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Peter Chiarelli has changed the chess pieces over the summer and the Edmonton Oilers have more young firepower than the club has been able to cobble together since the glory days. With great opportunity comes great responsibility and for Chiarelli the clock is ticking. What’s on his whiteboard? What keeps him up at night? Let’s have a look.

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    DON’T BURN MCDAVID’S FIRST SEASON: There’s work to do and burning a year of McDavid’s entry-level
    deal—these are three seasons Edmonton will never get back again—would be
    a crime. Chiarelli needs to be on the lookout for trouble and be ready to provide anything Todd McLellan requires—especially if the playoffs are close. Getting this young team some playoff experience—even a few games—would show progress in year one McDavid.

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    LOOK FOR BONA FIDE DEFENSEMAN, EVERY NIGHT AND DAY: Chiarelli’s summer included adding three defensemen (Andrej Sekera, Eric Gryba and Griffin Reinhart) to the mix, but it also means that the club remains weak in terms of actual NHL men in their prime. Each of the men acquired has real value, but I think it’s completely reasonable to suggest that only Andrej Sekera and Mark Fayne are established NHL players with enough experience to be considered completely reliable. That isn’t enough, not even close. Peter Chiarelli should remain watchful, and if an early season losing streak causes a team like the Vancouver Canucks causes them to re-think their future, Chiarelli needs to be on the phone right away.

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    If Talbot, Scrivens, Nilsson, Brossoit, Laurikainen can’t get it done, Chiarelli should be aggressive. There were some substantial talents available during the waiver period last fall, and PC should pounce this year if there are any early questions about the goaltending. Losing a season due to addled goaltending should be met with firing squad.

      After that, Chiarelli can sit back and see what happens with what should be a much improved team. I don’t think it’s out of this world to talk about being in the playoff hunt and if the GM can add one more defender with experience, it might be likely. Almost there. Don’t ignore the whiteboard.

      • hagar

        As for the goalie situation Lowetide, I said it before the draft day, and still ask the question… why didn’t PC grab both Talbot AND Lack at their value?

        I would have jumped at the chance to take two possible future epic goalies for 1.5 mill each to split the odds.

        It’s super rare to have the opportunity at two goalies with such huge potential that are almost give aways… it seems fool proof given both goalies’ potential that one or both will be a force. Why not bank a late round pick and 1.5 million a year more to have Lack fighting with Talbot?

        I don’t get it.

      • hagar

        Like most hockey fans , we all look with anticipation to see if Conner McDavid is that new Gretzky , Lemieux or Crosby coming into the game and raising it up a level .

      • hagar

        Hard to read through all these comments and take people seriously. How much validity can you put into an argument when people can’t even spell the name of half the players they are talking about. At least get the names right if you are trying to call somebody out on a comment they made.

      • Randaman

        I was impressed with what Hall had to say in regards to Conner coming on board. He realizes that Conner will be the lead dog and will not have a hissy fit and pout as was suggested earlier this summer by some troll.

        Man, I can’t wait.

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE : Can you imagine the speed of this five some on same line : Hall , McDavid , Draisaitl (moved to RW ) , Nurse and Schultz . Some great passing ablilities on that combo as well . Wonder if we will experiment with that combo in exhibition season ?

      • Jordan McNugent-Hallkins

        Flames fans won’t take the oil nation seriously this year as long as we have player cling ons like Ferrence, Nikki no show, play with my purse, etc.

        Until these clowns are punted and all remnants of the previous Eakins side show are gone don’t expect to win big ….yet….

        but next year….

      • Cowbell_Feva

        More on topic with the #1 whiteboard issue (being a top pairing NHL dman)….both Ehrhoff and Franson are both still available.

        I do not love either of these guys. But when we had the chance to buyout Nikitin and potentially add one of these guys Chiarelli should have jumped at the opportunity. Not only would we rid ourselves of a horrible contract, but we could also add a veteran top pairing Dman for the short term, without mortgaging the future salary cap.

        That is much more difficult now that Nikitin is still around…. I just hope Chiarelli at least kicked those tires, but was told neither player was interested in being here, otherwise it was a big mistake. We have seen what happens when we sit and hope 6,7,8, defensemen become top level players for far too long!!

        • Cowbell_Feva

          Another possibility, other than kicking those tires to see if there was interest in coming over (or signing a short contract, something which Franson is averse to), is that maybe the UFA market next year is a bit more enticing at this stage, and signing a 2 yr contract now would throw a wrench in there.

          I guessing most of us can agree that Chiarelli needs to look at the mid-term picture, at the next 3 years, as tempting as it is to push for a deep playoff run (if one at all, as I think they’ll miss them) this year.

          Looking at this list of UFA Defensemen next year, it’s looking decent:

          Avoid the buyout, every single dollar might count when it comes to trying to sign someone.

      • Derzie

        “Our defense sucks but THIS 18 year old 1st overall will fix it”. Sound familiar? How is this team going to get playoff time for McDavid this year without a miracle at D? Nurse will be a star but probably not this year.

      • MorningOwl

        These Flames trolls have to wake up every day knowing they would swap their team for this oiler team in a heartbeat. Oh yes you would Flames kids…yes u would. You jokers scream of insecurities. I can’t say I blame you for trolling on this site though..honestly why go on the Flames fan sites ? The Calgary Flames really aren’t very interesting. The oilers franchise are five cups rich, oh and their will be more. Faster than you can say Giordano leaves flames for a legit shot at winning. BOOK IT !