The video above represents how you citizens voted for the top 5 goals in Oilers history. Will you agree with your fellow citizens? Are they morons that don’t know a thing about hockey? The people have spoken and if you didn’t vote you can’t complain… or something. Don’t go complaining to me – I didn’t have a say in the matter. With that said I present the first OilersNation Countdown…


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This has to be one of the nicest first NHL goals in history, right? On October 7th, 2010, Jordan Leslie Eberle scored a goal of the year candidate in his first game against the Calgary Flames. I remember the Oilers killing the Flames that night and assumed that this was the beginning of the end of the darkness that had clouded over the Nation since the 2006 Cup run. Obviously we were all wrong, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Eberle’s slick mitts were on display that night, and his first NHL goal leads off our countdown.


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For those of you that are old enough to remember the Oilers used to play against the Stars seemingly every year in the playoffs during the late 90s and early 2000s. Every year we’d meet up with Dallas, and every year we’d get bumped out. Probably the greatest moment of my young hockey fandom came when Todd Marchant blew past Grant Ledyard and roofed it past Andy Moog. What a series this was. What a goal. 


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How can we have a list of top goals without the great one? I’m a 30-year old guy so I don’t really remember the glory days as much as I wish I did. What I do remember is hearing about Gretzky’s ability to pass the puck while his shooting never seemed to be at the forefront. Let me tell you something about this ripper from 1988 – Mike Vernon never had a chance. Gretzky ripped a clapper past Vernon and he’s probably still wondering what happened.


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When this goal happened I was at a bar in St. Albert and my buddy threw a full jug of beer into the air. Normally I would be pissed off about the alcohol abuse (read: wasting) but I was too excited that Fernando Pisani was able to keep the train rolling. The Oilers shouldn’t have won game five, let alone on a shorthanded winner in OT, but there we were. The Oilers pulled the series back to 3-2 after this goal, and Saint Fernando will live in infamy for the work he put in that summer. There was something in the air that night.


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“That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. Patrik Stefan you should be embarrassed for what you just did.” -Ray Ferraro

I’ll never forget watching this game live. I was getting pissed off that the Oilers were going to drop another one when this fateful moment happened. Patrik Stefan was once a first overall pick in the NHL, but will likely always be remembered as the guy that missed the open net to close out a game. I would have loved to have been at Rexall Place that night because the place went berserk. This whole scene was a gong show and the hilarity of it all was the most voted for best goal in Oilers history.

Did we miss any obvious goals? Mess up the order? Just want to generally complain on a gorgeous Friday before a long weekend? Let us hear it in the comments! 

  • moose oil

    NOTHING beats the Glen (Mork) Anderson goal in ’90 to put us up by 2 to win the cup.
    I think my old faded memory still works. Can’t ever remember a bigger goal.

  • Bucknuck

    I love that the Eberle and Marchant goals made the cut. The Klima goal is waaaayyy bigger than the Hemsky goal… but whatever. they are all good when it’s the Oilers scoring.

    I couldn’t find a clip of it, but I remember MacT scoring shorthanded on one leg (being tripped) and with one hand on his stick. It was incredible.

  • Bucknuck

    If it was a top 6 goals, I’d say #6 is Hemsky from Sansonov against the Red Wings, G6 in 2006 to make it 4-3.


    If it was top 7 goals, I’d say #7 is Yakupov’s goal to tie the game vs LA in his 2nd NHL game.


    This even longer version is great, shows all the animosity during the leading up to the disallowed RNH goal that led to Yak’s goal.

  • a lg dubl dubl

    I think this is the #1 worst goals at rexall, but still a great goal.

    Gretzky scoring on Ranford to surpass Gordie Howe. Sucked it had to be against the Oilers, but glad to see the guy get the record.

