Edmonton Oilers acquire Cam Talbot from New York Rangers

Cam Talbot

After a lot of speculation, the Edmonton Oilers have found their goaltender. On Saturday, Peter Chiarelli completed a deal to acquire Cam Talbot from the New York Rangers. 

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If that looks like a surprisingly reasonable offer, it really shouldn’t. For weeks it has been obvious that the market for goalies just wasn’t there. Ottawa surrendering a first-round pick for Robin Lehner on Friday didn’t change the reality of the market, and all of the frenzied speculation that the Rangers were looking at a first-round pick or multiple second-round selections didn’t change it either. 

Peter Chiarelli4

Peter Chiarelli never lost sight of that simple fact, and he deserves credit for not allowing himself to be distracted. 

In the end, he got the best of the goalies on the trade market for a modest price. The No. 57 is a fringe second-round pick, the No. 79 is in the middle of the third-round and is one of two selections owned by the team and the No. 184 is a seventh-round pick. The difference in value between the No. 184 and the No. 209 is pretty negligible; at that stage of the draft even a 25-selection gap is almost entirely irrelevant. 

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Chiarelli made it clear time and again in his public comments that he was very willing to go to free agency if he didn’t get a deal that he liked. With the state of the market, it was inevitable that he got a deal that he liked. 

Oilers fans should like this deal, too. Cam Talbot is quite the goalie. Here are his last two seasons:

  • 2013-14: 21GP, 12-6-1, 0.941 save percentage
  • 2014-15: 36GP, 21-9-4, 0.926 save percentage

Talbot had to handle the pressure of the starting job for a month last season when Henrik Lundqvist was hurt, and he manged splendidly. He turns 28 in a couple of weeks, meaning there’s still plenty of tread on the tires. His cap hit for this coming season is an extremely modest $1.45 million. All of that is worth liking from an Edmonton perspective. 

It’s not all unicorns and lollipops, though. Talbot will be an unrestricted free agent next summer; if he pans out Edmonton will be on the hook for some real money. There’s also a risk of him not panning out, as he has played just 57 career games in the majors. But the former case isn’t really worth worrying about: If Talbot pans out and the Oilers can’t sign him, it’s going to be very easy to recoup those traded picks and more at the deadline next year. Talbot would have more value if he was under contract for a longer term, but the short-term isn’t a deal breaker because he’ll still have value to a contending team looking for help between the pipes if all goes well.

If all does not go well it’s a different matter. Chiarelli is taking a calculated risk here. Talbot is a good bet, his numbers are excellent, and the acquisition cost was reasonable. That doesn’t guarantee success, but teams have to take risks to improve themselves and this one is entirely justifiable.

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All in all, the Oilers have done fine work at this position. 

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      • socaldave

        Exactly. Have you actually seen what the Oilers tend to do with picks in this range?

        In some hypothetical world where we can go back and pick guys like Datsyuk, Weber, whoever way after the fact it might look bad but it’s such a crap shoot this is a great deal.

    • Beaumatters

      Unbelievable,,,,, rocket surgeons on this site yesterday were saying “Book It” (idiot saying) it would take a 1st round pick to get this goalie…Buffalo set the market by giving up a 1st & taking salary……..and when none of this comes true (not even a little) ,,,,,you come along say they overpaid…… God help us if any NHL player reads this site,,,,, maybe they do and that is the real reason to stay clear of here……

      The Oilers got what a high % of people wanted and it was still not good enough…….give your head a shake……unbelievable……..

      • Randaman

        Some people are saying that this is the biggest draft since 2003, Oilers have very little prospect depth, and this draft will not help (beyond McDavid). Even the third rounder previously acquired is going to SJ as compensation for Chiarelli.

        I’m hoping this is good for a short-term gain, that PC can get a couple of top pairing dmen on the market somehow and that the team takes a step forward, but if not, there’s a lot of guys out there who could help the team out later on.

        I appreciate the “go for it now” attitude, just am hesitant whether adding unproven young defence and an untested backup is going to get it done.

        Big picture will unfold come July.

    • Joe Mamma

      A second, a third, and a seventh is an overpay? When buffalo traded a first and took a salary dump for lehner?

