The final final lists are no doubt complete and with that changes for next season can begin. New GM Peter Chiarelli was expected to make changes to the scouting department and that began today.

MacGregor was named head scout in 2007 and was in place in time for the selection of Jordan Eberle in 2008. His first round picks included Taylor Hall, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Nail Yakupov, Darnell Nurse and Leon Draisaitl, but the reason for his release had more to do with what happened outside the first round.

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Edmonton`s second-round selections during MacGregor`s term—Anton Lander, Tyler Pitlick, Martin Marincin, Curtis Hamilton, David Musil, Mitch Moroz, others—didn`t have much impact at the NHL level.

Bob Green is the de facto head scout and it`s possible MacGregor will not be replaced. The identity of the amateur scouts is not known at this time. More to come.

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        • B_Oliver

          Schwartz had 4 months on the job. Can you say with certainty Scrivens is a starting goalie in the NHL? Have you also considered he was coaching goalies behind the worst D in the league? I think you may be jumping the gun on his coaching abilities? I’m assuming when you say NHL quality goalie coach you dont like that he hasn’t had the NHL experience yet? You know who has? Freddy Chabot.

          • fracl

            I agree with you that he hasn’t had enough time to prove himself yet, but he just doesn’t have enough experience. Find me a proven goalie coach and I’ll be happy. And no, Chabot is not proven, clearly. If Schwartz was a good enough goalie himself, he would still be playing, but that suddenly translates to being a good coach? I don’t think so.

          • You do realize that an overwhelming majority of great coaches were either mediocre players or had zero NHL experience before. And most of the greatest players do not make it in coaching at all. Gretzky for example one of the greatest players. Coaching not so much. Again theres more to deciding a persons qualities as a coach then how he played or wether he’s had an NHL position. More importantly he needs to stay up to date on the techniques that are being discovered and be able to have an eye for seeing a player and pin pointing his flaws….

            Having said all this i’m sure hes going to be heavily assessed as this is the new regime and were seeing it everywhere. But perhaps we can get a better read on Schwartz after we no longer have the worst D in the league and find a starting goalie?

          • fracl

            If he was any good don’t you think we’d have a decent goalie by now? he’s been coaching our young ones for a while with no good results.. i say can him!

          • ATL Oiler

            I think you are misunderstanding what his role has been so far. He helped Coach Tristan Jarry and Broissoit to a memorial cup. He is a student of the game and is versed in the latest head trajectory training which is all the rage in goaltending nowadays. Dubnyk credits this with being part of his big turn around. I’m not sure what you mean coaching out younf ones means? The two Oil Kings he coached to a Memorial Cup. That seems successful? He was on the job a miniscule 4 months of the season for the Oilers. The goalies may or may not be good enough to be starter material.

            I’m just not seeing the reason to can this guy at this point. Maybe if Sean Burke became available?

    • JackB

      They already fired the goalie coach (Eddy Chabot) who was here for many years, and who didn’t seem to help Dubnyk (even though Dubnyk spoke very highly of him?)

      The new goalie coach (Dustin Schwartz) has been here less than a year, is young, was a promotion from within (was goalie coach for the Oilkings for 4 years and coached Laurent Brossoit and Tristan Jarry – both considered two of the top junior goaltenders in the CHL)

      And he has been trained and quite involved (I understand) with the newest goaltending coaching technique – head tracking – which is what Dubnyk says turned his game around last summer!

      Too bad Dubnyk didn’t use the off-season coach (that got him into that technique) a year sooner!!!!!!

      Schwartz is supposed to be well regarded in the goalie coaching field, and I would say he should certainly should be given more time to prove his worth??

      Coaches do get promoted from the AHL to the NHL (and sometimes from junior to the NHL) but he certainly had no professional coaching experience before being hired.

      BUT . . . we now have a very experienced head coach. I am sure Todd McLellan will be reviewing all of the assistant coaches, and be making well informed decisions about his assistants – his success depends on it – and that’s what we hired him for!

