If you’re looking for Oilers news you won’t find that here. There will be very few Connor McDavid updates, and there will be no arguing about what the Oilers should be doing with the captaincy. This is a charity update on a few things that we’ve worked on over the past little while.  

As many of you know, we love talkin’ charity just about as much as we like talkin’ Oilers. Over the eight years of our existence, OilersNation.com hasn’t had much to cheer for (SAVE US MCDAVID!) so we’ve used this time and platform to promote great causes in our city. Here are a couple updates on a couple charity items that we are involved in.


Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 12.52.26 PM

On June 8th our city was rocked by the news of Constable Daniel Woodall’s death. We didn’t know how we could help, but we knew that we had to do something. In partnership with our friends at Print Machine we pushed out the #EPSstrong T-shirt with all proceeds going to the Woodall family. When we launched the t-shirt we had a goal of reaching $50,000 in funds raised. We thought the goal was lofty, but we had faith the people of Edmonton could help us reach it. The response we got was mind blowing. 

Within 48 hours of launching the shirts we had absolutely crushed the $50,000 goal. We didn’t know where the final total would end, but we wanted to keep raising money until our July 10th deadline. Thanks to your support, and sharing of the article/tweets, we raised over $100,000 for the family. At $20 per shirt, that’s a lot of units sold. Thursday morning everyone at Nation HQ will be heading down to Print Machine to help pack and ship the shirts that you fine folks ordered.

We can’t thank you guys enough for helping us push this out as much as you have. Thank you, Nation. Thank you a million times over.



Last summer we put together a charity auction to help a very special little girl named Kelty with an expensive muscle lengthening surgery. We decided that the only thing for the Nation to do was step in and try to raise as much money as we can for this brave little girl. We thought the best way for us to do that was with an auction potluck from citizens around the Nation.

Not surprisingly, you guys stepped up with some great auction items and we were able to contribute over $6000 to this amazing little girl’s medical needs. I thought it would be nice to give you guys another update on how she’s doing. From her mom, Katie:

Hey Guys! 

I’m hoping through Meg you’ve seen a few of my Kelty updates on Instagram … but the short version is that she’s doing really well!! The most recent “upgrade” is her graduation to walking canes (see attached pic). Although she’s still a little unsteady, she’s very able (and eager) to try going solo on them. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll be able to use those as her main mode of transportation when she starts Kindergarten this September. As kids do, she’s growing up quick and I’ve never been more optimistic about her chances at independent, unassisted mobility sooner than later. Please know that you and your followers helped make that happen!!

Much love and thanks!

Katie and Kelty

  • A-Mc

    I have 1 question regarding the EPSstrong initiative. Why were the shirts left until July 10 to be printed?

    It was very clear there was a huge following for this and there were a number of high profile, highly visible, events taking place in and around our city, which would have been the PERFECT platform to display EPSstrong support. 1 example? World Cup.

    I was disappointed when i talked to the guy at print machine about the severe delay in the availability of these shirts. The business i work for also contacted print machine to ask about having a few shirts printed right away for political appearances (like the mayor and some other folks).

    All requests were denied and the entire thing was inflexible. Now that the shirts are ready, the momentum from the movement is already lost. People will not forget what happened, but the momentum does not last very long.

    I am going to pickup my 3 shirts from Print Machine this week and i am happy the money i donated will go towards the family; but i must say that the dealings with print machine have turned me off from using them for any future fundraising events. Next time I’ll find an alternative means to donate my money.

    Anyway, great cause and i’m sure the woodall family is very appreciative of everything. Good work by the ON guys (and the Nation members in general); 100k is huge.

    • The delays had to do with suppliers not being able to provide them with enough shirts before that date. They were back ordered and could only start printing shirts when they were available to do so.

      Like I said, we never expected things to reach the heights they did. Apologies for the delay, but thanks for the support.

      • A-Mc

        as a general answer, i can accept that. But even with the few 1 offs that were requested and denied, i feel like there was some attitude there.

        Apparently the police chief asked for a shirt to be made and was denied. seriously? they couldnt find 1 blank white tee to print EPSSTRONG for the EPS Chief? My coworker was told this by the guy at print machine (true or not, this is what they were telling us).

        …theres a bad taste in my mouth.

        BUT ANYWAY! no more negativity (sorry about that folks).

    • A-Mc


      There are hundreds of police officers receiving our shirts today and over the next few days (yes, we paid too). Please remember who these shirts are for, and why they were printed in the first place. It’s not about how fast we get them. This is one of many ways we can show our support and unity. We remember a fallen brother…

      To everyone, the ribbons are down, and the funeral is over, but we still appreciate the support you showed and continue to show us. We see it, we feel it. We appreciate it.

  • This is the best article in the history of the site. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the two drives. Seeing Kelty in that photo warms my heart to it’s black core 😀

  • A-Mc

    Love the Kelty update, you go girl!

    Awesome job on all the very worthy charities Oilersnation!

    Giving to charity is good for the soul, great for good karma, and is just the dang right thing to do. Please donate everyone!!