      Some people in this town will simply never be happy. Chiarelli kicked ass at this draft and I, for one, am thrilled so far.

  • Krusher

    A potential higher end goalie and a close to ready NHL d-man for draft picks. Chia has done well

    Basically 6 draft picks for McDavid, Reinhart and Talbot. CALGARY SUCKS!

    • CapeBretonOilers

      I remember the first game of the season last year the fans chanted CALGARY SUCKS and they came back and whooped our asses. Humbleness please, the Iron Sheik will come after you and make you humble !!

      • Krusher

        A lot of us have been humble for 9 years now, lol. Time to get excited and enjoy some bold moves for once! The last day has been good for Oiler fans.

        PS – Calgary will always suck 🙂

  • Whitey31

    Don Sweeney is the biggest idiot. He chose a lesser deal over Chiarellis soley based on emotions. We should be mad at him. Chia did all he could but wouldn’t deal Nurse(rightfully so). All it is, is a personal decision. Too bad, Dougie would have been great at that price, but not worth Nurse

      • Judging by your comment your mind is totally disturbed by the 9 seasons of losses and pathetic hockey. Flames have 6 days to sign Hamilton without any teams being able to offer sheet him. By the time your intelligent strategy comes into play he will be a signed and sealed 22 year old 6′ 5″ elite defensemen with a long future as a Calgary Flame.

        See you next year at the top end of the draft…again!! …loser!

        • Joe Mamma

          How sad are your lives, flames trolls? You’ve just traded for a potential franchise defenseman, you’ve got Giordano to get signed, need a goalie, etc. Lots to talk about in flamerland. And yet you’re here stalking the Oilers page?

          Get. A. Life.

          • CapeBretonOilers

            Its truly funny – go look look at the fLames Nation site:
            Flames, Bruins react to Hamilton Trade
            . . . .and the answer is????

            3 Comments.. ..that’s quite a reaction. . .if you are a cricket.

            Let me help you FN – you won the trade as you got the best player. Ok. However why was Hamilton being shopped so hard even you cannot say that on paper Bruins are better. You may have got Sequin Attitude 2.0 in your deal – especially when his deal gets him more $ than the acclaimed Gio. Good luck in the room with that one.

            Now ON lets start talking about Talbot!!!

        • Krusher

          Don’t be too sure. Hamilton has no loyalty to Calgary. If the Oilers are willing to overpay a bit, why wouldn’t Hamilton just hang tough for a few days?

          I understand Hamilton asked the Bruins for a contract in the 5 – 5.5 range. If the Oilers let it be known that they are willing to go 6 – 7, then Hamilton would be a fool to sign with Calgary.

          And if Doug Hamilton IS that stupid, perhaps he is a better fit in Calgary.

          • Wax Man Riley

            That report of Hamilton asking for $5.5M is false…

            JASON GREGOR back be up on this. Gregor had someone on his show yesterday that laughed at that and said Hamilton’s camp was looking for significantly more than 5.5

          • Ready to Win

            I wish this were true, but:

            1. There is no way Calgary traded for Hamilton without first asking him if he would sign there.

            2. If Calgary calls up Dougie tomorrow and says “OK let’s sign for 6 mil like you said” and his response is “You know what, next week Edmonton is going to offer me $7 mil so I’ll just wait for that.” Calgary would almost certainly immediately up their offer.

            3. If this turns into a bidding war between Calgary and Edmonton, the Flames have more cap space today, and more cap space in the future.

            4. If we offer Dougie an offer sheet now all those future picks go to a division rival. Ouch.

            The only way I see this working out for the Oilers is if Dougie desperately wants to come here, the Flames value him far less than the Oilers do, and the offer sheet results in a very rich package of picks for the Flames.

    • Joe Mamma

      I think our GM did a terrific job at the draft. Getting Reinhart instead of Hamilton is a blessing in disguise. Make no mistake, nurse, klefbom and Reinhart are our def cluster for the future. All 3 are studs and we can keep all 3 under the cap for a long time. The price for Reinhart seems deep compared to the Hamilton deal but Calgary fleeced see Boston, nothing we can do about that. Also consider that it didn’t matter which 2nd Reinhart cost us because Talbot would cost the other one.

