Oilers trade Martin Marincin, then acquire Eric Gryba


When the Oilers acquired Griffin Reinhart yesterday, I felt it meant the end of Martin Marincin in Edmonton and today the Oilers traded him to Toronto for pesky forward Brad Ross and the 107th pick.

Admittedly, I wasn’t as high on Marincin as some others. 

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If Darnell Nurse shows he is
ready to play in the NHL, I didn’t see how the Oilers could start the
season with Oscar Klefbom, Justin Schultz, Nurse, Reinhart and Marincin
in the lineup. You can’t have that much youth on the backend if you want
to win.

Speaking with scouts at the draft, Marincin’s value around the
league was much lower than it was amongst some in Edmonton. Pretty much
every scout echoed my thoughts on him. He has NHL skill and smarts, but has
shown a lack of competitive desire in games. Three scouts who watched
AHL playoffs were disappointed he didn’t dominate at the AHL level. They all
said teams would still take a chance on him, because of his skill, but
his trade value is low.

Ross has signed in Germany. He was suspended in the AHL last season for steroids, and this was really just part one of a two-part trade that freed up a contract on the 50-man roster.


The Oilers then traded Travis Ewanyk and the 107th pick to Ottawa for Eric Gryba.

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We could argue it was Marincin and Ewanyk for Gryba and Ross. Gryba is a 27 years old, a right shot D-man with one year left on his contact, a $1.25 million cap hit.

He is 6’4″ and 225 pounds. He is a stay-at-home defender with little offensive flair. In 165 games he has 4-25-29, and +17 in his career. He is more physical than Marincin. He is a third pairing defender who can kill penalties.

You would slot him behind Mark Fayne and Justin Schultz on the right side depth chart. 

Gryba for Marincin gives the Oilers a more reliable NHL player. It is not a sexy trade, nor does it fill the void in the top-four, but I don’t mind the deal.

Again I will admit much of that is based on Marincin’s inability to show he was willing to battle hard enough at the NHL level. A new opportunity in Toronto could benefit him, but with Reinhart, Nurse and Klefbom on the left side the Oilers clearly felt he was expendable.

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  • B_Oliver

    Cool that the Oil got a bonus pick back. I’m excited to see if he does any further work on the defense, though.
    Also, glad it wasn’t a huge overpay and it was still just picks for Talbot. Was scared Slats was going to pry one of our you blue out [Marincin] but alas the right deal was made.

  • HockeyYoda

    Is it only me or I do I feel that we are not taking advantage of this “deep” draft. Whatever the case may be we git our player in Mcdavid and Talbot and Reinheart are great players to help develop this team.

  • bradleypi

    YAY! Lol I’m so happy right now. A top line center, atop pairing dman and I know oilersnation won’t agree with this but also a starting goalie all in the fold in 2 days. Great work PC!!!

      • bradleypi

        Nobody here thinks Reinhart will be a top pairing guy? I’m positive he will be. Oilersnation needs to temper expectations just like Chiarelli was talking about yesterday. PC just put together a legit top pair for the very near future. Reinhart and nurse will anchor this team for years. I honestly don’t think the savior that oilersnation is wanting on d is coming. Nobody is giving the oilers there best defenseman. I just don’t see it happening

        • pkam

          Not that I don’t like Reinhart, but I have more confidence in Klefbom and Nurse than Reinhart to be a top pair defenseman.

          If one of Klefbom or Nurse is RH, I think we have a solid top pairing in about 3 years.

  • fran huckzky

    Gryba may be only a third pairing dman but he adds a nasty streak that has been sadly lacking on the Oil.He will make all his linemates play 10 lbs heavier

  • Petrolero

    Who is the top pairing defence man you keep mentioning? Gave away Marincin for nothing and traded 2 good picks for a guy that skates and passes at about 50% the level that Marincin does. Let’s hope Talbot can carry the mail now. I was really hoping that we would get a goalie that wasn’t a little bit of a question mark going into first year AM

        • bleedingoil

          yes. DEPTH IS DEPTH regardless on how deep it is. You can categorize players on a league level and team level. As a team, with the addition of Reinhart to skate with Nurse KBom, and Schultz, Marincin will never be any more than a 3rd pairing defender on the Oilers. On a league level, please tell me a cup winning team since his draft year that he would be any more than a third pairing point man. You cant. Trading him to acquire Gryba was a smart move. My point was that trading him now was a good option because a previous poster said not to trade when value was low. Marincin may turn out to be the best of the bunch but it never would have happened in ETown. His ETown value peaked earlier today.

          Sorry that your lack of hockey knowledge leads you to involve name calling as a form of debate. If you want to maybe you can come over and have wedgie fights sometime.

          Oh yeah and the whole mental retardation thing was completely disrespectful to countless people in countless ways. Get a life, loser.

