Billy Moores Cup recap….

It was only a four-on-four no-hit scrimmage, but Connor McDavid impressed the diehard fans who showed up at Rexall Place. McDavid scored five goals (McCarron goal was changed to McDavid) and added an assist in team white’s 8-6 win. His skating ability, explosiveness and vision had the 7,000 (estimate) fans giddy with excitement.

“He is special,” said teammate Greg Chase. “He is fun to watch. He is smart, fast and he makes plays with the puck that you don’t think people can make. But the biggest thing about Connor is how he is off the ice. He is a terrific guy. He is extremely humble. You don’t see that a lot nowadays. That is something I noticed and something I can take away from him,” said Chase.

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McDavid impressed everyone during the orientation camp and his performance tonight will only make Oilers fans even hornier for the start of the season. 

The “game” was forty minutes of four-on-four and seven minutes of three-on-three. The only faceoffs were after goals. It was quick without much contact, which makes sense considering it is July 6th. McDavid was clearly the best player on the ice, but a few others did stand out, and it was the players you’d expect to shine.

Darnell Nurse strength and speed stood out. He will compete for a job in training camp and Peter Chiarelli said, “We told him not be disheartened by the amount of one-way contracts we have. We are going to have a competition,” Chiarelli also added, “I’m not basing this on tonight, because it was a four-on-four and three-on-three, but you notice his size and skating and he is up ice a lot. He’ll need to learn not to go up as much, but he is strong, he defends, he is a good pupil and he is young. He has a lot of positives going for him.”

Leon Draisaitl’s playmaking was outstanding. He is an effortless passer. He moved his feet well, especially when he had the puck. He and McDavid are very different players, which I think is good, and Draisaitl’s size, strength and skill will be a welcome addition to the lineup whenever he makes the team.

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Joey Laleggia skates like a pro. He should stand out in a game like tonight because of his age and experience. His size and ability to defend will be his biggest hurdles, but he can skate at the NHL level. He reminds me of Brad Hunt, but skates better.

Greg Chase felt his way into the game, but once he found the pace he was solid. He learned a lot playing with Ryan Hamilton and Jason Williams in OKC during the playoffs and you could see he was very alert away from the puck. A no-hitter is not where he can excel, but he has the offensive instincts to be able to play with skilled players. The Oilers don’t have many skilled, gritty forwards and if he continues to develop he could challenge for a spot on the team in 2016 or 2017.

Kevan Bouchard was the best goalie on the ice. He made some huge stops, including two back-to-back on McDavid in the first period.

Luke Esposito had a solid effort. He took the puck to the net with conviction many times.

Kyle Platzer sees the ice well. He needs some seasoning in the AHL for a few seasons, but his skill stands out.

John McCarron is thick. I’m curious to see how he adapts to the pro game where everyone else is strong, but he is big, 6’2, 232 pounds. He is already 23 so he’ll need to adapt to the pro level quickly if he wants to go farther than the AHL.

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He addressed the Justin Schultz arbitration and the Anders Nilsson trade.

He expects no problems getting Schultz signed, which isn’t a surprise, and said the buyout window will start right after they reach an agreement. He said it is a good option, but was not certain if they will buy out a player. Of course he would not address which players were candidates.

Nilsson signed a one-year, one-way deal. It does not have an out clause to return to Europe. If he doesn’t make the Oilers he’ll need to clear waivers. Chiarelli was adamant Nilsson will get a good opportunity to compete for a job and said players should take notice. I think we can assume he was referring to Ben Scrivens.

Nilsson has a strong KHL season and was average at the World Championships. His game was leaky at times. He also struggled controlling the puck with his catching glove. Chiarelli added the former New York Islanders draft pick, who has 25 NHL games experience, was ecstatic about getting another chance in the NHL and the GM loves his size and feels he is young enough to emerge into a solid goalie.

At the very least he will add some competition in camp, and if he doesn’t make the Oilers and Laurent Brossoit will have a battle for icetime in Bakersfield.


McDavid’s first appearance at Rexall was a rousing success. He impressed everyone in the Oilers organization with his off-ice demeanor and he wowed the fans with his on-ice play. It was only a no-hit scrimmage, but McDavid scored five goals and dominated.

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Enjoy your summer thinking about McDavid in a regular season NHL game. Something tells me you won’t be disappointed.

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  • AussieOil

    This second wave of prospects will compliment the first wave and maybe a little payback after years of hardship for the team. They all looked good and the future is bright Conner, Drai and Nurse are as advertised. Fun times in Edmonton again.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      I said something similar that his use of the word sounded awkward. And a moderator deleted it hehe
      I don’t really understand why my message was deleted though. The guy who said “grow up” to Gregor seems more censor-worthy.

      Sometimes the tone of OilersNation confuses me. Kind of inconsistent.

  • paul wodehouse

    …so the kid asks his dad while watching the scrimmage in July…daddy who is Billy Moores?

    Dad says …he got fired with a lot of other people little while ago…

    Kid says … why?

    Dad says…because of all his work setting up their organizational development/orientation program…

    Kid cries…

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Can’t say ‘Jesus’ without someone starting a righteous crusade, can’t say ‘hornier’ without people claiming to be shocked and appalled. We living in 2015 or Victorian-era England?

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    Anyone planning on going to Penticton to take in The Young Stars Tourney Sept.11-14 ? $60.00 for all six games . Wonder if will broadcast the games ?

