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Ranking prospect depth charts, Flames future down the middle, NHL’s most hated players, Leafs all-time team, reliving Torts tenure in Vancouver, Darnell nurse vs Griffin Reinhart, free agency, and more in this week’s Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. (Posted across all Nation Network team sites)

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Leafs All-time greatest team: Borje Salming

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Relive the Leafs 2014-15 season

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The future of the Flames down the middle

Breaking down Cody Franson versus Dennis Wideman

The alternate universe where the Flames drafted Olli Maatta

Bob Hartley and team shooting percentages

Looking back at the Oilers 2006 cup run

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Griffin Reinhart vs Darnell Nurse: They’re both winners

McDavid expectations

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  • Toofun

    I don’t normally read Oilers Nation but the articles on McDavid expectations and Most hated players caught my eye.

    Interesting to see the McDavid point projection at 63, right at the average of what Gaudreau and Monahan achieved last season.

    Also interesting to see Gaudreau as one of the top most hated players in the league! (As voted by Oilers fans). I suppose it’s because he’s a Flame and he’s really good.

    The Battle of Alberta should be really good next year. Looking forward to it!

    • RedMan

      the article suggested a very reasonable point projection which in fact may be quite conservative, but it’s the oiler fans who make it so much fun when they not only predict 100+ points, but say this is conservative and reasonable. then there is all the bragging from oiler fans about having the best forwards, but when comparing the points for and against and other metrics from both teams, nothing but crickets. I guess when they say their forwards are that much better, they are referring to the important stuff like draft position, not something arbitrary and unimportant, like points, winning games, sticking up for each other, never giving up, power play and PK prowess, etc…

      I can’t imagine how unbearable it will be for McDavid if he takes a while to adjust to the NHL – the fans will lose their minds! And then there all the Oiler fans posting about this here, at Flames nation. pfffttttt (i know, it’s cross posted, i just wanted to be funny)

        • The Last Big Bear

          -In alphabetical order-

          Bennett: 15g 25a 40p

          Brodie: 8g 30a 38p

          Colborne: 19g 24a 43p

          Gaudreau: 25g 37a 62p

          Hamilton: 10g 30a 40p

          Monahan: 28g 40a 68p

          Colborne is the only player I see having a significantly higher PPG this year over last year (note that Bennett is 0.42 PPG in the NHL so far).

          • Randaman

            @ Bear,

            I don’t think you are far off except for Colborne.

            He must have improved one heck of a lot over the summer if you expect this kind of growth/production.

            Sorry, just don’t see it.

            Monahan on the other hand may blow your estimate out of the water.

          • MorningOwl

            Thank you Bear. I was curious as to what Jeff’s predictions are for the upcoming season.
            (are you the same person with two different handles???)
            As commented, Monahan will likely have higher numbers, but I don’t know if Brodie will get those points with a new top defender in the system.

          • The Last Big Bear

            I think a decline in Hudler’s EV play will see a small drop in Monahan’s goal totals. But Monahan has scored more goals than I predicted every year so far, so I’ll hardly be shocked if he does it again. The kid has a nose for the net.

            Brodie put up much of last year’s production from the 2nd pairing, alongside Deryk Engelland, while Wideman and Russel were the de facto top-pairing. I think another top-pairing defenceman only helps Brodie by giving him a higher-quality linemate.

          • RedMan

            Brodie put up much of last year’s production from the 2nd pairing, alongside Deryk Engelland

            Brodie only posted 6 points in 20 games while he was paired with Engelland.

          • RedMan

            I assure you, we are not the same person, though i take that as a compliment… sorry to you bear of that’s a backwards insult to you 😉

            it is likely though that one of the defenders numbers will take a hit with the addition of Hamilton, and I wonder if it won’t be Wideman’s. the only reason i see to allow Wideman the key time needed like PP is if they want to boost trade value, otherwise, I see brodie getting the time needed and wideman having less time.

            Flames have an embarrassment of riches on defense though currently, and definitely somethings gotta give and someone’s going to move.

          • Bananaberg

            Pretty reasonable looking estimates. Some thoughts:

            If Bennett is playing 2nd line with Backlund/Frolik, he has a good shot at +20 goals, especially if he gets steady PP time with Gio/Brodie/Hamilton on the back end.