  • mcjesus take the wheel

    Timing is a bit weird, given a week until the draft, but just happy it got done. Was here for way too long with sub par results (like all the others before). Now Howson please.

  • Boom76

    Sad to see the MB go but it was a long time coming. I’m sure Stu will land on his feet quickly with another organization. Here’s a bold move that MacT couldn’t make. Things are still looking bright for the future of Connor McDavid’s Oilers.

  • chickenStew

    Well I thought Stu might of done some good and some bad. And the jury is still out on picks in the last 2-3 years. But he also didnt exactly blow the doors off early so guess it makes sense? Especially with a GM that didnt hire him.

    If word is Morey Gare is the other. Then all i have to say about that is HALLELUJAH!! More Pro scouts please. And Howson and MacT.

  • I’m happy that Stu has been relieved, as I think the Oilers have been awful at drafting outside of the easy picks (the high first round). That said, the real big news of the day is Morey Gare’s firing. I’m not sure how the head of the league’s worst professional scouting could linger around this long (well……..). Long overdue. The Summer of Chia has been amazing.

  • RCN

    For those that didn’t know, Stu MacGregor had both Bob Green & Scott Howson looking over his shoulder for the past 6 or so months. That trio – MacGregor/Green/Howson – had jointly focused on top-50 ish prospects out there, leaving rest of the staff to focus elsewhere.

    With MacT (currently without a title) waiting to assume the Sr VP of Hockey Ops title (Scott Howson’s current title), and Howson working extensively on the amateur side this past season, I wonder if we see Howson assume the “VP of Amateur Scouting” (or Head Amateur Scout).

  • Concur

    When it comes to scouting it is hard to know after the player was picked if the scout had it wrong or that the player wasn’t developed properly. I know there have been some questionable picks and some walkabouts but I would put more blame on development

  • CMG30

    not saying they don’t deserve to be skidded, but, in typical Oiler fashion, the loyalty to the death does not apply to those employees that didn’t play in the 80s.

    I hope Stu cleans out his desk, then has a few words to KLowe on his way out.

    • toprightcorner

      There is this little thing called a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) That is in the contract of almost every manager in every industry and would prevent them from sharing information for an amount of time after leaving the company, typically 1 year.

      Even without that, if anyone that was fired did something like that so quickly, they would not be trusted or hired by any other team.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        I’m dying over here, that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Someone getting hold of the Oil’s draft list is like someone stealing the secret sauce recipe at McDonalds. I guess the info is kind of a secret, but we all know it’s Thousand Island and relish.

        Stu: Okay, I think we should draft McDavid first, then grab Meier if he’s there at 16.

        Chiarelli: OK, and what about the second round?

        Stu: The what round?

    • mcjesus take the wheel

      No concern. The Oiler draft information is worthless. The only effective selections are the ones granted by the league for inept performance…..

      • JackB

        WHY SO NEGATIVE? (Are you a Calgary fan, upset we won the 1st pick, and trolling this site?)

        Don’t wreck our enthusiasm (and joy) that we now finally have some competent management!!!

        THERE ARE 30 TEAMS IN THE NHL!!! And not all of them can finish in the playoffs (OBVIOUSLY) AND . . . the league isn’t rewarding “inept performance” . . . they are giving the lesser teams preference in the draft, in order to help them improve. Do you think the first pick should go to the best team?

  • Metal&Oil

    I assumed this was coming, but I thought it would be shortly after the draft. Presumably Chia and Green had all the information these guys had to offer, so why wait. I also assume MacT will soon be gone, now that Chia has heard his take on everything. As for Howson, it is difficult to evaluate him because it is not clear what decisions he made. His likely role in the Nikitin signing is surely a huge black mark. I believe Nicholson and Chia will retain very few people and replace the others with guys they know and believe in.

