Report: Ian Herbers to Join Oilers Coaching Staff

Kelowna Rockets scribe Larry Fisher is reporting that the Edmonton Oilers have hired Golden Bears coach Ian Herbers to join Todd McLellan’s coaching staff.

More to come…

  • 916oiler

    Was there any pressure on McClellan to hire him since he’s local?

    I know nothing about him, and am not passing judgement until I know more, but there’s the obvious connection…

      • YFC Prez

        * throws tinfoil hat on the ground *
        * tosses cork board filled with Illuminati conspiracy newspaper clippings across basement in a fit of rage*


        I wonder where he will be placed. Very successful Coach with Golden Bears. Good for us, bad news for Bears.

      • 916oiler

        Seeing as how I don’t know the guy, I think it’s fair to ask for others’ opinions on the topic while at the same time posing a logical question. The phrase ‘boys on the bus’ isn’t all that far gone.

        Did anyone notice the ‘I’m not passing judgement until I know more’ part? It’s ok to ask questions and collect evidence instead of jumping to conclusions.

        After all the trashes etc., I take it he’s well liked and respected? If that’s the case, then it sounds like a solid hire!

        • M22

          “It’s ok to ask questions and collect evidence instead of jumping to conclusions. ”


          Whoa! You just blew the minds of almost everyone that trashed your first comment.

      • Derian Hatcher

        Rightfully so as you know. Takes a while for all the paranoia to dissipate. It has been built over a LONG period. But i agree that it sure feels like we can let go of it finally!

    • Jason Gregor

      He was head coach for Milwaukee in AHL, Predators organization, before coming to U of A.

      He led Bears to back-to-back National championships. He is a very good coach. He is deserving. There was no pressure on McLellan. McLellan coached him in the AHL so he knows him.

      When Oilers lost Rocky Thompson they needed to look at another option. He will be the 3rd assistant coach on the staff.

    • Ready to Win

      Considering their shared history and that McClellan is coming to work in Herber’s town (to some fanfare I might add), Herber probably called McClellan to congratulate him and suggested they get together sometime, and so was on McClellan’s mind when an opening came up.

  • chickenStew

    Well I also don’t know a whole lot about the guy. And it is an impressive resume.

    That said my first reaction was wow they really dug deep finding this guy.

    So is it Chia and tm trying to includes some local connection to the team?

    Is it a relatively low paid position so maybe they wanted someone local as housing was already sorted?

    Or the big elephant in the room? Did some one higher up like the idea of a good friend collecting a paycheck.

    What ever the reason he does seem qualified.

    But isn’t a sports team obligation to get the best people period.

    The San Antonio spurs wow the NBA championship and said to them selves how do we improve.

    They 3nded up revamping there training staff. In the process the interviewed the head athletic therapist of the new eland all black as well as the the athletic therapist from the Canadian oylimpic snow board team amongst many others.

    They did not repeat as champions but they did not hire the local person from the University

    Btw the spurs ended up taking the Canadian to look after the multi millionaire players. So yay canada and yay Marilyn Adams. Go on you

  • Derian Hatcher

    Unlike most of my posts that are half-baked opinion, I will state the following as fact:

    I have been to a ton of Bears games, especially when the Oilers were at their worst – bumbling around the ice with little purpose or intent. I was consistently impressed watching the Bears systems and effort. They were rarely outworked, the players were where they were supposed to be on the ice, when they were supposed to be there and their transition game was a thing of beauty. Without exaggeration, it was as if the players were robotic on the ice (every line, every player) while still demonstrating offensive creativity – especially on the PP.

    I know the rumour says Herbers will be the third asst coach, but from what I have seen (even taking into account CIS players vs. pro players) this guy can coach, as his two National Championships attest.

    Chia & McClellan continues to impress, quietly, without bold or outlandish statements, without trying to sound like the smartest hockey guys in the game. Its so refreshing. For the first time in forever, I am looking so forward to watching an Oiler team actually work hard and compete.

    • Ready to Win

      Well said about the teams he’s coached. They’re a pleasure to watch.
      I met him once at a golf tourney and he couldn’t have been a nicer and humble man that’s the size of a small mountain and smart. Chiarelli has been more than a breath of fresh air. Revelations

  • fran huckzky

    @Oil drop

    It’s the NHL. Even as a 3rd string coach, you’re still making a six figure number even if it’s on the lower end of the spectrum. That sort of “low pay” easily pays for a nice apartment, trust me.

    Not that Ian Herbers has to worry about a pay cheque or housing. That is an extremely, extremely wealthy family.

  • Keg on Legs

    I was attempting to make the Bears when Mr Herbers was still playing. He was a nasty bit of work when he played. Looking back he was probably a poor mans version of “The Human Rake”. Maybe he can instill some of these properties into our young D

  • BobbyCanuck

    Maybe Ian can talk to his dad about bringing back the ‘Herber’s Autobody Crunch of the Game’

    Remember those from back in the day? The days when the Olers were actually hittng the opposition hard, heavy, and often?

    We may have been beaten on the scoreboard, but nobody beat us in the back alley