            Colborne projection is too high… He probably doesn’t deserve much top 6 ice time unless injuries happen. And he’s not scoring 19 goals if he isn’t getting top 6 time.

            That said, I don’t think Colborne is a “young star player” for the Flames, based on what he’s done. I’ve been waiting for Colborne to come to camp a lot stronger/faster after working his ass off with Gary Roberts or another camp during the offseason. With more confidence and the frame to support puck control, I don’t see why he couldn’t play a more effective game than JVR someday.

            Would’ve been more relevant to include Backlund here, who is only 1 year older. Maybe we’re talking about the “25 and under club of young stars”.

            If Gio is healthy all year, I’d bet on Brodie’s assists number being higher than 30…but that pre-season estimate is fair.

          • The Last Big Bear

            I think Backlund and Frolik likely form a shutdown pair, and play hard minutes with guys like Colborne and Jones (Frolik plays both wings).

            I included Colborne because he’s got less than 2 full seasons of NHL play under his belt, and I think he’s still getting better.

            Colborne posted 0.44 points per game last season and my projected 43 points over a full season would only be 0.54 PPG, which I think is reasonable.

          • RedMan

            that’s an oilers game – comparing PROJECTIONS. You have mastered the “how good we are going to be” game, and frankly, that’s a game i concede is best suited to oiler fans. you win the pointless projections game. now…

            let’s compare reality – lets compare the team’s real numbers last year… at least we will have a basis to move forward on…

          • The Last Big Bear

            I am not offended if you are unable to answer my question.
            Actually, I apologize if this caused you any stress or to feel uncomfortable about yourself.

          • RedMan

            i did answer the question; using projections as a basis of comparison is a game for oiler-fans. seriously, you have to admit after these years that’s true? what i know though is that when the oilers turn the corner and really start to compete, you will then want to compare actual number, not projections. then it will be interesting. then you might just have something to talk about. might. but Projections??? lol

            I know, I am just trolling… nothing serious, so no need to apologize. don’t feel bad.

          • RedMan

            No worries. I was just being polite and honestly didn’t feel bad.
            But don’t kid yourself. Drafting, contracts, coaching, etc. all have varying degrees of player projection involved.
            Anyhow’s, Have a McDavid Weekend!

          • Randaman

            You overachieved and we sucked.

            That should give you lots to work with.

            I see these two teams battling it out for third in the division this year.

            Call me crazy. I’ve been called worse

          • Randaman

            If the Oilers are contending for third in the Division it’ll be a miracle season for them. They should be much better but still have several major issues:

            1. New coach, system and expectations. This will be a positive LT but it’ll take a while to instill new systems and a new work ethic culture. Some guys won’t make the transition well and it’ll take time to weed them out.

            2. Team leadership. Although LT I expect McDavid to take over, what happens in the ST? And will Hall and his gang move over and accept getting bypassed?

            3. Team Defence. Still suspect, but slightly improving, the question will be will the Forwards adapt and how long will it take to get the new prospects on the team and up to speed?

            McDavid is more of what they are had, likely great but not the answer. The biggest impact on success is going to be coaching and team buy-in re defence, culture and leadership. I believe they will get there (being competitive) but it’ll likely take a year or two.

          • RedMan

            What’s sad is you are a grown man that trolls daily. Usually the trolls on these sites are younger. You should no better. You must of lived a sad 65 years.

      • Randaman

        @ Jeff,

        You post some very valid points about our young players. I am hopeful that a solid coach (finally) will be able to instill the traits that Hartley has been able to engrain into the Calgary players.

        Your point about McDavid and his adjustment period causing fans to lose our minds however, is unfounded. He will be just fine and will in my view put up 75 to 85 points.

        I think that is a pretty fair estimate.

        Oh, by the way, there are an awful lot of Flames fans posting/trolling Oiler Nation as well.
        Shall we say, let the games begin.

        Have a great Friday and GO JAYS!!

        • RedMan

          that was a pretty damn civil response, being that it was to the troll side of Jeff in Lethy 😉

          projecting McD to 70-85 is fair game… though i still think it is a bit high. but reasonable. it’s the guys saying 100+ is conservative, these are what crack me up. I mean sure, it’s possible, but really? if he really blows it out of the water, I believe that what will more likely happen is Hall and RNH will have career years, because team’s top pair and shut down line will focus on McD.

