Trade talk, goalies and Chiarelli…

The 2015 NHL draft begins at 5 p.m. tonight, and the Connor McDavid “suspense” should end at 5:10 p.m. when Peter Chiarelli leans into the microphone and announces the first overall pick. The Buffalo Sabres will walk up next and announce Jack Eichel, and then the intrigue will begin.

The Arizona Coyotes are listening to offers said GM Don Maloney, “There’s one team really aggressively trying to get number three, and we’d
trade down a bit. I’ve had two offers outright for that pick.”

Which teams have made offers?

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Based on what Maloney said when asked where he thinks there will be a drop off in draft talent, it is obvious a teams in the top-12 are asking. “Who is to say: Three or four years from now it could be the player
that’s picked at Nos. 10 or 12 that turns out to be the best of the

I’ve spoke with many scouts from Hockey Prospects, McKeens, Redline Report and other draft ranking outlets and they feel the dip occurs after 12.

Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen isn’t afraid to make trades. The Jackets own the #8 pick and have a lot of depth at forward. Would the Coyotes take #8 and Marko Dano and a second round pick? The Jackets have three second rounders and they will be aggressive trying to move up.

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  • It is an exciting time to be a hockey fan. Trade winds and rumours are hotter than the weather in Florida right now. I was having breakfast this morning when a prominent agent walked by. We spoke for five minutes about a few of his prospects who will be drafted and then I inquired about some of his NHL players. “Many teams are interested in UFAs, (he has one D-man and one forward). I’ve had nine teams interested in one client and six in another so far. I expect some interesting trades in the coming days,” he said.
  • He mentioned that teams would rather sign shorter deals with a big higher of a cap, but most players prefer longer deals for security. He admitted teams are leery of giving longer deals to players in their 30s. That might be the case, but I won’t believe that until I see more teams sign shorter deals to older players.

    Most likely you’ve read about the names available. Patrick Sharp, Bryan Bickell, Craig Anderson, Robin Lehner, Cam Talbot, Eddie Lack, Kevin Bieksa and Ryan O’Reilly.

  • O’Reilly will be traded now that the Avalanche signed Carl Soderberg to a five-year deal worth $4.75 AAV. With Duchene, MacKinnon, O’Reilly and Soderberg they have a lot of money tied up in centres. They need help on the blueline and O’Reilly is an attractive asset. He is decent two-way player who can score 55+ points.
  • Soderberg was a pending UFA, and I wonder what Matt Belesky will receive. Reports are he already turned down a four-year, $4mill/year deal. I said it when the Ducks got knocked out of the playoffs. Belesky will be the winner of “most overpaid” free agent. Yes, he scored 22 goals last year, but he only had 32 points and he is a winger. Name the last gritty, free agent winger who lived up to his hefty contract?
  • Bieksa has a NMC, but he is willing to move it to the right team. Darren Dreger says the Sharks are interested. The Canucks want a second or third round pick. They only have one pick (23rd) in the first 113 selections. Bieksa struggled last season and two Vancouver scribes told me he is a third pairing defender at this point. His puck moving was below average last year.
  • The Rangers wanted a first rounder for Talbot, but don’t expect that to happen. Sather doesn’t have to move Talbot this weekend, but I sense he will. I can see him landing a second rounder and a mid-range prospect or late pick for Talbot. Teams aren’t “supposed” to talk contract with him until January 1st, but I was told that is rarely adhered to. The contact can’t be announced, but talks do occur before that time.
  • The Sabres traded the 21st pick to Ottawa for Robin Lehner and David Legwand. The Sabres must really believe in Lehner to give up that much and take on Legwand’s contract. Or did Tim Murray do his uncle Bryan a favour and take on Legwand’s contract because he knows the Sabres are a few years from contending? Either way, solid trade for Ottawa and T. Murray is betting that Lehner becomes a bonafide starter. Buffalo took a risk, which you have to do, but giving up the 21st pick is a rather hefty risk.
  • Lehner garnered the widest range of opinion from people I’ve spoke with the past few days. Hockey management is concerned with his conditioning. “He is pudgy,” one told me. That word is underused. The concern with Lehner is that he hasn’t improved the past few seasons. He still has potential and from the scouts and GMs I spoke with they still believe he could become the goalie many expected him to be a few seasons ago. His development has stalled, but some believe it is due to playing time, or lack thereof. He only played 25 games last season, 500 fewer minutes than in 2013/2014. They feel he’ll play better when he plays more frequently. Some scouts really like him, while others have cooled considerably. The Sabres obviously like him a lot.
  • The good news is the Lehner trade means the Oilers won’t acquire Craig Anderson. I didn’t think he’d be the answer. I’d rather they focus on Talbot or Lack, but Talbot is top of my list; however, regardless of which goalie they acquire, Peter Chiarelli needs to upgrade his defence.
  • He made that clear at his presser this morning. “The whole back end concept is what we’re trying to improve,” said Chiarelli regarding defence and goaltending. We haven’t heard much about the blueline, which means he has done a great job of keeping who he is interested in under wraps. I love trade rumours, but I’ve always felt the good teams keep trade interest quiet. Chiarelli is upfront about specific things. “We’re not trading that pick (16th overall) for a goalie, I can tell you that,” he said this morning. Smart man.
  • Chiarelli said he will keep trying to acquire a goalie in the next few days, and also said the Oilers would draft one. If they can’t trade the #33 for Talbot, I wonder if they use that pick on a goalie or wait until #57. Ilya Samsonov, Daniel Vladar, MacKenzie Blackwood, Veini Vehvilainen and Matej Tomek are some of the top-ranked goalies. I know the Oilers have interviewed Blackwood a few times.
  • No surprise on the Oilers coaching staff. We knew Jay Woodcroft was coming with Todd McLellan and Brownlee mentioned Johnson the day after McLellan was hired. The Oilers did have conversations with Paul Maclean, but nothing came of it. They would have had to surrender another draft pick to hire Maclean and I believe that was a factor.

