Oilers trade Boyd Gordon

The Oilers traded centre Boyd Gordon to Arizona for winger Lauri Korpikoski.

Gordon has one year left with a $3 millon cap hit, while Korpikoski has two years remaining at $2.5 million AAV.

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This gives the Oilers some speed in their bottom six, but creates a void down the middle. I don’t see any way the Oilers begin the season with McDavid, RNH, Draisaitl and Lander as their four centres.

A source told me the Oilers are looking at some veterans UFA centres and exploring trade possibilities, but right now the UFA route seems more likely. One name to consider is Gregory Campbell.

This seems like step one of a few deals, other wise it is a bit of a head scratcher considering Gordon’s contract comes off the books next year.

Your thoughts on the deal?

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  • Alsker

    Stay classy Commissioner Gordon, stay classy. One of the few bright spots in the last couple of years. The wagon line just lost their horse. Lots of 3rd-4th line centers in UFA, go get’Em Chia. Solid work so far, short term and long term.

  • Alsker

    Just thinking outside the box a bit, you never know what is behind some of these deals…could be Gordon asked for a trade back to Arizona, for personal reasons, kids in school,family still back there.. ? Oilers accommodated a good solider . Or someone bigger, younger and cheaper coming back.to save a $ 1.5 mil. in cap space.

  • Alsker

    I’ve always liked Gordon but I also kind of felt like he didn’t quite gel with the core the way we had all hoped.

    If PC continues his routine he’ll be bringing in a younger to middle aged player who can grow with the team. I hope they can win faceoffs!

  • Quicksilver ballet

    PUNJABIOIL says:

    Sarah McLellan ‏@azc_mclellan 1h1 hour ago
    More Tippett on Korpikoski from end of season: “He needs to come back and reestablish himself as a good NHL player.”

    Sarah McLellan ‏@azc_mclellan 1h1 hour ago
    During final media session of season, Tippett told reporters “He had a poor, poor season. He had one even-strength goal this year.”

    Sarah McLellan ‏@azc_mclellan 1h1 hour ago
    Tippett had a “pretty direct” talk with Korpikoski once season ended.

    • jonnyquixote

      Not all that “cheaper”. 3 million owing to Boyd, 5 million owing to Lauri. And does he do anything that Iiro Pakareinen can’t at a fraction of the price?

      I understand wanting to get faster, but I don’t get this trade. Unless Gordon’s about to go on IR for the next 6th months, I can’t see this was the best return for him. He played extremely well last season. He’s not that overpaid either – in a few hours, we are going to see a bunch of “defensive specialists” getting similar annual dollars on a longer term. (see McQuaid, Adam for proof of this). Those teams wouldn’t want to hedge their bets by coughing up a 3rd rounder or something else of legit value a couple days ago in order to get a similar player on a much shorter deal.

      I don’t like it.

  • jonnyquixote

    I swear I am not trolling, just a legitimate question for a confused Flames fan…. Perron, Petry, Gordon…… Why would anyone think that the best way to fix a hockey team includes trading away players who are not part of the problem?

    • B_Oliver

      Perron was far from solution. He got sent here from St. Louis after pouting about things within his control. He had a good year then started pouting again. Locker room cancer. But yes he did have talent

      Petry was pis poor asset management that contributed to front office realignment

      Gordon. We if events of next few days don’t explain this one then it is a real head scratcher

      • Oilfaninvan

        Do you really buy into the locker room poison stuff? The guy put up nearly 30 goals for you guys year before last and was a buzzsaw doing it… I guess if by pouting you mean he hated playing with people who don’t care then fair enough… Pretty sure the oil would be better with him on it right now… I think the “must be setting up something bigger up” stuff is wishful thinking. I could be wrong, I honestly kind of hope I am. I hate the oil but even I don’t want to see them so bad anymore….

    • YFC Prez

      There isn’t one oiler fan on here ( well maybe Bradleypi ) that can explain why the Petry situation was handled the way it was. I know I wouldn’t want Petry at 5.5 though. So maybe it was a money problem from the get go. That’s about a million too rich iMO . Still it was horrible asset management, Petry was worth more than the oil got.

      Perron I assume wanted out. His play diminished quite a bit from his first season as an oiler. Mac T did wind up getting a fair trade out of that mainly due to pits poorer than expected season.

