Edmonton Oilers acquire Cam Talbot from New York Rangers

Cam Talbot

After a lot of speculation, the Edmonton Oilers have found their goaltender. On Saturday, Peter Chiarelli completed a deal to acquire Cam Talbot from the New York Rangers. 

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If that looks like a surprisingly reasonable offer, it really shouldn’t. For weeks it has been obvious that the market for goalies just wasn’t there. Ottawa surrendering a first-round pick for Robin Lehner on Friday didn’t change the reality of the market, and all of the frenzied speculation that the Rangers were looking at a first-round pick or multiple second-round selections didn’t change it either. 

Peter Chiarelli4

Peter Chiarelli never lost sight of that simple fact, and he deserves credit for not allowing himself to be distracted. 

In the end, he got the best of the goalies on the trade market for a modest price. The No. 57 is a fringe second-round pick, the No. 79 is in the middle of the third-round and is one of two selections owned by the team and the No. 184 is a seventh-round pick. The difference in value between the No. 184 and the No. 209 is pretty negligible; at that stage of the draft even a 25-selection gap is almost entirely irrelevant. 

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Chiarelli made it clear time and again in his public comments that he was very willing to go to free agency if he didn’t get a deal that he liked. With the state of the market, it was inevitable that he got a deal that he liked. 

Oilers fans should like this deal, too. Cam Talbot is quite the goalie. Here are his last two seasons:

  • 2013-14: 21GP, 12-6-1, 0.941 save percentage
  • 2014-15: 36GP, 21-9-4, 0.926 save percentage

Talbot had to handle the pressure of the starting job for a month last season when Henrik Lundqvist was hurt, and he manged splendidly. He turns 28 in a couple of weeks, meaning there’s still plenty of tread on the tires. His cap hit for this coming season is an extremely modest $1.45 million. All of that is worth liking from an Edmonton perspective. 

It’s not all unicorns and lollipops, though. Talbot will be an unrestricted free agent next summer; if he pans out Edmonton will be on the hook for some real money. There’s also a risk of him not panning out, as he has played just 57 career games in the majors. But the former case isn’t really worth worrying about: If Talbot pans out and the Oilers can’t sign him, it’s going to be very easy to recoup those traded picks and more at the deadline next year. Talbot would have more value if he was under contract for a longer term, but the short-term isn’t a deal breaker because he’ll still have value to a contending team looking for help between the pipes if all goes well.

If all does not go well it’s a different matter. Chiarelli is taking a calculated risk here. Talbot is a good bet, his numbers are excellent, and the acquisition cost was reasonable. That doesn’t guarantee success, but teams have to take risks to improve themselves and this one is entirely justifiable.

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All in all, the Oilers have done fine work at this position. 

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  • Igor Ulanov 55

    Bold moves!!! Hopefully Talbot pans out and is willing to take something of a discount. But there’ll be more room next year with Niki walking.

    how foolish does Buffalo look now?

  • pkam

    All good moves our team is much better than it was yesterday how can you not feel good about what is going on. A top pairing experienced D-man in free agency could be the cherry on top and it did not cost us any core players. I don’t expect miracles but now it is up to the new coaching staff to make its mark. Hall,Ebs, RNH are no longer kids but are young vets they should be ecstatic going into next season.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    What a character guy Mike Babcock is. Moments after leaving the stage with Mitch Marner, Mike asks Mitch where his parents are seated.

    Mike proceeds over to congratulate and introduce himself, and reassures his parents he’s going to take good care of their boy. A great moment during yesterdays proceedings i thought.

    • paul wodehouse

      Q…spot on man but I’m thinkin’ Babcock (character and all) means he’ll be keeping a close watch on 18 year old Mitch while he plays another year junior in London…kid’s 5’10” 160 and needs more time before he plays in the bigs no? At least that way he won’t get exposed to the Kessel cancer…

      • The Last Big Bear

        Marincin is a 23 year old defenceman with 85 games in the NHL, who played top pairing with Chara last year on the Slovakian Olympic team.

        He had one poor year with the Oilers, in a record-breakingly bad season for the team. That hardly makes him a write-off.

        Magic beans is an ECHL player with a steroids suspension, and a 4th rounder.

        • camdog

          If he had played for the Flames or Canucks he would have played maybe 5-6 NHL games on his resume. Jeff Petry played number 1 minutes on the Oilers, but that doesn’t make him a number 1 d-man. I’m sure it was you that was pointing that out to Oilersnation for 6 months, how convenient that you are now switching your position…

          The Oilers are full of young left defenceman and Marty can’t flip to the right side, they tried that and it didn’t work. Eric Gryba can play RD so this works for this roster.