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  • mithaman

    Those pesky flames….I would have totally made that deal if I was Chiarelli.

    I think the only thing to do now is offer sheet Hamilton on the Flames. We know they are going to match it, so why not inflate the sh*t out of his salary just to stick it to them!

    • JackB

      You think Burke would not take the compensation he’d get if we over offered ? Think again – he did exactly that with Penner if you recall . Calgary basically paid the price of an offer sheet up to $7.3M /season . Comp on that would have been 1 first,1second and one third . Thus , maybe Flames overpaid in retrospect by giving a second second round pick . Still a bold move , and likely a good one . Do not forsee Flames paying Gio #9M that he is asking .

  • Spoils

    LOL. Boston gets rid of Soderberg to make room for Hamilton, now they the best player on the team for the 15th pick and 2 2nds. How did Chiarelli ruin the Bruins again?

  • Oilers4ever

    Anyone else feel we missed the boat on Hamilton. Calgary’s first round pick is one better than ours but our 2nd rounders are higher. He would have helped uS and to go to a direct rival. We missed the boat. Flames defence shaping into one of the best in the league.

    • JackB

      No we didn’t miss the boat!!

      Boston wanted our 1st, our two 2nds PLUS Nurse!

      Chiarelli is doing OK under fire.

      Keep the faith Oiler fans.


  • Mike Krushelnyski

    Lucic to LA is apparently all but done too. Boston just hates Chiarelli and wants to trade all their best players into our division. I expect Chara and Bergeron to be in California by the end of the day.


    What if Provorov or Hanafin are not taken in the top 10, would you give up our #16 and a second to move up and take one of those D- man? Past drafts have proven good guys sometimes fall into your lap.

  • JackB

    Gregor just reported that we were in on Hamilton, with as good of an offer as Calgary, but Boston wanted Nurse.

    Thank you Chiarelli for recognizing Nurse is a BETTER D than Hamilton.

    So then Boston dealt with Calgary rather than trade to Edmonton (and make Chiarelli a HERO)

  • Old Soldier

    IF the rumours are true….and we all know how often they aren’t…..

    what is a dumber move for Boston, trading Hamilton for a first and 2 seconds….

    or trading 3 mid first round picks to Arizona for Hannafin (if they move Lucic for 12)….

    you think Calgary scored big, imagine the feeling in Arizona if Boston did that?

