincin and a pick (2nd?) It takes about $7 million of their books for the next couple of years. Not too long of a commitment. Anderson fills the net while Brossoit gets time to develop. Cowen adds size to the back end