The Edmonton Oilers drafted six men at the 2015 entry draft—honest!—and it’s time to get to know the other five.


  • Wayne Gretzky talks McDavid: “He’s a really mature kid for 18 years old, he’s been under the
    spotlight for a long time, he’s handled himself both on the ice and off
    the ice with nothing but respect and class. He’s going to
    love playing here, it couldn’t be a better scenario for him. It’s great
    for the Oilers fans, they’re going to get the chance to watch this kid
    grow up.The thing about playing in Edmonton is, the people
    here, they’ve been through it with myself and they’ve been through
    Messier… they’re going to let him be, they’re going to treat him like an


  • Bruce McCurdy, Cult of Hockey: Caleb Jones (D) is
    another is at his first pro camp, and it’s a measure of success that it
    doesn’t really show. He’s held his own, hasn’t stood out. Source
  • Jones on going to Portland Winterhawks: “The
    ‘Dub’ was just a better option for me. I’m really comfortable with
    coach (Jamie) Kompon in Portland and his staff. He coached in the NHL,
    so I trust him with my development to get to the next level. And the
    game schedule prepares you for the pros.”
  • Future Considerations: Jones is a good skater,
    with a good stride and good speed to join a rush and then get back
    quickly. He shows some puck skill that would be expected of someone
    related to Seth, who is a confident puck-carrier.


  • Red Line Report: Shutdown rearguard plays against the
    opposing teams’ top line every night and refuses to give away even an
    inch of space. Owns a laser shot that often finds the net – keeps it low
    and often produces dangerous rebounds. A good skater who likes to take
    the puck deep into the offensive zone and create chances, yet still has the speed to get back on defence.
  • McKeens: strong, physical defender – solidly-built
    and a tenacious competitor .. not flashy skill wise, however makes smart
    plays and packs a powerful shot.
  • ISS: Does a lot of things well, but mainly plays a
    strong defensive and physical game. Strong in front of the net and along
    the boards, doesn’t run around in the defensive zone and has good


  • The Scouting Report: John is a smooth skating offensive
    defenseman…Good size…Is a play making defensenman…Has great poise with
    the puck…Has the ability to run our powerplay.
  • D John Marino at Orientation Camp: Showed some nice flashes
    offensively, good speed and a nice shot. Got involved physically, too.
    You could see his age being a slight issue, but overall a nice job. Source
  • ISS: When Marino fills out his frame he shows the potential to be a
    dominant two-way defenseman. Solid defensive positioning but at times
    can be too aggressive in forcing the puck carrier and stepping up for
    the big hit. Very much a project defenseman but has the unrefined tools
    to be an interesting player down the road. Great puck carrier and makes
    crisp passes. Carries the puck well. Underrated slapshot from the point
    when he lets it go. Smart and simple decisions on the puck. Overall
    skating is in constant development, adjusting with the added weight and
    growth spurts. Source


He’s big, he’s good and he’s a goalie (so add a teaspoon of voodoo, stir and wait several years).

Svoboda on Edmonton and McDavid: “Hometown Edmonton’s hockey, it is felt on every corner. Of course, during the camp, people were most inquisitive on superhvìzdu Connor McDavid. But it’s a super guy, absolutely normal. Pøekvapil to me. Do not pretend to. If he catches by man to exercise a chance, you can arrive, taps into the concrete.” (May not be exact, this is courtesy Google translate) Source


    • ISS: Paigin’s upside is based around his raw frame
      and active, intense defensive game. Long active stick and angles well,
      needs to focus on foot speed and mobility which will benefit when he
      adds muscle to his
      massive frame. Thrives in physical play,
      likes to finish hits and mix it up along the wall. Can be beat wide by
      quick opposition forwards catching him on the pivot. Decent skill-set on
      the puck, although at his best when he simplifies his game.
    • Watching Bear at the Development camp (as limited a viewing as it was), I thought he stood out in a good way. Obviously that doesn’t count for a whole lot, but I wasn’t expecting much and left thinking he was better than I had given him credit for.

    • BubbaZanetti

      I enjoy the breathless optimism of the average scouting report sometimes. They all sound so great! Wonderful players, every one of them!

      If you were a person who just read scouting reports without any context, and then someone showed you that in an average draft year only a few dozen players ever become really good NHLers, and only around half of those drafted even play one NHL game in their careers I think you would be quite shocked.