  • jonnyquixote

    Chiarelli gave away Marincin for a guy the Leafs weren’t even going to qualify? And we’re applauding him here?

    Question Marincin all you want, but he’s worth more that a German leaguer.

    At Leafs Nation they’re laughing..

    Uggh. Still very concerned.

  • TheBirdOfAnger

    This is a nice trend! We have a stay at home in Fayne and Gryba on the right side and we have puck moving point producers on the left. Now get Schultz and NN outta here!

  • rayrayj

    Now let’s grab a true #1 d-man and another goalie!! And we’re set,I think Peter did a great job at this draft,said he wasn’t gonna trade a 1st for a goalie and he held his word,he had Griffin in his cross hairs for a while,this trade wasn’t a spur of the moment move,he wanted him from day one and all the NY fans are pissed about Talbot and Griffin, we won this draft all the way,still have lots a cap space for that #1d-man,The Islanders fans are really pissed because they think Griffin was gonna be a star d-man and Peter has seen him in Boston and has watched him alot,this wasn’t just a Bob green signing,it was a Peter chai signing to..

  • YFC Prez

    Marincin is softer than Schultz. Not too sure why everyone was so high on him. I doubt he would even see 1 game with the players ahead of him on the roster.

    Back end just got a whole lot meaner. Gryba’s give a sh!t factor is so much higher than MMs.

    • match16

      If this guy is so great, how come he was way down the depth line with a team that has terrible defense , he is also 27, . You can sign those guys during free agency for the minimum and send them to,the farm. Instead the Oilers gave away yet another 2 round player , and you wonder why this team has no other players playing for them except super high draft picks.

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Looks like we’re getting tougher to play against. I doubt he’s done making moves or signing players. Sign franson and Schultz becomes trade bait.

  • kawi460

    I’m unsure but is Cody Franson an Option??? Wouldn’t mind him playing some of the “heavier minutes” rather than over playing J. Schultz and some of the youngsters on the back end.

    Hopefully they let the prospects develop properly. If that means Nurse and Reinhart to the AHL for a few months then so be it.

    Also as for UFA’s what would be and option for some size to play with McDavid. Think its gonna be hard for the Oil to play in the west again. Although Gryba brings a physical edge they desperately need.

  • Quicksilver ballet

    You could literally replace the name Marincin with Schults name and not know the difference in that capability assessment.

    A lack of competitive desire indeed. I just hope they can make that same quick decision when the time comes for Justin, Leon and Griffin. I guess Peter isn’t going to wait and make his own assessment on these players for himself.

  • Alsker

    So its Ewanyk + MM for Gryba?? Well that gives us what, 5 3rd pairing Dmen. It gets better, 3 of them cost us more than 10M.(Ference/NN/Jultz) Walk away from Jultz, get NN off the books end of this season and then go whale hunting for real top pairing D I guess. As for Ross…roid user signed in Europe…6/7 rounder would have been better.

  • paul wodehouse

    JG…the first ten or so comments for your story on the Gryba get/Marincin go were leftovers from the OILERS LAND TALBOT piece that was aborted … mine at #5 says now get him signed and that was meant for Chiarelli to get TALBOT signed …

    ~…I’m with you too I smoked Marincin, I baked him into brownies and even put him in a vaporizer and still couldn’t get high on him either~

  • paul wodehouse

    I love this trade. Gryba is the kind of bastard you need on a team’s d core, especially one like the Oilers. And he can actually play and defend. I guarantee you the opposition is always going to be looking over their shoulders for this guy.

  • The Goalie 1976

    Bye Bye Marincin. He was as soft as warm butter, simply cannot play against strong big west conference players.

    I like what Chia is doing, getting bigger, stronger, meaner (Bruins type players)

    Gryba is an ADAM McQuiad type for 1/2 the price. Good pick up.

    This MUST mean a buyout of Niki, plus I dont think Schultz is they type of player Chia will have on the team (thank god.)

    All good, all around!

  • Ndustry

    Does anyone look at hits or Zone starts on here? Gryba is exactly what the Oil needs to be looking for. Umm for those on here it’s like a Fayne who actually hits and costs 1/4th. Seriously I’m pretty sure no-one looks at base counts on war-on-ice here or played a fantasy hockey pool that counts hits. If you don’t you should really look at the Oilers D-Core – its pretty awful and this is in the direction of fixing an obvious weakness. No-one in the Oilers D gives out more hits than they take aside from Ference (who is undersized). Now we added Reinhart and Gryba who Hit more than they take as well. This is all good news to me and a far better balance of physicality and players who actually use their “size” agressively.

  • CapeBretonOilers

    There will be no more watching when one of our stars get hammered. With Hendricks and Gryba we have enforcement. It is an eye for an eye now !! Good work !