      Gordon is a head scratcher. I’m hoping some questions are answered tomorrow. The oilers finally had depth in the middle. It was very short lived.

      So I guess 1 couldn’t agree to terms financially. 1 wanted out. And 1 …. Well we wait.

      • bradleypi

        Lol seriously still bringing up that bum petry. Oilers were a perennial last place team with him at defence. He WAS part of the problem. Not physical, not fast and didn’t make a good first pass. Montreal will buy him out next summer

        • YFC Prez

          Just a little friendly poke at Ya bud. I actually moved on past Petry the day he signed that 5.5 contract. I like the player, but I would be pissed if he signed here for that price.

          Mac T just handled that all wrong.

  • bradleypi

    I liked Gordon good twf but at 3 mil on a 4th line is steep and watching PC do his thing the last little while the guy has a plan and a back-up plan. The guy is good and tomorrow he signs a centre for the 3rd line(Matthias! hint hint PC) and if not Lander is the guy but I think that he signs a proven guy that’s still young and can grow with the young stars and when the train really starts to roll in a couple yrs he won’t be old plus we got Leon and Yakimov that will be older wiser and better so again Oil fans I really do think it will be Matthias but we’ll see tomorrow or the following days…The future so bright…I gotta wear shades…I gotta wear shades! Cheers Oil country!

  • oilbaron

    What’s to say they won’t resign Derrick Roy? He did have great chemistry with yakupov and he’s a solid vet who’s been around and knows how to play. Could be a decent one year stop gap.

    • B_Oliver

      Hey I like Roy and what he did for Yaks but now Yaks probably plays with Mc D this year and we don’t need a 32 yr old hobbit on the team anymore. Good luck Roy but not here

  • OilCanFan1

    I’m assuming Gordon was expendable as soon as Mclellan was acquired. He doesn’t rely on a strictly shut-down defensive zone deployment so Gordon’s success as an Oiler on a crappy team with defensive hell deployment wouldn’t happen this year.

  • radicator

    I think the gentleman that pointed out that there could be another reason for the trade (family, etc) to Arizona could be on to something too. If the fam-jam ain’t happy, the player ain’t happy and he’s been an awfully good soldier. It’s moves like that which build up good will amongst the players in the league even if the fans don’t always get to discover the truth behind them.

    • Wax Man Riley

      BS. It doesn’t build up good will. “Come to Edmonton, we’ll trade you if you don’t like us. Just, y’know, let us know.”

      Most teams would do this I think, or I would hope. I still don’t understand the move either though. Hopefully building to something else. Mid he building up goodwill with Arozona maybe, for when they move?

  • crackerjack14

    There’s talk tonight of EDM and TOR working on something. Yak and Dion being mentioned. If that’s the case, what if Yak, Schultz and Nikitin head to TOR for Phanuef, Bozak and possibly a third piece?

    Hate to see Yak go but solves problems on both sides.

  • crackerjack14

    I don’t understand this deal, and I don’t like it. Gordon did his job well and his contract was fine. Could have traded him for a decent pick at the deadline.

    Chairelli is making me nervous, all his deals so far have me working hard to like them. I’m afraid he is going to do something really dumb, like Yakupov for under value….

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    Not a fan of this deal.

    Korpikoski doesn’t look like anything special. And he’s signed for 2 more seasons.

    Boyd Gordon is slowing down, but is still a very useful player and had a very flexible contract (last year).

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    This move frees up a little salary, provides a LWer with a little more size and slightly better point production, and also opens a spot in the middle for Draisaitl to play in.

    • BigMcD

      Something must be brewing cuz I just don’t understand this trade otherwise?? Gordon is a great face off guy , pretty gritty and played some important minutes for this team.????

  • MacT's Neglected Helmet

    This move frees up a little salary, provides a LWer with a little more size and slightly better point production, and also opens a spot in the middle for Draisaitl to play in.

  • toprightcorner

    I hope Chairelli goes after Brian Boyle. TBL is over the cap and can probably cover for him internally..6″7′ 255 lbs, kills penalties, hit everything that moves, skates well and 52% on the dot. He can play 4D or move up to 3D if needed.

    Other options






    These all bring some size and aggression above 53% on the dot kill penalties and get the short end of the stick on zone starts