They’re gone now, scattered across North America and Europe with their professional hopes and dreams. It happens in the wink of an eye, but as fans we take stock every summer. Where are the boys who brought the Memorial Cup to our city? Answer: All over!

  • Samuelsson—was a big part of that Oil Kings Memorial Cup team and his pro career got off to a solid start with the Portland Pirates of the AHL (68GP, 18-22-40). He also saw the NHL for three games and is on track as a prospect.

  • Curtis Lazar—spent the entire season in the NHL with the Ottawa Senators. He scored 6-9-15 in 67 games and continued his development in the world’s best league. I have to tell you this is my favorite Oil King, I found his enthusiasm for the game infectious and his progress was a joy to watch. Give ’em hell, Lazar!

  • Mitchell Moroz—took time to adjust to the pro game but had some solid outings in the playoffs and things are looking up for next season in Bakersfield. Moroz has very specific and unique skills, Edmonton needs a player just like him so he could end up playing in the NHL this coming season.
  • Cody Corbett—He turned pro with the Lake Erie Monsters and didn’t post much offensively (47GP, 3-3-6, -10) but it’s a process. Corbett was an underrated Oil Kings blue.

  • Edgars Kulda—I was disappointed (as a fan) the Oilers didn’t grab him at the 2014 draft, but his signing in the KHL keeps the dream alive and who knows maybe he’ll be back in North America in a few years.

  • Reid Petryk—Divided his time between the Lake Erie Monsters and the Fort Wayne Komets in his first year pro.
  • Brett Pollock—Stayed in the WHL and had a very strong season. Pollock is a legit pro prospect and a second-round pick for prospect shy Dallas Stars. Source.
  • Ashton Sautner—How he didn’t get drafted is beyond me, but the Vancouver Canucks swooped in and signed the young blue in March. I can’t cheer for him because Vancouver, but I won’t be mad if he succeeds. Source.

  • Reinhart—I’m no scout and won’t claim to know the future, but Griffin Reinhart was outstanding in an Oil Kings uniform. It’s easy to figure out why the organization traded for him, he was everything they look for in a prospect and he played his junior hockey right under their noses.

The entire group is here. Source.

  • ubermiguel

    That was a great team. My young daughter knows Lazar and “the Oil King that smiles all the time”. As much as I love Captain Serious…err..Toews, watching Lazar reminds me that hockey’s a game, you should be having fun out there.

  • camdog

    “Mitchell Moroz — Moroz has very specific and unique skills, Edmonton needs a player just like him so he could end up playing in the NHL this coming season.”

    I can’t see that happening at all this season. Maybe in 2-3 years but he’s still a bit raw.

  • Aendayana777

    “Moroz has very specific and unique skills, Edmonton needs a player just like him so he could end up playing in the NHL this coming season.” Um… not to nitpick but pretty sure Moroz has been passed on the old depth chart a little bit. I can’t see them calling him up over Draisaitl, Chase, Ilro, or Pitlick.

  • stonedtodeath61

    Big fan of Lazar. Total distance from the goal line for all six goals combined might have been 15 feet. Drives the net, hard on the forecheck, Eating the burger was priceless. Great young man that is a true leader. Sens have converted him to the wing as they see him as a top six in a year or two and their Centre position is locked. His D game is already at an NHL level and now his offence should start to come.

  • CMG30

    I’m back to pulling for Reinhart, he does have all the tools. I hope he develops well.

    It does scare me though, when the GM trades for a prospect and publicly states he expects him in the lineup next season. If the Oilers have learned nothing else, let them learn to have patients with prospects! Somewhere on this blog, it was mentioned that bigger bodies take longer to put all the tools together. If that’s true, I won’t be surprised at all to see Nurse pass him in the depth chart.

    If it takes Reinhart another season (or 2!) in the AHL before he becomes the defenseman we all hope then that’s perfectly fine… especially if the alternative is playing him over his head in the NHL.

    • bazmagoo

      I agree, although I think it was an honest mistake on Chiarelli’s part. 9 defencemen battling for 7 spots is a step in the right direction. I’d love to see Nurse and Reinhart play 1st pairing minutes in the AHL for most of next season, personally I think that would be the best thing for their development.

  • Kevwan

    Nice writeup LT.

    That was a really fun team to watch. Getting past Portland in 7 then having to come out of the 3rd place slot and winning the Memorial Cup- what a great achievement. Best of luck to all those kids.

  • Leef O'Golin

    I’ve always liked Moroz but I can’t see him in the NHL next year. Nine pts in 66 games then one assist in the playoffs? Might need a tad more seasoning.