    The real Oil Change that kicked off April 18 continues and in two or three weeks we should have a very good idea what kind of team we will have next year. I don’t expect a massive points jump next season, but want real progress and evidence of a team cultural change.

  • RCN

    No concern whatsoever in the timing of these firings. Draft lists were already in. This allows the fired scouts to attend the draft as free agents in hopes of finding work elsewhere for the upcoming season. Chances are, the Oilers end up hiring a few new faces next weekend too.

    • hagar

      I doubt I would be where I am now in life without learning from my mistakes, and having made them to learn from.

      Kevin lowe has done nothing but bring this team to its knees year after year by being in power. He and his staff of super villains have not only made mistakes, but showed zero chance of improvement. PC is a breath of fresh air for these lungs.

    • JackB

      Cut throat? More like classless..could have done it weeks ago. More of the same laughable stunts we’ve all come to know and love. Nice job with Nelson as well. Thumbs Up, keep em coming

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        Lol, if I were you, I’d be more worried about how the Flames are going to contain McLellan’s powerplay when he has weapons like Hall, McDavid and Ebs to play with, rather than how they restructure their management.

        • B_Oliver

          Only thing I am worried about is if enough time has passed between the Lottery and the Draft for Connor to perfect his fake happiness and excitement face this time when the Coil officially announce his doom..or if we will be treated to more of the same . Lol

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            Just breathe. It’s going to be painful in Calgary for a while, but you guys can pull through.

            With a new coach, new GM, new arena, and the chance to play on a line with Hall, I guess I can see your point. Why on earth would he be happy to come here?

          • 14 goal Crybaby Taylor Hall?? Oooohhhh!!!!! Only 1 season over 50 points in 5 years?? Wow that is frighteningly good..definitely worth every penny.
            We’ve ran that putz around the ice in Calgary and Edmonton for the last 5 years man, trust me, he ain’t all that. But whatever helps you sleep at night pal

          • Edmonton has been the worst over the last decade,I will not dispute that and the flames have been a much better team over that span.Your right hall did not make a difference,niether did eberle,rnh,yakapov,nurse,drisital or klefbom,mabey mcdavid wont either but collectively they will be killing the lames for years to come!good luck running dr.d,nurse and mcdavid around the rink!but I guess whatever helps you sleep at bight

          • CMG30

            It doesn’t matter who you have up front, if you’ve got no plan to keep the puck out of your own net you’ll not win many hockey games.

            Now that PC is in charge with a mandate to fix D and goal… welcome to a lost decade Flames.

          • Joy S. Lee

            It’s not pathetic at all. I experienced it. I don’t care if it was 25 years ago, I still experienced it, and so did a whole bunch of other Oiler fans. You know the old saying the players often say the moment they’ve won one? “They can’t take it away from you”? Well, it applies to the fans, too. So screw off with your badgering us for bringing it up. We like to bring it up, it makes us feel good. All of you trolls can take a hike with your let’s bring us all down attitude, okay? We’d like to have some sensible banter mixed in. And the truth of the matter is, the Oilers are looking mighty damned appealing right about now. The Flames, too, for that matter. So the battle of Alberta is back on. That’s good, too. It’s all good. Except you guys and your bait and twist angles, for whatever satisfaction you get out of the enduring discussion based on senseless conjecture.

          • ATL Oiler

            Again, thank-you for spoon feeding how it felt to be a Champion.

            Sadly, Oiler hockey fans under 30 only have 2006 to comprehend the 1980 Edmonton Oilers but laugh out loud at other teams hatred …

            I will try to out this in respective.
            – Chicago just won their third Cup in six years.
            – EDMONTON OILERS won five Cups in seven years (that’s more)

            That Flames fans is 4 more than you will ever win!
            – I still feel Steve Smith gift wrapped your Smythe Division Championship.

            – Leaf fan younger than fifty have not seen their team win a Cup.
            – Winnipeg and Vancouver are skunked!