  • Quicksilver ballet

    The dumb trade that keeps on stupefying. Chiapete fleeces Burke in the Kessel deal. Admittily it looks worse in hindsight, but that’s what GM’s are paid to forecast. Seguin and Hamilton or Kessel brutal.

    Then the stupid clause comes into effect again when Chiapete trades Seguin to Dallas. Off ice problems were sighted but the kid was 20. I was always in the draft Hall camp, with the 20/20 goggles on I would lean towards Seguin.

    Hamilton is not proven but he’s the next best thing. Chances of getting conerstone D-man at 15 are pretty slim, even slimmer in the 2nd round.

    Chiapete built a cup winner and the ran into the ground. He didn’t trade Dougie although be did shovel the most beans into Sweeney’s brain fart. Coupled with a terrible draft record in his Bruins regime raise a few questions about his competency in the last couple years.

    Alrighty Flamers your turn to carry on stupid clause.

    • Ready to Win

      So your new group didn’t want to take Dougie not to give up prospect Nurse basically.
      So be it then.
      A bird in the hand is better than three in the bush.
      Dougie is just starting to fill out now at 6,5.
      And with his lineage will work hard in the regime of keeping fit as per Hartley’s program like the rest of the group there.
      Was simply a cap decision that your new GM created himself, And good luck with that in the coming years as well, paying all that high end junk with no commitment.

  • pkam

    I have heard rumor that Chiarelli offered our 16th, 33th and 57th overall for Hamilton but they want Nurse in return and Chiarelli refused that request, at the end they took the 15th, 45th and 52nd from Calgary over our offer.

    Look back the last few years, the trade market hadn’t been very friendly to us.

    Canucks wanted our 7th overall, our 2nd rounder and Marincin for Schneider, then at the end traded him for a 9th overall.

    We offered Ryan Jones (a 3rd line winger who scored 15+ goals a season) and a 2nd rounder for Bishop, but they rather took a rookie and a 4th rounder from Lightnings.

    The Oilers GM must be the most difficult job in NHL.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      nooooo… according to a majority of the commenters and bloggers on here, it is in fact, simple to be the Oilers GM its just that they never tried to make the team better

  • Quicksilver ballet

    Some people dream of success. While the few wake and work hard at it. Brian Burke gets things done when he sets his mind to something.

    Here we are, passengers on the side of the road. Obviously satisfied with the minimum due to them this weekend.

    • CMG30

      I don’t expect much from the Oilers this off season. As difficult as it is to accept, next offseason is when things will begin to get really interesting in Oilerville.

      Like it or not, drafting McDavid changed the timeline. McDavid is the focus of the team now and the right move is to gather as many high end prospects to cluster with him and sustain the team long term. But he’s not yet ready to carry the load. He needs time.

      After next year, several of the bad contracts come off the books. PC already telegraphed his intentions to take it slow by not buying anyone out. This coming season we get to see what true top end coaching leading to better defensive systems and improves special teams along with better goaltending can do for a team.

      • Quicksilver ballet

        True that, agree 100%.

        Was just hoping for a potential top pairing blueliner in this draft. Maybe even makes the team in 16-17.

        Look at what the Bruins are doing just to have a shot at 3. Kings are better. Flames are better etc. The Lowe curse appears to be continuing at this hour.

        Wasn’t hoping to fix the blue line and goaltending both prior to the season, but atleast try and move up from 16 to address an area of concern.

    • paul wodehouse

      Q…please don’t trot out the wandering in the desert quote from Feisters past…granted the passengers on the side of the road coulda worked for that fat bastard all those years ago!

  • CMG30

    Meh, I’ve said it before: This really is a facepalm move for Calgary. They give up a all those high-end picks for a very promising player. But the real cost is their rebuild. We know painfully well how a rebuild cannot be rushed. Cupboards need to be stocked and players need time to develop. Burke seems to have bought his own hype after last season. Except the success they had was built on unsustainable goaltending and a heaping helping of luck. Even with DH, that team will not make the playoffs this coming year.