  • Brayden Chao

    Great list! Definitely agree with this one! Being born in 1998 these goals all come to mind when I think of good oilers goals. I might just be missing some good Gretzky or Messier goals though…

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    I think it was 1992, Dave Brown scored his first goal in something like 5 years and actually jumped for joy. That memory, and when he broke Grimson, still make me smile.

  • ThinkingOutLoud

    One of the most memorable goals was an own goal that cost us a series against the Flames . Smith banking it off Fuhr and into our own net . Haunts us to this day .

  • Cain

    Some of the most memorable ones may well come this year , as we embark on a new era !Hall,Eberle , Hopkins , Yakupov and Schultz have all underachieved so far . Coaching philosophy and having McDavid should make them all better this season . Might this be the year Yak puts it together and turns the corner like B.Hull finally did ? Defense will look and play much better than last few seasons with goaltending also benefitting from that . Teams are going to find Oilers are a far different breed from last few seasons . So many new dimensions to the Oiler squad . Going to be exciting and new .

  • Reg Dunlop

    All great goals, but we’ve missed the greatest Oilers goal of all time.

    DOUG WEIGHT HAD THE ALL TIME GREATEST GOAL IN OILERS HISTORY. I believe it made the top goal on one of the EA Sports games. The goal saw him completely undress the goal on a breakaway using what I could only describe as a semi-spinorama. After the move, he proceeded to bury the puck–top-shelf backhand no less and blind.

    This goal was insane, and am sad it’s not on the list. maybe a sensible late-addition to the party?

  • dw

    This is a perfect example of time bias. Objectively, at least 4 of the best ever goals are Gretzky era. But, as many others have noted, these 5 are still thrillers.

  • O.C.

    Was at the game with the missed empty netter. Was cool, to be sure…

    …but watching Gretzky score shorthanded in Game 2, in OT(!), in Calgary, leading to a sweep, was just incredible.


    As a fan that was 14 during the 06′ cup run, the Pisani goal was probably the most exciting… Getting to go to game 6 in Edmonton in the cup final…i can’t remember being that excited for a goal in my life.

  • camdog

    If by “top” 5 goals you mean the most significant and not the “prettiest” then a few goals from the Staney Cup runs should bet there and the Eberle and Hemsky goals should be out. I loved the Pissani goal in 06 but no cup resulted.

    In the 84 run the game one goal by Kevin McClelland was huge as the Oil had not beaten the Isles for well over a year and were spanked badly in the previous year’s final. Until that goal went I, the Oil may not have believed they could beat the Isle.

    Also in game 3 of that series, the Messier goal in game three when the Oil were down 3-1 turned the game and the series around.

    The Klima triple overtime goal was critical for the 90 cup.

    • camdog

      This isn’t a top 5 list. It’s a what’s your favourite goal as as an Oiler fan. So if you are 10 years old you go back 10 years, if you are 20 you go back 20 years, if you are 30 you go back thirty years and if you are 40+ you don’t vote because you are too old and lazy to go onto facebook or twitter to find the area where you vote.

  • Johnnydapunk

    I’m in agreement with the top 5 as there is both the prettiest and the important goals there so nice work.

    The goals that I thought should be there are, and I also think that more recent goals are just easier to find online.

    The gretzky OT slapshot goal for me was also brilliant for Sather gesturing to the Flames fans behind him was beautiful. The level of hate in the Battle of Alberta in the 80s was a level that hasn’t been there in years. It was like european football levels of hate that you just don’t see in North America.

    Again it’s nice to be spoiled for choice

  • That Pisani goal gave me goose bumps…. ohhh the memories!!

    Honorable mention should go to Kelly Buchbuger’s Game 3 OT winner when we were down 3-0 in the 3rd with under 10 mins left. Mats Lindgren took one for the team so that Bucky had the lane to steal that game and turn around that series!

  • No love for Horc and the boys with as blue collar a goal as Edmonton has ever seen…. the Playoffs…..in OT, …. on home ice… after Rolly robbed the sharks with a glove save from heaven.

    My fave……… BY FAR.