          • The Last Big Bear

            I’m not switching any position.

            I’ve always thought Marincin is an NHL-level talent, and argued that the NHL is the best place for his development.

            I think Marincin is very comparable to the Flames’ top defence prospect Tyler Wotherspoon. And I’d consider it a poor trade if Wotherspoon was traded for the same return that Marincin got.

          • camdog

            Yes you are consistent in your evaluation on the players. But you are cherry picking stats, Marancin playing x of games on the Oilers means as much as Petry playing X number of games as a number 1 d-man on the Oilers, which is nothing because the Oilers have been so bad on d the last few years ;).

  • camdog

    I love how people say we overpaid for Talbot. I’m as high on him as others however when you look at the market, Eddie Lack for a 66th today and a 7th next year, Anton Khudobin for James Wisniewski, Robin Lehner and Legwand for a 1st, you can see we got a good deal. Chiarelli did exactly what I wanted him to, wait things out rather than panic for a deal. Instead of getting Talbot for a 1st we get him for a few picks


    I was hoping to trade all our 2015 picks (except #1 overall) for players who could help us next season as I didn’t want to see McDavid hung out to dry. I commend Chiarelli for what he has done thus far given the landscape. Let’s not forget July 1st is next, we will p/u another defenseman or two 😉

  • The Last Big Bear

    So much for adding depth players for McDavids core. To say I am underwhelmed by this draft is an understatement. Happy we got McDavid. An amoeba could have made that pick but if Howson or MacT were the men behind Reinhart (almost certain) then why the hell did we even need Chiarelli. Is he just a puppet?

    • paul wodehouse

      …so picky so fussy so impatient amoeba …er…exoilinxs…Chiarelli’s no puppet…I was about to say that visibility opportunity for MacT and Howson looking like book ends beside the new BOSS was just the last time we’ll see the two of them out in public after they arrive back from FLA…my over/under on those two being pink slipped is starting at…before the season starts!…since you have no alternate trade plans showing, your certainty about the Reinhart trade is also amoeba-like…nicely played.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I think Chiarelli is good well with his acquisitions. Obviously he’s not going to please everyone. I agree that the price he paid for Reinhart is high, but at least we know him and how he plays. No doubt he will improve a great deal with the new coaches. As far as Talbot, he wouldn’t have been my first choice, but I think the price paid for him was fair. Can’t imagine Chia taking him as a rental though. According to reports yesterday they were allowed to discuss future terms, however, not agree to anything before January. There is no way the Oilers would have continued to chase Talbot if he wasn’t willing to be an Oiler. Talbot wants to be a starter and will get an opportunity here. Now we need a goalie coach.

  • Joe Mamma

    Oilers trade Travis Ewanyk and 107th pick to Ottawa for Eric Gryba.

    Starting to get the feeling that a shakeup is coming to the d. Jultz traded or not qualified? With potential ufas being signed, the blueline is starting to get crowded…

  • The Last Big Bear

    Cost of Talbot was quite reasonable in retrospect . A late second pick plus two 3rd picks (one , a late one as well) was fine just by itself . Getting an extra 7th rounder was making this deal even better . Might we draft Tkachev with that pick ? Now I wonder if we are still going after Green to add to defence ?


    Marincin could turn out to be a decent player but his compete level and lack of physicality is just one thing the Oilers didn’t need more of on the team and I think they realized he just didn’t have that in his personality. It was good to move on from him for both sides. We basically just traded Marincin and a probably bust in Ewanyk for Gryba.

  • B_Oliver

    Oilers pretty much just swapped Marty for Eric Gryba, pretty solid move if you ask me. Good shut-down left shot prospect for a proven shut-down right shot guy. Plus we get Brad Ross? Meh. Also Ewanyk is gone, but what ever.

  • The Last Big Bear

    Yeah, skill-level wise Marincin for Gryba (with a few throw-ins) isn’t bad.

    But Gryba is probably a better fit for the Oilers than Marincin. They added some physicality, as well as some age and experience.

    I’d say they lost the Marincin trade, won the Gryba trade, and came out a little bit ahead.

    Every little bit helps.