  • paul wodehouse

    if I may …

    …have thought and thought about my purchase yesterday of the #1AD Draft Party t-shirt (think that’s what it’s called ) and I want to give my personal token of appreciation to the think tank group of folks who came up with the design of the outstanding logo…now maybe there was a break in their schedule where they weren’t all hammered around a high top table in a saloon somewhere and decided there was a logo of some sort that might please even the likes of a fussy old prick like me…apart from having to wait what might be half the time I have left on this earth for this garment to arrive via snail mail…I am thrilled that it will be one of three items I have bought and wear with huge pride since joining up with The Nation 5 years ago…

    …this logo shows with great provincial explanation (Albertasaurus) that the designer has tapped into a visual notion that strength, fortitude and loyalty can be illustrated so simply yet with such power that all it needs to really show is one number that will be the future for a generation of hockey fanatics and the city I loved for years…a truly honest tribute to 97…

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    The TSN reporters say the Oilers are now Canada’s team. How convenient for the rest of the country, they got to skip the decade of incompetence. Maybe I’m just bitter at being crapped all over for ten years, then all of a sudden we’re “Canada’s team”, but this is going to be a crowded bandwagon.

    • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

      I was perusing Flames Nation a couple days ago during an ON article drought, it was truly hilarious. One mention of the Oilers and damn near the entire comments section devolves into a giant hatefest. They talk about the Oilers as much as we do.

      • CMG30

        Of course. There’s nothing going on with that team. They basically exist as a reaction to the Oilers. The only reason they got Dougie Hamilton is because the Boston Bruins wanted to shaft Chirelli. Lol.

        But enough about those goofballs. Lets talk about the real show in Alberta: The Billy Moors Cup! It was the first time I’ve really got to watch McDavid in action…

        Mind. Blown.

        I don’t know how long it will take to get his feet under him in the NHL but when he does… this guy is not just another level, this guy is in another dimension!

    • Mike Krushelnyski

      You cant be serious..

      But to answers your question yes, yes they do.

      It probably feels worse since we have had more ammo given the dumpster fire that has been the oilers the last 10 years

  • ubermiguel

    Was at the scrimmage last night, much has been covered already. I wanted to say I like Svoboda, his size and movement were good. Except he kept playing the puck outside the trapezoid (at least 3 times); someone tell the Euro guy about this rule before a real game.

    • ubermiguel

      The trapizoid is the stupidest rule in hockey, it interupts the flow and takes an element away from the goalies game. I remember a time where goalies who played the puck well were valuable, nowadays the best a goalie can do is not scrivens up his puck handling. Also its dangerous for dmen retrieving the puck and causes injuries when the goalie could have played it instead. I guess your point was we dont want him taking petalties, i dont think that will be a problem how many petalties have actually been called from the trapizoid in the years since its been introduced? Id guess probably about 10 in total. Cant even remember the last time i saw one. Anyway svoboda will be fine, infact it actually takes less effort not to play the puck in the trapizoid than it does to play it.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        I’m not saying it’s irrelevant, I’m saying it shows the true character of Flames fans. It’ll become irrelevant about a month into the season.

        • Reidja

          “The true character of Flames fans”… Listen to yourself. Jesus.

          Anyway, enjoy the offseason. It’s a great time of year and fans of both teams should be excited.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            I just find it funny how the Flames limped into the playoffs, got absolutely wallpapered by the Ducks, and now we have Flames fans in every comment section dumping their smug rhetoric like they just won a cup. And people say Oiler fans are arrogant. Has Johnny Hockey fully recovered from that series yet?

          • Reidja

            I guess we will never know since he didn’t have to leave his seat during the Calder awarding.

            It’s sad what has happened to your team. I hope the franchise recovers one day. Sekera was a brutal signing.

          • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

            This Flames fan feels sorry for us that we drafted McDavid. I rest my case. Next he’ll say “No, I feel sorry you were even in a position to draft McDavid, we were having fun in the playoffs.” Just skip right to “look at the BoA record the last ten years” or “Flames have never drafted higher than 3rd!” We’ve heard it all a hundred times.

        • Reidja

          Lets face it. There’s idiot fans in every single fanbase on earth. Simply there are idiots… the team they follow is irrelevant. We have these guys posting here.. And i wouldnt be surprised to hear there are Oil fans over there.. especially now adays.

    • Reidja

      Yeah. Got bored reading BigMcD’s trolling over at FN and thought I would come over and return the favour. Enjoy development camp. Exciting times like I said.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    There is so much hatred from the Flamer fans towards the mighty Oil.I sense some jealousy.I guess you would call it an inferiority complex which is understandable.
    I dont think PC is done with the lineup we still have 3 months till puckdrop and something tells me a big piece of the puzzle will be added.
    What a year for Edmonton Connor Mcdavid and AC/DC september 20.Sorry Calgary Angus forgot about you once again.HeHeHe.

  • freelancer

    As much fun as it is filling these comments with trolling and team bashing, can’t we all just be excited that both teams look to be relevant again.

    Flames made the playoffs and have added some pieces to prove it wasn’t a one time fluke. The Oilers have added McDavid, who in the short amount of time he has been an Oiler has rejuvenated many fans excitement. On top of that we have a new management team in place that is actually making good changes to improve the rest of our roster.

    I would be ecstatic to see an Oilers Flames first first round. Then the real trash talk can begin!

  • shanetrain

    I live in YYC and seriously, you could re-name Calgarys team the Bandwagon Flames.

    I am not trying to imply there isn’t any real fans here, that would be foolish. That being said, the bandwagon ‘fans’ run rampant here. Comical.

    I just can’t see that happening in Edmonton.