            There is Montreal but you don’t ever hear them complain as they understood greatness. Please feel free to trash as you will never understand true greatness!

          • Serious Gord

            Congratulations then – you are in the same pathetic lot as leafs fans who trumpet about all the cups they have one.

            That you were there when it happened only proves that you are old. It has been fewer years between the leafs last winning the cup and the oil last winning the cup than between the oil last winning the cup and today.

            And the team has been the laughing stock of the league for a decade. Braggadocio under the circumstances – including how good the team is because it has been so good awful and lucky in draft lotteries – rightfully attracts ridicule.

          • ATL Oiler

            Hey SG – WTF is your purpose here? I honestly don’t comprehend a grown man pissing in someone else’s backyard to get their rocks off time and again. Its infuriating that you condem Oiler fans on fn OilersNation. Grow a pair of balls and go where you cheer as youre an absolute pathetic specimen.

            Yeah I am pissed off …

          • hagar

            I have to admit.. part of me is scared shtless that I will see kevin lowe in the staff box next year “watching” the oilers play..

            I understand Gords reluctance to dance around after one draft win, and I share the same feeling.

            I however don’t share Gords view that everything that has happened means nothing. Things needed to change, and they have. If PC does nothing but draft connor this year, then I will know for a fact nothing has changed.. if he makes moves nobody wants to see, then I will know things have.

          • Zarny

            Good grief, the only forward the Flames have who might be close to as good as Hall is Bennett. Maybe.

            Certainly no one in cowtown who has hit 80 pts is there?

            And clearly you were the dumb kid who needed the teacher to rehash every math lesson 6 times.

            Hall has more than 50 points twice. 53 pts in 61 games his second year; a pace that far exceeds anything the Flames have seen. And of course 80 pts in 75 games last year. I know, a pt/gm player is so foreign to Flames fans.

            And then, of course, Hall got 50 pts in 45 games during the lockout season. Another season at more than a pt/gm.

            It’s so cute how you try to frame that negatively; considering the best any Flamer could manage that season was a pathetic 32 pts. Hall was so terrible that year he outscored Calgary’s leading scorer by 56%.

            Remember, everyone is laughing at you not with you.

          • nuge2drai

            You are correct in saying that Bennett will most likely be as good if not better than Hall.
            However to say that he is the only one who will be is incorrect.
            Monahan only had 31 goals as a 20 year old, a mark Hall hasn’t been able to achieve to this day.
            Gaudreau with 24 goals and 64 points in his rookie year as well, again numbers Hall didn’t come close to matching until what 2 years ago?
            So yeah, nice try but things are just fine in Calgary, and you can frame things how you want as well, but Hall has never been a frightening opponent of ours, and as i said, Flames have run him around the ice since Day 1. And that’s fact

          • ATL Oiler

            Other than the fact the writers are suspect and replies are sparce why dont you go to Flames Nation? It’s almost Stampede so giddy up as you are fine with your team …

          • hagar

            The same reason he probably emails people on kijiji to tell them he thinks their price is horrible, and he can get the same truck from somewhere else for less, even though he isn’t in the market for said truck.

            Most people don’t have the time, or the bother to care about what other people think or do.. these random flames fans don’t have their own personal life for whatever reason, so they need to fill the open spaces by going into other people’s lives.

            I am sure oilersnation has its fair share of basement dwelling dorks (no offense bagged milk), but they don’t need to go troll the Calgary site to feel good about themselves.

          • Zarny

            Umm no.

            Bennett is certainly a beauty, but he’s got a long way to go to get to Hall. Certainly possible though.

            Monahan is another nice player, but limited offensive upside. 31 G but only 62 pts in 81 games. Over 81 games Hall had 71 pts his 2nd year. Monahan is good but Hall is better.

            Gaudreau is 21 y/o. Hall had 50 pts in 45 games as a 21 y/o. That’s 91 pts over 82 games. Gaudreau is nowhere near the player Hall is and has a significantly lower ceiling.