      In the end this draft made the oilers a lot better today, for this season. It’s a winner in my books.

  • CapeBretonOilers

    Good work boys !! Now we grow what we have !! Never a HUGE fan of Talbot and had faith in Scrivens for another year, but I guess that is why I am not a GM lol

    Exciting times, now we put the plan into action !! 🙂

    Enjoy the sun everyone !!

    • Krusher

      I think that may solely depend on if he’s being left out there to dry and that will directly lead back to Nikitin/Ferrence and Schultz being there. Hopefully chia can pull a few more moves to bolster the D core.

  • bradleypi

    Starting G, established defensive prospect, generational center. This is already a wildly successful off season and free agency is still ahead of us.

    For those still complaining – honestly, what could Chia have done better?

    • Krusher

      It was a successful. Those fans are the ones that think its possible to acquire the likes of Kieth, Subban, Weber…. They’re unable to see the trade market and simply how hard it is to execute a trade noawadays. Oh and those people who think Chia messed up on the Hamilton deal, when all it was was Sweeny being an idiot.

  • Beaumatters

    In retrospect, perhaps my expectation of this draft year were somewhat over the moon.

    The fact that we will leave the draft floor with Connor McDavid (C), Griffen Reinhart (D) and Cam Talbot (G)is actually a very good result.

    We don’t have a semi trailer full of top notch young prospects to feed our system but that is largely because we have so many young high potential players actually playing in the NHL for the Oilers.

    The few draft picks we still have n be used looking for ‘diamonds in the rough’. If w hit a home run on one of these – fantastic. If not, then no great loss. (would love to see the Oilers use one of the remaining picks on Gavrikov as he could, potentially, be very good.

  • paul wodehouse

    …someone call IT…just saw a page titled OILERS LAND TALBOT…one comment only …I wrote what I thought was MY comment and what came back was this :


    is this the twilight zone…where’s Rod Serling

  • bradleypi

    YAY! Lol. A top line center, a top pairing dman and I know oilersnation will disagree with this, but also a starting goalie in a 2 day span. I’m so happy lol. And the goalie came way cheaper than I expected. Great work PC!!!

  • pkam

    Pffft…..Dude said he wanted to test the Free Agent market next year. We’ll be lucky to have him until trade deadline day. What a waste. Looks like another decade of Alberta dominance for the Flames.

  • paul wodehouse

    …have refreshed 3times and still no page with that header…wtf…I wanted to say that all is not lost in Oil Country!

    … carry on Peter and get him signed…

  • Krusher

    Good job by Chiarelli. He played this poker hand very well. Glad we didn’t pay what Buffalo did for Lehner. I wonder though what Anaheim’s plans are with their 3 goalies. Maybe we can land 1 more.

  • camdog

    This is a great deal and as JW pointed out, the price paid for is rreasonable and the Oilers can recoup the picks (even more) if Talbot plays well but wont resign.

    The bet part of thgis is that Talbot is just turning 28 yrs old and also that with him on a final yr of his deal…. he will want to play his heart out for a great new long term deal.

    Now the Oilers have to revamp the defence and bring in 2 excellent type new guys to go with Klefbom, Nurse, Fayne, and Reinhart, and Davidson.

    Wow, this is changing so much and so fast since the Lottery that its head spinning and great/awesome at the same time.

    Go Oiers!!!

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    What we got in essence is another David Musil and Ben Scrivens. What the hell is going on, another unproven goalie and cast away high drafted player. When we could have had Mat Barzal, Paul Bittner, Brandon Carlo, or Jansen Harkens. 3 of those 4. OMG whens this crap end

  • socaldave

    I’m still worried about the Reinhart deal. Reinhart has the tools, no doubt about it. But he has some work to do still.

    The Oilers still need another Dman. Talbot won’t have Girardi and McDonagh helping him out in Edmonton. Sekera? Michalek?

  • Joe Mamma

    Good trade we got a good goalie with lots of potential a young defenseman in GR and Connor McDavid, pretry good draft if you ask me. Oilers are a much better team today then they were a week ago without losing any current roster players. All the negativity over GR is sad since no one really knows how he might turn out. I for one will root hard for him to find his nhl game, so what if he played in the AHL, some may say he was not rushed. If Nurse plays next year in the AHL is he a bust? I think not. Great day to be an oilers fan.