          McD will be fine, sure. but it could take some time adjusting… he’s only 18, playing men for the first time, and the whole team is going to be learning new systems, expectations, etc. One can assume the coach will implement a policy like calgary has used – ice time earned, not given (colbourne and Bollig not withstanding), again, adding to the changes the whole team must adapt to.

          with a real GM and a real coach, Edmonton may finally start to get some real traction, and then, oh boy! it’s on! BOA will mean something again!

          • Randaman

            @ Jeff,

            This idea about McDavid adjusting to playing against men has little to no bearing in my opinion. He has been playing against older, bigger and stronger players since he was 12.

            Give it until say Christmas and he will be lighting it up on a regular basis.

            How do I know this you ask?

            Wayne said so… Haha

          • RedMan

            you may well be right… it’s definitely going to be interesting to watch. you can bet a lot of teams will be watching!

            what i know is every team will have the same game plan – make it physically hard on the youngster, and see if he wilts. this is always the game plan. we watched it all last year as teams went after Gaudreau.

            I can honestly say i hope nobody is successful in hurting McD, as i think this type of strategy is really chicken-sh*t, regardless of which team is doing it, Flames included. i remember Mathew Lombardi’s rookie season, when Darian Hatcher took his head off with an intentional clothesline to the face… the kid was never the same. I don’t wish that on anybody, not even Oilers.

            honestly, it really is an exciting year, isn’t it? Both Alberta teams are better, and with all the coaching and management changes, I am thinking the Oil will actually start to get some serious traction this year. Lot’s of star power on both sides. Oilers have arguably more star power up front, while the flames have their share and also tons of star power on the blue line.

            going to be hard to get tickets to these games…

          • Randaman

            I’ll be at the game in Edmonton on Halloween night on HNIC!

            Can’t wait…

            My son lives in Calgary (Oilers fan) and he has company tickets to an Oiler game later in the season. I have to try and make the 12 hour drive for that one. Here’s hoping

            The B.O.A is back on…

          • Randaman

            The BOA isn’t back for me until the Coil show me at least once they won’t roll over and whimper and take a loss just cuz the Flames skate out for warmup.
            Try and win at least 1 game against us before you say the BOA is back.

      • Did you see something as a child? Never seen someone so negative about people’s excitement. Expectations for a player like McDavid isn’t unreasonable. It’s not being a sports fan if you aren’t having fun and being bold

  • ChinookArchYYC

    On behalf of FLAMESNATION, I want to personally thank LotoNation for elevating one of the most diminutive players in the history the NHL to 4th most hated in the league. The most impressive part is he did this with 14 PIMs in 81 games.
    Maybe it was this:

  • The Last Big Bear

    An article about Oilers picks outside the 1st round is always good for a chuckle.

    Here’s another punchline:

    Last year Calgary dressed FIVE players acquired with 4th round picks. The top three of those guys played more games and scored more points than the Oilers’ three 1st overall superstar franchise players.

    And one of those Flames players was a defenceman.

    I know, I know, the Oilers have Nurse and Reinhart (see above article), who might someday possibly become high-end defencemen. Unlike the poor Flames, who are stuck with 3 players who got Norris votes last year, and two league-leading, 40+ point, top-pairing defencemen under 25.

    “… but CONNOR MCDAVID!”, you say.

    Yes, he will probably be the best player on either team. He led the OHL with 2.55 points per game. But do you know who was 2nd, with 2.18 ppg? I’ll give you a clue, he played top-6 minutes in the NHL playoffs as an 18 year old last year, and his name is Sam Bennett.

    My expectation for Connor McDavid is that he will go on to a Hall of Fame career, in the mold of an all-time great like Marcel Dionne, re-writing history as an elite player from his 1st game to his last, scoring 50+ goals and 100+ points every year of a 1000+ game career… while stuck on a dumpster fire of a team and never even getting a sniff of the Stanley Cup.

    Lots of people say they’re looking forward to the Battle of Alberta becoming competitive again. Not me. I’m looking forward to the Flames going from strength to strength, while the Oilers languish at the bottom, like the Lost Boys of Neverland forever playing junior hockey in a men’s league.

    Bring on the 2015-16 season!