Last week I told you that we would be doing weekly video countdowns based on your votes. This week we continue our new tradition with the Top 5 most hated players in the NHL.

The voting for this week’s video went crazy. The number of different players that you guys hate for various reasons was alarming. I wasn’t sure whether all this hatred deserved praise or if you guys desperately needed a hug. Either way this made for an interesting list. One thing you’ll note is that the rats and pests of yesteryear seem to have gone the way of the dodo. Mother truckers act like they forgot about Claude Lemieux.

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I didn’t know that so many of you hate Milan Lucic. Luckily that hate should grow this year now that the Bruins traded him into our division. To me, Lucic is the kind of player that you hate when he’s playing against you but would love on your team. The guy can score, he plays a tough game, and he’s got a punchable face so I get it, but do you want to know the real reason you should hate Milan Lucic? The Bruins drafted Lucic with the draft pick that the Oilers sent the Bruins for Sergei Samsonov. Hurts, right?

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I’ve gotta say that this one surprised me. Sure, Johnny Gaudreau looks like one of those kids from baby geniuses and he’s got some wizardry in his hands but I’m not sure that makes him the 4th most hated player in the NHL. Regardless, it doesn’t matter what I think – this is how you voted. I do, however, respect the healthy hatred of a Calgary Flame. 


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Finally a clear cut hatable player! I don’t think anyone can argue that Alex Burrows should make this list. When he’s not practicing his diving/biting people, he’s darting around the ice running his mouth with absolutely nothing to back it up. Burrows is the kind of player that gives you a cheap shot and when confronted will hide behind the linesman. Alex Burrows is annoying on all levels and it makes sense that he’s a Canuck. Where else could he possibly fit in?


Ryan Kesler is a multi millionaire that plays in the NHL yet he never looks like he’s having any fun. I thought when he got traded out of Vancouver he might start looking like he was having a good time. Instead Kesler looks just as miserable as he was but with a better tan. Like Lucic, Kesler is one of those guys that you hate to play against but would love to have on your team. He’s not the player he once was (even though he still gets paid like it) but Ryan Kesler is still irritating when he’s on the ice and when he speaks. I think this is a solid choice at number two. 

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As if you guys didn’t see this one coming. This caveman completely derailed Sam Gagner’s last season as an Oiler when he swung his stick around and broke Samwise’s jaw. To make matters worse, Kassian refused to step up and pay the piper for his actions. Luke Gazdic challenged him on many occasions but the only response was from the Burrows’ book of denial®. Dude’s a chump. The funny part about choosing Kassian as the most hated player in the NHL is that his teammates didn’t even like him as was seen in the video above. When your own teammates can’t even stand you that should be a pretty good indicator that you’ve got issues. Although you know what they say… Once a caveman, always a caveman.

Did we miss any obvious players? Mess up the order? Just want to waste company time complaining before the weekend? Let us hear it in the comments! Be sure to watch out for next week’s vote on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. 

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  • Derian Hatcher

    Honorable mentions not listed so far I believe , but huge pests none the less : Patrick Kaleta, Raffi Torres, Dan Carcillo , Tootoo, Ott ,Ruutu . Older , you may list Trottier , Ken Linesman (the rat) , Esa Tikkanen, Darcy Tucker , Dale Hunter , Bryan Marchment , Stu Grimson and Matt Barnaby . We had our fair share here for limited times .

      • DoubleDIon

        You just inserted the name McDavid over each of the last 6 years of posts didn’t you?

        Get a top pairing defenseman and then come talk to me. The last thing you guys needed was another one dimensional forward. Even if he will be the best of your one dimensional forwards.

        • Oilers Coffey

          It’s hard to take a guy seriously who calls himself “double dion”. Maybe you should more accurately refer to yourself as “one season wonder”.