  • Here is a recap of the Oiler draft results taken from Flames nation…I would have too agree…..

    “And on the flip side of the coin the Oilers come out of 3 rounds with McDavid, a 5/6 defenceman and a goalie who will bolt ..and fail to restock a single player in their farm system. Hoo Boy, I am loving this weekend”

    • 24% body fat

      Idiotic statement by them.

      McDavid wins you the draft.
      Talbot and oilers have talked extension and will be done on July 1. Oilers wouldnt acquire him if not.

    • Joe Mamma

      Of course you would agree nik, you’re a flames fan. Do us a favor and go back to flames nation. You can all sit around and have a nice, deluded, circle jerk of jealousy together all you like, with no reason or logic to cloud the discussion.

      Doesn’t that sound nice?

    • Zarny


      You are aware that McDavid is a larger haul than Dougie Hamilton right?

      McDavid + Reinhart + Talbot is a significantly larger haul than Hamilton.

      A goalie who will bolt?

      Right, just like McDavid wasn’t going to put the jersey on and would balk at Edmonton.

      Try reality sometime. You’ll like it.

      • ATL Oiler

        Oh he was always going to report to Edmonton. First chance he gets he’s gone though so enjoy him while he’s there, and yeah Talbot will be checking out UFA. But don’t take my word for it, he’s said as much
        Reinhart? Meh

        • Anton CP

          Well, that was sure a lot of worthless opinion being presented as fact. I’m a bit dumber for having read it.

          You sure are spending a lot of time on a beautiful weekend trying to get attention on a fan website of a team you obviosly dislike.

          A wee bit sad, actually.

          • Randaman

            Sad? Like sad as in how Chiarelli panicked after Treliving showed him how it’s done with Dougie and he goes and over pays for a slow lump as a cornerstone defenseman?
            Lol, good luck Talbot. Take a photo of your stats because they’re all about to nosedive. Ask your new pal Scrivens all about it

          • Naterator

            Umm we actually offered more for Hamilton than Calgary. This was an obvious move done out of spite by Neely and not a good hockey move at all. Good luck trying to sign Gio next year!

            Mcdavid + Reinhart > Hamilton

          • Igor Ulanov 55

            Edm made the better offer for Hamilton,Treliving didn’t show any skill here at all. Sweeney and Neely traded him to the flames out of spite for less return. It was a stupid move by a clearly stupid organization, look at everything else they did this weekend.Would I rather have Hamilton? Your damn rights I would but it’s done. Your franchise got a gift because of someone else’s utter stupidity, Treliving di not make himself look good with this move he was the beneficiary of someone else’s stupidity.

        • Wax Man Riley

          Just like Hall was going to bolt? Like the Nuge was going to bolt? Calgary better pray that Hamilton turns into the next Chara, ’cause the Oiler offence has the potential to be extremely scary.

      • The Last Of Barrett's Privateers

        Well Zarny……….

        Looks like we didn’t get laughed out of the room after all with that comment of the 57th OV pick as per Brownlee’s article..

  • Stack Pad Save

    The reason some Oilers fans are unsatisfied with the draft is that Oilers fans are used to spending their summer rationalizing why which ever player drafted in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th round will overcome the odds and turn the Oilers into a playoff team.

    Oilers fans have been living off of hope. I for one am sick of living off of hope, I am happy Chia went and grabbed players closer to the NHL then waiting to develop players from within. The Oilers currently don’t have a great track record in player development.

    All Chia needs to do now is land 2 NHL ready D-men who can log big minutes. We still got free agency and a bunch of teams up against the cap, more trades to come.

    This has been the most exciting draft for trades in a long time,

    • camdog

      The only person to feel sorry for is Lowetide. I don’t know what he’s going to write about for the rest of the summer. All of those stories about those 2,3 and 4th round picks who are going to be stars and Oilersnation Bloggers getting all excited over the next Lance Pitlick.

      If the Oilers scouting staff was as good as, sad as it is to say this the Flames, Jets or Sens, well then maybe I would be mad about losing those picks, but the problem is they just haven’t been.