      I know that nobody does this, but still, every year I read descriptions like this about fourth round picks like Caleb Jones, and they sound like just terrific players. Even late first or second rounders like Oliver Kylington in Calgary, the team just gushes about how happy they were that he was there for the taking and the player talks about how hard he’s going to work to prove everyone wrong for letting him fall that far.

      It all just seems so wildly at odds with the reality that despite how close they seem on draft day most of these players will never play a game in the NHL, and maybe 40 out of 200+ will play more than 300 games and really be considered successes. And then I think about 18 year olds and crushed dreams and I get depressed. Thanks a lot, LT.

        • Mike Krushelnyski

          You’re asking me if I saw Kylington at Flames prospect camp? Presumably in Calgary? On an Oilers fan blog? Really? Um. No. No I did not have the pleasure. I’m sure it was super, though, and I’m glad you had a good time.

      • Puck JammeR!

        What you have to realize is that each and every player drafted is in fact a terrific player. You seem to forget that they are competing for a spot on an NHL team.

        That means they want to become one of the best 230 hockey players in the world. That is quite n accomplishment for any teenager.

        • BubbaZanetti

          Super. I sure hope they all get commemorative plaques stating that they were, as you say, one of the 230 best draft-eligible hockey players in the world in their year, aside from an undrafted Tyler Johnson-type or three. Gold stars and participation medals for everybody!

          Look, it’s not like I’m saying a player is a failure if he doesn’t make the NHL. They got relatively close at least. Good for them.

          But I read brief snippets of scouting reports like “shows the potential to be a dominant two-way defenseman” from the ISS report on Marino and I think “WOW! He sounds terrific! And…oh, he was taken in the sixth round? Oh. I wonder what’s wrong with him?”

    • a lg dubl dubl

      The guy I’m interested in the most is Caleb Jones.

      Getting to see Caleb play against Seth would be pretty cool, and from the highlights I’ve watched Caleb plays really similar to his older brother. I was surprised he went as low as he did.

      I think him and Bear have the greatest chance to make it to the NHL.

      • Puck JammeR!

        So am I, really exited about him Joining the Winterhawks being that I live here in Prt I get to watch him quite a bit. Ethan Bear as well since Prt And Sea play each other like 10 times! Nice article Lowtide! great to hear about the other kids.

    • Puck JammeR!

      My new “dark horse” is Zyat Pagin……….looks to be a Zadeno Chara in the making.

      Allan, do you know why he was taken so low in the draft? The scouting report seems to be very basic on this player.

      Or is that no other teams want to draft Russians?

    • Mike Krushelnyski


      No like, Russian dark horse picks like Shlepyshev or Yakimov. All these guys are more like Brandon Davidson to me. All just good, but nothing spectacular.

      • Kevwan

        What’s not to like? Every one is a solid prospect and all were 4th round and lower. It shows what an amazingly deep draft this was. It also shows that the days of Oiler “walk-abouts” are hopefully over.

        • Puck JammeR!

          Didn’t say there wasn’t anything to like, they’re just not the most exciting prospect pool. A bunch of D who will take time to develop. That is like the least flashy picks. Whereas a guy like Yakimov, it’s hard not to look at him and think of the potential. That’s all.

          • Puck JammeR!

            wow thanks for dragging my kids into this you creep

            sorry that your so racist towards russians that you hate 2 kids who will probably score 600 goals/1500 points in the nhl between them

            • BubbaZanetti

              HAHAHAHA! Wow, look man, if you’re going to go onto the internet and call people slow and ugly, be ready for some crap to fly back your way. Also, if you have children, that is a terrible thing to say to someone.

              Also, I don’t think you read my post, or at least understood it. Maybe you’re in the hospital too?

              My point was that the picks this year are fine, but that’s it, just fine. Whereas the picks of yesteryear, like Yakimov and Shlepyshev, contained an element of exciting potential, this year’s crop just doesn’t have. No knock against this year’s crop, and just to clarify certainly no knock against the russians either.

              Basically Russian picks > this year’s defense picks, in my humble opinion.

    • Do what Weight did?

      Love it LT. Now I am excited about all these guys, though statistically maybe one will turn out to be a player. Bear seems like the best bet, but who knows?