The Summer Workout Contest


We’re only weeks away from a new NHL season and I need to make sure you’re all ready. This contest is to make sure you’ve been preparing yourself for another year of beer drinkin’, angry tweetin’, and general Oiler related shenanigans. I need to know that you’ve spent your summer wisely. My friends, I present you with the Summer Workout Contest.

As any NHL fan knows, our heroes spend their summer months working out and getting ready for the next season. At OilersNation I think our bloggers and readers should follow the same regiment, so we came up with a summer workout contest to make sure we’ll all be in top form when October rolls around. I should mention that being in “top form” doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing for athletes and basement dwelling blog fans, and that’s the point of this contest.


Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 11.16.16 AM

To put it simply, this contest is all about what you’ve been doing to get ready for the season. When I think of a summer workout program I get tired and need a drink. Feeling parched inevitably leads me to finding the nearest case of beer and crushing as many Bud Lights as my gut storage can humanly hold – that is my summer workout program. I want to know what’s included in your summer workout program!

This could probably be the most wide open contests we’ve ever done for the Nation. Why? Because we’re allowing you to submit any type of media as your entry as long as you’ve produced it. Want to send us a Instagram video of yourself taking shots on the couch? Do it. Want to submit a photoshop of yourself lifting a building? That’s a valid entry, if you ask me. If you want to make a meme that portrays how many beers you’ve crushed throughout the summer – that’s an entry. Make a six second Vine video of yourself doing a pushup? I’ll count it.

You get the picture…


What the hell is this? Part of a new contest that will be launching today at the Nation. -bm #oilers #oilersnation

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Look at the video above? Jeanshorts made this creepy video to showcase how Nikita Nikitin gets fit in the offseason. He sits, and he gets fit. Got it? Good. This is the kind of thing we’re looking for. We want to see how you spent the summer getting ready for the new season. The medium that you choose is up to you.

We will be accepting Vine/Instagram videos, Photoshops, memes, YouTube clips, smoke signals and anything else you can think of. For full disclosure I will let you know that any videos submitted will get bonus points with the judges so fire up that YouTube machine and put yourself out there. All we ask is that you be creative and have a good time with this. The sky is the limit in terms of how you can enter.

Once you have an entry completed you can email me the video/link/picture/whatever to I’ll be accepting entries until Sunday, September 6th and will launch the finalists on the Nation just in time for rookie camp. 


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Since we can’t have a contest without prizes, I’ve put together the following packages for our winners to battle over.  I expect the fights to be bloody, aggressive, and obviously to avoid the face… we’re all gentlemen (and ladies) around these parts. 

The prizes are:

  • 1st place: Three Nation Tees + $25 Pint GC + Oodle Noodle GCs + Car Decal
  • 2nd place: Two Nation Tees + $25 Pint GC + Oodle Noodle GCs + Car Decal
  • 3rd place: A Nation Tee + a $25 Pint GC + a Oodle Noodle GCs + Car Decal
  • We’ll also pick 5 random entrants to win an Oodle Noodle GC and a sticker package.

The top five finalists will also receive a World Heath Club package (World Health Bag + Protein Shaker + World Health T-shirt + Seven Day Gym Pass + One Free Personal Training Session + One Free Group Session)!

Once the finalists are selected, we’ll throw up another article to showcase those mental heroes and commence the voting.  Those, however, are details for another day. Until then, go forth and waste as much company time as you possibly can and show us how you’ve been working out this summer!