I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the summer sale, hats, and a few things NationGear. Long story short… If you were ever thinking of picking up a new outfit for date night this is the time to do it.

Why is now the perfect time to pick up some NationGear? Because I just reduced the price on many of the designs to as low as $13 each, AND that includes free shipping in Canada. Crazy right? Why would I ever do such a thing? Wanye told me to increase sales, and I can’t think of a better way to move more units than to give it away for basically free. Okay so getting a shirt for $13 isn’t free, but it’s damned close. Besides… don’t tell me how to math!


How do you get your greedy little mitts on some of this discounted swag? Head over to the NationGear Store and shop til your parents cut up your credit card. When does the sale start? Right now. Literally as I’m writing this there is a sale going on. When does the sale end? When we’ve cleared everything out – that’s when. We don’t care if prices are discounted until the season starts. Mostly I want to put the intern to work and there’s nothing he loves more than shipping NationGear. Why not give a young intern a moment of happiness? It’s the right thing to do. 



I’ve been getting a lot (A LOT) of e-mails, Twitter DMs, messages via the pony express from you fine folks wondering what’s the deal with Nation Hats. Are they coming back? Will we get more in stock? Are you as cool and wonderful in real life as you are on the Internet? The answer is yes – definitely. The truth is we never expected the hats to sell out as quickly as they did. We had completely sold out of everything we had in a matter of hours, and we just never saw it coming. Seriously.

To answer the question – more hats are coming. We’ve already put in another order with our supplier, and the next shipment of hats should be arriving (fingers crossed) in the coming days/weeks. As soon as I have that fresh shipment of lids in my meaty little blogger hands, I will load up the store and let you guys know via our social media accounts. If you’re scared of missing the launch of the next batch of hats because you don’t do the social media thing I encourage you to join us here in the year 2015 – it’s nice out here.

You can get the updates on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts. 



Another question I’ve been getting a lot of is when are the 16-Bit Heroes shirts going to come back. The answer to this question is also soon. Not good enough? Okay, you twisted my arm. The 16-Bit Heroes will be back up and active on the store by the end of August. Right now, we’re in the process of getting all the pre-sale orders shipped and we will be re-launching shortly afterwards. Did I mention that we will have some new designs to go along with the four we already have? I just did. Nice. 

As always a portion of all NationGear proceeds will go to Earth Group in an effort to help provide life essentials to needy folks around the world. Not only do we want to sexify your life and your wardrobe, we also want to make sure we’re contributing to a worthy cause. Earth Group is definitely a worthy cause. If you have any questions about NationGear feel free to email me at and I will try my best to help you out.