          • Oilers Coffey

            If you’re referring to Dion Phaneuf and calling him a “one season wonder” holy hell you’re stupid. In his time with Calgary, Dion Phaneuf was:

            1) a calder trophy finalist

            2) a part of the NHLs all-rookie team in 05-06

            3) a two-time all star game selection

            4) a part of the NHLs first all-star team in 07-08

            5) a Norris trophy finalist

            6) outside of his last half-season in Calgary before the trade, his P/GP never dropped below .587

            In other words, Dion Phaneuf was one of the best young defensemen during his time in Calgary.

          • 916oiler

            Your man-love for Dion is quite impressive. When those rumours of Elisha cheating came out I think they got it wrong. It was Dion cheating on Elisha, with you!!!! Congrats dude! You landed a sugar daddy!! Lol

      • MorningOwl

        talk is cheap, whiskey costs money. You talk abig party, but havent produced anything but air yet. all we have heard from Oiler fans for years now is talk and no action… but now it’s supposed to be different because an 18 year old is going to change the franchise without any development or sheltering

    • The Soup Fascist

      He will be tough to beat in the limbo contests, seeing as how he can walk upright under the bar.

      Or if a horse race breaks out you know he is #1 pick as a jockey.

      Bet his Pokemon card collection is pretty scary too.

      Yup. Kid has many talents.

    • Jakesjack

      Western Canada , Edmonton born and raised and still like Alberta teams to win . 3rd and 4th I like Vanc. and Winnipeg . I like Gaudreau and rest of Flames and organization and hope they get even better . With McDavid Oilers now look poised to return to glory days . Hope we both end up 1 and 2 best teams in league and get the old battle of Alberta going again at that stage . It has been no contest for far to long .

    • Wax Man Riley

      I don’t get the hate either.

      But, now, I can’t wait to watch Nurse run him over for the next 3 years (until Johnny Hockey retires due to fear of Nurse).

  • The Soup Fascist

    Two guys that play for the Cansucks, one guy that used to play for the Cansucks, a guy from Vancouver and a smurf from Calgary. Sounds about right ….

    By my calculation that is 4 guys and a 12 year old. Four and a half men. How are we getting to 5?

  • The Soup Fascist

    I don’t understand the Gaudereau hate either, he plays a good clean game, is helping the Flames play a faster skill game (after years of frankly boring hockey), and isn’t egotistical.

    I’d put some no talent goons from the Flames ahead of him. Sarich, anyone? Is he even in the NHL anymore?

    I’ll admit, Gaudereau has a very punchable face. Like, you just want to punch it. But I think that shouldn’t factor into the decision. On the ice he isn’t a prick, which is my basis for hating a player.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      100% agreed. The reason for the hate on for Gaudreau is the Flames fans leafing it up with their over the top projections for him being better than recent Oiler picks. And everybody knows how good those leaf fans are at over-evaluating their players.

  • Anton CP

    I don’t hate Gaudreau either, I don’t really have problems with most of the Flames. They are at least a fundamental team that works hard on every shift, I still want the Oilers to crush them but at least that I respect them.

    Nucks on the other hand…a team build with goons, thugs, and cry babies. Hope they will now get into this endless rebuilding hell and never be able to get out of. What both Flames and Oilers have that Nucks don’t? So keep on sucking Nucks.

  • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

    I don’t hate little Johnny. I hate the media hype.

    All season long we hear about him and then watched him disappear in the playoffs.

    When you are sat because your coach is afraid of him playing hockey, hm, well, there is a problem there.

    Besides that, he isn’t an 18 year old for god’s sake.

      • Um, what do you mean “overage rookie”? A rookie is a player that has less than 25 regular season games in the NHL and is under 25. He fit both of those. Andrew Hammond was an “overage rookie” because he was over 25, but Gaudreau certainly wasn’t. Just because the Oilers have put way too many players in at 18 doesn’t mean that’s the typical age for a rookie in any sport. Very few players break into the league before they’re 20.

    • 365

      When considering the entire situation, I think there was merit to Hartley benching Johnny.

      That being said, it didn’t help with any optics for the kid.

      Personally, next game facing off against Gaudreau, I’m leaning in and declaring that under no uncertain terms that “I’m going to hit you so fkn’ hard it’ll make your coach cry”.