            Hall certainly would never have to be benched in the 3rd period of the playoffs to protect him from being dwarf tossed like a tickle me Elmo doll lol.

            I wouldn’t describe things as just fine in Calgary. 3rd worst possession team in the league. The Flames got lucky winning an abnormal number of games being out-shot 43-18 with an abnormal number of career years. Can’t take that away so kudos on 16th place lol, but not sustainable. Cgy is the new Col or Tor.

          • JackB

            WHAT ???

            “to perfect his fake happiness and excitement face this time …”

            Now your even taking shots at McDavid . . . who seemed to me to be the nicest young man at the draft. (Pretty sore still we won the lottery aren’t you)

            Get off this site you Calgary Troll !!! (Or maybe you’re aa Toronto Troll ??)

          • JackB

            GOTCHA !

            No sense feeding those trolls anyway! (maybe if we just ignore their posts, they go away . . . back to their mother’s basement’s . . . and one to some other site)

            Can hardly wait for the season to start!

      • HockeyYoda

        What difference does it make doing it now or two weeks ago? Their lists and evaluation are complete so I don’t get your point.

        Classless? They’ve had a longtime on the job, it’s a business and if you don’t perform then you shouldn’t expect to keep your job.

      • BigMcD

        Hey ingrate!!You really think Nelson should have had the job ahead of McLellan?
        McLellan interviewed Nelson for the assistant job. It was Nelsons choice to move on. Use your head before you speak!

        • Just a Fan

          And I will go even farther. As I understand contracts in pro sport, the Oilers could have held Todd to his contract and refused to let him talk to other organizations. They did not. They let him make his own decision.

          Doesn’t sound classless to me.

  • toprightcorner

    Amateur scouting wasn’t great but the pro scouting has been down right awful. I cannot thing of a trade for any significant piece that turned out in the past 5 years and most were horrendous, Nikitin, Belanger, Barker, Nick Schultz, Colin Fraser, OSullivan, Cole, Whitney, Brule and Lupul.

    This is the perfect place for Katz to spend some cash and get some of the better scouting minds in the league.

    • MacT's Neglected Helmet

      Agree that amateur scouting has been somewhere between mediocre to okay and that pro scouting has been somewhere between awful and godawful.

      Still, for history’s sake, there were a couple trades that worked out like MPS for David Perron and Dubnyk (the broken version) for Matt Henderson. Though I conceit that they were not major deals.

  • B_Oliver

    Do you think with what ever changes happen this year, like a Goalie and 1 or 2 top 4 defenseman coming in, that the Oilers could reasonably scape 40 wins together? What about next season? That probably wont even make the playoffs but it would be miles better in comparison to what we’ve had to endure previously. Is it October yet?!?!

  • B_Oliver

    Do you think with what ever changes happen this year, like a Goalie and 1 or 2 top 4 defenseman coming in, that the Oilers could reasonably scape 40 wins together? What about next season? 80 points won’t make the playoffs, but it would be miles better in comparison to what we’ve had to endure previously. Is it October yet?!?!

  • hagar

    Great to see Dave Semenko survived these firings. His 15 or so years of pro scouting for the Oilers has definitely reaped Edmonton tons of benefits as demonstrated by our massively successful pro acquisition and free agent signings during that span. He has surely proven that he has a sharp eye for talent and identifying the right attitude required to play for Edmonton and to improve the team.

    I’m almost 100% certain that his history with the team as a player during the glory years didn’t factor into keeping his job and the Oilers are definitely an organization that would not continue demonstrating inept nepotism if he were not supremely qualified for the position.

    One sec guys, I need to get a rag to wipe my screen off. The sarcasm is just oozing from the edges.

  • Anton CP

    Finally, Morey Gare is gone. I was never sure if he was doing any scouting at all consider the poor FA signings and horrible Oilers match up on daily bases.