    Every year that goes by demonstrates that Burke is obviously not a adept student of history (especially his own) as this is how he ruined the Leafs.

  • pkam

    What is Lombardi thinking? 13th overall + Martin Jones + Collin Miller for Milan Lucic?

    Does he think the Kings are not big enough? Or he think his team is too fast?

    • CMG30

      he gave up his back up goalie, a prospect and a mid first rounder for one of the best power forwards in the league… I don’t mind that deal.

      what da F is boston doing?

      • pkam

        First, Milan Lucic is overpaid at 6M for his 44 pts.

        2nd, LA Kings already have a lot of big power forwards Kopita, Carter, Brown, King, that can’t score enough. They don’t need more size, they need someone who skate better and score more, or they might miss the playoff again.

        So they pay a high price to get someone that doesn’t address the biggest need.

        They probably can get Kessel for less and he will be a better fit than Lucic, IMO.

    • JackB

      You called that right.

      Looks like Boston won that trade.

      But damn! LA is now even bigger!

      Hope all our skilled forwards are fast enough they can’t be hit!

      Maybe we should have Luke Gadzick play on McDavid’s wing? Could he keep up with him? (Maybe that was a stupid suggestion?)

  • Old Soldier

    As far as mocking Chiarelli (ChiaPete) for his work in Boston, given what we Oiler fans have gone through since 2006, how many seasons of cap hell would we voluteer for if we had just one parade like Boston?

    I could live with 2 or 3 years of cap issues for a cup

  • Old Soldier

    Obviously if Boston was taking Calgary’s ridiculous offer, it was that Chia informed them that he was willing to offer sheet or make a trade. The Nurse addition was so nonsensical with the 16th and two seconds, and then they took a aweful deal from Calgary. There is no good reason that Sweeney could not get more from pretty much any team. They were spiteful, and it made them stupid as ____. There’s 29 GM’s going WTF right now, we did not know they were giving away top pair defenders with Norris potential for 50 cents on the dollar.

    Boston sticks it Edmonton for trying to stick it them. Its a an old lover spat. Its like sleeping with your ex-wife ugly mother in order to get a sense of revenge. In the end you still lost, but you feel good in some messed up way.

    • hagar

      If there is truly any spite involved… I sure hope Boston doesn’t know who PC wants to pick at 16, because with 3 picks directly ahead of the oilers, they can screw PC around a lot more.

    • Cheap Shot Charlie

      Then Edmonton sticks it to Boston by giving away the picks to NYI. Essentially, Chia said “if I can’t get a quality d-man from Boston I’ll take a guy in the dog house from someone else. My (recently fired) scouts suck and one way or another I’m ditching the 16th or the 33rd picks.”

  • paul wodehouse

    …AT CMG30

    …with these words of patience and wisdom you may have single handedly calmed the restless heart that is our Quicksilver Ballet…I have tried but your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

  • Old Soldier

    So now what does it cost the Oilers to get Jones? I understood from Dreger that he was the Oilers primary target….and if the Bruins are playing hardcore with the Oil, do we simply pass?

  • DonEnrico

    Since Boston are doing their best to making things roughed for us, when do you think we’ll see the headline: “Bergeron to Vancouver for two seconds and a prospect”?

  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    Holding judgment for now, but if Chiarelli doesn’t get a decent goalie, a top end d-man and another decent d-man before the season starts, then I’m not impressed.

    How can the Flames pull off such a great move and make the Oilers look like chumps once again. Am I going to be 70 years old before we beat the Flames on a regular basis.

    When will this cycle of BS stop?

    Over to you Chiarelli – make a move, and it better be a good one.

  • Oiljaw

    so everyone berates me yesterday because I thought bieska and lack for 16 and 57 sounded fair….how are we feeling now with rienhart for 16 and 33… mac t strikes again…

  • YFC Prez

    Great, traded too picks in a deep draft for a pylon and career minor leaguer.

    So, maybe it is time to get rid of Mac T, Lowe, Howson et. al because they don’t know even how to evaluate their talent on the junior team.

    Mark my word. Reinhart is not an impact player worth this deal.

    Just ask Max (who?) in Calgary.