  • Jaxon

    Loik Leveille? Still there. Then maybe Tkachev with that final pick? Then sign Cody Franson and Blake Comeau. I’d be a very happy fan. Not crazy about the Reinhart deal but hopefully it works out and Reinhart lives up to his old hype. Love the Talbot trade and that first pick was okay.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    His sample size has been small and on the president trophy team but this is a good risk. Great deal. Those picks weren’t worth much but we got the best available goalie (according to most people).

    • Anton CP

      im with you. I think Talbot was the best goalie available and I don’t think we gave up too much for him, but im not gonna pretend like the oilers goalie situation is now resolved… its another experiment

      im certainly not gonna complain about this deal or the gryba deal… that Reinhart deal on the other hand…

    • socaldave

      It’s going to be awfully hard to pump pucks past Talbot when it’s on the stick of Connor McDavid! Happy to take a recoverable chance on the King’s understudy. 😉

    • socaldave

      It’s going to be awfully hard to pump pucks past Talbot when it’s on the stick of Connor McDavid! Happy to take a recoverable chance on the King’s understudy. 😉

  • bradleypi

    @The Last Big Bear

    Marincin and Ewanyk for Ross and Gryba is essentially the full deal. Marincin can’t play RD and has zero physicality and marginal compete levels. This is a pretty good trade for Edmonton in the end.

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    This is a good bet. Probably the best available.
    Bets don’t always work out because goalies are voodoo so let’s hope that this one does. We’re long overdue for some good goalie luck because Dubnyk+Labarbera and Scrivens+Fasth were also decent bets that turned into busts.

    I wonder if they’ll keep Scrivens; there are several FA goalies with similar career numbers but coming off better years.

    • pkam

      Looks like you haven’t learned the lesson.

      Didn’t Scrivens come out of a good year before we signed him?

      Didn’t the Coyotes picked up Dubnyk after he came out of a terrible year?

      One good or bad season tells you very little or nothing about the next season.

  • Joe Mamma

    Know how I know the Oilers had an amazing draft weekend? I mean, other than the fact that I have eyes and can read?

    The desperate ramblings of all the usual flames trolls, all out in full force, scrambling to try to turn all the positives into negatives.

    Bring on the hate losers. Your salty tears are oh so tasty.

  • MontanaMan

    For all those who are hyped on the Oilers draft, take comfort in the fact that they were 30 points behind the Flames this year. With all of your “improvements” you’ll be 40 points back this year. But on a positive note, you’ll be picking in the top 3. Enjoy.

    • socaldave

      Because most of the flames trolls on here have nothing between their ears. Can’t make their heads wrap around a good thing. Real flames fans are getting it.

    • 24% body fat

      Got to agree. Also, I think I’m one of those rare Flames fans that likes the oilers as well, and follows there news.

      On that note, my thoughts in-brief
      – Overpayed a bit for Reinhart, but feel hes a great addition otherwise
      – Underpayed for Talbot, so it helps Balance out the Reinhart deal.
      – Not sure why you guys traded for Gryba
      – With the talent the team is packing in, I dont see why McDAvid would “want to bolt”
      – i slept through day 2 of the draft so I dont know who you guys got
      – The person who commented that “The oilers should let Hamilton know that they’d offer 6-7 million” is asking for the team to partake in basically illegal (by the NHL rules) interference. That person needs to grow up -_-

      • Stack Pad Save

        Funny how every year players magically have complex contracts hammered out and signed 15 minutes after becoming free agents.

        Nothing “basically illegal” there . . .

        Ahhh, to be young and naive again.

    • Ndustry

      I know lol Oilers are looking at more than misleading stats on Hamilton here. Take a look at NYI defence and why it makes sense Reinhart didn’t “break” the NHL yet and will be a top 4 here easily. NYI – Hamonic, Leddy, Boychuk, Visnovsky, Hickey – so Reinhart has to spend 1 year in the minors and 1 year in the AHL lol that’s not really a surprise being Nurse might have to do the same here even when compared to our old Defensive core. Talbot is easily the best Goalie (coin flip to Lack) available and is worth and has earned the risk. McDavid, Hall and Eberle have some backup on Defense with Gryba and even Reinhart. No doubt Hamilton is likely to an elite defensemen but in all honesty I would be far more comfortable if I could wait 2 more seasons before I commit 7M long term to be sure. His stats can look great in a misleading way, his second worse +/- is concerning, He plays with Chara and Bergeron, and Bostons Defense has gotten worse than the offense has improved with him so.. I’d prefer to wait and see.