  • Oilfaninvan

    Burrows and Kesler yes. Kassian? nah.. only 1 albeit heinous act. there’s no reason to hate Gaudreau other then he’s a Flame. But their were so many other players that had a multitude of incidensts and heinous acts… Hatcher, Hunter, Suter, Regher, Pronger for what he pulled in the end. Phaneuf! These guys I hate.

  • For me personally,I have to add Sean Monahan. He is an amazing hockey player,but a complete douche bag. So arrogant off the Ice,this man truly thinks his s#it doesn’t stink. Rude during interviews,and a jerk to even his own fans. This man is like school on Sundays,no class. Reminds me of a younger Ryan Kesler.
    Also,guilty or innocent aside,I have to add Patrick Kane. This player is really tough for me to cheer for,and therefore so are the Hawks. Gentlemen do not make these types of headlines,because they don’t put themselves in the sort of situations that would allow false claims to be made,and certainly wouldn’t commit such an act. Either way,I have no time for this player,and wouldn’t want to build my team around him,that’s for sure. That said,I can’t deny his skill,and hope these claims are false in the end,because in a world full of terrible deeds and acts,it would be sad to think a person with this type of fame,status and money would have to resort to such acts. I hope that your name is cleared,and that this is just somebody looking for easy money,and not someone whose had their world destroyed by someone who thinks they can have whatever they want,whenever they want.

    • You are literally the only person I have ever seen bash his character. Everyone else, no matter what team they cheer for, say he is a humble kid. That leads me to believe you just don’t like him because he is pretty talented.

      Show me evidence that shows he’s arrogant and I’ll go along with you. But everyone that has met him has said how gracious he is. And he definitely isn’t rude to the media, he just doesn’t have a lot to say.

      • So I have to prove Monahan is a douche,but simply stating “everyone” says he’s a good guy is a satisfying rebuttal? Who is everyone? Because I haven’t heard anyone say what a class act and great guy he is… Also I did state that Monahan is an amazing hockey player. He is a combination of Jason Arnott and Ryan Kesler,which is high praise for a player I supposedly hate,just because he’s good. Sean will prove either of us right or wrong in the many years ahead he has in the NHL just because I don’t like your man crush off the ice,doesn’t mean I don’t think he’s a fantastic hockey player.
        Also,if and when Patrick Kane is clear of these acts,I hope he is given another day with The Cup. He had a trip to a children’s hospital planned,that had to be canceled,because of what is going on,and if these allegations prove to be false,the poor sick kids at the Buffalo area hospital were the ones to lose out. As I said before,hopefully these accusations aren’t true

    • Most in that top 5 are reviled by fans of many teams, it’s completely nonsensical to claim that the list is a result of bitterness or team success.

      The list is a bit Western Conference centric, but with Kassian going to the East, and Lucic coming West, I’m quite sure the sentiment of Oiler fans will be appreciated by more fans as they learn, first hand, more about these players.

      Leafs fans are going to hate Kassian, I’m willing to wager you on that.

  • Oilers Coffey

    Janny Hackey!!!
    Seriously how does the pip squeak make this list? Lol
    Seriously I can’t wait for the McDavid to skate circles around this kid, then laugh at him in the process!
    Flames suck! Who’d you rather have?
    Monaghan and Gouda cheese very McDavid and Hall?

    Pretty easy choice 😉

    Let’s Go Oilers!

    • Oilers Coffey

      McDavid might skate circles around them, but from what I could tell, Gaudreau and Monahan were skating circles around Hall, Nuge, and Yak all season long.

    • MorningOwl

      once again, Oilers do all their winning in the preseason – all talk. such a big game you talk, but there has been so many years of talk that have ended with playoff hope quashed by November that nobody does anything but smirk at this kinda bravado.

  • 916oiler

    Gaudreau making this list shows you there’s ALOT of jealousy and sourness towards the Flames. Nothing to really back that up otherwise. Waste of a pick if you ask me..